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Not To Be Trusted

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Chatper 5

Sophie: good morning how did you sleep?

Nate; good, now it's just back to Orkney

Sophie: yep it's Monday, first day of work, usually a long week

Nate: back to patients

Sophie: and school children

Nate: it was a fun weekend though

Sophie: yep, Leah and Zac are god together

Nate: yes and you pushed for it

Sophie: I suggested it, they did the work themselves

Nate: you still helped them

Sophie: so did you, you agreed to help

Nate: yeah, Leah looks much happier

Sophie: so it all ends well

Nate: yep, 4 happy people

Sophie: good, I'll see you later

Sophie and Nate kiss goodbye


Sophie approaches Leah in the school corridor

Sophie: you ready for all these kids?

Leah: bring it on, I do live my work

Sophie: and hey I was thinking you loved play more

Leah: hey that's a unfair assessment

Sophie: calling it as I see it

Leah: right we'll back to work then

Sophie: yell the school won't run it self


Jett approaches Vj in the classroom

Jett: hey

Vj: hi

Jett: how'd you go with Matt?

Vj: all good, he's going to get us the acohol and we'll replace it

Jett: that's greatness

Vj: yes it is

Jett: so have you seen Aluce yet?

Vj: no I haven't

Jett: when you do you going to ask her out right?

Vj: yeah of course

Jett: finally you'll have a girlfriend

Vj: hey I've dated before

Jett: yeah just not in the last year and so though

Vj: yeah pretty much

Jett: ok, Alice just walked in act cool

Vj: I can do cool

Vj goes to approach Alice

Vj: hey

Alice: hi

Vj: the party was fun

Alice: yeah, kissing you was nice

Vj: it was nice for me too, just wanted to you ask you, will you go out with me?

Alice: yes

Vj: do you want to come over to my place after school? We can hang out

Alice: will anyone else be thee

Vj: nope just us

Alice: then I'd love too

Vj: cool

The teacher walks in and hey all take their seats for the lesson


Chris arrives at the farm and knocks on the door and Oscar answers

Chris: hey, your sister here?

Oscar: no she's not, she got called into work

Chris: aww that sucks, we we're suppose to spend the day together

Oscar: sorry

Chris: not your fault, so what are your plans today?

Oscar: was going to head to the gym for a workout then grab some lunch after

Chris: would you mind if I come, we could hang out together

Oscar: that's fine, I'll just get my stuff

Chris: cool


Spencer sees Oscar and chris cone in

Spencer: hey guys which equipment are you using today?

Oscar: I think the trail bikes

Chris: sounds good, you know how to use them?

Oscar: do you?

Chris: hey I know more than the people that work here

Spencer: he's right, he does

Oscar: yes I do, I've done this before

Spencer: alright guys, your to do a light workout, no more than a hour, 15 minutes on and then 15 minutes off, understand?

Oscar and Chris: yes

Spencer: good get started


Vj and Alice arrive at the house after school, Vj gets some drinks out of the fidget or them

Alice: no more of the hard stuff then?

Vj: nope got none left, I think some of the other guys had some, I sware me andJett didn't drink half a bottle each

Alice: possible, there was heaps of people there

Vj: so how long have you liked me for

Aluce: awhile, I didn't think you were interested

Vj: I wasn't interested in dating before but now I am

Alice: good for me then

Vj: it is good for you isn't it

Alice leans over and kisses Vj

Alice: been wanting to do that all day

Vj: we were in school and school policy states on public displays of attention, blah blah

Alice: we could of went off grounds at lych

Jett: sorry I had to spend time with Jett sinc I was ditching him after school

Alice: dosen't he have a girlfriend

Vj: they long distance at the moment

Alice: that must be hard

Vj: being so young I would think so

Alice: do you have any brothers or sisters?

Vj: no just me and I'm an only child, I have some step brothers and sisters though

Alice: related by marriage right?

Vj: yep, what about you?

Alice: same actually, only child with one step brother

Vj: where he live?

Alice: overseas haven't sen him in 19 years

Vj: you think you will again

Alice: maybe one day, maybe not, you can't predict the future

Vj: you learn by your mistakes of the past

Alice: we're too you to have any

Vj: rebellious streak here we come

Alice: I thought we already started

Vj: what?

Alice and Vj kiss


Oscar has just finished his work, he's goes to check out the work rooster and Soencer catches him

Spencer: what you doing?

