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He's Different

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Story Title: He's Different.

Type: M/L

Main Characters: Charlie, Brax, Ruby, Casey, Heath, Bianca, Alarah.

BTTB Rating: T

Genre: Friendship, Drama, Romance, Hurt/Comfort.

Spoilers: No

Warnings: Sexual Content, Language, Violence.

Summary; She's in town to get Brax strictly what he wants - but along the way things seem to get slightly more complicated when feelings become involved and the nature of Brax is shown. Can she get him Charlie Buckton? Will Charlie want him and is it possible for her to change him for the better? Because this Brax has been hiding a secret and its a big one.



Authors Note: I do NOT own Home and Away! All credit to the writers.



Chapter One:

When Alarah strutted into the Surf Club she was wearing a black maxi dress and black thong sandals her chocolate brown hair was flowing down her back in loose curls as she scanned the crowd for someone she knew.

She didn't exactly if she was in the right place; she was looking for Angelo's and she'd been told by Irene had the diner to make her way to the Surf Club.

Scanning the rest of the room her eyes finally settled on a bunch of Riverboys.

Alarah smiled as Heath punched Sam in a joking matter; Sam chucked the pool stick on the pool table and turned around to grab Heath in a head lock; Heath easy dodged him by moving behind Brodie.

Alarah shook her head realising Heath still seemed as immature as ever pulling her big black sunglasses up on to her head Alarah walked forward.

"Well Heath you definitely haven't changed" Alarah said sarcastically and she noticed the way several of the Riverboys froze up upon hearing her voice.

Heath turned around slowly and his lips spread into a grin.

"Neither have you A" Heath said as he moved forward and picked Alarah up in a big hug; lifting her off the ground slightly. "Since when are you back? Thought you were enjoying Bali" Heath said softly into her ear but Alarah shrugged as he placed her back on the floor leaning up she kissed his cheek before greeting the other Riverboys.

"I was enjoying Bali; but I missed you guys" Alarah said sweetly as she looked around the room.

"Come on A, don't lie. Why you really here?" Sam asked pulling Alarah's gaze back to them.

"Brax called" Alarah said with a shrug and the boys nodded in understanding. Heath tilted his head towards the stairs; his facial expression grim.

"He's working tonight means his short tempered as usual" Heath said as Alarah grabbed the beer from his hand and took a sip.

"Since when is he short tempered?" Alarah joked as she turned towards the stairs. "Thanks for the drink Heath" She called over her shoulder as she climbed the stairs.


Alarah was back for one simple reason Brax had found a new mission and he was calling in Alarah to get him what he wanted Alarah new that right now he wanted Charlotte Buckton. She didn't know why but she knew she couldn't question him, he wouldn't like that. He'd flip.

Brax had once been different; but he changed a lot threw their relationship; she knew he wasn't a bad person he just seemed like one when he was with her.

When Alarah entered Angelo's she noticed the place was booming; people were at every table. Alarah smiled when she saw Brax serving a table; smiling to herself she walked up to him.

"I'm back" Alarah announced causing not only Brax but the whole table to look at her.

"Alarah" Casey exclaimed getting up from her chair and giving her a quick hug; Alarah smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Hey Case; how are ya?"Alarah asked but Casey didn't have time to answer as Brax interrupted.

"I'll be with you in a minute; office last door at the back" Brax told her in a firm voice and Alarah rolled her eyes and she patted Casey on the arm before turning on her heels and heading straight for the door.

She couldn't believe that after 3 months in Bali Brax still couldn't even say a decent hello.

Brax watched her as she strutted towards the back office with obvious attitude and he wasn't sure he was ready to deal with her attitude but he did have her back for a reason.

Turning back to the table he saw Charlie watching him with a curious expression.

"Who was that?" Ruby asked as Casey returned to his seat next to her Brax glanced over at her with a small smile.

"No one. I will get someone else to take your order" Brax said as he called a waitress over; he gave the table a quick smile before leaving and heading towards the back office.

"Who was that Case?" Charlie asked with a smile and Casey shook his head.

"Obviously she's not important anymore, according to Brax anyway" Casey mumbled; Charlie caught it and raised an eyebrow.

"Come on Case, you were excited about seeing her; she must be important. How long have you known her?" Ruby asked as she looked towards her daughter with an encouraging smile.

"I've known her for basically all my life. She's basically always been around" Casey told them as he remembered the first memory he had of Alarah.


