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Chapter 4

Seventeen year old Flynn Saunders was new to Summer Bay high. His parents moved to the bay for one reason so he had a better chance at life. He walked onto the Summer Bay high Basketball court when he saw some boys playing and girls watching on. He stood there still when another girl walked in the gates and went over to him. I don't think i have seemed you before she said, you wouldn't of im new here, Well my name Sally Fletcher she said Flynn Saunders he repiled. How about we stop watching this and I will show you around she said, sounds like a plan lets go he repiled as they walked away from the court and towards the school building 

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Chapter 5

15 year old Casey Braxton was walking along the rocks in mangrove river when he spotted a girl sitting there but he didn't know her so he looked at her and was about to walk away when she spoke You wouldn't know where i could find a place for my mum and I too stay she asked, Yeah I can take you there if you like Casey replied, Ok sure she responded My name Denny Miller she said I'm Casey Braxton he repiled as sne got up and they walked towards the hotel.

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Chapter 6

Thirteen year old Selina Cook was musking around in the water at the Beach in Summer Bay as she wanted to get a feel for the place it was her first day in town after running away from home as her parents hurt her when she saw a kid slightly older walk towards the water and he stood next to her. Hi she said to him, Hey are you new in town he asked, Yeah I am my name Selina i ran away from home because my parents hurt me, Well I'm Steven he said I in year 10 at the high school how about I take you to someone who can look after you, ok Selina repiled smiling at Steven. They walked to Irene house and soon enough she Fostered Selina. Thanks Steven for finding me somewhere to go Selina said to him, that alright he repiled as he walked out.



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42 minutes ago, christine king said:

I liked Flynn meeting Sally.

Also intresting how Casey and Denny met each other too.

Glad you liked both meeting

57 minutes ago, Kristen said:

Great chapter 

Liked Casey meeting Denny I look forward to where these stories  go after the initial meeting.

Update again soon :)

Thanks glad your liking it. So am I 

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