Oscar: awe nothing

Spencer: you want to see when Maddyshes working?

Oscar: you caught me

Spencer; we'll hurry up and check then

Oscar: yep got it, thanks

Chris walks over,

Chris: Oscar you going to have a shower

Oscar: yep just give 5 and we'll be out of here

Oscar goes into the change room

Chris: how's work bro?

Spencer: could be better

Chris; how so?

Spencer: you know just stuff

Chris: likes certain someone working

Spencer: might be

Chris: your just like a Oscar a love sick puppy

Spencer: no I'm not

Chris; yeah sure, you, him smdJosh who's next?

Spencer: I don't need,ore competition, I need less

Chris: maddy is an idiot if she dosen't pick you

Spencer; I thought you didn't like us together

Chris: I made a mistake getting between you too before now I think your great together

Spencer: you had three years to get this, now that wee broken up to get it, not good enough

Chris: your mad at me

Spencer: what do you think?

Chris: I'm not the one that hooked up with aAsha

Spencer: technically that's a lie

Chris: what you talking abut hat kiss

Spencer: you kissed my girlfriend as a joke , yeah real funny

Chris: I said I was sorry

Soencer: yeah and I forgave you

Chris: so why bring it up again?

Spence: just stating the facts that brought us here, nothing more, nothing less

Chris: so what are you going to do?

Spencer: I don't know

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Chapter 6

Maddy and Josh are at the beach playing in the water and they kiss

Maddy: I've missed this

Josh: me too, sorry we haven't been us for a while, it's just Andy

Maddy: family's important I get that

Josh: your so supportive

Maddy: Andy's not the best guy but he's important to you

Josh: that's really sweet

Maddy: I though I was. Hot

Josh: oh you are

Maddy: now that's sweet

The kiss again and Oscar sees

Oscar: hey guys

Maddy and Josh: hey

Oscar: what you doing today?

Josh; it's the middle of he week and schools done for the day

Maddy: so time to hang our and relax

Oscar: you working tonight?

Maddy: yep start in an hour

Oscar: I might come by after dinner

Maddy: you want to keep me company, that's so sweet

Josh: hey I could cone too if you want

Maddy: your too much of a distraction plus you hate working out

Josh: yeah in a gym but surfing and jogging keeps you fit too

Maddy: you have a great body babe

Josh: not that I'm trying to brag or anything

Maddy: of course not, your modest

Josh: no I'm cool

Maddy: yeah too cool for school

Josh: haha I still attend, I won't get kicked out for my attendance, maybe my grades

Maddy: your grades are fine, we study

Josh: yeah we sure do 'study'

Maddy: yep all work no play is boring

Josh: all play and no work istay

Maddy: then you won't pass

Josh: who failed eir exam recently?

Maddy: one exam, big deal, they have extra credit for a reason

Oscar: hey maddy, if you want a study parented I'm free?

Maddy: I'm not sure, Josh here might get jealous

Josh: no go ahead

Maddy: ok, I'd love too

Oscar: great, we'll I got to go, see you later

Maddy and Josh: bye


Denny comes into the diner and spots Casey

Denny: hey

Casey: hi

Denny: did you have a good time the other day?

Casey: yeah it was fun

Denny: oh god I thought you might of felt like a third wheel

Casey: no you and chris are great

Denny: that's good to know

Casey: maybe we could do a double date next time?

Denny: yeah sure I'd really like that

Casey: cool

Denny: so what you doing now?

Casey: waiting for breakfast

Denny: I meant e day?

Casey: oh did you? Never would of got that

Denny: ohhsha funny

Casey: I try

Denny: so you got the day off, girlfriend at school, brothers?

Casey: Brax and Ricky went to the city to see Heath and Bianca

Denny: and you didn't go because?

Casey: thought I could get some me time in but your ruining that

Denny: I'm ruining your day and here I thought I was making it

Casey: off you go then

Denny: don't think so were hanging out

Casey: I didnx't agree to that

Denny: you didn't not agree

Casey: good point

Denny: so you up for it?

Casey: depends on what it is?

Denny: be my surfing teacher, I always wanted to learn

Casey: you got me but sit down eat you can't surf on an empty somach

Denny: ok what did you orde?