Brax walked through the front door of the house Alarah following him closely as Brax gestured to the two boys that sat on the living room couch. Casey seemed to be only two.

"This is Heath and Casey; boys this is Alarah my girlfriend"

"Braxy has girlfend!" Casey cheered as he jumped down off the couch; running forward towards Alarah he threw his arms around her waist. "Case" He said and Alarah laughed as she bent down to pick him up.

"Yes you are Casey; I'm Alarah. Aren't you a cutie? Huh? You and I are going to be the best of friends handsome" Alarah told him as she kissed his cheek and tickled his stomach; Casey giggled as he hugged her tightly.

End Flashback;

"See she is important Case" Ruby said as she noticed the smile crossing her boyfriends face. "Now who is she?" Ruby asked again and Casey glanced over to his girlfriend and her mother.

"You have to promise that if Brax hears about this you don't tell him it was me" Casey said and both Charlie and Ruby nodded their heads with encouragement.

"I saw the Blood and Sand tattoo on the back of her arm on the lower part of her wrist, is she a Rivergirl?" Charlie asked with a curious look.

"Well yeah she is, but she more than that. She's married to Brax; her names Alarah Braxton"


Walking into his office Brax wasn't surprised she see his wife already making herself at home in his desk chair; he couldn't noticed her beautiful she was looking in her black maxi dress and her hair loose.

When Alarah noticed Brax was standing there with a big grin she smiled slightly.

"Now Mrs Braxton is that anyway to greet your husband?" Brax asked and Alarah giggled as she jumped out of the chair and made her way towards him; Brax didn't waste a moment as he put his hands on Alarah's hips and pulled her closer to him. Leaning down Brax kissed her passionately. "You know that table I was serving when you rudely interrupted" Brax asked his wife and Alarah pulled back.

"Excuse me I was not rude" Alarah exclaimed before smiling. "I said hi to Case. But yes I know what you're talking about, was that young girl Casey's girlfriend?" Alarah asked smiling and Brax nodded.

"Yes she is, but it's the lady I am interested in. Her names Charlotte Buckton, everyone calls her Charlie though, she is the local police officer and I want her, and you Alarah are going to get her for me" Brax said leaning down to kiss his wife's neck.

Alarah wasn't quite sure what Brax wanted with this woman after all having a police officer hanging around was definitely not a good thing; he'd never wanted them hanging around before.

"Brax this isn't a business you're going after this time, it's a woman! You're going to be playing with people's lives" Alarah exclaimed causing Brax looked down at his wife.

"Don't you think I know that? I play with people's lives a lot Alarah, this is nothing new, now I want Charlie and you're going to get her for me" Brax said sternly causing Alarah to sigh.

"As you wish Brax" She said defeated, she knew there was no use arguing with him once he has already made up his mind, he wanted Charlie and it was now up to Alarah to get her for him.

Brax was a stubborn person and once he had his mind set that was it.

Brax looked down at his wife and grinned seductively; picking her up she wrapped her legs around his waisted kissing him passionately as he walked them over to the couch in his office.


Casey stared at Charlie and Ruby they hadn't said a word since he had told them about Alarah being Brax's wife.

"Come on guys say something, you can't tell Brax I told you. Only we Riverboys, my mum and some other people from Mangrove River know about the marriage" Casey said looking down, he knew he shouldn't have told them, but they just would have kept asking if he didn't.

"Oh Casey you have a sister in-law" Ruby said excitedly, Casey smiled at her and nodded.

"Alarah is more than just a sister, she means a hell of a lot to my family" Casey said smiling.

Charlie looked over to where Casey was sitting, she definitely wasn't happy that Brax was married but she didn't know why, after all Charlie didn't like Brax, or did she?

"We won't say anything Casey, that is your family's business" Charlie said, nudging Ruby who finally nodded agreeing that she too wouldn't say anything, as their conversation finished it was good timing as Heath walked up to the table.

"Hey Buckton's, Case have you seen Brax" Casey was about to answer Heath but was interrupted by a very happy Alarah.

"Heath! Any good party's tonight?" Alarah asked as she danced her way over to the table and took Heath's hand smiling brightly.

Brax walked over to the table casually fixing his shirt and smirking.

"Yeah I know of a few going but our own would be better, the boys are pumped to see you" Heath said, Alarah smiled and leaned over the table to kiss Casey's cheek.

"I'll see you at home, love you" Alarah said as she stood up again, Casey grinned.

"Okay, love you too A" Casey said, as Alarah turned to face her husband Brax.

