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Things That Go Bump in the Night

Guest pembie

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Story Title Things that go bump in the Night

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters:Xavier Dex,April,Ruby,Casey maybe and others.

BTTB rating: A to be safe

Genre: Drama/comedy Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: (SC)

Summary: When two Summer Bay residents are taken seriously ill. Extreme measures are made to raise the funds for their life saving operations.

Hey Hope you all like the 1st chapter.

Things That go Bump in the Night.

Chapter 1

The one thing Gina Austin longs for above everything else is just to have a goodnight sleep. But it seems that is just too much to ask for. If the flicking light from the TV and John’s constant grumbling is anything to go by.

“Boring, boring, and boring.”

“John please. Will you either find something to watch? Or switch the dam thing off. Gina moans.

Why had she agreed to have a TV in their bedroom again? Was anything than a mystery to her now. It had turned out to be total pain in the backside. Or was that just simply the person who lay next to her not being able to decide on something to watch?

“John please this constant channel surfing is making me feel ill.”

“Gina how could it possibly be causing you to feel ill? John asks

As he bashes the back of the remote control on the palm of his hand.


“Gina I think the batteries are dying.”


“Oh no there we are, panic over their fine, now to find something to watch.” John says. as he surfs through the TV channels at rapid speed.

Gina takes one icy glare back at him before giving her a pillow a good old thumping. Then with a long moan of annoyance she lies back down.

“Why is there never anything good on? It’s just all these shopping channels selling overprized items.”

“John I don’t care.” Gina grunts.

“I mean would you take a look at this food blender, they want you spend £50, £50. The one we use down the surf club was only £24.”

“That’s nice John but will you please stop talking about food blenders and go to sleep?”

Gina is suddenly surprised when the room falls into silence. At last she can let sleep wash over her. Sinking deeper and deeper into a relaxed state Gina can feel herself drifting away to dreamland. Ah how wonderful, how peaceful how……..”


“Oh for pity sake John.”

“What I didn’t wake you did I? John asks in a innocent sounding tone.

“Oh no not at all, I mean what else could I be doing laying in bed?”

“I thought we were chatting.” John says sounding slightly disappointed.

“Really John your acting like an overexcited child, are you excited about something?”


What was there for John to feel excited about, was it the prospect of growing another year older tomorrow? Or was it that the people closest to him had seemed to have forgotten that tomorrow was his fifty forth birthday.

Feeling a tiny abit depressed John closes his eyes while two of his fingers rests lightly over the remote control. One finger getting ready to change the TV station while the other hovers above the volume button.

Gina closes her eyes once again as she listens to the sounds of John’s light sores. She is so tired that she doesn’t seem bothered by the hyper sounding voice coming from the TV trying it’s best to convince you that u just couldn’t live without a easy to reach duster.

“It can reach those tight spots you just didn’t realise dust can reach. The duster 2000 goes to infinity and beyond. Oh hang on I just need to check with my producer that we won’t get sued by Pixar for using that quote…………..”

As the duster chat continues John falls into a deeper sleep. The finger which is resting itself over a channel number flicks the station over to what very much looks like a station totally dedicated to horror movies. With that done John’s second finger presses down on the volume button bringing it slowly up to max volume level.

Gina and John continue to sleep totally unaware that they are about to get a very loud and shocking wake up call indeed……………….

John’s eyes shoot open as the vibrates of the maxed out volume of the TV booms around the small bedroom.


Gina throws her bed covers back and taking a quick glare at John snatches the remote control away from him.


“I’m sorry Gina I er must of fell asleep and somehow turned the volume up to max I…..”

“Oh save it John, go do one of your crosswords if you can’t sleep. But I for one have a very busy day ahead.” Gina says pulling at the bed covers back over herself with a force of great anger.

“Now Gina listen I can’t go do one of my crosswords you know I save them especially for mourning visits to the bathroom.” John says as if he is stating the most obvious thing in the world.

“Go sleep on the sofa then. I don’t care just go.” Gina says feeling very much like she is on the brink of exploding.

“Fine I was only trying to find something to watch quietly, and when I do find something half decent you banish me from our bed.” John moans grabbing at his pillow in a huff.