Casey: eggs

Denny: not a fan of bacon

Casey: not today

Denny: ok we'll I'm ordering bacon and eggs

Casey: with toast

Denny: pretty sure it comes with it

Casey: does it? Must have a short memory then

Denny: you may need to see the doctor

Casey: cheat shot

Denny: you had it coming

Casey: sure I did, I think you just like getting people caught of gaurd

Denny: oh you caught it it's my life's mission

Casey: we'll it's not mine, mines to make every day count

Denny: good for you

Irene comes and takes their order

Irene: what would of like?

Casey: eggs on toast

Denny: bacon and eggs on toast

Irene: ok any drinks?

Casey: Apple juice

Denny: orange juice

Irene; cool ok it'll be like 10 minutes

Denny and Casey: thanks


Evelyn talks to Oscar class

Evelyn: so how was the gym last night?

Oscar: good I set up a study date with Maddy

Evelyn: is that such a good idea

Oscar: why wouldn't it be

Evelyn: your crush for Starters

Oscar: can we not talk about this

Evelyn: I don't really want to talk about this either but I think we should

Oscar: just once a one time thing

Evelyn: 100%

Oscar: ok what's your view then?

Evelyn: we'll I.....

The teacher sees them talking and starts yelling at them

Teacher: Evelyn and Oscar move seats now you know the rules on talking

Evelyn and oscar move seats

Sasha: hey what was that about?

Oscar: nothing do your work don't want to get busted again

Sasha pus her head back to her work and grabs a piece of paper and writes something down before passing into Oscar, the note starts

Sasha: we not technically talking now

Oscar: smart, why didn't I think of this

Sasha: your mindis preoccupied

Oscar: right that

Sasha: so what's up?

Oscar: for started the teachers a

Sasha: what?

Oscar: can't say it on a note

Sasha: ok I get it

Oscar: now move on

Sasha: what happened?

Oscar: Evelyn was asking about my love life

Sasha: wait you like someone?

Oscar: where have you been? Most people have noticed

Sasha: I do have a boyfriend you know

Oscar: everyone knows that, they are he'll jealous of you, you know

Sasha: what? Since when did this happen

Oscar: I'll say the time you stated dating Casey

Sasha: so not jealous of me but of me being with him

Oscar: bingo

Sasha: ok then, hey you changed the subject?

Oscar: dart, I knew you would figure that out

Sasha: so spill

Oscar: we'll I like Maddy

Sasha: really?

Oscar: yes is it so hard to beleive

Sasha: no that wasn't what I meant, just forgetit

Oscar: now I want to know

Sasha: we'll everyone just seems to like her

Oscar: she's great

Sasha: yeah she is but not sure about guts and her mixing we'll

Oscar: you jealous?

Sasha: what no I'm Not jealous

Oscar: sure seems lie it

Sasha: your wrong

Oscar: what is it then?

Sasha: she seems to have an effect on guys

Oscar: can be that good, you took her boyfriend remember

Sasha: can we just forget about that?

Oscar: you can't change the past you can only go into the future

Sasha: eyes open

Oscar: yeah

Sasha: ok the thing with Maddy is

The teacher comes up and sees their note

Teacher: what's that?

Sasha: a note

Oscar: what you said we couldn't talk but nothing about writing notes

Teacher; right both of you head to the principals office now

Oscar and Sasha: yes miss

Sasha and Oscar leave the room

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Chapter 7

Hannah comes into the room and sees Evelyn working at the dining table

Hannah: hey what you doing?

Evelyn: home work

Hannah: you have all weekend to finish that

Evelyn: the sooner I finish the more time I have to do things I like

Hannah: so school was ok today?

Evelyn: yeah it was alright, what about work?

Hannah: yep works work

Evelyn: so school is school then good let's not talk about yet any more

Hannah: so you've been spending time with your friends at school?

Evelyn: Yep Sasha and Matt and of course Spencer

Hannah: how's that going?

Evelyn: good, really good

Hannah: he's not pressuring you is he?

Evelyn: no way, he's not like that

Hannah: that's good to hear

Evelyn: you don't have to worry about my relationship how about you focus on fixing thongs with Zac

Hannah: yeah maybe that's not a good idea

Evelyn: come on, me and Oscar want to spend tine with both of you at the same time

Hannah: I guess I can't disagree with that

Evelyn: good so you'll talk to him tonight

Hannah: you trying to get rid of me

Evelyn: yes, Spencer's coming over, you can't be here

Hannah: Friday date night?

