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Who would have liked Morag to become a regular in 1993?.


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Personally I think Morag was at her best in 1993 as she was in between what she was in 80s and what she was when shegot over her mental and emotions issues in 2000s.

I really liked in 1993 how she was still a villain but had more heart and got along with most people without getting too friendly with them.

So I would like it if she made a permanent move back to the Bay and became unlikely friends with Irene as they were both outcasts in Bay.

She could have the same character development as Irene did and slowly become softer and more of a friend to people.

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Although the storyline with Ailsa was a bit repetitive, I was ultimately sorry to see Morag leave. I completely agree with what you said. I think Morag had changed a little, she was warmer and realised she needed people around her, but found it hard to change and was ultimately still scheming and a little malicious (she obviously enjoyed winding Ailsa up about looking over the books, although Ailsa kind of deserved that, so it's a grey area!).

I think she genuinely believed she was a nice person now, but just didn't know how else to operate other than scheming and manipulating. Irene-esque character development over the years could have worked.

It's a shame Celia still hadn't been on the show, would have been great for her to be involved in the story, and I was disappointed she never got mentioned.

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Yes, I never watched the earliest episodes so this was my first encounter with Morag - she was a good character in 1993; manipulative but plausible in that she genuinely thought what she had planned for Sam was for the best. A genuine characterisation - not like the cardboard cutout villain Nathan.

Would have been good had she stuck around - though a friendship with Irene sounds implausible, a highly educated judge and a hard-drinking blue collar female getting on as pals, but who knows....

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