“That might be so but you didn’t have it on quietly did you? Gina says sighing.

“Don’t get your knickers in a twist Gina.” John says walking over to the bedroom door.

Taking one final look back at Gina John lifts his head up high gives a quick grunt of annoyance and slams the door behind him.

At last Gina can get the sleep she needs right? Wrong Gina lets out a cry of frustration as the sounds of Heath Braxton’s Metallica’s album echo through to her bedroom.

Alf Stewart stood lost in thought in the kitchen of Summer Bay house slowly stirring his mug of hot chocolate, feeling confused and misfiled to why not one person had mentioned his upcoming birthday. He knew he said last year that he didn’t what a big fuss. But come flaming on to seem to have totally forgot this year was just………….


“Flaming heck Morag you just sacred me to death.” Alf says grabbing at a dishcloth and giving himself a quick pat down,having just spilled hot chocolate down his dressing grown.

“Why are you down here alone in the dark Alfred?”

“Drinking and thinking Morag.”

After switching a light on Morag processes to bustle Alf out of the kitchen and back towards the stairs.

“Now come on there’s no time for drinking and thinking Alfred. You have a big day tomorrow.” Morag says.

“Oh I flaming have, have I?” Alf questions as he is pushed across the room by Morag.

Oh yes you have the books to go over with John Palmer at the Surf Club.”

“Oh how flaming exciting.” Alf says as he turns to see Morag’s stern looking face.

“Up the stairs you go Alfred.” Morag says pointing.

Alf starts to climb the stairs making sure he gives Morag a backward glare as he goes.

“Oh kids this looks utterly brilliant.” Gina says as she glances round the brightly decorated Surf Club. Red yellow, green and blue balloons hang from the walls. Big colourful banners with the words HAPPY BIRTHDAY in big bright letters hang from the ceiling.

“Would you look at the great job the kids of done Roo.” Gina says giving Xavier ,Dex, April and Ruby a big smile.

“Yes very impressive.”

“Oh come on now Roo, Alf’s going to flaming love it.” Dex says as Xavier shakes his head in woe at his Alf impression.

“What it was good Xav don’t you think I sounded just like you Dad Roo?”

“Yes Dex I just couldn’t tell the difference” Roo says looking serious.

“Wow really?”

“No Dex she’s just being nice” April says laughing.

“You people just don’t realise talent when you come across it” Dex says smugly.

“Oh I think your very talented Dex” Ruby adds.

“Why thank you Rubes…..”

“Shs everyone here they come” Morag whispers as she ducks out of sight behind a chair.

Followed quickly by everyone going into their hiding places, Colleen being the last person to do so because of having the job of switching the light off. Everyone waited in hushed silence as they listened to Alf and John’s footsteps getting nearer.

“No, No John you have all the figures wrong.”

“Oh do I Alf may I remind you your semi retired from the club now.”

“Do you want my help or not you great galah?” Alf says looking rather flushed in the face.

“I don’t need this today it’s my birthday and I’m not having you call me a great galah. on my birthday.” John says also looking rather flushed.

“It’s your flaming birthday too? It’s mine too would you believe that………….”

Alf stops talking as everyone cheers and shouts.


But the cheers and the sounds of happiness soon die down. As everyone looks on at Alf and John’s pained expressions as they both clutch at their chests before they both fall to the floor.

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Thanks Red, Sarah,Screaming Queen Beezz,and Aden-Belle.

Hope you like this next one.

Chapter 2

Tears sting Gina’s eyes. As she tries to come to terms of how the surprised birthday celebrations’ had turned out to be the day she might very well lose the man she loved. Ever since John had come into her life he had given her a whole new spring of life. He always seemed to have so much life in him. That is what made this such a big shock to her to see John and Alf just crumble to the ground like that was just so unbelievably sad.

As she continues to pace the hospital waiting area Gina looks over to a distraught looking Roo sitting in one of the hospital waiting chairs.

Morag sat next to her trying her very best to comfort her. But behind the stoned faced tough impression that Morag is trying to up stand Gina can see the little glimpses’ of worry for her brother. It would be a room of silence if not for Colleen busying herself dashing back and forth to the coffee machine.

