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100% Legal ways to watch the Early Years in UK


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Is there any ways of watching it, I started watching back in 97 so currently have nearly a 2 yr gap in my viewing pleasure and up to now have been able to watch the episodes Youtube but this has had to stop due to pressure from Channel 7.  As living in the UK cannot get Plus7, currently hoping that they will get shown on Channel 5 or some other UK channel.

To avoid any problems no suggestions or links wanted to unofficial hosting sites



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Unfortunately at this time there is no legal way to watch them in the UK, if that changes then it will certainly be made known on here.

I have episodes 900-1450 on my hard drive.  Maybe I should look at putting them in Dropbox for select people to access, I just don't want to use too much bandwidth.

The original poster did say legal ways, and we cannot allow discussion of alternatives as per the announcement at the top of every section of the forum.

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