Evelyn: yep so come back later

Hannah: oh fine I know when I'm not wanted, I'm leaving, see you later

Evelyn: see you


Hannah arrives at Leah and Leah answers the door

Leah: hey

Hannah: hi, is Zac here?

Leah: yeah, I'll just go get him

Leah goes into the house and zac comes out

Zac: hi, I didn't expect this

Hannah: Evie thought we could talk

Zac: Oscar too I'm guessing

Hannah: yes

Hannah and Zac sit down at the front table

Zac: so you obviously came to talk

Hannah: yeah I was wondering if we could be friends again at least fair the kids sake

Zac: I've been thinking about that too and I don't know

Hannah: I know it's hard and you hate me

Zac: you know you put me though a lot

Hannah: and I'm sorry about that

Zac: now hats Andy out of your life feels better

Hannah: yeah I won't be making that mistake again

Zac: i think you shouldn't say things you can't keep

Hannah: I can, I am

Zac: yeah I've heard that before

Hannah: this time I mean it for real

Zac: I hope so, I really do

Hannah: so about the friends thing

Zac: yeah we can try, we have too

Hannah: thanks that means a lot

Hannah: maybe tomorrow if everyone else isn't busy

Zac: I'm sure they'll be happy about this

Hannah: I know they will be

Zac: ok we'll goodnight then

Hannah: yeah bye

Zac goes back into the house and Hannah leaves


Jett, Vj, John, Marilyn are having a family diner

Jett: so how was work John and Marilyn?

Marilyn: work was busy lts of customers

John: yeah I sold quite a few juices today

Jett: how many?

John: 67

Jett holds out his hand and John gives him 5 dollars

Marilyn: what's going on?

Jett: I betted John and he lost

Marilyn: on what

Jett: on the amount of juiced he would sell today

Marilyn: so you won and the payment was 5 dollars

Jett: yep

Marilyn: what you going to spend it on

Jett: I'm thinking some pool at the surf club

Vj: good idea

John: yes prefect idea, it'll get you two out of the house

Jett: are you kickedme out?

John: a few hours of me and Marilyn time, yes I am

Jett: ok we'll go, Vj you ready

Vj: not let I, waiting for my money

John gives him 5 dollars

John: I should of known you were involved too

Vj: you know it

Jett and Vj leave

Marilyn: so movie night?

John: yep I'll get the popcorn

John gloves over to make the popcorn and John and Marilyn settle on the couch and press play on the movie


Spencer arrives at the farm house, Evelyn and Spencer kiss hello

Evelyn: hey

Spencer: hi yourself

Evelyn: have you picked a Movie?

Spencer: yep the wizard of oz

Evelyn: that's an oldie

Spencer: it's a classic

Evelyn: yep it's a good film

Spencer and Evelyn get comy on the couch

Spencer: this is nice

Evelyn: yeah it is

Spencer: we've got the house to our selfs?

Evelyn: yep Hannah and Oscar are out

Spencer: that's good

Spencer and Evelyn kiss


Kyle and Phobee arrive back at the house

Kyle: when you said you'd come to work with me, I firgured you would do some

Phobee: yeah well I'll come tomorrow and actually work

Kyle: ok

Phobee: you didn't see. To mind a distraction though

Kyle: yes I did

Phobee: you weren't stoping me

Kyle: oh come on, you wre all over me

Phobee: yes and you liked it

Kyle: not at work it's unprofessional

Phobee: your the boos I think you can get away wit it

Kyle: yeah maybe it doesn't matter though

Phobee: dosen't matter? Or does matter?

Kyle: both I guess

Phobee: ok we'll how about we

Phobee kisses Kyle

Kyle: yeah I think we should

Kyle and Phobee kiss

All the lights in the house go off

Phobee: what as that?

Kyle: maybe the fuse box needs fixing

Phobee: pr maybe someone hora power poll?

Kyle: or that help me find a torch or two

Phobee and Kyle find a a clue of torches in a cupboard

Kyle: who put he torche there?

Phobee; how would I know?

Kyle: ok you coking with me to the fuse box

Kyle and Phobee go outside and find the fuse box and they realise it's not that

Kyle: you must be right

Phobee: thought so

Kyle: ok we should just go to bed and if it'd still off in the morning deal with it then

Phobee; yep good idea


Kyle and Phoebe come out to see Casey and Sasha making breakfast

Kyle: I guess the powers back on

Phobee: I would think so

Casey: hey guys

Sasha: how are you this morning?

