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The Tracey Turner Story


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Story Title: The Tracey Turner Story
Type of story: Long Fic
Main Characters: Tracey Turner, Alan Jenkins, Cheryl Jenkins, Gloria Jenkins and a few others.
BTTB rating: T
Genre: Drama
Does story include spoilers: Yes
Any warnings: Sexual content, violence and language
Summary: Set in 1991. When Tracey leaves Pippa Fletcher's house in Summer Bay, she is sent to live with the Jenkins family. Will Tracey remain a troublemaker or will she become well-behaved?

Episode 1

Tracey Turner is being driven to a house in the New South Wales town of Warrawong. She is being sent to another foster home after she demanded to leave her previous foster home after an altercation with one of the other foster kids.

Louise Scott: Just remember to not blow it this time Tracey.

Tracey: I won't Miss Scott. I promise. *smiles sweetly*
(Flashback to Tracey's previous home life. She is 11 years-old and her father is once again visiting her bedroom late at night)

Tracey's Dad: Come on precious. It's okay.

Tracey: Let me go Dad.

Tracey's Dad: Daddy's not going to hurt you. *starts to rub Tracey's leg*

Tracey: Dad stop!

(Flashback to a 14 year-old Tracey being arrested for shoplifting)

Police officer: Well, well Turner. It looks like you've been caught shoplifting again.

Tracey: Rack off you dumb**** cop! *spits in the police officer's face*

Police officer: You've now had an extra charge laid against you! Assaulting a police officer!!!!

Tracey: I don't care!!!

(Flashback to a 15 year-old Tracey throwing a wild party while her grandmother is in hospital)

Girl: Great party Trace!

Tracey: The best isn't it?

Tracey's ex-boyfriend: Come kiss me babe!

*Tracey and her now ex-boyfriend start kissing*

Tracey: WOO HOO!!!

(end flashback)

Louise: Tracey? Tracey?

*Tracey looks at Louise*

Tracey: Huh? Sorry Miss Scott?

Louise: We're here.

*Tracey gets out of the car and walks over to the house located on 35 Wegit Way in Warrawong. Louise knocks on the door*

Tracey: They better be home.

Louise: They will be.

*A woman around 33-34 years old opens the door*

Cheryl: Hello? Louise is it?

Louise: Yes. Cheryl Jenkins?

Cheryl: That's me. *looks at Tracey* You must be Tracey.

Tracey: Hi. It's so nice to meet you finally.

Cheryl: My husband is at work and our daughter is coming home from school any minute now.

*Alan and Cheryl's 16 year-old daughter Gloria has just returned home from the local high school. She's in Year 11 like Tracey*

Gloria: *to Tracey* Who are you?

Cheryl: This is Tracey Turner love. The new foster child.

Gloria: Hello. I'm Gloria.

Tracey: Hi Gloria. Nice to meet you. *shakes Gloria's hand*

Louise: I suppose I better be going. Behave yourself Tracey.

Tracey: Oh I will.

*Louise gets into her car and drives off*

That evening, Alan arrives home from work to a nice family dinner.

Alan: So what subjects are you into Tracey?

Tracey: I love French. I've always wanted to go to Paris and be on the Eiffel Tower.

Alan: That's great.

Cheryl: I'm sure you'll love it here in the Illawarra.

Tracey: I thought I was in Warrawong.

Cheryl: You are. But this town is part of the Illawarra region.

Tracey: Oh gotcha now! *smiles*

Gloria: Say when we finished dinner Mum, can Tracey and I go into my bedroom? I wanna get to know her better.

Cheryl: Okay.

*When dinner is finished, Gloria and Tracey go into their bedroom and light up a cigarette*

Gloria: How long have you smoked?

Tracey: Since I was 13. You?

Gloria: 10. Beat that! *laughs*

Tracey: You been smoking since you were 10 years-old?

Gloria: Don't be patronising!

Tracey: I'm sorry. It's just that I never knew anyone of that age that smoked.

Gloria: Ah don't worry about it.

Tracey: So, where am I going to high school?

Gloria: Same as me. Warrawong High.

Tracey: How do we get there?

Gloria: Walking of course. *smiles*

Tracey: You know Gloria? I really think I'm going to like it here in Warrawong. I just hope there are interesting people. *smiles as she holds the cigarette up*


- Tracey makes a new friend

- Gloria gets into a fight with one of the teenage neighbours


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Episode 2

The next day is Saturday. Tracey decides to go to Westfield Warrawong for the day to see what she thinks of the whole town.

Tracey: Sure you don't want to come with me Gloria?

Gloria: I have to go to Corrimal and see someone. I can drive you there on my way.

