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1991 - Your Reviews

Guest Dan F

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So we've now reached the end of the fourth season of the show on 7TWO, something which I'm sure some of us would never have expected to see happen a few years back!

This thread is your opportunity to review the 1991 season as a whole - we're not after a writeup of the storylines, but rather your opinions on the year.

Such points to consider could be your favourite storylines, the storylines which didn't work so well, any character developments that you found interesting, what you thought of character arrivals/departures...even any points about new underscores/locations/opening titles etc. are all welcome to be part of it.

Just to give you a quick recap on just some of the year's storylines:

Steven's Departure

Ben & Carly on the farm/Ben & Carly's departure

Pippa & Michael's wedding/The 'Ross' household

Cynthia Ross/Haydn's departure

Haydn & Blake's friendship/Blake & Rachel Webb

Bobby's Miscarriage/Fostering of Sam/Greg's arrival

Sally's growing up/Crush on Peter

Nick & Lucinda's arrivals/Nick & Julie Gibson/Nick & Lucinda/Ryan

Karen & Revhead/Karen's downfall

Tracey Turner

Sophie & David

Adam's various schemes

Marilyn's buying of the Beach House/Aunty Jean/Search for her parents

Grant Mitchell's returns/Patricia Coleman/Margaret Lynch/Lois Crawford

Simon's arrival

Finlay's arrival/Damian & Irene

Frank's return/season finale

Matt Wilson.....

We hope to post some of the reviews on the main site when we get to revamp the Year Summaries section, so please feel free to write as much as you like (within reason) and take your time over it.

Please only post your own reviews in this thread, one post per member, any discussion should continue in the 1991 discussion thread. If you forget something, feel free to edit your post at a later date to add more to it. :)

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I Think 1991 has been the strongest season since 1988 for a number of reasons. One of the major ones may be that a lot of people didn't know a lot about it unlike 1992. Also I think character development has been extremely strong this year with Bobby and Blake being the Top two in this area,

Steven's Departure wasn't a surprise even before we saw the opening titles (a big mistake by the producers which was made worse in 1993). I felt he had come to the end of the road in terms of storylines for the time being and the fact that another teen group had taken over a few months earlier saw his role decrease. Ben and Carly's departure also wasn't a big surprise and losing Carly in April meant that Sally was the only original foster kid left. To be fair this was always likely given Sally's age but it did show how far the show had come in three years. Carly and in particular Ben annoyed plenty of people and towards the end of their time of the show became isolated (Which was probably the intention). Ben leaving to re-join the army and a pregnant Carly following him felt right and was a near perfect ending for them.

Pippa and Michael were the main storyline of the show for the first 4 months or so and did prove to be a good couple. I always felt that Pippa was a bit dull with Tom and with Michael proved to have more life to her (maybe that was more Debra's acting though). Cythina's arrival help set a few cats among the pigeons with them and Sally and Sophie not really liking Michael until a couple of weeks after the wedding helped establish them as a couple and as 1991 ended you could see that they would be together for a long time. Their Wedding was one of the best episodes of 1991! Speaking of Pippa, Debra Lawrance really shone through this year and it was difficult to see how anyone else played the role of Pippa now!!

Hayden for me was a surprise this year. Before I saw any episodes of 1991 I thought he was a really poor character. I was proved wrong but I'm not raving about him either. I though he was well acted and his scenes with Blake worked well. However his departure was not good. Michael should have seen through Crawford and trusted his son rather than a bitter and evil headteacher. The way Hayden took off was disappointing but it did lead to the parent revolt which was one of the scenes of the year! Blake and Hayden were the closest friendship of the year but didn't really have any ground breaking stuff together.

I'm Sorry to say that Blake and Rachel were 1 of the 2 worst stories of the year. I didn't get it and It felt very forced and undivided. Having said that though Blake is a better person with a girlfriend and hopefully 1992 will give him that.

Sally growing up was one of the awww stories this year. Didn't Kate grow this year! It was nice to see the writers establish that Sally wasn't a little kid anymore and I though the crush with Peter was cute but it was very funny when he came to tea and Sally had to throw him out. Heartbreak hits us all Sal!

