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Not To Be Trusted

Guest christine king

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Story Title: Not To Be Trusted

Type; Long

Main Characters; mostly 2014 cast

Other Characters: Ruby


Genre: Friendship, Drama, Romance, Hurt/Confront

Spoilers; yes, mostly 2014

Warnings: Sexual Content, Language, Violence

Summary; Relationship problems arise, friendships are tested and if you think you can trust someone you may be wrong.

chapter 1

Casey is lying on the beach with his eyes shut, someone approaches him and they grab a hand on sand and throw it at him, he wakes and looks at the person and says "Sasha I didn't think you'd come"', Sasha goes to sit down beside him and they start chastising.

sasha; I just figured I would at least let you talk

Casey; I'm really sorry about cheating on you, Tamara kissed but I didn't push her away, I was confused about my feelings for her and you

Sasha; and now what you've decided you want me back?

Casey; I will always have a connection to Tamara she saved my life and I kind of owe her for that but I've liked you for a while now and I was so happy about us being a couple

Sasha; you know the first time you kissed me was the only time it felt passionate enough for you to want to be with me because after that Tamara showed up and things weren't the same with us

Casey; I know it's all my fault but Like I said I was confused but I'm not anymore, I like Tamara as a friend nothing more, your the one I want to be with.

sasha; the prove it

Casey leans over and kisses Sasha, he pulls away and says "was that passionate for you", Sasha smiles and kisses him back.


Brax and Ricky return to the house and they are just abut to enter their flat when Tamara turns up

Tamara; Hey Brax, Ricky

Brax: what's happened now?

Tamara: I kissed Casey okay

Brax: I knew this would happen, I told Casey not to have two girls on the go but did he listen , no

Tamara: it's not Casey's fault I caught him off gaurd

Brax: yes but he didn't stop you did he?

Tamara: no but he didn't kiss me back either

Brax: why would you kiss him? He has a girlfriend

Tamara; funny how he didn't say that in the desert

Brax; they weren't dating then, it's complicated

Tamara: explain it to me then

Brax: Sasha has liked him for so long but Casey never felt the same, until he got back from the desert, they bonded and he realised he had feelings for her

Tamara; that's it, your saying what happened between us bonded them for life too

Brax: no, they were friends for a longtime, feelings change, people change, Casey changed

Tamara; right and I'm just suppose to accept this

Brax; yes, looke he chose her not you

Tamara: and what if I want to change it back

Brax: leave me out it and that's your que to leave

Tamara bails.

Ricky: that was some good advice I'm impressed

Brax: Cassy won't be but we'll deal with that later

Brax drags Ricky into the flat and closes the door.


Spencer chases down Evelyn trying to get her to stop

Spencer; wait, I can explain

Evelyn: ok let's hear it, why did you stand me up on our date?

Spencer: I had to help Irene pack, she left town today to go visit Fin

Evelyn; and Ayoucouldn't of texted m?

Spencer; my phone battery died, I didn't charge t last night, I'm sorry but I really want to go out with you, that's all I could think of today

Evelyn; really?

Spencer; My shout, where ever you want to go?

Evelyn; Angelo's closer and it's getting late

Spencer: Angelo's it is is then,come one

Spencer takes Evelyn's hand and they start walking.


Josh arrives at the house shouting out for Casey, Casey and Sasha appear behind him

Casey: what's up bro?

Josh: Andy's been AWOL for the last couple of days and I have been able to find him

Casey; did he say anything before he left?

Josh; no not really

Casey; don't panic, I'm sure he's fine

Josh; can you help look for him

Casey; we don't know where to look so that's kind if impossible don't you think

Josh; we'll I can't do nothing

Casey; and we won't let me go ask Brax

Casey enters the flat to find Ricky and Brax laying inbred together

Casey: can you do me a favour?

Brax: what?

Casey; can you ask the boys if they have see or heard about Any

Brax: alright I'll ask. But I still think your wasting your time on him

Casey; he's Josh's brother too, I just want to do right by Josh

Brax; then take his mind off things and I'll deal here

Casey; thank you

Casey leaves and Brax gets up to find his phone

Ricky; your doing it now?

Brax; no time like the present


Casey asks Sasha and Josh if they want to catch a movie

Josh: as long as it's not romance

Sasha: or action

Casey; how about a comedy?

