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The Butcher Of The Bay

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Title: The Butcher Of The Bay

Type of story: Short/Medium

Main characters: Dexter Morgan, Sasha, Indi, Dex, Ruby

Genre: Suspense/Thriller

Fic Rating: A (V/D, L)

Spoilers: Yes (UK), but not until later and the outcomes of a certain spoilerish event (and a non-spoiler event) will be tweaked to suit the story.

Warnings: Violence with some disturbing references.

Summary: The Avenging Angel, The Equalizer, Dexter Morgan feels the need to head to Australia, to a small town called Summer Bay to supposedly unwind. But the real reason for his arrival is a lot more malevolent...

NB: In Dexter's universe, this is inbetween Seasons 1 and 2. Present Day in HAA. Dexter crossover fic.

Chapter 1

Dexter Morgan smiled as he slipped a five dollar bill into the hands of the cashier. "Keep the change." he uttered as he took his morning coffee. As he slipped into the car, he took a swig of the moten hot liquid.

"Aaaahhhh." he murmured in dilent as the coffee flowed down his throat, like magma pouring down a volcano. For a moment, he was offered respite from all the worries of the job...actually, make that his jobs. By day, he was a blood spatter technician at Miami Metro Police's Homicide Division, and a damned good one at that. During his time at the department, his team had closed over 100 cases.

But by night, his interest in blood took on a more sinister meaning. He was a vigilante serial killer who tracked down and executed those killers that had managed to evade justice. It was in this area that he put his meticulous police skills to especially good use. He did throuogh resarch into those who would end up on his table, to make sure that they were guilty, and that they had intended to commit murder.

Dexter scanned through his computer and typed in the address for an Australian news website. He did some more typing in the search archives and up popped the story he was looking for - a story that intrigued him, and many others it seemed.

It originated out of the small, sleepy seaside town of Summer Bay in the state of New South Wales. Sasha Dezmel, a 16-year old high school student, was accused of the murder of Stu Henderson, a member of a local surfing crew known as the River Boys. However, Sasha was acquitted due to a selfdefence claim, where she claimed that Henderson had been physically abusing her.

Normally, Dexter would not look twice at such a case: The reported circumstances did not meet the requirements of his meticulous Code, and in any event, his preserve was Miami. But somehow, there was something present in Sasha's smiling photo from outside the courtroom, something in the look on the raven-haired girl's face, that Dexter thought warranted investigation.

Besides, Dexter thought, It will be good to get out of the country for a while. Dexter was beginning to lose comfort in the once-familiar surroundings of Miami - ever since his last kill.

His brother, Brian Moser, a.k.a: The Ice Truck Killer, was standing there with him as he stood over his restrained sister, bound on a table. Brian had told him to kill her, that they could do great things together. However, Dexter had resisted him and killed him instead. However, since that kill, Dexter couldn't focus on either of his two jobs. Lucky for him, this provided a perfect cover story for his next kill. He would take 2-3 weeks of leave, and head to Australia on a holiday...to Summer Bay.


An hour later, Dexter had entered the office of his superior, Captain Matthews, and explaned to him that the ITK case had done a number on him and that he needed some time off.

"Well, God knows you've earned it, Dexter." Matthews stated, as he filled out the paperwork. "What are you gonna do with it?"

"Head to Australia." Dexter replied.

"Australia?" Matthews replied. "CRIKEY!" causing himself to burst into laughter and Dexter to crack a rare smile.

"Yeah, you know, I just need some time away from Miami. A month, maybe two." Dexter clarified.

"When are you going to leave?" Matthews asked.

"As soon as possible." Dexter replied.

"Well, we'll miss ya. Til next time." Matthews replied.

As Dexter walked out of Matthews' office, Dexter bumped into a welcome face. "Deb, hi." he smiled.

"Hey, Dex!" Debra Morgan smiled. "What's up, bro?"

"Just took a couple of months leave." Dexter replied. This perked Deb's interest.

"Leave? Well f**k you very much, Dexter, for leaving us in the lurch like this." Deb joked.

"It's just I...need to get away. ITK really knocked me about...though not as much as you, obviously." Dexter mumbled that last part.

"So, where ya headed?" Deb inquired. Dexter opened his mouth to answer when his fellow blood tech, Vince Masuka, came hurtling around the corner.

"Dex, hey, found ya just in time...whats' going on?" He asked.