“Have you tasted this coffee?” Colleen says giving her coffee cup a disproval glare.

“Yes Colleen I have” Morag says as she whispers words of encouragement to Roo.

“Well opinions?”

“Opinions on what Colleen?”

“Is it better than the diner’s coffee?” Colleen says taking a sip as to check herself.

“Colleen I think we have more important things to worry about here, than does the diners coffee taste better than the hospital’s coffee.” Morag says rolling her eyes.

“Alf and John Palmer will be fine, Dr Walker is a very capable doctor.” Colleen says as she starts to nosily fuss about in her handbag. To everyone’s relief she finally pulls out a copy of Heat magazine.

“Colleen really?” Morag asks with raised eyebrows.

Yes Morag what is wrong with Heat magazine

“Nothing but I didn’t think it would have been your type of thing….But then again I guess you are a kind of a gossiping junkie.”

“I’m nothing of sort Morag how very rude.” Colleen says as she brings the magazine up to hide her face.

Gina stops pacing and Roo takes her face out of her hands as Sid walks through the big double doors of the treatment room. Where John and Alf were being seen too.

“Oh Sid how’s John, is he ok is he alright?” Gina says rushing forward and clasping Sid’s hands.

A pleading look of hope in her eyes, She is soon joined by Roo asking the same question of Alf. A equally look of concern plastered across her face.

“Gina, Roo take a seat will you please.” Sid says his voice has a neutral tone to it masking if the news was good or not.

“Oh no please no his about to tell me John is dead. Please don’t let it be true. He hasn’t said those words yet, but I can tell by his eyes that something is seriously wrong. Gina thinks as she perches herself onto a chair.

“How’s my Dad Sid?” Roo asks quietly also afraid of the answer.

Sid sighs as he looks around at Colleen and Morag who are stood at the sides of Gina and Roo.

“The news isn’t good I’m afraid. John and Alf both had massive heart attacks. After running some tests it would seem they suffered blood clots and their heart muscles have weakened.”

“Can you fix it?” Gina asks wiping at her tears.

“Well there lies the problem I would suggest they both have operations to try and fix the damage to hearts I’m not so sure………”

“Oh don’t doubt yourself doctor Walker you could do this with your eyes shut.” Colleen says.

“Shut up Colleen” Morag snaps.

“I’m sorry but over the last few months the hospital broad have cut back on our funding. We just don’t have the resources to perform such serious heart surgery anymore” Sid says sadly.

“What does that mean?” Roo asks but knowing the answer already.

“The hospital can’t give John and Alf the treatment they need” Sid says.

“I’m bored Xav” Ruby grumbles as she looks up at him with eyes. Her head resting on his shoulder.

“How can you be bored of all this?” Xavier asks his eyes glued to the screen.

“Oh you mean these explosions, gun fights, over the top fight sequences, car chases. Which you are about to tell me are all there for the art of entertainment, but in my opinion they are just mind numbing, pointless, reputable, brainwashing…………”

“Yes thanks Dex but this is action at its very best. Plus there’s a hot blonde to look at doesn’t that hold your attention?” Xavier asks as he gets hit lightly in the chest for his hot blonde comment from Ruby.

“Meh no not really, you do realise she doesn’t look that hot in real life Xav” Dex asks as he looks over at Xavier with a grin.

“Sure she does.”

“No my good friend, she doesn’t and do you know why?” Dex says stopping for dramatic effect.

“No” Xavier says shrugging.

“Because it’s Hollywood my friend, everyone wears make up. They all have make up artists to make hotness just ooze from them”

“Ok Dex stop talking now, your soiling the movie” Xavier goes back to watching his mindless action movie.

“Well I’m bored anyone want anymore popcorn?” Ruby says standing.

Xavier and Dexter’s mumbles are muffled out by the sound of keys being turned in the front door.

“Don’t worry I’m sure we will find a way” Morag says as she and Roo walk inside behind Gina.

“We have too we just have too. John has to have that operation” Gina says as Xavier jumps up from the sofa.