Tracey: You drive?

Gloria: Yes I do. I've had my L's for nearly a year now. Going for my Red P's in August.

Tracey: Awesome!

*Tracey and Gloria get in the ruby Mazda 626 hatchback and drive to Warrawong's CBD*

Gloria: You looking forward to starting school on Monday?

Tracey: Yeah. I can't wait to see what Warrawong High is like.

Gloria: I just hope we're in some classes together.

Tracey: Probably. *lights a cigarette*
Gloria: Tracey?

Tracey: Gloria? *laughs at the joke*

Gloria: I don't mind if you smoke in my car, but I do have a rule where you must wind the window down when you have a smoko because the smell remains in the car. I smoked in Mum's car once and she went off her head at me.

Tracey: All because of the smell?

Gloria: That. And I also left cigarette butts in the backseat instead of the ashtray.

*Tracey and Gloria laugh*

Tracey: I see Westfield! *points at the Westfield shopping centre*

Gloria: Everyone does Trace. *smiles*

*Gloria pulls over to the front entrance and Tracey gets out of the car*

Gloria: You want me to pick you up when you're finished?

Tracey: Okay.

Gloria: Just give me a buzz on your mobile and I'll come get you. See you later. *waves at Tracey*

*Tracey waves back as Gloria drives away. Tracey then goes inside the shopping centre and has a look at Kmart*

Tracey: *to herself* Nothing for me here.

*Outside the front of the Coles supermarket, Tracey sees a girl around her age (Janae Taylor) having a go at another woman over comments she made about disabled people*




Woman: OH IT WASN'T AIMED AT YOU!!! *storms off while yelling a few more choice words at Janae*

*Tracey goes over to Janae*

Tracey: You okay?

Janae: I'll be fine. Thanks for asking though.

Tracey: Who was that woman?

Janae: My aunty. Bitch.

Tracey: She shouldn't be talking to people like that.

Janae: She had the nerve to say that I'm a tragic case! I mean I suffer from AD/HD and I found that extremely offensive.

Tracey: I would find that offensive too.

Janae: Sorry. I haven't had the opportunity to introduce myself. I'm Janae Taylor.

Tracey: Tracey Turner. *shakes Janae's hand*

Janae: Are you new in town?

Tracey: I moved here yesterday.

Janae: On your own huh?

Tracey: No. I live with my foster family.

Janae: Who are they?

Tracey: Do you know a girl named Gloria Jenkins?

*Janae rolls her eyes*

Janae: Unfortunately yes.

Tracey: I live with her and her parents.

Janae: How fun. Don't get me wrong, but the parents are lovely people. As for Gloria...yick!

Tracey: What's your issue with Gloria? I think she's cool.

Janae: She's a bitch! She used to pick on me in primary school right. Well there was this one time in Year 5 where her and this girl named Amy Winward came up to me at recess and started singing "Janae has no friends! She's such a worthless loser!" I broke down in tears cause I found that really offensive. But did she care that my feelings were hurt? NO!!

Tracey: That must've been awful for you.

Janae: I gotta tell you this too. In Year 8, Gloria comes over to me during Science and goes "Why do you even bother turning up to school when you're just plain dumb?" That sent me over the edge.

Tracey: What did you do?

Janae: I punched her in the face so hard I ended up breaking her jaw! But I kept going and going like I was a savage dog. I ended up getting suspended for a week. It was worth it though.

Tracey: Wanna look at the shops with me?

Janae: Sure. By the way, I live not far from Gloria's house. In fact if you walk out of Kully Way, you'll find my house.

Tracey: What street do you live in?

Janae: Griffin Street. No. 37. You're more than welcome to visit, just not Gloria.

*Tracey smiles weakly*

When Gloria arrives to pick Tracey up that afternoon, Tracey tells her about Janae.

Tracey: I made a new friend today. Her name is Janae.

Gloria: You don't mean Janae Taylor?

*Tracey nods*

Gloria: I'm sorry Tracey, but that girl is a junkie.

Tracey: She told me that you picked on her throughout school.

Gloria: Did she really say that? More like she picked on me and my former best friend Amy Winward.

Tracey: Aren't you friends with this Amy girl anymore?

Gloria: We are, but she moved to America when I was in Year 7.

Tracey: I see.

Gloria: What else did the bitch have to say about me?

Tracey: Apart from that, nothing else.

Gloria: No one at Warrawong High likes her.

Tracey: Really?

Gloria: Well, not everyone. Just some people in our year group.

Tracey: Doesn't she have a disability?

Gloria: Yes. But that doesn't excuse her for being mean and doing drugs. I tried to be friends with her, but she more or less told me to p*** off.