"I'll see you at home as well, try not to stay out all night working" Alarah said as she kissed Brax's cheek lightly. "Love you" Brax smiled.

"As I love you Alarah" Brax said.

"Come on A, it's party time" Alarah laughed as Heath put his arm over her shoulders and dragging her towards the door.

"Behave" Brax called after them both. "Well now that they're gone would you finally like to order your dinner" Brax said grinning towards Charlie; she just looked at her menu trying to avoid his gaze. "By the way family barbeque at our house tomorrow night, a chance for you and Ruby to meet the family" Brax said as he walked away to the kitchen with their order.


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Chapter Two;

Alarah stood in the middle of the kitchen looking out over the bench into the living room watching the Riverboys as they were mucking around fighting and drinking.

Alarah sighed, she missed this; yes they were immature and could be real trouble sometimes but these guys were her family they protected each other and were always there when you needed them.

They were all from troubled backgrounds all looking for a way to cope with what was going on in their lives when Brax found them and introduced them to a life as a Riverboy, a life with a family.

Alarah wasn't prepared for a second person to be in the kitchen and jumped when she felt a pair of arms slip around her waist and pull her close, looking down she recognized the arms as Casey's.

"Hey baby boy, how was your night?" Alarah asked as she turned around to hug him properly.

"Good, god I've missed you Alarah" Casey said as he buried his face in her shoulder.

"I've missed you too Casey; but you know wherever I am, if you need me all you have to do is call and I'll come back" Alarah said as she rubbed his back, Casey nodded slowly.

"Why's he called you back A? What's he after this time?" Casey asked in an almost whisper, Alarah pulled back so she could look into Casey's eyes, gripping his face in her hands she smiled.

"Nothing for you to worry about, okay? You just focus on school and your girlfriend, who I would like to meet" Alarah said smiling brightly at him, Casey blushed.

"You will get to meet her tomorrow; both Ruby and Charlie are coming over for a barbeque. You know they think we live with mum, they haven't seen this house yet" Casey said smiling, Alarah smiled back.

"Well they are going to get quite a shock aren't they? Now off to bed mister you have school tomorrow" Alarah said as she nudged Casey in the direction of this bedroom.

"It's good to have you home A" Casey said as he walked down the hallway.

"It's good to be home Case" Alarah whispered even though Casey couldn't hear her, with Casey is his room Alarah looked back over at the boys and smiled, even though she was here to get Brax what he wanted it was still good to be here.


When Alarah woke up the next morning she quickly gave Brax a kiss on the cheek and hopped out of bed, slipping on a pair of white denim short shorts and a white singlet top, with a gold vest pulled over the top, Alarah quickly grabbed her gold thong sandals and put them on before grabbing her gold sunglasses and bag and heading out into the morning air.

Walking into the diner Alarah glanced around as she walked up the counter.

"Hi there darl, nice to see you again" Alarah smiled towards the lady behind the counter.

"Hi nice to see you again, could I get a flat white please?" Alarah asked smiling, Irene nodded. "I'm just going to take a seat over there"

"Sure thing darl"

Alarah went to go and take a seat, but she spotted Charlie and a blonde headed girl, so she began to walk towards the table.

"Hi sorry to interrupt, your Charlie right?" Alarah asked, already knowing the answer.

"Hey; yes that's me, this is my friend Bianca. You're the lady from last night" Charlie stated smiling; Alarah nodded towards Bianca and gestured towards the seat.

"May I?" Charlie and Bianca nodded their heads. "I'm Alarah by the way; did Casey tell you much about me?" Alarah asked as she removed her sunglasses.

"No he didn't say anything" Charlie said sounding almost guilty, Alarah giggled.

"Of course he told you something, I just want the truth, and Casey will not be in trouble for whatever he has told you" Alarah said talking a sip of her coffee.

"He told us you were Brax's wife" Charlie said, Bianca nearly choked on her coffee.

"You're what?" Bianca asked in surprised and Alarah shrugged.

"Okay" Alarah said as she noticed Sam and Brody heading towards there table in a rush.

"A, we need you. Heath" As soon as Sam mentioned Heath Alarah stood up.

"And here I was thinking I could enjoy a nice coffee" Alarah said, as she pulled her sunglasses back into place. "See you later Charlie, you're coming to the barbeque aren't you?" Charlie nodded. "Good, well see you then. Let's go boys what trouble has Mr Heath Braxton caused this time?"


Charlie and Bianca were sitting at the table looking at each other both quiet curious about Alarah sudden up and leaving.

