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Love The Way You Lie

Guest Romeo&Indi Forever

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Story Title: Love The Way You Lie

Type of Story: Meduim/Long Fic

Main Characters: Kyle Braxton and Casey Braxton

Other Characters: Brax and Natalie

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Spoilers: Yes (UK Spoilers)

Any warning No

Summary: Kyle and Casey are living together but don't really get along will Casey kick Kyle out?

Chapter 1

"Kyle can you please pick up your shoes?” Casey asked

“Later” Kyle said

“Please do the dishes” Casey responded

“Later” Kyle responded

“If we weren’t brothers I’d kick you out” Casey said

“Yeah but then you’d be alone” Kyle responded

“I’d ask Brax” Casey said

“No he’s with Natalie” Kyle responded

“Then I’d ask Heath” Casey said

“Heath has a family” Kyle responded

“Ugh clean up your mess I’m not your personal maid” Casey said

Casey slammed the door

Kyle ignored Casey’s request and continued to play video games.

Casey was out with Sasha

“If he wasn’t my brother I’d kick him out” Casey said

“Well he is your brother and you’re stuck with him for life” Sasha responded

“I know plus I can’t live on my own and Brax has Natalie and Heath has a family” Casey said

“Yeah Dex annoys me sometimes but I love him” Sasha responded

Casey picked up Sasha and threw her into the water.

“Hey what was that for?” Sasha asked

“I don’t get alone with Kyle so don’t you dare compare Kyle to Dex” Casey responded

Casey stormed off.

Kyle was still playing video games when Casey got home.

“Kyle!” Casey yelled

“What?” Kyle asked

“Clean up your mess NOW OR YOU CAN SLEEP ON THE STREET!” Casey yelled

Kyle was terrified he had never seen Casey angry.

Kyle picks up his shoes and puts them in his room before going off to do the dishes.

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Thanks for the comments Sarah,biijou and Paige :)

Chapter 2

“Kyle get up we have to go” Casey said

Kyle groaned and rolled over

Finally Casey just decided to tip the mattress

“Casey!” Kyle said

“What?” Casey asked

“You know what” Kyle responded

“Well you weren’t getting up so I had too” Casey said

“Why?” Kyle asked

“Because we have to go” Casey responded

“Why?” Kyle repeated

“Because we have to meet up with Heath, Bianca, Darcy, Rocco, Natalie and Brax” Casey responded

“Oh darn I forgot that was today” Kyle said

“Well hurry up and get ready” Casey responded

Kyle was ready in 2 minutes flat.

Casey was in such a hurry he didn’t realize he had slammed the door.

“Casey” Kyle said

“What Now?” Casey asked

“You slammed the door” Kyle responded

“Yeah so…” Casey said

“ON MY HAND!” Kyle yelled

“Oh” Casey whispered

“Not Oh you’re in such a hurry you didn’t even notice Casey!” Kyle responded

Casey unlocked the door and waited for Kyle to move his hand before re-locking the door.

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Thanks biijou here is the next chapter :)

Chapter 3

Casey drove Kyle to the hospital.

“I’ll have to ring Brax” Casey said

“You can’t do it now” Kyle responded

“Yeah I know” Casey said

“Are we almost there?” Kyle asked

“Yes here” Casey responded

Kyle took the ice pack from Casey.

Casey pulled up at the hospital.

“Dr Walker can we get some help here?” Casey asked

“Sure come in what happened?” Sid responded

“This genius slapped the door on my hand” Kyle responded

Casey walked out of the room and called Brax

“Hello?” Brax asked

“Hi it’s me” Casey said

“Where are you?” Brax asked

“Hospital” Casey responded

“Why are you ok?” Brax asked

“I’m fine but Kyle isn’t” Casey responded

“Oh what happened to Kyle?” Brax asked

“I accidentally slapped the door on his hand” Casey responded

“Oh well I hope you can get here soon” Brax said

“We will try” Casey responded

“Bye” Brax said

“Bye” Casey responded

Sid came out with Kyle.

“Well it looks like he has a broken hand” Sid said’

“Thanks Dr Walker come on Kyle let’s go” Casey said

“Do we have to go?” Kyle asked

“Yes I told Brax we’d try to make it” Casey responded

Kyle would not talk to Casey the whole car trip to Brax and Natalie’s place.

“Here they are” Natalie said

“Whoa what happened to your hand?” Heath asked Kyle

“Casey slapped the door on my hand and now it’s broken” Kyle responded

Casey rolled his eyes and walked off.

Even after they had a good catch up with the family Kyle still wouldn’t talk to Casey.

The next morning Casey headed off for a surf.

Kyle’s ex-best friend James had slept with his ex-girlfriend Melissa so Kyle was a bit shocked to see James.

“What are you doing here?” Kyle asked

“Just wanted to chat” James responded

Kyle backed up and before he knew it James pushed him down the stairs.

James ran out of the house.

“Did you have to do that?” Melissa asked

“He was no good for you” James responded

Casey came back home

“Kyle?” Casey called out

“Hmm must not be home” Casey muttered

Casey was about to walk up the stairs when he saw Kyle at the bottom of the stairs.

“Kyle Kyle” Casey said

Casey rung the ambulance

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Thanks for the comments Sarah and Sandie

Here is the next chapter hope it's ok :rolleyes:

Chapter 4

Casey never left Kyle’s hospital room.

Kyle woke up in hospital.

“Am I dead?” Kyle asked

“Yes and I’m your guardian angel” Casey responded

“Really?” Kyle asked

“No you dope you’re in hospital” Casey responded

“Why am I in hospital?” Kyle asked

“You seriously don’t remember?” Casey asked forgetting that Kyle has a middle concussion.

“No” Kyle responded

“Your old pal James came to visit you yesterday” Casey responded

“You mean that idiot who get Melissa Pregnant?” Kyle asked

“Yes” Casey responded

“I don’t want them anywhere near me” Kyle whispered

“I know and I’m trying to keep them away for you “Casey promised

Half an hour later

Casey left Kyle’s hospital room on his way out he bumped in to James and Melissa.

“You two shouldn’t be here” Casey said

“Why not?” James asked

“Kyle has asked me to keep you two away from him” Casey responded

“Well we don’t always get what we want” James responded

“Just go and never set foot in this town again!” Casey responded

James and Melissa got in to the car.

Casey couldn’t even remember we’re he parked his own car.

Finally he found his car.

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