Sasha and Josh; sounds good

Casey; how about we make it a double date, invite Maddy to come join us

Josh; great idea, I'll just ring her now


Spencer and Roo are sitting watching a movie on the couch when Maddy comes into the room

Maddy; how do I look?

Spencer: great

Roo; so who you going out with?.

Maddy; Josh, Casey and Sasha, it's a double date

Roo: I didn't know Casey and Sasha were together

Maddy; yeah they been dating for a few weeks

Roo: ok, well have fun

Maddy; will do, bye

Maddy leaves

Roo; so where's your girl tonight?

Spencer; we had lunch today, we don't need to spend all our time together

Roo; I know that but still it's a Friday night, most younger ole are out with their partners

Spencer: we'll I just didn't want too ok

Roo: is there trouble in paradise?

Spencer; no everything great, really

Roo; maybe your with the wrong girl then?

Spencer; what?

Roo; come on Soencer, I saw the way you looked at Maddy tonight, you still love her

Spencer: she's with Josh

Roo: and your with Evelyn? So what

Spencer: I don't cheat

Roo; who said anything about that?

Spencer: you impiled

Roo: no I didn't

Spencer: sure whatever

Roo: Spencer, I know you would never cheat but I also know what you and Maddy had was special and that's its obvious you still love her.

Spencer: so what?, she clearly dosen't feel the same

Roo; she's in love with Josh but their might come a time that she won't be anymore.

Spencer: who says that will ever happen, I'm going to bed, goodnight

Roo: goodnight

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chapter 2

Chris answers the door to Denny and they kiss hello. they go to sit on the couch.

Chris: how was last night?

Denny: it was good, me and Evie watched chick flicks and talked about guys

Chris: oh you talked about me?

Denny: no, Spencer!

Chris: ew, I am not talking about my brothers love life

Denny: like you haven't before

Chris: how'd you know about that?

Denny: I have my ways

Chris: who Irene, Sasha?

Denny: I don't think so, it's not that easy

Chris: aww why not?

Denny: the mystery

Chris: what can I do to convince you

Denny: nothing, let's go to the beach

Chris: the waters cold

Denny: a nice walk on the beach

Chris: romantic, I like it

Denny: good lets go


Phobee and Kyle come out to make breakfast

Kyle: how did you sleep?

Phobee: pretty good, what about you?

Kyle: I slept good

Phobee: you working today?

Kyle: it's Saturday, yes I am

Phobee; We'll have fun then

Kyle: your not coming to keep me company

Phobee; us this your way of getting free work done

Kyle; no this is my way to spend the day with my girl

Phobee: sweet but still no

Tamara turns up

Tamara: what's up guts?

Kyle: I've got work

Kyle kisses Phobee on the check and leaves

Phobee: I'm free

Tamara; good, I came to ask you anyway

Phobee; good thing were friends then

Tamara: yep

Phobee: I heard about your chat with Brax yesterday

Tamara: yeah, did Kyle tell you?

Phobee: yep, those brothers have no secrets

Tamara; don't I know it', so your not mad?

Phobee: it's not really my business

Tamara: your not taking Kyle's side?

Phobee: he knows I can make my own decisions and it's also not really his business either

Tamara: because they not really brothers?

Phobee: no they are, maybe not by blood but they are

Tamara: the river boys 'blood and sand'

Phobee: yep pretty much

Tamara: you want to go for lych?

Phobee: sure the diner

Tamara: yep sounds good


John calls out for Jett

Marilyn: don't worry he'll be out soon

John: yeah we'll if he' wants a lift to Vj's he better hurry

Marilyn: stop stressing, Shandi won't mind if your a few minutes late

John: I still don't get why you won't ome

Marilyn:it's your daughter snd she hates me

John: no she dosen't, she just dosen't know you

Marilyn: yep sure ignore the problem

John: what? That's not what I'm doing

Marilyn: no your walking on eggshells which his worst

John; I'm sorry, your right, I don't know the right thing to say

Marilyn: just talk to her

John: ok

Jett comes out and they get in the car and drive off


Maddy comes out to the kitchen, Roo is there

Roo: good morning

Maddy: morning

Roo: how was last night?

Maddy: it was fun

Roo: so are you Sasha friends again?

Maddy: yeah, I think so

Roo: interesting

Maddy: why?