*Tracey looks shocked*

(Once they arrive home, a girl who happens to be a neighbour is standing outside the home with a scowl on her face)

Laura Hague: Hey Gloria! Where's the money you owe me?

Gloria: I gave it to you yesterday!

Laura: You want me to ruin your new friend's face? *jerks her head in Tracey's direction*

Gloria: You lay a hand on my new foster sister, I'll make sure you never leave your house again.

Laura: Bring it! *punches Gloria in the face*


Laura: You want some too bitch? *goes to punch Tracey as well, but Gloria tackles Laura to the ground and beats her up*

Gloria: All right Laura. Leave..me..alone..GOT IT?!?

*Laura runs away*

Tracey: Who the hell was that?

Gloria: Laura Hague. One of the many "wonderful" neighbours in this street. Dropped out of school in Year 10 and look what she's doing. Bludging off welfare payments.

Tracey: I sensed some sarcasm on the word wonderful.

Gloria: Most of the neighbours here are feral. Some are all right though.

Tracey: Just hope you're all right.

Gloria: I'll be fine, sweet foster sister of mine.

Tracey: Oh thanks.

*Tracey and Gloria both hug*


- Tracey's first day at Warrawong High School


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Episode 3

June 10, 1991

On Monday morning, Tracey is getting ready for her first day at Warrawong High School.

Tracey: What are the kids like at Warrawong High?

Gloria: Some are nice. Some are just bitches.

Tracey: I wonder what subjects I'll have.

Gloria: You'll just have to wait and see won't you.

Tracey: At least this uniform isn't so daggy.

Gloria: I hope Janae doesn't come to school. Knowing her she'd probably rock up at the school around midday.

*Tracey laughs as Cheryl walks in*

Cheryl: You girls ready?

Gloria: Yeah. We'll be taking my car. You can drive it.

Cheryl: That's fine. Shall we get going?

Tracey/Gloria: Sure.

*they head out of the house*

(At Warrawong High, Tracey and Cheryl are in the principal's office going over Tracey's enrolment form)

Mrs Feeney: So we'll now go over the subjects you selected. You chose Standard English, French, Music, Visual Arts, Ancient History, Business Studies and General Maths. Quite a variety. Just a question Tracey. Are you quite good at French?

Tracey: I LOVE French! I think it's a good language to learn.

Mrs Feeney: I'm glad.

*the school siren sounds*

Mrs Feeney: That's for siren for Period 1. I'll get you to go to your class now. I believe you have Business Studies first period. Just walk your way to the HSIE block and you'll find the correct room.

Tracey: Thanks. *leaves the office*

*Tracey walks into Miss Dobson's classroom for her first class of the day - Business Studies*

Miss Dobson: Hello. Who are you?

*Tracey hands Miss Dobson a green card*

Miss Dobson: Year 11? We have a new student in our class. Her name is Tracey Turner. Please make her feel welcome.

*Some of the students smile at Tracey

Miss Dobson: Feel free to sit anywhere.

*As Tracey goes to sit down, some boys decide to muck around*

Jacob Fomai: You're hot!

Peter Nguyen: *whistling* Baby!

Tracey: *looking at them weird* Nice to meet you too.

*Janae walks into the classroom*

Janae: Sorry I'm late Miss. Had to have a ciggie before I came to class.

Miss Dobson: Janae. I seriously don't know what I'm going to do with you and your smoke breaks.

*Janae goes over to Tracey*

Janae: How's it going?

Tracey: Great.

*Jacob and Peter are aiming flirting expressions at Tracey*

Tracey: *whispering to Janae* Why are they doing that?

*Janae slams her textbook down and gives Jacob and Peter a dirty look*

Jacob: What?

Janae: Are you picking on my friend?!?

Peter: *scared* Uh...no.

Janae: Good! Cause if you were, both of you would be in hospital by now!

*Jacob and Peter go back to their work*
Tracey: How did you do that Janae?

Janae: Years of practice. *smiles at Tracey* So, what classes have you got?

*Tracey and Janae get their timetables out*

Janae: You do Maths?

Tracey: I'm pretty good at it. Don't you like it?

Janae: I think it's gay!

Tracey: Okay.

Janae: Looks like we're in Business, Visual Arts, Ancient History and English together.

Tracey: Cool.

Janae: I know right.

At recess, Jacob and Peter introduce themselves to Tracey.

Jacob: Hope we didn't offend you by making those faces.

Tracey: You didn't. I actually thought they were cute.

Peter: I'm Peter by the way. *points at Jacob* And this is Jacob.

Tracey: Nice to meet you guys.

