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Slumber of Love, Heartbreak and Joy

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Story Title: Slumber of Love, Heartbreak, and Joy.
Type of story: Long Fic.
Main Characters: Jack/Martha, Tony, Rachel, Sam and Rory.
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst, Romance, Hurt.

BTTB Rating: T.
Does story include spoilers: No, as is about past, and hopefully all have seen.
Any warnings: Sexual content, language, violence.
Summary: Jack was shot, by the crooked cop. Martha saw, got him to hospital. What happens when Jack awakens from his coma, which name will he say? And who will be there when he wakes up? Martha is in fear, when Gareth (I think the name was) comes after her for snitching him out?


Chapter 1: You Said Her Name, Not Mine.

Hospital cords, were over Jack's body, the beeping of his heart monitor, going steady in the background. Sam rested her head on the side of his body, laying there sleeping. It had been a week and a half; since that cop Gareth shot Jack and that he had been in a coma. Friends and family came in and out throughout the week, Martha even watching him a night for Sam; while she rested.

She was barely asleep when she heard some muffling come out of Jack's mouth, "Hey honey, it's me," she soothed the slowly awakening Jack.

"M-M-Martha?" he huffed out.

Sam choked, he said Martha's name. Not hers, it stung more than words could suffice.

"No. It's me, Sam, your fiance," reassured Sam.

"No, no, no!" an agitated Jack said, "I am married! And I am not married to you! Where is my wife?"

Sam tried to calm the moving Jack, "I need to get a doctor to see you!"

Sam rushed out to get a doctor, Rachel rushed in. Jack saw her, "Where's Martha? Where is my wife?"

Rachel looked to Sam, to see why she was distressed. "You and Martha divorced months ago, you and Sam are marrying now," soothed Rachel.

"Why is everyone lying! Get Martha here now! Immediately!" screamed a distressed Jack. Rachel caved and told Sam, that this would be wise to give Martha and him a minute or few to discuss this matter. So she can also reassure him that they are divorced.

Soon enough Martha had arrived to the hospital and Sam gave her entrance to Jack's Room, and shut the door behind her.

Jack mumbled, "Hey! There you are!"

"How are you?" asked Martha.

"Sore, everyone is telling me we're not married..." pouted Jack.

"Because we aren't. You are marrying Sam now, you said you love her and that's who you are with," told Martha.

"You were there, at the shooting. I remember...I saw the hurt and tears, the cop...he shot me," told Jack.

"Yes, he did. But we are not together. It hurt me yes, because you are special to me, as of our history." excused Martha. She patted his hand and left.

Next Time:

Jack keeps talking about Martha to Sam...

Martha realizes she is still in Love with Jack...

Tony angers Sam with some cold hard truth...

What do you think!!? :whistling:

Love this sites new updates too!

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