Roo: your ok with Sasha when she's not dating Spencer

Maddy: that was different, she stole my boyfriend

Roo: maybe but I thought you were broken up at the time

Maddy: we were but she knew we still had feelings for each over, she was suppose to be my friend

Roo: I know they both betrayed you but you've forgiven them, your with Josh now, everything worked out ok, right?

Maddy: right

Roo: maybe you could be more convincing

Maddy: what do you mean?

Roo: come on, you and Spencer? Just friends, is that all their is between you too?

Maddy: yes of course

Roo: you really think feelings like that just go away?

Maddy: I don't know

Roo; from my experience they don't

Maddy; feelings change though?

Roo; yeah but feelings don't just disappear either, they get stronger, they stay hidden or you might feel like you have to let it go or take it back

Maddy: are you staying I want Spencer back?

Roo: do you?

Mady: I don't know


Matt approaches Evelyn on the beach

Matt: hey

Evelyn: hey, how are you?

Matt: I'm good, what you doing?

Evelyn: just watching the waves

Matt: not going in then?

Evelyn : nah not today

Matt; where your boyfriend?

Evelyn: he's working

Matt: why don't you get a job?

Evelyn : what about you?

Matt: Kyle gave me a job lady week

Evelyn: lucky you, I'm happy for you too

Matt: thanks I guess

Evelyn: you want to go plays ome pool?

Matt: sure winners buys lunch?

Evelyn: nice try, we will pay for a dolar coin

Matt: 1or 2 dollar coin?

Evelyn: 2

Matt: I can buy some lollies with that?

Evelyn: we're from?

Matt: the discount shop in yabbie creek

Evelyn: the bus fare their costs more then that

Matt: what if I said I had a car?

Evelyn: how did you afford one?

Matt: I didn't, my brother lent it to me

Evelyn: borrowed or stole?

Matt: does it natter

Evelyn: yes

Matt: I though you like breaking rules

Evelyn: that was a one time thing

Matt: ok fine poll it is, let's go wild

Evelyn: haha but sure lets go

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Chapter 3

Sasha approaches Evelyn and Matt In the surf club

Evelyn: hey where were you? I've Been waiting for you, luckily Matt kept me company

Sasha: sorry I got caught up, what's going on?

Evelyn: I just beat Matt at pool and he owes he 2 dollars since he lost you two can play each over now

Sasha: ohh I'm so gonna beat you Matt

Matt: no you won't

Sasha: let's see then, rack'em up

Matt: you're on

Sasha: you want to break first

Matt: no you can

Sasha: you will regret that

Sasha breaks the balls and hits 2 snakes in

mat: ha, your small, I'm big, I'm going to win now

Sasha: take a shot then

Matt takes a shot but dosen't shot a ball in

Sasha: you were saying

Matt: your turn

Sasha doesn't get a ball in

Matt: ha who's good now

Sasha: no more talk, just play

Matt: fine

Matt hits a couple of balls in and en Sasha hits a couple if bale in, they are neck and neck until the black ball is the only one left.

Sasha: which hole?

Matt : the end one

Matt hits it, it goes close but it doesn't go in, Sasha takes her shot but she pushes the ball closer to matt's hole, Matt takes the shot and pockets the ball.

Matt: yeah I win, 2 dollars please

Sasha gives him the money

Sasha: so what you going to buy with it?

Matt: lollies from the discount shop in yabbie creek

Sasha: how we getting there?

Matt: my car

Sasha: you have a car?

Matt: it's my brothers he left town so he let me borrow it

Sasha: borrow or steal it?

Evelyn: thank god I'm not the only one who thinks this

Sasha: we'll did he denied it?

Evelyn: no

Sasha: then he's guilty

Matt: hello, still in the room

Sasha; good we wanted you to listen

Evelyn: so

Matt: yes whatever I stole it, you happy?

Evelyn: are we still going?

Matt: I thought you didn''t want to be rebellious anymore

Evelyn: it's one drove plus if we get caught , I can blame it on my friends influence

Matt: what meaning me?

Evelyn: that's what I said didn't I

Matt: and you Sasha?

Sasha: I was never here just kidding, Evie's right your the bad influence you can cop it

Matt: fine let's just go then


Chris and Denny are walking hand in hand on the beach they notice Caasey just coming out of a surf

Denny: let's go talk to him

Chris; ok

Denny and Chris yell out to Casey

Casey; hey guys, what you doing now?