*Gloria walks over to Tracey*

Gloria: How were your classes?

Tracey: Good. Janae wound up in my Business Studies class.

*Gloria rolls her eyes*

Peter: I seriously don't get her. One minute she's nice, the next minute she's a complete bitch.

Gloria: It's the drugs.

Tracey: Drugs?

Jacob: Janae's a drug addict. Last year, she went on a five week heroin binge.

Tracey: Really?

Gloria: Yes. And it's not the only drug she does too. She also does marijuana, ecstasy and cocaine. As much as I hate her, I worry that she's going to die from an overdose.

*Tracey looks shocked*

Tracey: *thinking to herself* Never in my life have I done drugs. The closest thing I've done is smoke cigarettes.

*Janae walks over to the group*

Janae: Been looking for you Trace. *glares at Gloria* Gloria.

Gloria: *glaring back* Janae.

Janae: So, ready for Ancient History?

Gloria: Of course she is.

Janae: Was I talking to you Gloria? NO!!!! NOW SHUT UP!

Gloria: YOU SHUT UP!!!

Tracey: Come on guys. Let's not fight.

Janae: Hate you Gloria!

Gloria: Hate you more Janae!!

Janae: See you in Ancient History Tracey. *walks off*

Gloria: So what classes are we in?
*Tracey shows Gloria her timetable*

Gloria: Looks like we're in Ancient History and Maths. If only I didn't do Advanced English.

Tracey: You must be smart.

Gloria: Only in English and Physics. Maths and Ancient I'm okay at. The rest not so good.

Peter: Let's walk to Ancient History together.

Tracey: What have you got next Jacob?

Jacob: Construction.

(Year 11 Ancient History - Period 3)

Mr Parker: Today, we're going to continue on with the Battle of Leuctra. I want you to copy all the writing on the board into your workbooks and hand them to me five minutes before class ends.

*Tracey is sitting with Janae, while Gloria is sitting with another girl named Sienna Martin*

Tracey: Who's that sitting with Gloria?

Janae: That's Miss-I'm-So-Vain otherwise known as Sienna Martin.

Tracey: Why is she vain?

Janae: She's a part-time model outside of school. She just thinks she's better than everyone else.

(Flashback to 1988 when Tracey was 14 and at her first high school. She's picking one of the girls in her year group)

Tracey: Hey Rachel! You were born a loser and you'll always be a loser!

Rachel: Leave me alone Tracey!

Tracey: Now I want my smokes! Hand them over!

Rachel: No!

*Tracey and two of her heavies beat Rachel up before taking the cigarettes*

Tracey: Nice doing business with you.

(end flashback)

Janae: Tracey? Tracey?

*Tracey snaps back to reality*

Tracey: I'm sorry. I was just thinking that's all. *smiles weakly*

Janae: It's just that you seemed distracted.

Tracey: I know. But I'm all right now. *smiles*

When school finishes for the day, Tracey and Gloria are about to walk out of the school grounds when Jacob calls out to them.

Jacob: You girls want a lift home?

Tracey/Gloria: Okay.

*Tracey and Gloria get into the back seat of Jacob's Holden Kingswood. In the front seat is Jamie Tavui*

Jamie: *to Tracey* You were great playing the drums today in Music.

Tracey: Thanks Jamie. *smiles*

*Gloria sees Janae about to head out the gate*

Gloria: Might as well give Janae a lift home as well. She lives not far from me and Trace.

Jacob: JANAE!!!!

Janae: WHAT?!?

Jacob: I'll give you a lift home girl!

Janae: Okay. *gets into the backseat with Tracey and Gloria*

Jacob: All buckled up?

*Jamie, Tracey, Janae and Gloria nod their heads*

Jacob: Let's go home! *begins to drive*

Gloria: Did you enjoy your first day foster sister?

Tracey: I did. Now that I've got a group of friends.

Janae: Ready to go back again tomorrow?

Tracey: Absolutely Janae. I really like this town. This is home.

*The car continues to drive*


- Tracey recieves a letter from her Gran

- We look at Janae's home life


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Episode 4

When Janae is dropped off at her home by Jacob, she walks inside to a furious mother.

Sarah: ABOUT TIME YOU CAME HOME! LOOK AT THIS!!! *shows Janae all of the letters the school sent*

Janae: And WHY am I supposed to look at them?

Sarah: Because you are behind in your assignments and NOT attending classes!



*Janae rolls her eyes*

Sarah: AND WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT ROLLING YOUR EYES AT ME?!? *hits Janae across the arm*

Janae: Oh shut up! *storms upstairs*

Sarah: JANAE!!!