Nick I felt was the strongest new character of the year. Looking at the show's history it is nice to see a police officer who can do his job! He fitted in well in Summer bay even though his first main storyline was for me the weakest of the year with Revhead and Julie. I felt it was far too quick to establish the Karen drama instead. Lou's arrival was okay and it was nice to see more members of Fisher's family arriving in Summer Bay. She and Nick worked well as a couple but then Ryan arrived and took advantage of Lou's grief over David and Nick had to win her back. Going into 1992 I'm not sure about there future but for the time being they seem happy!

Oh Karen. The biggest character change around ever. Who would have thought at the start of 1991 she would end the year in prison for killing someone! Revhead and Karen was a good storyline to begin with but it felt very stop start as the writers felt unsure about what to do. When they did decide (either to axe Belinda or she quit (I think the latter)) it was full steam ahead and you say her very quickly go downhill until she killed someone (see below) and went to prison. This was one of the main stories of 1991 and I think it was very well acted by Judy Nunn in particular.

Some of the guest stars this year have got on my nerves a bit. Josh is one of them along with his on screen sister Rachel. I will discuss Crawford later but for now I will get on with Tracey Turner. I really didn't like her which meant she was playing the role perfectly. You weren't meant to like her. You were meant to be on Sophie's side the entire time. However I do think Pippa should have seen through her especially after the Dodge drama. One of the scenes of the year had to Sophie catching her out with that MASSIVE stereo!

Adam was poor this year apart from the Piano drama. He didn't really do anything but try to cheat people and run the surf club. He and Maz should have got back together because I think they would go well together!

Maz was very funny this year and her buying the beach house was genius because it helped establish her in the community. Living with Bobby was a fantastic idea and her in the store was perfect for her. Auntie Jean played by the freak was a perfect contrast for her and them together were quite funny. Her search for her parents was a good story that should be re-looked at today!

The summer bay high drama this year was long-standing and went on forever it seemed. Grant finally got an exit he deserved but it was a pity to lose Patricia who was a good character for me! Margaret was underused in my opinion and was a good character and worked well with Bobby. However one of the 4 main stories of 1991 was Lois Crawford. Oh boy did she get on my nerves. I would have been expelled from Summer bay high if I was there. At least Fisher was fair to the students but for her to make Karen an example of what's wrong with society when she hardly knew her was a disgrace. She got her comeuppance in the end and finally left.

The two late teen arrivals this year made different impacts on me. I thought Simon was a bit charmless for me and was only created because the actor was nicked from Neighbours. I don't see the story with Sophie going anywhere and 92 may be a difficult year for him. Finlay however proved to be a great new arrival on the show and her backstory could give the show new depths and new characters who are recast (hint hint)

As I mentioned above there were 4 main stories of the year one was Karen one was Lois Crawford another was Bobby's whole year and then there was Sophie and David. Oh boy the consequences this had. I felt the story was over-hyped in the end though and the way Sophie went on about him you would have thought the romance went on for years. In fact she and Hayden were together longer (though it was easy to forget this). David played by Guy Pearce wasn't great and it felt very forced. However when he was killed by Karen it was shocking (for Karen though), Sophie grief lasted a while until she seemed to get over it... Until it was suddenly brought back up again with Sophie hitting Sally over a sodding chain. However there was more to it Sophie is pregnant!!!!!!!! Oh and dear. I guess that this will be the story of 1992.

However my story of the year had the be the Bobby arc. From the miscarriage drama to the end of the season with Frank we went through a very real story with Bobby and she was so well written that I don't know how Nicolle didn't win any awards! The fostering story with Sam was great and they worked so well together. I was gutted when Greg arrived because I thought it would be ruined but it wasn't! They got better as a family! However then Frank returned on the rebound from Roo again! And Bobby has fallen for him AGAIN! (yes I know he does look better with that haircut, also someone once said that he was fat when he returned. He really isn't!) I think 1991 was Bobby's year and turned her into the beloved character that everyone knows about!