Chris; I think we're going back to he farm to hang out

Denny: we figured you might want to come because we know Sasha and Evelyn are hanging out together today

Casey: what we going to do?

Denny: we could play football in the back, thrres so much space

Casey: I know I remember doing that

Denny: with Sasha

Casey: yeah it's so weird you guys living there and not the walkers anymore

Denny: yeah people have said

Chris: so you up for it mate

Casey: sure soundalike fun, I just have to go home and dump my board and stuff

Chris; come with as now, we'll go to yours and then to the farm, it'll take shorter

Casey: thanks guys, let's go


Jett and Vj are playing a video game and Jett gets killed by Vj's character

Jett: you kille me

VJ: you weren't quick enough

Jett: rematch?

VJ: later, you hungry

Jett; you got bread, we could make a sandwich

VJ: yes

VJ and Jett start making sandwiches I the kitchen when Jett gets a text on his phone

VJ: who's it from?

Jett; do you remember a girl called Meledy from clas

Vj: what's she look like?

Jett: black hair, brown eyes, tall , skinny

Vj: yeah she's hot

Jett: she just invited me to her party, you knows he's lives around he corner from your house right

Vj: cool, we should go?

Jett: yeah maybe we could get you a girlfriend, you haven't had one since I've know you

Vj: what about Meledy?

Jett: she has a boyfriend but she has heaps of single hot friends

Vj: how would you know that?

Jett: you talk to gem

Vj: right

Jett: does your mum have achohol in the house?

Vj: yeah in the cambiet

Jett: let's borrow some, takeout to the party, you know liquid courage and all that

Vj: yeah god idea

Jett: she will your mumble back

Vj: she's out with Zac, Sophie and Nate, so later

Jett: ok good we can'tget caught

Vj: we won't, I've done this before

Jett: we'll I was too busy stealing food the goog to parties

Vj: yeah sorry about that man

Jett: it's not your fault, but evetything with Johnus great

Vj: we'll then let's go get ready to party

Jett: you know it


Brax and Ricky are in yabbie creek for the 3 movie marathon, they just saw the first one and it was an action flick, they don't want to se the second one so they are going shopping now and the. Going back for the third,

Brax: hey that movie was good

Ricky; it was alright

Brax: I know you don't really like them but I promised you I'd go to the chick flick one with you

Ricky; I know and that's why I love you

They kiss and then they notice Sasha, Evelyn and Matt across from them coming out of the lolly shop

Brax and Ricky approach them

Brax, Ricky: hey guys

Sasha, Casey, Matt: hi

Brax: Evelyn and Matt how'd you feel about catching the rest of the movie marathon?

Evelyn, Matt: he'll yeah

Brax gives hem some tickets and some money

Brax: buy some drinks since you already have candy

Evelyn, Matt: thank you

Brax: Matt just remember to get her home safe ok, I'll call Denny and tell her what's going on

Evelyn: ok, bye

Matt: bye

Brax: your coming with us, Casey will want to see you , are you going to tell him?

Sasha: no I'm not, Matt wasn't suppose to be here anyway

Brax: you want to explain why he was?

Sasha: he was here when I found Evelyn, she's friends with both of us, I couldn't ask her to chose

Brax: you know she would of picked you

Sasha: I know but I couldn't do it, Casey has nothing to worry about, I wouldn't cheat on him

Brax: we'll you cheated on Soencer with Matt, what makes Casey any different

Sasha: he is different, I've Liked him for so long, you know this

Brax: yeah but you were in a relationship with Matt too, the kiss might of been a mistake when you had a boyfriend but the relationship wasn't

Sasha: yeah well I regret that too, I we going though a rough time, he was there, I thought it meant more than it did

Brax: Casey's jealous of him, if he knew you wee with him today

Sasha: I know but I promise I'll stay away fro him , I'll explain it to a Evelyn

Brax: no need, Denny can do that

Sasha: ok, are we leaving now?

Brax: Yes

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Chapter 4

Matt walks Evelyn to her fount door

Matt: it was fun today

Evelyn: yeah it was but you know you could of left

Matt: I know, I wanted to spend time with you

Evelyn: me too but Sasha was there, you don't still have feelings for her?