*Janae slams her bedroom door. Sarah sighs heavily*

Janae: *to herself* I'm so over this place! Can't wait to move out! *smokes some marijuana*

*Sarah barges inside Janae's bedroom*

Sarah: JANAE ROSE!!!!

Janae: WHAT NOW?!?



Sarah: AND I DON'T?




Sarah: YOU UNGRATEFUL LITTLE BITCH! *walks out of the room with hurt and sadness*

*Janae just continues smoking her marijuana stick*

At her home, Tracey is in the living room watching the Coca Cola Power Cuts when Cheryl walks in.

Cheryl: You got a letter from your Gran.

Tracey: Really? Where is it?

*Cheryl hands Tracey the letter*

Tracey: Thanks. *opens the letter*

To my granddaughter Tracey,

How have you been? It's been months since I last seen you. I just want you to know that although you've had problems in the past and been rebellious, deep inside is a friendly, kind-hearted girl. I'm writing to inform you that my health is starting to deteriorate and I've only got three weeks to live. I would like you to come down and visit me in hospital. You will always have a special place in my heart Tracey.

Love you lots

Gran <3

*As soon as Tracey finishes reading the letter, she starts to cry*

Gloria: *having just walked in* What's wrong Trace?

*Tracey shows Gloria the letter*

Gloria: Oh Tracey. *goes over to Tracey and hugs her*


- Tracey tells Janae about her past home life

- Gloria has more problems with Laura Hague


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Episode 5

Side note: Four days pass from Episodes 3 and 4

June 14, 1991

At Warrawong High on Friday, Tracey's first class is English. It had been a mixed week for her. Her first week at Warrawong High has been a good one so far. Students approached her during lunch asking if she wanted to hang out with them. She accepted, but spent most of her afternoons with her new best friend Janae. Tracey still hadn't told Janae about her previous home life out of fear and embarrassment. She had to tell Janae sooner or later.

Janae: You okay Trace?

Tracey: *looking dazed* Yeah. I'm fine. Just tired.

*Janae doesn't buy into Tracey's excuse*

Janae: Talk to me.

Tracey: Outside.

*Janae and Tracey walk outside, but not before telling their teacher Mrs Smith where they are going*

Mrs Smith: Okay. Take as much time as you need.

*Once outside, Tracey starts to well up*

Janae: What's up?

Tracey: There's something about me that you need to know.

Janae: *putting her arm around Tracey* I'm all ears Trace.

Tracey: When I lived with my parents, it was hell. My father started to sexually abuse me when I was 8 and every time I tried to stop him, he'd always say to me "Now be a good girl and don't tell Mummy." Mum was out half the night playing the pokies while this was happening. It all came to a head one night when I was 11. Dad started to rub my leg and when I told him to stop, the lights turned on. It was Mum. She had a gun in her hands and she shot Dad twice in the stomach. I remember her exact words "YOU DIRTY ANIMAL!!!!"

Janae: That must've been traumatic for you.

Tracey: It was. But it wasn't over yet. Mum tearfully apologised to me before turning the gun on herself. I was sent to live with my Gran as a result of what happened, but she kept going in and out of hospital all the time. And that's when I started shoplifting, drinking alcohol, partying till the crack of dawn and I even had to go to court.

Janae: If it makes you feel better, I do drugs.

Tracey: Yeah I know. You told me on Wednesday.

Janae: You want to head back into class?

Tracey: There's like two minutes until Period 2. What have you got?

Janae: I got Modern History.

Tracey: That means I've got Music.

Janae: I hated Music! It was so chat! I don't mind listening and dancing to music, but I hate the subject.

Tracey: It's not that bad.

Janae: Miss Higgins is...yick!

Tracey: She's okay.

Janae: Are you kidding? She's a bitch!

Tracey: I must admit, she can be at times.

Janae: There ya go. *smiles*

After school, Gloria and Tracey are walking home when Laura Hague once again causes problems

Laura: Hey Glory!

Gloria: *to Tracey* Here we go again! What Laura?

Laura: I still want the ****ing money you owe me! BITCH!

Gloria: I already gave it to you. Check your bank account!


Gloria: YES!!!

Laura: YOU BETTER!!! *pushes Gloria over*


Laura: OH BRING IT ON YOU STICK FIGURE!!! *goes to punch Tracey in the face, but misses*

*Tracey punches Laura in the face so hard that her jaw breaks*

Laura: *crying* My jaw! How dare you!

Tracey: Serves you right for picking on my foster sister.

*Tracey and Gloria walk inside their house laughing while Laura is still on the ground clutching her jaw*


- Gloria celebrates when she hears that Laura has moved away

- Tracey befriends two Wollongong Hawks cheerleaders


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