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Not To Be Trusted

Guest christine king

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Chapter 9

Casey arrives at the house and he finds Kyle and Phobee their

Casey: hey you got plans tonight?

Kyle: why what's happening?

Casey: just a party at mangrove river

Kyle: who's is it?

Casey: some of the boys are having it

Kyle: ok, Brax isn't coming then?

Casey: he said he was going out with Ricky

Kyle: so just us three?

Casey: yep, you in?

Phobee: sure sounds good

Kyle: when's it start?

Casey: in an hour, we have time

Phobee: ok good

Phobee leaves to get ready

Kyle: so this party? How many people will be there

Casey: probably 100 or so

Kyle: ok

Casey: yeah of course,let's hope no-one calls the cops


Jett approaches Vj at the party

Jett: hey what time is it?

Vj checks his phone

Vj: oh **** it's later than we said

Jett: we'll thrres no calls on my phone, what about yours

Vj: nope not on mine either

Jett: ok good, we shouldn't of drank that much acohol though

Vj: yeah my head hurts

Jett hands Vj some water

Vj: thanks

Jett: I've already drank some water

Vj: drink some more you look slightly better than me

Jett: yeah I'll have some then I'm leaving, you coming?

Vj: I should probably help clean the place but I'll meet you at yours I am hour! Will you be ok to walk back?

Jett: it's like a five minute walk I'll be fine

Vj hugs Jett

Jett: ok I'll text you she I get back

Vj: yep cool see you later

Jett leaves the house


Nate working at the hospital when Zac comes in on a stretcher, he asks a nurse what happened

Nurse: Zac, Hannah, Evelyn and Oscar were in a car accident

Nate: what?

Nurse: the others are coming in we have to work quickly, can you handle this?

Nate: yes

Nate finds out that a Oscar is in surgery and Evelyn and Hannah are both critical

Nate: I have to call people

Nurse: no we need you, she calls out to another nurse call the family

Nate: that''ll be Denny and call Leah too

Nurse: ok let's go


Irene is with Leah at their house

Leah: I firgured Vj would be back by now

Irene: I'm sure he just got caught up

Leah: maybe I should call him, I didn't realise how late it was

Irene: ok

Leah is just about to phone Vj when she has in coming call

Leah: hi

Nurse: hi is this Leah Patterson?

Leah: yes

Nurse: there's been an accident

Leah: what's happened?

Nurse: the McGuire family got into an accident

Leah hangs up the phone

Irene: what happened?

Leah: Zac, Hannah, Evelyn and Oscar were involved in a car accident

Irene hugs Leah

Matt walks in

Matt: what happened?

Irene: the mcguires got into a car accident

Matt: what? Who else knows

Irene: us and Denny probably

Matt: I need to go to the hospital

Leah: they will call us if there's news

Matt: no I can't stay here I have to go

Matt bails


Matt arrives at the hospital and calls Sasha

Matt: come on, pick up

Sasha: hi

Matt: Sasha it's me you have to come to the hospital now

Sasha: what? Why?

Matt: I can't tell you over the phone just come

Sasha: ok I'll be there soon


Vj rocks up at the house

John: come in, I thought Hett would be with you

Vj: what he's not back yet?

John: no, why?

Vj: he left the party an hour ago, oh **** he didn't text me

John: when was he suppose to text you?

Vj: when he got home?

John: have you been drinking?

Vj: not the point, Jett isn't back yet, someonethings happened to him

John: Jetts missing

Vj: I thought he would of been ok walking back

John gets out his phone and calls the cops

John: yes I'd like to report a disaperence


Matt is pacing at the hospital and Sasha runs in

Sasha: what happened?

Matt: Sasha thrres been an accident

Sasha: who?

Matt: Zac, Hannah, Evelyn and Oscar were in a car accident

Sasha: OMG are they ok?

Matt: the doctors are doing all they can

Sasha: I get it were not family they can't tell us much

Matt: yeah but hey it's going to be alright?

Sasha: we should call Maddy and Spencer

Matt: yeah they will want to know


Mady and Spencer are working at the gym together

Maddy: only got an hour left?

Spencer: then we can get outta here

Maddy gets a call on her phone

Maddy: hey Sasha what's up?

Spencer: is Spencer with you?

Maddy: yeah why?

Sasha: good there's something I need to tell you

Maddy: your scaring me now, just tell me?

Sasha: the McGuire family were involved in scar accident

Maddy: are you at the hospital?

Sasha: yeah but you don't have to tell, they are all still in surgery there's no news

Maddy: so you don't want us there?

Sasha: matts here I'm fine, just take care your selfs

Maddy: we'll will, bye

Maddy hangs up the phone

Spencer: what's wrong?

Maddy: the mcguires wre in an accident

Spencer: what? Are they ok?

Maddy: the doctors are doing everything they can

Spencer pulls Maddy into a hug

Spencer: we should close early

Maddy: yeah good idea


Vj comes home

Vj: something's happened?

Leah: what's happened?

Vj: Jetts missing

Irene: what how did that happen?

Leah: weren't you with him

Vj: he walked back from the party by himself, I thought he'd be fine

Leah: that's not the only that's happened today?

Vj: what's else happened?

Irene: the mcguires we're in a car accident

Vj: oh mum

Vj hugs Leah

Leah: the doctors will save them

Irene: yes of course they will, they know what they are doing

Vj: mum they are going to be fine and the police will find Jett


Chris finds Denny on the balcony of the farm house

Chris: couldn't sleep either

Chris hands her some coffee

Denny: my whole family could be dead

Chris: they won't be, they are fighters

Denny: i just can't think like that

Chris: don't worry I'm here for you, there will be good news

Chris hugs Denny


Maddy: come on let's get out of here

Spencer: yeah I'll take you home

Maddy: can we just go for a walk first, I need to clear my head

Spencer: of course

Spencer locks up and Maddy and him bail


Alf: when's the kids suppose to back?

Roo: soon

Alf: ok you want to help me finish this crossword?

Roo: sure hand it over

Roo has a look at it, this is so easy,

Roo fills out the answers and give it back to him

Roo: there you go

Alf: thanks

Maddy and Spencer come in

Alf: you guys ok?

Maddy: no where not I'm going to my room

Maddy leaves

Roo: what's happened?

Spencer: we're both just upset, the mcguires were in a car accident

Roo: what?

Spencer: we going to head to the hospital in the mornings there nothing we can do anyway

Roo: ok we'll go with you

Spencer: thanks, I'm going to go up to bed, night

Roo and Alf: goodnight


Spencer goes to Maddys room but she's not there, he goes back to his room and finds her there, Spencer closes the door

Maddy: what are you doing?

Maddy: can I say with you tonight?

Spencer: are you sure that's a good idea?

Maddy: yes, I need you

Spencer: ok you can stay, we just have to be quiet?

Maddy: we will be

Maddy lays down on the bed and Spencer lays down too, he puts his arms around her and they fall asleep

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