"Took some leave, headed to Australia." Dexter replied.

"Where?" Deb asked.

"Sydney." Dexter replied. "Always wanted to jump off the Sydney Harbour Bridge."

"Me too" Masuka replied. "And I've always wanted to go "Down Under" with some of their ladies if you get my drift. "

"Maybe Dex should push] you off the Bridge too." Deb laughed. "Hey, Dex, make sure you bring me back a souvenir!"

"Will do." Dexter replied. hugging Deb goodbye and slapping five with Vince. He left the corridor and was saying goodbyes to fellow detectives Angel and Maria when a less welcome sight greeted him - one Lieutenant James Doakes.

"Morgan!" the balding African-American man barked. "What's this I hear from Matthews about you taking leave, motherf**ker?"

"I need to get away from the workplace for a while." Dexter replied, repeating the same explanation he gave to Matthews and Deb. Doakes seemed to accept this, although he would never publically say so.

"Well." Doakes began. "While you're there, make sure you get me a-"

"Fuzzy kangaroo. Got it." Dexter replied.

"No!" Doakes barked by way of replay. "A f**kin' boomerang, so I can smack you upside the ass with it for leaving us during a case rush!" Doakes turned on his tail and headed into the bullpen.

Three for the Harbour Bridge jump. Dexter thought as he left the building.


After saying his goodbyes to Rita, his on-again-off-again girlfriend and friend Dexter headed home, got on the omputer, and booked himself a ticket on a Qantas flight to Sydney that left the following morning.

He took another look at the photo of Sasha outside the courthouse in Summer Bay's neighbour town, Yabbie Creek. Sasha was shown smiling and posing with a man and two teenage children that, according to the caption, were her father, Sid Walker, and her siblings, sister Indigo and brother Dexter. Sid has good taste. Dexter thought, before turning his mind to more serious matters.

So, Sasha Dezmel, Dexter thought to himself. Have you done enough to earn a place at my table?

End of Chapter 1

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Chapter 2

Sasha twisted and turned in her sleep. For the past three nights she had been experiencing the same nightmare. A layer of plastic being wrapped around a building. An unknown person, tied down to a table. A sadistic assassin, raising a knife at the helpless victim. Although they appeared in different orders, those images were all present in her dreams. And her dreams always ended the same way - with the evil grin of Stu Henderson looming over her.

Sasha shot bolt upright in bed, covering her mouth as to not let out a scream. She cast two quick looks to her sides in order to make sure that no-one was there before settling down again.

As she and her two siblings ate breakfast that morning, her father, Sid, could not help but steal a concerned glance at her.

"You alright there, Sash?" Sid inquired.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Sasha replied. "Just a rough night sleeping."

"Well, make sure you get in early tonight to make it up." Sid stated.

"I will." Sasha replied, stealing a kiss on Sid's cheek as she, Indi and Dex left for school.

As the three walked along the road, Indi couldn't help but notice that something seemed to be bothering her younger sister. And this wasn't just any bother, it was the sort of bother that originated from real emotional pain. Indi's heart broke to see her sister in such a state. She remembered everything Sasha had been through in her short life.

"Hey, Sasha." Indi began. "If there's something bothering you, you can tell me, right?"

"Well..." Sasha began. "It's nothing."

"Bull****!" Indi replied vehemently. "It's obviously NOT nothing if you're this sullen about it!"

Sasha breifly hesitated, then negan to speak.

"Well...I keep having this nightmare. I keep seeing all these horrible images like someone being strapped down and begging for mercy. A knife cutting into flesh, people smothered in plastic, that sort of thing. And at the end of it, I see..." Sasha shivered. "His face."

Indi immedaitely realised who she meant. "Stu's dead, Sash. He can't hurt you anymore."

"I know." Sasha replied. "It's just that...I keep having this terrible feeling that this thing isn't over..." Sasha's bottom lip trembled as she spoke those words. Indi instinctively pulled Sasha into a hug to soothe her crying sister.

"Sssshhhhh, it's OK, Sash. Don't cry, Sash. Please don't cry. Everything's going to be OK. If you stop crying, I'll buy you a Coke."


Meanwhile, Dexter Morgan was driving on the Pacific Highway in a rental car he had just purchased from Sydney Airport when he arrived that morning. He was now en route to the seaside down of Summer Bay, the site of his holiday...and hopefully the kill that would put him back in business.