"So I was thinking that we should" Charlie started but Bianca cut her off.

"Follow Alarah? Yeah I know good idea Charlz lets go" Bianca said as she grabbed her bag and phone, walking out of the diner she knew Charlie was following.

Walking down the beach they saw Heath in the middle of a fight with a member of Jake's gang, standing there they saw Alarah heading down the beach with Sam and Brody, they were surprised that Alarah wasn't rushing and that she was just casually walking.

"I'm a cop I should break this up" Charlie said as she went to take a step forward but Bianca grabbed her arm.

"Let's get watch for a minute" Bi said as they watched Alarah call out Heath name as she walked straight up to the fight and laid her hand on Heath's shoulder causing him to freeze. "Oh my how did she do that? Heath never listen's to me"


When Charlie and Ruby got to the Braxton's house they were surprised at how big and expensive it looked, it kind of looked like a mansion celebrities would live in.

"Wow, have you ever been here before Ruby I didn't know the house looked like this" Charlie stated looking around the outside of the house, it was huge, Ruby just shook her head as she knocked.

"I've never been to Casey's house before" Ruby said as the door opened and there stood a shirtless Heath.

"Buckton's nice to see you again, come on in" Heath said as he turned and made his way back into the house, Charlie and Ruby followed him outside. Charlie wasn't happy there were Riverboys all around.

"Where's Casey Heath?" Ruby asked Heath just shrugged.

"Heath are you being polite" Alarah asked him as she turned towards the hallway. "Casey outside please Ruby's here" Alarah called as she smiled at the guests.

"I'm always polite Alarah, how could you think otherwise" Heath faked mocked hurt before kissing her cheek and walking towards the barbie.

"Sorry about him he's Heath ya know, nice to see you again Charlie and you must be young Ruby" Alarah was saying as Casey walked over and put his arms around Ruby pulling her into a hug.

"Hey Ruby, Charlie I would like you to meet Alarah" Casey said smiling, and Alarah stuck out her hand for Ruby to shake.

"I'm Alarah Braxton, Brax's wife" As Alarah finished her sentence Brax made his way outside.

"Hey Rubes, Charlie nice to see you again" Brax said as his grabbed a beer.

"Hi Brax, how are you?" Ruby asked, as Charlie ignored him.

"I'm good thanks" Brax said as he turned to walk away, but Alarah grabbed his arm.

"Brax baby, why don't you show Charlie around the house?" Alarah asked in a tone, if he wanted Charlie he was going to have to help.

"You do it Alarah" Brax said as he went to walk off again.

"Brax, I am busy you can do it" Alarah said smiling at Charlie before she brushed past them all and into the house.

Charlie and Brax walked into the house in silence, yes Brax wanted Charlie to be his but he didn't like beginning shoved into a situation like this especially by his wife.

"So you're married?" Charlie blurted out, without even thinking about what she was saying. Brax jumped a little at the sound of her voice, he didn't even expect her to speak.

"Hmm, yeah I am" Brax said uncomfortably, his relationship with Alarah was something.

"How long have you been married for?" Charlie asked she was surprising herself with these questions, why couldn't she just keep quiet.

"A long time" Was all Brax said.

"Bathroom?" Charlie asked, sensing Brax's discomfort on the topic, she decided to use an easy escape goat.

"Just down that hallway, turn right at the end and then it's the second door on the right" Brax said, watching her as she walked away.

Charlie was happy to get out of that situation, but walking down the hallway she didn't know that she was about to walk into a more awkward situation.

Turning the corner Charlie gasped at the sight of Heath and Alarah kissing passionately, Heath pushing Alarah up against the wall.

"Oh my" Charlie let escape her lips, causing Heath and Alarah jump apart.

"Charlie" Alarah said in surprise.

"You and Heath! You're married!" Charlie said in a rather loud voice, which caught Brax's attention as he was walking down the 1st hallway.

"Hey wants going on here, Heath are you being a pain in the ass again" Brax asked chuckling, but his wife caught his attention standing there with her hand on her lips and he raised an eyebrow, she immediately looked away from his gaze. "What's going on?" Brax asked again this time more firmly, realising that Heath and Alarah weren't saying anything Charlie decided to speak.

"I caught Heath and Alarah kissingpassionately" Charlie said.


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Chapter Three;

Brax glared at Alarah; his eyes narrowed and one eyebrow rose. He didn't want to overreact or even under react as Charlie stood next to him obviously shocked and upset by what she had seen.

