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Story Title: Matasha
Type of story: Medium / Long fic
Main Characters: Matt Sasha Spencer Kris (Matt friend)
Genre: Romance, Drama
BTTB Rating: A
Does story include spoiler: No
Any warnings: Sexual content, violenCE language .
Summary: Matt like Sasha but will he tell her but also he has to deal with problems at home can he manage school and looking after his sister.

Matt POV

I was sat on the beach with some friends just before school. I didn't want to go in but dad made me come back and finish my hsc dont know why school sucked there was clearly a divide still between Sumnerbay and mango river, they think were scum and it so annoying I look down at the sea seeing sasha with Spencer there was something about that girl that got my attention she was loud and annoying but she is also caring and pretty hot. I don't get what she see in Spencer he is boring and lame. I never let her know what I really think off her it make me look weak which I'm not I been through a lot in my life dad always had a drinking problem but mum used to keep that in control but when she left after having an affair that broke dad and me and Ellie are the once picking up the pieces it was hard trying to manage school and my little sister but I do it because I have too I cant lose her. I look up from my thoughts seeing Tamara sasha Spencer head towards us
I have been looking for you for ages Tamara stated.
I been here why I reply.
You ment to be my co captain and it only me doing the work she answered back.
Well I don't know which idiot voted him in Spencer said I hated him.
Look I had a lot on I do some this after noon say in defence.
What getting drunk and partying sasha in that patronising voice.
Just because I'm not as lame as your bookworm boyfriend I answered back.
Come on sasha don't want be near this jerk spencers puling sasha arm.
Bye sasha I shouted Tamara left with them them my mate Kris spoke.
You like her don't you he asked.
What who said quickly.
Sasha I saw way you looked at her he replied back.
Must seeing things I think getting back with Chloe now that cause fireworks said standing up they followed me walking school.

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sasha pov

Once we got to school Spencer gone to the library in a mood we had argued all the way here apparently I should have stuck up for him but I didnt have a chance but when he in one these moods I tend to keep out of It and not argue back. I heard some girls come Behind me talkin they must have seen what went off this morning one them spoke up it was Matt ex Chloe we didn't get on.

what would Matt see in a shank like her she said looking towards me .

excuse me but there nothing going on with me and Matt I said defending myself.

there better not be we all know what you do to river boy she said smirking.

what do you mean by that I asked getting annoyed .

stu Henderson ring any bells Chloe said smirking at me I just wanted to lash out her when someone spoke up.

why you bringing that loser up Matt said walking towards us.

she killed him one of us she murdered him and got away with it Chloe replied

it was not like that I swear tear forming in my eyes why did she bring this up

you killed him my cousin and you killed him she said going to hit me but Matt stopped her.

I swear I never ment to hurt him I said defending myself.

Everyone know stu death was an accident Chloe Matt said holding her arm.

No she did it out spite she a liar Chloe screamed at me.

Why would she Chlo it was an accident and you got accept that Matt said trying to calm her down .

No she hurt him just because he hurt her but she went too far and murdered my cousin Chloe shouted everyone was looking at us I had to get out here I just ran past everyone I kept running out the school gate I needed to be alone.

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When writing fan fiction chapters, there are a few simple rules that need to be abided by when posting on this forum.

When posting, one needs to post with the correct SPAG - Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar as well as using capital letters for names, etc.

I have already sent you both the main forum rules and the Fan Fiction forum rules as well as a friendly reminder.

If you continue to disobey both the main forum rules and the Fan Fiction forum rules then I will issue you with another warning.

To avoid this from happening, please fix the following things, as soon as possible:

1) Please edit your Index Form in the first post


2) Please go back in and edit both chapters 1 and 2 of your fiction with the correct SPAG and capital letters.


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Moderator Request

matasha. Could you please comply with the Librarian request as soon as possible If you have difficulty with this you can request assistance with proof reading.

We cannot continue to accept posts in the Fan Fiction Forum without a genuine attempt to comply with the rules.

John H


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