“Operation what?”

“John and Alf both suffered heart attacks Xav” Gina says crying.

Xavier wraps his arms round her feeling his mother shake.

“Oh no that’s awful Mom, Miss Bellingham, Roo I’m sorry about Mr Stewart too so what happens now?”

“Sid says they both need heart surgery but it would also seem the hospital are in abit of a money crisis” Morag explains.

“Yeah Dad did mention they might have to cut back” Dex says as he and Ruby go over to support Gina, Roo and Morag.

“How about the hospital in the Yabbie Creek can’t they go there?” Ruby asks.

“Their fill Sid tried them; they said their rushed off their feet with crash victims from a massive car smash.” Roo says as she feels the tears of worry for her Dad roll down her face.

“Don’t worry Mom I’m sure everything will be fine.” Xavier says hugging his Mother.

“I can’t see how Xav the only way would be to raise the money” Gina says.

“How much money do you need?” Ruby asks.

“Sid said it would be the price range of £30,000 Roo said feeling all hope leave her.

“Anyway kids we are going to make our way back to the hospital Gina says putting on a brave face.

“Let John and Alf know we will come see them later ok say half hour.” Xavier says looking around at Dex and Ruby to see them nodding in agreement.

Gina, Roo and Morag smile their thanks before walking out the door.

Xavier just stands there a few seconds staring at the closed front door, shocked at the news that he had just been told. He then slowly makes his way back to the sofa. Upon sitting down Ruby snubs into him

“Wow that…” Dex stops not being sure how to continue.

“Sucks” Xavier finishes for him. Picking up the TV remote Xavier mindlessly flicks through the channels.

“Wow Xav flick back quick” Dex says jumping from his seat.

“Why there’s nothing on Dex”

“Just humour me flick back to that Count Dracula guy.”

What Count Dracula guy?” Xavier asks tiredly.

“Just do it.”

Xavier flicks back a few stations to see what looks to be a rather corny advert for a reality show.


Xavier and Dex look at each over.

“How brave do you feel?” They both ask each other at the same time.

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Hey, thanks for your comments Sarah,Screaming Queen, Aden-Belle and Red Ranger.

Sorry I have been abit distracted by Lego Star Wars to write this chapter :lol:

Anyway here is the next chapter. Hope you like.

Chapter 3

“Passengers flying The Beach Atlantic to Romania please make your way to gate six, that is gate six, boarding will commence in five minutes, that’s five minutes thank you.”

Xavier rolls his eyes as Gina covers his face in kisses. Why oh why was he the one with the over top worried mother?

“Mom please your embarrassing me.”

“I’m just worrying like a Mom should Xavier.” Xavier sighs.

“Well can you stop? It’s not as if your not going to see me again is it?”

“No it’s not John and I will be keeping a close eye over you.” Gina says giving Xavier a stern glare.

“Well as much as John keeps protesting, I’m going to scream like a little girl I’m not ok? It’s only a stupid lame so called horror reality show.”

Xavier twirls round as a heavy breathing sound can be heard.

“I thought having this luggage trolley would make the transporting of the suitcases easily, but it would seem I was very much mistaken…” wiping at his brow of glistening sweat Dex looks up at Xavier.

“Phew I think I will sleep on the plane that’s for sure.” Dex says with a slow teasing smile starting to take shape.

“What’s wrong with you Xav I didn’t scare you did I?”

“I wouldn’t say you scared me more like you gave me a surprise.” Xavier tries to laugh aside that in fact Dex had made him jump.

“Hmmmmmmm well that’s good that I didn’t scare you Xav, because if your sacred now what will you be like in the murder house haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Dex starts to put on his most insane laugh of madness while rubbing his sweaty hands together.

“DEXTER STOP IT” Sid says looking round at people. As they give his son a couple of odd looks as he rushes over to Dex to help with the luggage trolley.

Indi and Sasha slowly following after their Dad.

“Now Xav I have packed you some spare pairs of underwear” Gina says stopping for Xavier’s groan.

“Yeah because I’m sure that Blondie will be needing them. Because let’s face it his abit of a wuss. But Casey here is a tough guy nothing scares him” Heath says giving Casey a slap on the back.