Kyle: good, didn't realise you stayed over?

Sasha: it's not a problem is if?

Kyle: no why would it

Sasha: that's shanti thought

Casey: so you working today?

Kyle: yep Phobee coming today too

Casey: again?

Kyle: she didn't actually do much work yesterday

Casey: that explains it then

Phobee gets a text other Phobee and tell everyone

Phobee: they want me for a gig on Wednesday - Friday night up the coast

Kyle: that's great

Phobee: can you come?

Kyle: I don't know if I can take 3 days off

Phobee; if I help you at work till then, cone on please

Kyle: ok yeah I'll try to get it off

Phobee hugs Kyle

Kyle: come on let's go

Phobee: what about breakfast

Kyle: I run a restaurant

Phobee: good point, bye guys

Sasha and Casey: bye

Sasha: we'll that's good for them

Casey: yeah it is

Sasha: so now that we're alone

Casey kisses Sasha

Brax and Ricky arrive back and catch them

Brax: ok get a room?

Casey: we're in one

Brax: a room without windows then

Casey: it's a door

Brax: you get my point

Casey: how w Heath and Bianca?

Ricky: good, they are both working

Casey: and dracy and Harley

Ricky: they are both healthy growing kids

Casey: that's great I can't wait to see them

Ricky: you could of came

Casey; wanted to depend time with my girl

Sasha: speak info which, are you coming Casey?

Casey: yeah we were going to the beach

Sasha: yep

Casey: ok bye guys

Sasha: bye

Casey and Sasha leave

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Chapter 8

Hannah is making breakfast at he farm house when a Evelyn cones out

Hannah: good morning, you know where spending the day with Zac, I figured you'd be up earlier

Evelyn: we'll I'm up now

Hannah: good where your brother

Oscar enters the room

Oscar: I'm here

Hannah: both of you eat something

Oscar: I'm grabbing toast

Evelyn: me too

Hannah: ok Oscar put 4 pieces in

Oscar: I know how to work the toast, when are you so pushy this morning?

Evelyn: more like neves

Hannah: hey none. Of that

Denny enters the room

Evelyn: hey why did you get to sleep in

Hannah: did you gave a good night last night?

Denny: yeah it was great

Evelyn: so Chris is good then, Great, you coming today?

Denny: nah I firgured, i shouldn't plus already have plans

Oscar: which Chris?

Denny: yes we're spending more ome together, you got a problem?

Oscar: nope

Hannah: things going well then, you seem to spend a lot of your time with him

Denny: he is my boyfriend

Hannah: yep ok

Denny: are you trying to say I should spend more tone with you guys?

Hannah: no, but if you like

Denny: I would like too,how about dinner this week sometimes

Hannah: it's Sunday so you could technically say next week

Denny: same difference

Hannah: ill book Angelo's, you guys ok with that?

Oscar: of course

Evelyn: yes, so the 5 of us right?

Hannah: yep if Zac wants to come

Oscar: of course he will

Hannah: hurry up and finish eating, Zac will be here any minute

Oscar: I'm done , give me too seconds

Evelyn: me too

Hannah: alright meet at the car in 2


Vj finds Leah in the kitchen

Vj: good morning?

Leah: you sleep we'll?

Vj: yeah it was alright

Leah: good

Vj: you got plans today mum?

Leah: going to meet Irene for morning tea, what are you doing?

Vj: I'm going to Alice's house, I think Jetts coming

Leah: won't that make him a third shell

Vj: there are other people coming, it's kind of a get together

Leah: you mean a party

Vj: yeah I guess

Leah: ok remember e rules, no acohol

Vj: of course

Leah: are you sure?

Vj: what you talking about?

Leah: we'll I think someone stole some from the cabinet the other day

Vj: are you sure it wasn't just moved around in there

Leah: that's possible

Vj: did you ask Mat?

Leah: no I didn't

Vj: wait so your blaming your teenage son but not the 18 year old that lives here

Leah: it's just a question which you still haven't answered

Vj: the answers no

Leah: ok that's all I wanted to know , have fun today

Leah leaves

Vj sends a text to Jett

Vj: we nearly got caught have to be more careful

Jett: don't worry I've got it covering, getting a guy some school to buy some sweet

Vj: ok I'll meet you at Alice's

Jett: be there in like an hour

Vj: ok cool


John finds Jett in his room

John: hey what you doing?