He really had a cogent reason to leave Miami to try and get back on the horse. Everywhere in his once comforting home town reminded him of his brother, Brian, and how he had failed to protect his sister from him. At least here, he could wash those memories away and start anew. He could try to kill without seeing his brother next to him.

"Dexter" spoke a voice. He turned around to see his father, Harry, the embodiment of what he called his "Dark Passenger".

"If this Dezmel girl is guilty, you know you're going to have to kill her, Dex." Harry spoke.

"I know." Dexter replied, as he looked at the photo of Sasha outside the courthouse. "She just seems so..."

"Innocent?" Harry mused. "Well, let me tell you something, Dexter. People's looks have the ability to deceive. You are the case in point."

"If that's the case, then this will be my most difficult kill yet." Dexter replied. "She will have a family willing to take her place to protect her, not to mention the fact there may be more to her than meets the eye."

Harry nodded his head in understanding. "Be careful, Dexter." he implored before finishing and disappearing.

1.5 hours later, Dexter arrived in Summer Bay and headed straight to the local caravan park. He parked his car and walked up to the house to pay for a caravan.

Hi!" smiled a blonde woman as Dexter entered the house. "I'm Marilyn. How can I help you?"

"I'm here to book a caravan for a few nights." Dexter replied. "Just until I can book a motel room - the place is packed out."

"OK." Marilyn replied. "How many nights?"

"Four." Dexter replied.

"That'll be $50 Australian." Marilyn finsihed. Dexter paid with cash - his usual practice when he stayed in places like this.

"So what brings you to Summer Bay anyway?" Marilyn asked.

"I'm a blood splatter analyst at the Miami Metropolitan Police's homicide department." Dexter spoke without missing a beat. "I just came here for a bit to get away from the noise of Miami, and I didn't want to stay in Sydney."

"Ooooh." Marilyn whispered, clearly impressed. "Colleen could you show Mr...?"

"Morgan. Dexter Morgan." Dexter supplied.

"...to his trailer?" Marilyn replied. "You're in lot 4, trailer seven.."

"Thanks." Dexter responded, as the old dear named Colleen led him away.

"So I heard that you're with the police in Miami." Colleen struck up. "It must be such a rush to get out there, fighting crime, being the intrepid defender of Miami city..."

"Actually, it's a pretty boring job." Dexter deadpanned. "I just take photos and sit in a lab most of the time."

"Well, I suppose that does sound boring, but it is essential work for the safety of all." Colleen replied. "Do you have your badge?"

"i don't have a badge." Dexter replied sheepishly. "I have a laminate. And no, it's not here. Anyway, who's the best person to ask about sightseeing around here?"

"Oh, that would be Alf Stewart." Colleen replied. "He runs the bait shop down at the wharf. Living local legend, that man is."

"I can only imagine." Dexter responded as he bade Colleen goodbye and made his way into the trailer. All alone, he began to debate how best to get close to his well-guarded prey.

End of cahpter 2

Preview for Chapter 3: Dexter Morgan meets Alf and some other Bay locals.

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Chapter 3

Dexter slipped on some sandals and sunblock as he left the Summer Bay caravan park. The first part of any kill Dexter did was to scour the locale where the target lived and ferret out any potential problems. He also liked to ingratiate himself to any would-be inadvertant assistants. As it stood, a throuogh journey of the town was warranted if he was to get into the good graces of the townsfolk - and, more importantly, to Sasha Dezmel.

He knew immediately where the first stop was as he drove his rental car, with a boat on the back of it. He was headed to the bait shop - and the nearby marina, the location of one of the ost important residents of this village.

As Dexter parked his car on the curb, he noticed a balding man, old but not quite elderly, exit the shop.

"G'day!" The man called. "Visiting?"

"Yeah, couple of months leave." Dexter replied. "Dexter Morgan, blood spatter analyst, Miami Metropolitan Police, Homicide department."

"Alf Stewart, owner and custodian of this baitshop." He replied. "So, you're a cop, eh?" He continued, with just a trace of admiration.

Dexter smiled as Alf began to nibble at his own bait. Barely a minute and he already trusts me. "Yep, took leave because the last case did a real number on me. Needed to get away for a couple of months."

"Ah yeah." Alf replied. He then gestured towards the boat on the trailer. "That yours, Dexter?"

"Had it shipped over." Dexter replied as he looked at the (aptly named, in his opinion Slice of Life. "Anywhere I can put it? I'm a real sailing man."