"Idiots!" Brax spat at them as he turned around and stormed down the hallway; Alarah glanced at Heath and Charlie before sighing.

"Brax wait" Alarah called; following him down the hallway and grabbing his hand just outside their bedroom door; Brax spun around and Alarah jumped back in shock.

"Don't **** with me; you let your biggest secret out" Brax hissed as he as he banged his fist against the wall; Alarah shrunk back a little.

"Brax; how were we meant to know you were going to send Charlie our way?" Alarah asked and Brax glared at her.

"Don't!" Brax shouted as he stood a step towards her – Alarah went to take a step back but he grabbed her arms in his hands. "You better bloody come up with something to tell Charlie" Brax told her sternly as he left her go and spun around walking towards the back door.

Alarah stood quietly for a moment; she was used to Brax's temper but right now she knew he was furious they gotten caught.
Brax's main rule was never to get caught.


Once the Charlie, Ruby and the Riverboys had left – the family stood in the middle in the grand room which contained the kitchen, living and dining area.
Brax was looking at his wife and brother angrily, he didn't know how after four years it only took one kiss to get them caught, he didn't know how they could be so stupid.

"What's going on Brax?" Casey asked; Casey could tell his brother was angry but he didn't know why. He hadn't been let in on the secret relationship Alarah and Heath had; he didn't know that they'd been kissing.

"Nothing Casey, go to your room aye mate" Brax said looking over at his younger brother with a suggestive look in his eye but Casey frowned.

"Brax" Casey started but he was interrupted by Alarah.

"It's okay Casey, go to your room we will see you in the morning" Alarah said her voice soft but firm.

Casey looked at his sister in-law and nodded hesitantly before leaving and going to his bedroom.

Once Casey was gone Brax slammed his hand on the bench loudly as he turned to face the two remaining Braxton's.
Alarah was standing almost motionlessly and Heath beside her a beer in his hand as he stared at Brax; he's facial expression was nonexistent.

"What the hell were you two thinking?" Brax asked as he ran a hand through his hair; his tone was holding the anger he hadn't been able to let out before.

"Well clearly we weren't thinking" Alarah answered causing Brax to glare at her angrily.

"You want to play your games with Heath, then you do it in your own time" Brax said as he moved his gaze towards his brother. "What happened to you liking Bianca? Don't you dare go hurting her" Heath just shrugged.

"We just got caught up in the moment; for the hundredth time –won't happen again bro" Heath said as he picked up a beer and walked towards his room; Brax didn't stop him because he wanted a moment with Alarah who was still standing still.

"Come on Brax, we're sorry" Alarah said as she went to move towards him; Brax narrowed his eyes but rested his hands on her waist pulling her towards him.

"Sorry isn't cutting it Alarah, looks like you need another lesson about who you belong to" Brax said as he picked her up; because she was so light Brax was able to sling her over his shoulder and walk towards the bedroom, Alarah squealed and giggled.


When Alarah walked into Angelo's the next afternoon she was stunned to see Charlie sitting in the corner of restaurant with her friend Bianca.

Alarah had thought Charlie would be avoiding coming to any place Brax was likely to be, and his restaurant was where he was likely to be.

Alarah walked slowly over to their table lifting her sunglasses onto her head. "Hi Charlie, Bianca it's nice to see you again" Alarah said smiling; Bianca looked up and smiled while Charlie ignored her.

It was obvious to Alarah Charlie wasn't going to get over what she saw.

"Hi Alarah nice to see you again, would you like to join us for lunch?" Bianca asked smiling.

"Yes; I would love to. Charlie I would really like to talk to you about what you saw yesterday" Alarah said smiling towards Charlie who just nodded slowly.

"How can you live with yourself? It's your husband's brother" Charlie said, clearly not happy about what she saw; Alarah seemed unfazed by what Charlie had said.

"What you saw yesterday was in the heat of the moment; Heath and I are both really sorry for what happened" Alarah said smiling and Bianca pulled her fork out of her mouth and gave Alarah wide eyed look.

"You and Heath?" Bianca asked clearly shocked; Bianca liked Heath it was clear.

"We kissed that was all; nothing to worry about. Plus I hear he is quiet interested in you" Alarah said smiling as Brax made his way over to take her order.

"Interested in me?" Bianca asked as Brax came to stand at their table.

"Yes interested in you" Alarah confirmed as she glanced up to see Brax. "Hi baby! Could I get salad and a slice of meat lover's pizza please" Alarah said smiling brightly.

