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Is This Where I Reintroduce Myself?


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My name is Fiona, & I'm from the UK though I now reside in Ireland. I used belong here as AngelRose, but a lot has changed since then. I have re-registered because I could not tell where I should start, but I do not mind at all if Mods wish to delete my old profile & let me start again or vice versa if they wish.


I have had my interest in Home & Away rekindled by finding some old fanfics on my computer & by a friend I have made since I came to Ireland who is a big fan. I'll use as much of this site & other places as I can to get myself back up to speed.

I love early eps, I watched from the beginning until the break for the switch to channel 5 in the UK, but then lost my way with the show?

I hope I'm allowed to return & post like this & I apologise & mean no offence if I am not.


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