"Just back down to the water and I'll park it at the Marina." Alf replied, as he gestured to a row of boats nearby. Dexter nooded his assent, as he began to subtly glance at his surroundings.

Perfect. he thought. Minimal security, only set for local hoodlums and the sole security camera faces away from the Slice. They've never encounter the likes of me before. Well, there was that Stalker from five-six years ago, but that seemed to be more of an attempt at mass murder. There has never been, to my knowledge, any serial killings in this town. All the better to evade suspicion.

His train of thought was broken as he noticed Alf handing him a key to the marina. "In case you want to go on any nighttime excursions." he clarifed.

Dexter couldn't believe his luck as he accepted the key. "Thanks...any other people I should get to know?"

"Well, someone with your expertise would be greatly appreciated by a number of people. But if I were you, I'd talk to Councillor John Palmer. He's a sucker for a game of pool."


As he strode up towards the local bar, the Surf Club, Dexter cradled a ironic-looking cowboy hat in his hand and slipped it onto his head.

"Alrightey!" He pronounced in a deliberately-exaggerated Southern drawl as he stood in the doorway of the Surf Club, his hands balled into guns at his side, OK Corrall style. "Ah've bin hearin' this Jawhn Palmer's a tee-rific shot on the table!"

A man, who Dexter understood to be John, got up from his place and faced him.

"You're on." Palmer simply said.

"OK." Dexter deadpanned, in his normal voice.

Sure enough, Palmer was a great shot and defeated Dexter easily. As the two shared a drink afterwards, Dexter slowly introduced the topic of the River Boys into conversation.

"Oh, them." Palmer spoke. "They're a surfing gang out of nearby Mangrove River, hence the name. But every man and his eye-seeing dog knows that's a front for an organised crime ring."

"Have they been able to get anything?" Dexter enquired.

"Yes, some low-level soldiers." John replied. "But their leaders are able to stay relatively clean."

"Leaders?" Dexter's interest was now piqued.

"The Braxton brothers." John clarified. "Daryl, Heath and Casey. Daryl's been trying to keep himself clean by running Angelo's - the pizza place. But the other two...I'm not so sure..."

Dexter made a mental note to file that away for further interest.

"Say, you wouldn't happen to know where the police station is, do you? I suppose I should make myself known, as a member of the thin blue line myself." Dexter stated.

"It's actually over in Yabbie Creek. I'll give ya a lift."


As Dexter walked into the police station, he sized up the uniformed officer on the desk.

"Excuse me - but may I speak to your commanding officer?" Dexter asked.

"What is this regarding?" the uniform replied sleepily.

Dexter flashed his laminate - (he had lied to Colleen earlier, he did have it, but didn't feel like showing it off unless he felt it was absolutely necessary) - and said "Dexter Morgan, Miami Metropolitan. This won't take long."

Shortly after, a woman in a police uniform appeared in front of him. "Sgt. Georgina Watson. To whom do I owe the pleasure?"

"Dexter Morgan, Miami Metropolitan Homicide, expert blood guy. At your service." Dexter replied, flashing a brief smile.

"So what brings you to our slice of paradise?" Watson inquired.

"Took a couple of months leave - my last case did a number of me emotionally - partly because there was no blood." Dexter replied. And also because the perp was my psychotic brother. "The I-

"-ce Truck Killer." Watson finished. "I know, it was all over the news here."

"Anyway." Dexter continued. "Over the next couple of months, if you require my services, just call." He gave Watson his cellphone number.

"Actually..." Watson began. "I think I may have the perfect job for you. Don't worry, it's not too taxing!"

"What is it?" Dexter wondered.

"We're doing a presentation in a couple of days at the local high school on forensic techniques for the senior students." Watson replied. "I'd like you to explain in some detail the blood analysis side of things."

"Actually, 90% of my work consists of me and my assistant throwing paint at one another to simulate possible kill methods." Dexter replied.

"Then we can make it fun by doing the same with some volunteers!" Watson replied.

Not to mention Sasha Dezmel wll be there. Dexter thought.

"OK. I'm on board." Dexter replied, as he shook Watson's hand.

End of Chapter 3

Preview for Chapter 4 - Sasha has another horrible nightmare, and Sasha and Dexter encounter one another for the first time.

A/N: New season of "Dexter" soon! October 17 on SoHo is the day and place for you NZ fans! :D :D

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