"Sure; anything to drink?" Brax asked as he smiled towards Charlie but she was just staring at him; she looked absolutely dumb founded that Brax would be talking to Alarah like this after he found out she had been kissing his brother.

"White wine thanks" Alarah said and Brax nodded quickly as he leaned down and laid a light kiss to the top of her head.

"How can he just forgive you?" Charlie asked and Alarah giggled.

"I had a lot of making up to do last night Charlie; but Brax has his eyes set on someone else at the moment – me kissing his brother is the least of his worries" Alarah said as she turned to Bianca with a smile. "Bianca you don't need to worry about me kissing Heath again; he's into you" Alarah promised as she pinched a chip of Bianca's plate, a cheeky grin on her lips.

"Brax has his eyes set on someone else" Charlie stated at the same time Bianca said. "Heath is into me"

"Yes Brax has his eyes set on someone else!" Alarah said to Charlie before she turned to Bianca. "Yes Heath is into you Bianca; just give him a go"


Bianca, Alarah and Charlie were walking along the beach as Heath came out of the surf running up to them shaking his hair as he went.

"Hey Bianca, Buckton" Heath said grinning towards Bianca before he turned to Alarah leaning down he kissed her cheek lightly. "Hey Alarah"

"Hey Heath" Alarah said smiling. "How was your surf?"

"Great! We gotta get you out on a board again" Heath told her and Alarah laughed.

"My time for surfing has passed. I'm sure Bianca would love to give it a go thou" Alarah said kissing his cheek quickly before looping her arm threw Charlie's and pulling her up the beach; leaving Bianca standing next to Heath her mouth gaping open.


Charlie and Alarah walked back to Charlie's house in silence as Alarah started to think about the mission Brax had set her on; she knew she had to get Charlie for Brax but she wasn't sure how.

How was she meant to tell Charlie something like that and expect her to understand?

To Alarah's surprise Charlie was the one who broke the ice.

"So you're okay with your husband being interested in someone else? You guys don't have the typical marriage do you?" Charlie asked Alarah giggled.
But before she could reply her phone went off indicating she had a message, pulling her phone out Alarah smiled, it was from Heath.

'Nice one, leaving me with Bianca. Meet you at home 20 minutes ;)' HB

'Well Brax will kill me if I break you guys up before you even get started. Make it 30 and you got me' AB

'Fine 30 and I get you for 30' HB

'Finnnneee ;)' AB

Alarah grinned shoving her phone back into her bag she turned to Charlie and smiled.

"If Brax is interested in someone else, that is his business. Our marriage is different but as typical as any" Alarah said smiling. "You know the person his is interested in is you?" Alarah giggled out.

"What did you say?" Charlie exclaimed shocked by what she thought she heard Alarah say. She thought there must have been a mistake.
She wasn't sure how Brax and Alarah's marriage worked but she knew she didn't want to be involved in it.

"Brax wants you Charlie; you're the person he is interested in. I must say he has definitely set his standards high this time; you're a cop after all. I have to go now but I will see you later think about what I said" Alarah giggled as she walked away leaving Charlie stunned.

Charlie couldn't believe Alarah wasn't upset that Brax had his eyes on someone else; Charlie did smile to herself though, so the Riverboy was indeed attracted to her, too bad Charlie didn't feel the same way or did she?


Alarah walked through the front door of the house only just managing to put her handbag down before Heath had her pushed up again the wall, kissing her passionately before pulling away.

"What took you so long?" Heath asked before leaning down to kiss her neck.

"I was quicker then I said I would be" Alarah said giggling. "Not here, your room" Alarah said smiling, Heath groaned before picking her up and taking her to the bedroom.


Alarah woke up to her phone buzzing indicating that she has a message; leaning over Heath to grab her phone from the bedside table, glancing down she looked at Heath smiling.

'Where are you? Get your ass home' DB

Alarah giggled; she was home just somewhere in the house Brax probably wouldn't approve of. Slipping out of bed she gathered her clothes putting them back on.

"Where do you think you going?" Heath asked as he propped himself up on his elbows smirking at Alarah, Alarah smirked back and Heath winked.

"I have to go, Brax is home and wants me, but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be impressed if he comes in here and finds me in bed with you" Alarah said as she reached for the door handle.

"Well he ain't going to be impressed when you walk out there" Heath said as he sat up.

"Ooh I didn't think about that, I will come up with something, just stay here" Alarah said pleading with Heath, he just smirked.

