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Enjoyed that, especailly .,,,,,

“No I think it looks like Maddie when she first wakes up in the morning” Spencer laughed.
“Roo I don’t flaming mince thanking you flaming very much” Alf said still holding tightly to the shopping bags. Roo made for a quick grab goes to try and take them from him.”
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This little alien is quite BRILLIANT !!!!!

ADORED drunk Sally, especially ……. Oh well I’m sure it will turn up Mr, Mr my word what’s your name again? Mr Alf? Noooo Mr Stewart I never call you Alf. Anyway MORE WINE ANYONE?” Sally slurred as her deck chair toppled backwards. The garden was then filled with the sounds of her drunken laughter.

These Halloween etc fics of yours are VERY COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL !!!!!

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