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Summer Bay High 2000

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Story Title: Summer Bay High 2000.

Type of story: Medium Fic.

Main Characters: Duncan/Jade, Nick/Kirsty, Duncan, Nick/Jade, Unknown/Kirsy, most the main cast from the early 2000s.

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst.

Does story include spoilers: No.

Any warnings: Violence, Drug References.

Summary: Follow the teenage lives of Duncan, Jade, Nick and Kirsty as they overcome struggles with adversity, fidelity and school life.

Chapter One.

It was a cold August day in Summer Bay, the leaves slowly fell to the ground, brown and crisp, as crisp as the wind itself. The air was filled with wafts of aroma, the

sea salt casting through the breeze and making it's way to the diner. Duncan Stewart, a boy with a talent for mischief was hanging out by the diner with Jade Sutherland, his current girlfriend.

"I'll be Alf will never pick this!" exclaimed Duncan, as he held up his report card, cast with an A.

"Yeah, well my parent's aren't going to be too happy with this", said Jade as she held up her report card, riddled with E marks and Ds.

"Don't worry, Jade. Your dad's not that bad when you get to know him" said Duncan, as he joked.

"Stop it!" yelled Jade as she playfully hit Duncan on the shoulder.

A young woman going for a jog noticed the commotion and went over to have a word.

"Are you two alright?" asked the mysterious woman as she stood there, hands clad to her hips.

"We're fine." said Duncan as he held Jade close, his arm wrapped around her.

"You sure?" repeated the woman as she had a worried look cast on her bewildered face.

"Yes, we are fine" again responded Duncan, feeling a little unsure of himself.

Nick and Kirsty headed up the steep sand dune that seperated the diner from the benches. Once they arrived at the top, they made their way down to greet Duncan and Jade.

"Where the Hell have you two been?" asked Duncan, looking increasingly frustrated.

"Just finishing up some homework before school" answered Nick.

"Yeah" added Kirsty.

"So, do you guys want to head to school now?" asked Jade.

As Jade, Nick, Duncan and Kirsty made their way to the school, a car drove by. Duncan decided to approach the car, and as he did he stood beside it and talked to the driver instead. They exchanged something and the car sped off into the distance.

"I got some new 'stuff' now" said Duncan with a smile.

"What is that?" asked Kirsty.

"You know that isn't good for you!" said Jade, looking annoyed at Duncan.

"You only get to live once" said Duncan, as he stashed the suspicious object away in his school bag.

"Hey, we're nearly there" said Nick as he raced ahead.

"Hey, wait up!" said Jade and Kirsty as they ran after him, leaving Duncan behind to inspect his goods.

The school bell rang as they all arrived for class.

"Psst, Duncan" said an unknown student.

"What?" replied Duncan with a whisper.

"After class, how about you, me and Jade head down to the diner, yeah?" asked the unknown student again.

"Sure man" replied Duncan.

- End of Chapter 1 -

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