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From Stray to Home and Away!


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From Stray to Home and Away!

When Jazzy, a stray with no microchip, was picked up, we hoped her owners would come looking for this gorgeous 4-year-old with a cleft lip. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, so after the 7-day hold period, we started the search for her new family.

Jazzy’s cleft lip was purely cosmetic and, in our opinion, gave this beautiful girl a unique toothy smirk. Quite a few people were interested in her, but somehow she was always passed over because of her quirky appearance, her high energy level and her enthusiasm.

Then after three months at the Home, actor Steve Peacocke, who plays Brax in Home and Away, came along. Steve was on the hunt for a new pup for his parents as their beloved sheepdog had passed away a year ago. When he came across Jazzy on our website he was very keen to meet her.

Jazzy is now known as Daisy and is living a life of luxury with Steve’s parents. Daisy’s new home has a dam with a river nearby and plenty of space for her to run and run and run! The family love her and think her quirky lip only adds to her character. We are so happy for this gorgeous girl – who knew it would take a hunky man from TV to see her true beauty?


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