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Love The Way You Lie

Guest Romeo&Indi Forever

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Thanks for the comments Sandie and Sarah :)

Here is the next chapter and thanks to Phoebe (Apex forever) for proofreading :)

Chapter 5.

Casey had gone home for half an hour. For Kyle it felt like years.

Brax had stayed with Kyle, much to Kyle's disgust.

“When’s Casey coming back?” Kyle asked.

“Soon why am I that boring?” Brax asked, expecting the answer to be no.

“Yeah kind of” Kyle joked.

Brax could sense there was trouble coming.

“I’ll be right back” Brax told Kyle

Casey had just arrived.

“We need to move Kyle” Casey told Brax

“Why?” Brax asked

“James is still in town even after I told him and Melissa to leave town for good” Casey responded shocked

“Are you sure?” Brax asked

“Yes positive” Casey responded

“Ok let’s go talk to Sid” Brax said

“How about you talk to Sid and I’ll go keep Kyle company?” Casey asked

“Sounds good Kyle said I was boring him” Brax responded

Casey laughed.

"Believeable." Casey joked.

Brax made his way to the Walkers farm and knocked on the door and was glad when Sid answered.

“Sid we need to move Kyle” Brax said

“We can’t” Sid responded

“Please there are two very mean looking kids after him” Brax said

“What?” Sid asked

Brax turned around and pointed at James and Melissa who were crossing the road just outside the Walkers house.

“There after Kyle we have to move him to a more remote location” Brax responded

Sid took one look at them and realised that they we’re a bit nasty looking.

“Ok Will move Kyle to a hospital in Melbourne shortly” Sid responded in a low voice.

Brax made his way to the hospital and back to Kyles room.

“All sorted?” Casey asked

“Yeah Kyle will be moved to a hospital in Melbourne shortly” Brax responded

Kyle started to thrash away.

Casey and Brax looked up and realised that James and Melissa we’re in the door way.

Casey rang the cops.

“Hello 000 what is your emergency?” The operator said

When Casey looked up again Melissa and James we’re gone.

Casey hung up.

“Maybe we should both stay with Kyle tonight” Brax said

“Sounds good” Casey responded

“Hey where’s Heath?” Kyle asked

“Not sure buddy I think he’s with Bianca, Darcy and Rocco” Brax responded

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Thanks for the comments guys it's been a while but here's the next chapter and thanks Zetti for proofreading it :)
Chapter 6.

Casey was on his way back to the hospital when his phone rang. Casey answered it.

“Hello?” Casey asked

“Hello” Sid responded

“Sid what’s up?” Casey asked

“We are moving Kyle to Melbourne tonight and the police have a warrant to arrest Melissa and James.” Sid responded

“Oh they might resist because Melissa is pregnant.” Casey informed Sid

“I know but they are a danger.” Sid pointed out.

“I’m on my way back to the hospital.” Casey replied.

Casey pulled out of his driveway and almost ran over Melissa and James

“Hey watch where you are going!” James yelled

Casey ignored James and drove off.

“The nerve” Melissa said

“Forget the Braxtons we better go on the run” James responded

“Why?” Melissa asked

“The police are looking for us” James responded

“Let them catch us” Melissa said

“Why?” James asked surprised.

“It’s just better that way.” Melissa responded

“In case you’ve forgotten you’re pregnant” James said


Casey arrived at the hospital.

“You ready to go buddy?” Casey asked Kyle

“Yeah I just wish we didn’t have to do this” Kyle responded

“I know but it’s not for long the police have a warrant to arrest Melissa and James we can come back once they have been caught” Casey reassured him.

“Where are Brax and Heath?” Kyle asked

“They are meeting us in Melbourne. C’mon” Casey responded

“When will we know when we can come back?” Kyle asked

“When Sid tells us that Melissa and James have been
arrested so it may be a while buddy” Casey told him.

“Okay let’s go” Kyle replied

Kyle helped Casey in to the front passenger’s seat then Casey went around to the driver’s side.

Casey started the car.

“We’re going to be driving for a while” Casey told Kyle.

“Yeah and we will have to stop a few times” Kyle responded

The rest of the drive was silent with neither of them wanting to speak.

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Thanks Sarah :) and here's the next chapter and thanks to Zetti for proofreading :)

Chapter 7

Casey and Kyle had been on the road for a while. Casey was getting restless so he decided they should both stop to rest and to get some food.

Kyle asked Casey ‘How much longer to go?’ he was disgruntled and annoyed. He just wanted to get there already.

‘You’re behaving like a little child.’

Kyle gave him a pointed look causing Casey to sigh

‘Another hour or so’

“Are you sure James and Melissa won’t find us?” Kyle asked
“Positive they should be in jail by now” Casey responded

On cue Casey’s phone rang, “Hello?” Casey asked

“Case they got them but who know if the cops will hold them” Brax responded

“Yeah I know stick to the plan we’ve stopped for a bit but in another hour or so we will be in Melbourne hopefully.” Casey said

“Good Sid says there should be a hospital room ready for Kyle when you get to the hospital” Brax responded
“Are you sure Kyle should still be in hospital?” Casey asked

“Sid says his injuries can trick him in to thinking he’s ok for a while but he still needs at least another week in hospital.” Brax informed him.

“Ok well I better go get us some food.” Casey said
“Ok be careful” Brax replied

“We will be. Bye.” Casey said
“Bye Brax responded

“C’mon Kyle” Casey said.

Kyle followed Casey in to the café.

“Wait here I’ll be right back” Casey said

Kyle nodded

It didn’t take Casey long to go to the toilet.
“Right now let’s order” Casey said.

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Thanks Sarah and thanks Zetti for proofreading :)

Chapter 8.

The boys finished eating when Casey said “We should probably keep going if we want to get to Melbourne by tomorrow”

Kyle nodded in agreement which cause Casey to respond, “Wait here and stay down so we don’t get found out.”

“I wish we didn’t have to leave summer Bay” Kyle responded

“I know me neither but it’s not safe” Casey said

Casey got up to pay.

By the time Casey returned Kyle was gone. Casey started to freak out but then realised that Kyle had gone to the bathroom.

“I thought I told you to stay put” Casey said

“Sorry I couldn’t wait” Kyle responded

“Right let’s go and next time try to wait until I’m finished” Casey said

“Alright” Kyle agreed

Casey and Kyle drove for half an hour.

“We should be arriving within the next hour.” Casey said

“I’m so bored and I don’t much like being stuck in the car for hours” Kyle whined.

“No one really does” Casey said

Kyle didn’t feel like talking so for the next half an hour he slept.

“Kyle we’re almost there” Casey said

At first Kyle didn’t responded.

“Kyle!” Casey said

“Are we there yet?” Kyle asked

“Almost” Casey responded.

Kyle sighed and Casey rolled his eyes but said nothing.

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