"Okay, okay" He said laying back and Alarah left the room.


Walking out into the lounge Alarah could see Brax sitting on the couch walking up behind him she put her arms around him and leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Hi baby, what did you need me for?" Alarah asked, Brax glanced out of the corner of his eye at his wife and sighed.

"I told you last night not to play your games with Heath" Brax said as he pulled his wife over the back of the couch so she was sitting on his lap.

"Brax" Alarah started but he cut her off.

"I don't want to know, just don't go ruining his and Bianca's relationship. How did things go with Charlie this afternoon?" Brax asked.

"It went, she knows you like her. She will be coming to ask me questions soon" Alarah said leaning in and kissing Brax quickly.

"Good, we're making progress. Make sure you tell her only what she needs to know" Brax said brushing his fingertips up Alarah's arm.

"I will make sure, you should get the boys to cause a little trouble" Alarah said smiling.

"I don't want to attract attention to the boys" Brax told her firmly and Alarah laughed as she readjusted herself on his lap so she was straddling him.

Brax had always had a thing about the boys lying low; he didn't want any unnecessary attention drawn to them.

"But it would be a good excuse for Charlie to become involved" Brax shook his head at Alarah as he hand went to the back of her neck pulling her head towards his neck; Alarah got the hint.

"No, maybe I could have Casey go around to her house more to be with Ruby" Brax said and that was enough for Alarah to pull back from kissing his neck and looked into his eyes. She didn't like Casey being involved in any of Brax's missions – legal or illegal.

"I don't want Casey involved this is nothing to with him" Alarah stated firmly.

"I will decide whether he get involved Alarah" Brax said sternly back to her and Alarah raised an eyebrow.

"No! There isn't any reason for him to be involved Brax, get the boys involved not Casey" Alarah said back; she knew Brax hated it when she challenged him, but she didn't want

Casey to be involved he was innocent in this and that's how she wanted it to stay.

"Don't push it Alarah, I want him involved that's how it'll be" Brax said firmly; his anger was starting to flare up but Alarah didn't take the warning.

"No! He won't be involved" Alarah said back; that was enough for Brax – he didn't take well to her speaking back so he raised his hand and slapped her left cheek firmly.

"Don't you dare question me! I want him involved that's how it will be" Brax said as he pushed her off him – standing up he gave Alarah one last glare as she sat there on the floor holding her hand to her cheek; Brax didn't even bother to help her up as he left the room.

Alarah didn't know what she would do next – Casey was only sixteen; she didn't want him involved.


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Chapter Four;

Alarah stood at the top of the beach watching Casey as he ran around chasing after Ruby.

Alarah was having conflicting feelings; she knew it would seem easier to have Casey just do as told but she also new at the moment he was a carefree teenager – just a teenager who didn't need to be involved with anything Brax was planning.

Sighing Alarah new she was going to have to make sure Casey remained innocent in all of this; especially since he was dating Charlie's daughter.

If he was involved and Ruby didn't like what was going to happen then he would have to deal with it.

Pulling out her phone Alarah scrolled down the list for Casey's name bring up a text message.

'Hey hun, do me a favour okay? Meet me at home in an hour, we need to talk alright?' AB

'Hey A, sure thing! What do you want to talk about?' CB

'I will tell you when you get home, love you Casey' AB

'Okay A, love you too' CB


Alarah sat at the kitchen table waiting impatiently for Casey to get home, she still hadn't quiet worked out what she was going to say but she needed to protect him, Alarah was hoping the words would just form when she saw his face.

When Casey got home he walked into the kitchen to see Alarah sitting at the table with a cup of coffee, looking into it silently. Casey knew it couldn't be good, geez it never was when you see your sister in-law sitting at a table like that.

"Hey Alarah" Casey said as he leaned down to kiss her cheek before taking a seat. "What's up?"

"Hey Casey" Alarah said, she still hadn't worked out how to tell him and was leaning towards the idea of just saying it. "Case, you know I'm back because Brax called" Casey nodded. "Well he wants someone" Casey looked confused.

"Who does he want?" Casey asked giving Alarah a small smile.

"It doesn't matter who, what I want to tell you is that he wants you involved Casey, and I don't want that, so whatever Brax tells you to do; you come and tell me okay? And we will figure out a way around it" Alarah said taking a deep breath.

"A, if it's going to make it easier on you I'll help" Casey said but Alarah shook her head.

