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Eastenders on DVD petition

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I created this petition tonight as I think it's a crime that the BBC haven't taken the initiative to release Britain's best loved soap on DVD. All we have is bloody Slaters in Detention and Last Tango in Walford.

If you want a proper release (compilation DVD's) then please sign as I want thousands of signatures so that the BBC know there is a huge public demand.


Thanks :)

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Like with any soap the problem is which episodes are the best for each dvd? Ask 10 fans from different forums and I bet only a couple of episodes will pop up twice.

Someone told me that on itunes they are offering all 2011 & 2012 omnibuses of Hollyoaks. It really wouldn't surprise me if in a few years this doesn't happen with all soaps. It would be cheaper and you would be able to get all episodes, not just specials. When it comes to soaps digital downloads will always be better than DVD's because it just isn't possible with DVD's. I tried putting my H&A collection on DVD and just gave up. I bought a DVD player with a USB and kept them on a seperate hard-drive.

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