“Ignore him” Casey whispers leaning forwards to Xavier.

“Yeah his a douche” Brax says as he leads Casey up to flight gate six.

“Dex why doesn’t this thing move forwards?” Sid says getting ratherimpatient with the luggage trolley

Giving it a hard shove out of anger was probably not the best solution to the problem. In fact it only made things worse, because now not only was the trolley not moving forwards it was also missing its two small front wheels. Which were in the process of rolling away amongst the crowded airport.

“Oh sorry about that” Sid says as he looks round at Dex.

Dex takes a look at the four suitcases on the broken trolley and then glances back at Sid.

“Am I expected to carry these four cases now?” Dex asks.

“Make that five” Heath says putting down a suitcase next to Dex.

“What’s that?” Dex asks looking at Heath, worrying that the answer was going to be that he was joining them.

“That’s Case’s case” Heath says now seeming to be able to walk off towards Casey and Brax waiting at gate six, after seeming to have been somehow weighed down by Casey’s suitcase.

Charlie hugs Ruby tightly as they stand at gate six.

“I’m so proud of you Rubes doing this thing for John and Alf”

“Well its nothing really is it? To go and stay in a house for a weekend and win some money now is it?” Ruby says sounding rather chilled by the whole thing.

“Exactly what is the big deal?” Casey agrees.

“Well there’s got to be a catch somewhere, they wouldn’t just hand over £300,0 just like that.” Charlie says looking worriedly at Ruby.

“Oh Charlie it will be easy money, their just try and scare us in their so called haunted house to boost TV ratings” says Ruby. Laughing slightly at the concern in Charlie’s eyes.

“Hey Charlie I’m sure Casey will keep a eye out for Ruby eh.”

“There’s no need for him to do that Brax that’s my job” Xavier says as he Gina and Sid join them at the flight gate.

“Ah thanks Casey for agreeing to take part in this plan of fund raising. John is very grateful too” Gina says smiling.

“Ah no worries Mrs Palmer “Casey says as a heavy breathing worn out Dexter approaches closer to them.

Everyone just stands watching him as he juggles the stack of suitcases.

“I somewhat envy ……… Mr Stewart and Mr Palmer…….. right now all tucked up in their comfy hospital beds……. being looked after by pretty nurses” Dex says leaning against Sid for support while trying his best to catch his breath.

“Would you like me to give you a hand with the cases Dex?” Indi asks.

Indi and Sasha had been following Dex, but Indi had been to preoccupied with texting Romeo. And Sasha had been to busy fluttering her eyelashes at the airport security to even ask Dex if he needed help.

Dex just glares at Indi not quite believing the nerve of her asking such a redundant question, seeing as they had reached the boarding gate. Dex turns to Casey while Indi just shrugs.

“Thanks for coming along Casey, oh no where’s April?”

Casey shrugs.

“She’s probably just late Dex” Xavier says seeing that his Mom was looking worried.

“Late but she can’t be the application form clearly states there has to be five contestants taking part oh dear” Gina wails in a panic.

“Mom calm down I’m sure she will be here” Xavier says trying his best to stay calm himself.

“Yeah if worse comes to the worse Mrs Palmer you could take part” Ruby says going over to Xavier and taking his arm ready to broad the plane.

“Oh no I couldn’t go on TV, plus I need to look after John and make sure he doesn’t flirt with any of the nurses.” Gina says running up to the gate that Xavier, Ruby, Casey and Dex have walked through.

“Wow he looks abit strict don’t you think Xav?” Ruby says looking at the security guard standing before them.

“Is this trip to Romania for business or pleasure sir?” the strict looking security guard asks.

“I’m going to say this trip is neither of those things” Dex says grinning at the security guard.

“Oh really where is it your staying in Romania sir?” The puzzled security guard asks.

“Transylvania” Dex says.

“Oh what will you be doing there?”

“Being scared witless” Dex says.

“It’s for a good cause though” Ruby says as the puzzled guard lets the teens through onto the plane. Gina, Brax, Charlie, Heath, Sid, Indi and Sasha waving their goodbyes as the group of teens make their way through the gate.