Oh yeah and Matt. Did nothing again and has now gone. Now down to 6 original characters and 5 original cast members. I think he was probably axed in-between 1991 and 1992 and they forgot to write something to write him out!

So 1991. One of the mystery years of the entire shows history (especially with the opening credits which have now been safely archived!) But it was a very strong year with fewer bad moments than the years that preceded it! Hopefully 1992 will be just as good!

Now I did a character review below pretending I have never seen 1992 and beyond!

Best Character of the year

I would have to say Bobby wins it. The character journey she has gone through from the miscarriage at the start of the year to the down to earth mature woman she is right now does say something for who was writing for her and Nicolle’s great acting. Sophie is second for me and maybe Blake in third.

Funniest Character

Marilyn has had an amazing year and having her and Bobby living together was a masterstroke from the producers. My favourite Maz scene was the chaos of the competition she tried to fix so Carly and Ben could go on holiday. Brilliant. Second was Alf for the scenes with Maz in the store and third was Fisher proving what a great actor Norman is.

Best New Character

I think Nick has to win this award due to the impact he has had. Him and Lou go together well and its nice to see a genuine romance starting breaking up and coming back together. Another good character this year is Finlay who has had a strong start and I hope we go deeper into her family background in 1992. And finally Sam who has had a big impact on Bobby.

Biggest character development

Karen had this in droves. Until about April she was the sweet sister of Blake who just went around with Sophie doing things like dog walking. Then she met Revhead and became a Demon child. The way she spoke to Alisa made me want to punch her and even when she was finally caught and sent to prison (for killing David which made at least one member of the forum happy) she was almost like a child lost without her mother. It was a good storyline. Second would be Bobby for the fostering storyline and third would be Blake for starting to act his age.

(Now the less good awards)

Underused character.

What storylines did Pippa have past April? It was annoying to watch and deal with and its almost like the producers just have her around in the background talking to Michael. Second would be Hayden who until his final few weeks didn't really do anything. And finally Matt who was a mop at times.

Just go away character

Lois Bloody Crawford. So annoying and went on for far too long (why couldn't Karen kill her instead?) Next is Ben. Toward the end of Him and Carly I just got so fed up of him. I was over the moon when he left. And Finally Jacqui. Yes I know she must love her son but she ruined Sam’s happiness with Bobby and ran out on him.

Overhyped Character

David. Not very good was a bit weak and proved to be bait for Karen. Also Josh who just seemed thick and Rachel who was just weak.

What I want to see in 1992

Frank to go away again. Marilyn to get a boyfriend or settle down with Adam (she could be good for him) Bobby and Greg be happy. Simon to leave Sophie alone. Sophie having the baby in class. Fin's family come back. Pippa having a very real storyline (not an affair). Morag to come back!! Blake to get a girlfriend who will not leave him in a very sad way. And Nick and Lou get married.

Now how much of that will really happen...

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1991 was a great year for long running story arcs.

Bobby who had been such a strong character in 1989, spent much of 1990 without much meaning or purpose, her only storylines being short relationships with guest characters after months of doing nothing, and then a pregnancy. All this changed in 1991 with Sam. What a great addition. Who would have thought one little boy could change so much of the show? He really gave Bobby a new lease of life as a character and has literally turned her life around. It was also great seeing Donald, originally strongly opposed to Bobby fostering, have his heart melted by Sam and falling in love with him.

Another long running story was the downfall of Karen. What a great dramatic ending for a main character. It was astonishing seeing this sweeter than sweet girl turn into a full on rebel in the space of a few months but the build up to it was long coming, with her insecurities about being ugly and never having a boyfriend, it made sense than when someone finally showed an interest in her she would fall hook line and sinker. For me the darkest part of the story was after Karen and Revhead nearly killed Alf with a bottle over the head, then she moved back home with the Stewarts, and they strongly suspected she was involved in Alf's injury, and she knew that they suspected her, but they were all pretending nobody knew anything. That was quite uncomfortable to watch. And then the final nail in the coffin, Karen killing David, and AIlsa commenting that "She doesn't regret any of it. Given half a chance, she'd do it all over again." Chilling.

I may add more later but that's all I can be bothered writing at the moment.

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