Matt: no I don't

Evelyn: you went off the rails after she dumped you

Matt: no I didn't

Evelyn: yes you did

Matt: ok so what? And who says I was on them in the first place

Evelyn: when I first met you, woah that was different

Matt: people like me can change

Evelyn: people like you, stop putting yourself down, your smarter than you think

Matt: why because you're smart

Evelyn: that's what I meant

Matt: I know but I'm just saying smart people stick together

Evelyn: that's a stereotype it's not real life

Matt: so I'm standing in fount of a beautiful and smart girl and I'm not good enough to be your friend

Evelyn: if you weren't you wouldn't be here, thanks for the lift

Evelyn hugs Matt and goes inside


Leah and Zac arrive back at the house

Leah; did you have a good time tonight?

Zac: yeah

Leah: do you want a coffee?

Zac: sure

Zac and Leah are sitting in the lounge room drinking their coffee

Zac: is Vj here? Or Matt?

Leah: i don't think they are back yep, Vj said he was out with Jett somewhere

Zac: he didn't say where

Leah: no but that's not unusual

Zac: ok, does he like us together? I never did ask him that

Leah: he's cool

Zac: that's good, don't wan to rock the boat

Leah kisses Zac

Leah: you're not, he's fine, were fine


Matt goes to Angelo's to grab a bottle of water and as he's walking out he spots Vj

Matt: hey mate, what you up to?

Vj: nothing

Matt: where's Jett?

Vj: John just picked him up

Matt: oh cool, so you going home?

Vj: yes, you can give a lift I your car?

Matt: no ican't if your mum sees it, I'm in trouble

Vj: you stole it

Matt: it's my brothers car, he left it here, it's his fault not mine

Vj: chill, I won't say anything, can we wake back tiger?

Matt: sure we can and you can tell about what you've really been up to

Vj: what you mean?

Matt: I can smell the alcohol, mate' who's party?

Vj: a girl from school

Matt: did you hook up?

Vj: no she has a boyfriend

Matt: anyone else then?

Vj: maybe

Matt: you little devil

Vj: you've done worst in your time I've heard

Matt: true, alright let's go to your house before we both end up in trouble


Kyle arrives back at the house and Phobee kisses him

Phobee:I've been wanting to do that all day

Kyle; we'll maybe you should of come to work with me

Phobee: I've been thinking I should have

Kyle: Tamara?

Phobee; yeah she was a bit full on

Kyle; I told you to stay out of it

Phobee: I was put of it, I tamed to Tamara as a friend nothing more

Kyle; what she say?

Phobee: just thinks she still has a chance with Casey, it's ridiculous

Kyle; yeah to us but not to her

Phobee: I know it's just grieving, all this drama

Kyle: we're pretty drama filled maybe you should have run

Phobee; and leave you not a chance

Kyle: good to hear

Kyle kisses Phobee

Kyle: maybe we should take this elsewhere

Phobee smiles and takes his hand


John: so how was your night?

Jett: nothing special, I'm going to bed, goodnight John. And Marilyn

Marilyn comes to sit down with John

John: that boy is hiding something

Marilyn: yeah right, he's just tried, leave him alone

John; how was your day?

Marilyn: busy, heaps of customers at the diner

John: any gossip?

Marilyn: since when do you like that stuff?

John: I don't

John: hoes Shandi?

John: good, we talked she said she'll give you a chance

Marilyn: really? I've heard that before

John: she means it this time

Marilyn: we'll see


Jett is in his room and rings Nina

Jett: hey nina

Nina: hi, why you calling this late

Jett: just thought you might want to know about this party means Avnet went too today

Nina: a party? Do tell

Jett: it's a girl from school before you say anything she's taken too

Nina: well good, I don't think my parents would've cool with me going home to attack some girl

Jett: yeah that won't be nesscary, you know I love you

Nina: I love you too

Nina: any other girls that like you at this party?

Jett: a couple but I stayed away from them

Nina: good

Jet: yep but Vj was kissing a girl

Nina: finally founds girl has he ?

Jett: possibly, the school might have helped

Nina: we'd you get the school from

Jett: Leah's house

Nina: won't they notice it's gone,

Jett: Vj's working on Allan to replace it

Nina: how?

Jett: hopefully get Matt to buy it

Nina: whos Matt?

Jett: a guy that's staying at his house, school aged last year, he's 18

Nina: you think he'll help

Jett: hopefully

Nina: goodnight, we'll talk soon

Jett: I'll be waiting, goodnight

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