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Kyle through the back gate and saw Ricky with Casey sitting outside

"Hey" he said looking over her shoulder at Casey

"What is that?" He asked looking at Casey wearing a bumble bee outfit.

"What is it with you Braxtons" she giggled

"Come to uncle Kyle, I'll get you out of this hideous outfit" he said to Casey

Ricky got up and followed Kyle

"Where's Phoebe?" She asked

"Dunno, were not really communicating these days" he replied

"How come" she asked

"She thinks were not spending enough time together, she doesn't understand I'm trying to keep this family together" he said

She looked at him struggling with the grip tabs on Casey's nappy. She put her arms around his waist and started to help him.

"I'm in love with you" she blurted without thinking.

Kyle removed her arms from and his waist and turned around

"Can you say something please?" she asked

"So what do you expect to happen now, we have sex in your bed, in Brax's bed" he said

He grabbed her by the hair and planted his lips hard on hers

"Is that what you wanted" he asked angrily

He glared at her and shook his head

"Nothing is gonna happen between us" he snapped

"I'm sorry" was all she could get out she didn't know what else to say.

Kyle slammed the door as he walked out.


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