Jett: going out

John: where?

Jett: to Alice's house

John: who's Alice?

Jett: Vj's new girlfriend

John: Does Leah know about this?

Jett: of course

John: just checking after last time, you threw a party at Irene's house

Jett: it's a gathering of people

John: that's another word for a. Party

Jett: what ever, it's a small arty, you happy?

John: not really

Jett: promise you will be careful

John: I promise

John: good boy

John hugs Jett

John: don't be back to late

Jett: I'll be back before mid afternoon stop stressing

John: it's called worrying and it's what a parent doe

Jett: sorry

John: don't be sorry be smart

Jett: ok can I go now

John: yes, bye son


Chris and Denny are playing pool

Chris:how's your family?

Denny: good they are going out today

Chris: where?

Denny: I don't know actually

Chris: they didn't say

Denny: I don't think I asked

Chris: it's alright I'm sure they are fine

Denny: yeah of course

Chris takes a shot

Chris: so you got plans next weekend?

Denny: why?

Chris: my dad got in touch, he wants me and Spencer to go home for a visit

Denny: and

Chris: and I was thinking you and Evelyn can come and meet the family

Denny: you think that's a good idea

Chris: we've meet yours, it's only 2 days

Denny: I'll think about it

Chris: ok


Leah arrives at Irene's

Leah: hey

Irene: your just in time I'm making coffee

Leah: good I think I need one

Irene: why ?

Leah: things are stressful

Irene: with who?

Leah: Vj

Irene: what happened?

Leah: he's got a girlfriend

Irene: isn't that normal

Leah: and going to parties

Irene: hate to say this but that's normal too

Leah: and the acohol?

Irene : what, he's only 16, are you sure?

Leah: we'll no, matt could of took it

Irene: have you asked him?

Leah: Vj or Matt?

Irene: both

Leah: Vj yes but Matt no

Irene: you should, get your facts right first

Leah: we'll I just asked Vj but he denied it

Irene: you don't believe him

Leah: should I?

Irene: he's a teenager but he's also smart

Leah: yeah maybe Matt did take it

Irene: we'll ask him and if he says no then someone's lying

Leah: yeah which one

Irene: we'll they both have a history of lying

Leah: that's true

Irene: could you really not believe your own son though?

Leah: of course not, it's stupid

Irene: yep

Irene gives Leah her coffee and they sit down on the couch


Zac, Hannah, Evelyn and Oscar are driving somewhere

Evelyn: where are we going?

Hannah: it's not much further

Oscar: cone on just a hint?

Hannah: nope

Evelyn: stop being so frustrating

Hannah: ok fine you've never been there?

Oscar: another hint?

Hannah: it's fun

Evelyn: yeah that helps

Hannah: that's all, your getting

Oscar: a go kart

Hannah: no

Evelyn: archery?

Hannah: close, it's to do with violence

Oscar: it's still safe though right?

Hannah: three instructors there

Oscar: they help you

Hannah: yeah and it's loud

Evelyn: a music festival

Hannah: I think your wishing there

Evelyn: yeah probably

Oscar: more hints?

Hannah: ok fine it's a gun range

Oscar: we get to shoot

Hannah: yes

Evelyn: oh cool, I've always anted to try that

Oscar: me too

Hannah: me three, luckily they have one just 2 hours out of town

Oscar: how much longer

Hannah: about 5 minutes

A car comes along on the other side and Zac passes a sign on the road, he takes the corner and now is back on a straight road

Oscar: thanks for taking us here

Evelyn: yeah it's nice to spend time together for a change

A car surveys onto Zacs side of the road and Zac turns the car to avoid hitting the other car but he misses the other car on the other side and it crashes right into them....

Coming up;

Leah: what's happened?

A shot of the hospital

Maddy and Spencer hug

Matt and and Sasha are together at the hospital

Matt: Sasha there's been an accident

John: Jett's missing

Vj: I thought he would of been ok walking back

Casey: Brax, there's something I need to tell you

Brax: Casey what is it?

Casey: Jakes back!

Josh punches Andy

Josh: how could you, I trusted you?

Maddy: Josh wait it's not what you think

Chris finds Spencer passed out

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