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Adult Education


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Title: Adult Education

Type of story: long fic

Genre: Drama

Rating: A

Cast: Kyle, Ricky and oc's

Warnings: language, violence, adult themes

Spoilers: yes it contains some spoilers however the plot is completely fiction

Plot: set after Brax has gone to jail and Ricky has had the baby, Ricky is struggling to cope so kyle decides to keep his promise to Brax by looking out for her, however will thier growing feeling toward eachother lead to something more.


Kyle returned home after his shift at Angelo's and stopped as he heard baby Casey screaming he looked through the window of the flat as he walked past and saw Ricky sitting on the couch not paying attention to the crying baby.

"Casey's crying" he said standing in the doorway

"He hasn't stopped all day, I've fed him, burped him, changed his nappy, bathed him, put him down for a sleep and now I'm outta ideas" Ricky replied

Kyle entered the flat put his laptop bag on the bench and walked over the cot and picked up Casey and started to rock him in his arms. Casey guadually stopped crying.

"Hey buddy, tell uncle Kyle wrong" he said to Casey

Ricky smiled

"How do you know how to do that?" Ricky asked

"Foster care, I didn't get along with kids my own age so I always made it my responsibility to look after the younger ones" he told her.

"Well, thanks" she said

"You look wrecked, get some sleep, I'll stay here with him for a while" he told her

"You sure" Ricky asked

"I offered didn't i, we'll just have a guys session, talk about girls..." Kyle said

Ricky laughed

"Please don't influence my son too much"

"Night Ric" Kyle smiled


Ricky woke in the middle of the night for once it wasn't to a screaming baby, it was soft snoring noises that Brax used to make she sat up to see Kyle was asleep on the couch with his right arm wrapped around Casey as he layed on his chest. She smiled as she got out of bed to turn the tv off.

She over to get the remote but stopped infront of Kyle, she couldn't get over how much Kyle looked like Brax while sleeping, she knelt down infront of him breathed in his scent, he even smelt like Brax. Kyle stirred a little in his sleep and now he was facing her. She looked at Casey sleeping on Kyle's chest and then kissed Kyle, she jumped backwards when she noticed Kyle's eyes were open

"What are you doing" he said groggily

"I'm sorry" was all she could get out


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Kyle knocked Ricky's door in the morning

"Hey" she said a little embaressed

"Hey" he replied looking at the floor

"How's Casey this morning?" He asked still avoiding eye contact with her

"About last night" Ricky started to say

"Did I lead you on somehow?" He asked

"Kyle you didn't do anything wrong last night, I did" she told him

"Ric" he started to say something but she stopped him

"I had a bad day, I was missing Brax and you reminded me so much of him and I just wanted it to be Brax asleep with Casey on his chest" Ricky cried

"Hey, I'm sorry, i didn't mean to make you upset" Kyle said giving her a hug

"Doesn't really take much these days" she said feeling warm and comfortable in his arms

"You should go to work" she finally said

"I'll check on you later" Kyle told her

"Hey" Denny said to Kyle as he walked out

"Hey" he replied as he left

"Hey, how's the little guy" Denny asked looking at Casey in the cot

"He had bad day yesterday, but he's good today" Ricky replied

Denny turned to Ricky

"And you, how are you" Denny asked

Ricky shrugged

"Brax?" She asked

"Kyle" Ricky replied

"What's he done?" Denny frowned

"Nothing, don't judge, but I think I might be falling for him" Ricky said


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"So let me get this straight, you kissed Kyle" Denny said

"Yes" Ricky replied putting a cup of tea in front of Denny

"Why?" Denny asked

"I don't know, I told him he reminded me of Brax but I think I was just trying to convince myself" Ricky told her

"And you're falling for him" Denny said trying to get all the facts

"I'm disrespecting both Brax and Kyle, I know" Ricky told her

"And I thought my love life was complicated" Denny said

"So does Kyle know how you feel" Denny asked

"No, I can't tell him" Ricky said

"Ric, I think you should tell him, let him make up his mind what should happen next"


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