"No, I want you to focus on your schooling Casey and Ruby as well, what Brax wants I will get him okay? You know how this works Casey, you've seen the way the relationship between Brax and I works. You just remember that whatever happens, I will always be there for you" Alarah said as she grabbed Casey's hand. "Your very important to me Casey, you always have been, I am just trying to protect you, and protecting you means that I have to get Brax what he wants and fast, you just keep your head in the books and focused on that beautiful girlfriend" Casey nodded and Alarah got up and kissed his cheek. "I love you Case"

"I love you too Alarah, be careful please" Alarah nodded as she turned to leave the room only to bump into Ruby.

"Sorry! Casey told me to wait in the foyer, but I really need the bathroom" Ruby said meekly.

"It's okay, Case and I were just chatting. It's nice to see you Ruby but I must be going" Alarah said as she grabbed her bag and left.


Alarah walked into Angelo's and straight up to the bar, Brax was behind it looking as calm as ever as he counted the intake for the lunch hour.

Alarah didn't like it, how one moment he could be so calm and then the next moment he would be furious – whether it was at her or the Riverboys. Alarah just didn't like how at times she couldn't read his feelings.

"Alarah" Brax stated without even looking up.

"Are you proud of yourself today?" Alarah asked – her tone was somewhat emotionless as she didn't want to anger him. "What was the need to hit me?" Alarah asked as she plopped down on a stool.

"You know not to challenge me, don't do it we don't have a problem. You have seen Casey" Brax stated as he set a glass down on the bar and poured a little whiskey into the glass.

"Yes; you really are going to get him involved aren't you?" Alarah asked as she picked her drink up to take a sip.

"I'll give you 2 weeks, you get me Charlie within those 2 weeks I won't involve Casey" Brax said as he drowned a whisky and set it back on the bar giving her a little look.

"Fine, 2 weeks it is. What's the need for her Brax?" Alarah asked, Brax glanced down with a smirk on his face.

"Apart from the physical attraction, need I say she's a cop?" Alarah giggled and Brax smirked. "Our relationship isn't what it used to be Alarah, Charlie is new I'm attracted to her and she can come in handy" Brax said.

"Our relationship hasn't been the same in a long time Brax, but I still love you I always will" Alarah said as she looked up into his eyes.

"As I will always love you, we will stay married because you are getting what you need from the relationship and giving me what I need" Brax said smirking, Alarah just sighed and poured herself another drink.

As Alarah was about to continue talking she was interrupted by footsteps turning around she noticed it was the one and only Charlie Buckton…and she was on duty.

"How can we help ya Sarg?" Brax asked with a cheeky grin.

"I just thought you would like to know Heath has been arrested on assault charges" Charlie said looking behind Brax's head so she didn't have to look into his eyes and get lost in them.

"Really now? Whose he hit this time?" Brax asked rather annoyed.

"John Palmer" Charlie stated, Brax rolled his eyes and looked over to Alarah who was being rather quiet.

"Deal with it will ya? I will deal with him when I get home" Brax said and Alarah glanced up nodding as she slipped on her sunglasses. "Try to keep your hands off him eh" Brax stated as he looked down at the money again.

"Of course honey" Alarah said sarcastically as she turned around to follow Charlie from the building.


"Are you going to explain to me about yesterday?" Charlie asked as they started driving towards the police station, Alarah smiled to herself.

"Explain what?" Alarah asked innocently.

"Are you serious? Does Darryl has his eyes on me?" Charlie asked in disbelief, she still hadn't gotten her head around it and Alarah giggled.

This was exactly what Alarah had expected and wanted, she wanted the questions to start.

"He does indeed, give him a shot" Alarah said smiling, but Charlie shook her head.

"No, he's a Riverboy and married" Charlie stated shocked that Alarah would suggest such a thing.

"Him being married is your excuse? I'm his wife and I give you the go ahead, and as for him being a Riverboy that is well irrelevant" Alarah said smiling but Charlie shook her head again weakly.

"He is wasting his time, it is not happening" Charlie said her voice a little shaky as she parked the car.


Walking into the police station Alarah sighed and now Charlie was about to find out one of Alarah's secrets.

"You should call Heath a lawyer" Charlie stated and Alarah gave a small smile.

"Alarah Braxton" Watson stated coming out of the interview room.

"Watson" Alarah said giving a small nod – she didn't know Watson well but they had had a few run in to do with the Riverboys, thing was Alarah had a deal with Watson that she wouldn't mention to anyone that she was Brax's wife.

"It's okay Charlie; I won't need to call anyone. I'm Heaths lawyer"


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