Welcome abroad The Beach Atlantic a friendly blond flight attendant says.

As she leads the four teens through the plane while a grumpy old man carries their suitcases from behind. Which Dex had abandoned at the boarding gate.

“Would you like to follow me through to first class” the blond flight attendant was says as the teens all turn to each other in surprise.

“Wow we are in first class? Xav how did you and Dex sort that?” Ruby says giving Xavier a peck on the cheek.

“We didn’t did we Dex?”

“Not to my knowledge” Dex says feeling confused.

The blond flight attendant smiles as she pulls back a blue curtain to the cockpit and a very happy looking pilot and co pilot.

“Well thank you Mr Murphy wow would you look at that Bob we have signed copies of Liam Murphy’s album.”

Bob smiles back at Tim his co pilot as Liam bids them goodbye.

“Thanks for getting me and the guys to travel in first class Liam” April says peeking round from her seat.

“That’s ok April its good to be recognized these days” Liam says as he walks past the others and out of the plane.

“Oh my April what’s that your drinking?” Dex asks excitedly.

“Peach snaps I think its very nice”

“Wow can we have some too?” Xavier and Dex ask looking up hopefully at the blond fight attendant.

“Of course have what you want from the buffet too” she says walking through the curtain gesturing over at the cocktail bar and laid on food.

“Wow” Ruby says looking wide eyed round at the scene.

“Is this all free?” Casey asks.

“Yes courtesy of Liam Murphy” the blond attendant says smiling.

“Cool” they all say rushing forwards towards the buffet table.

A few hours later a very poorly Dex sits grumbling in his seat from stomach ache. While a loved up Xavier and Ruby sit in their seats snogging. while April shoots Casey with a number of disproved looks as he eyes up the blond flight attendant as she walks over to Dex.

“Would you like to choose an in flight movie sir to take your mind off your stomach pain?” She asks kneeling down and touching Dex’s arm.

“Lucky git why does he have to be the one who feels ill?” Casey moans.

“Why did you tempt me with all that so delicious food Miss oh why?” Dex moans.

“You didn’t have to eat so much Sir”

“I did”

“Why is that?”

“It was there being begged to be eaten” Dex moans.

The flight attendant chuckles as she holds out the choices of movies.

“I’m in too much pain to read” Dex says rather pathetically.

“Well we have House on Haunted Hill, The Shining, Amityville The Messengers the………..”

“Er do you have any not about haunted houses?” Dex asks.

Seeing as he was just about to spend a weekend in a so called haunted house with people trying their best to fill him with terror. Even if it was all pretend and in the shape of entertainment, the last thing Dex wanted to do was watch a movie about a haunted house.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh movie time is it?” Xavier says having just come up for air from snogging Ruby.

“There’s nothing worth watching Xav so…..”

“Oh is that The House on Haunted Hill? Yeah put that on” Xavier says before going back to snogging Ruby.

Dex groans as the pain in stomach comes back.

“Have you enough foot room back there?” Lurch the grumpy rental car driver grunts.

Casey who is close to sitting on Dex’s lap rolls his eyes.

“Oh Dex if you ever tell Brax or Heath about this I will kill you.”

“Fine just don’t elbow me in the nose ta”

“April you alright you look abit squashed Ruby asks as she sits pinned up against the car door.

“I’m fine thanks Rubes I just can’t move here in the middle with everyone squirming round, better than you pinned up against that door.”

The car stops sharply as Lurch slams his foot down on the brakes everyone launches forwards.

“We here out car please” Lurch grunts.

“With pleasure everyone says as they fight their way out of the car.

Dex gazes out at the big dark menacing spine chilling house that they would be spending the weekend.

“Dex you coming? This is awesome the producers have really gone all out here. The house is surrounded by a graveyard” Xavier says.

Dex lifts his hand and slowly waves at one of the houses upstairs windows.

“Who you waving at Dex?” Xavier asks.

“That woman in the window.”

“What woman?”

“The woman in the window Xav stop joking round I know you can see her.”

“Er no I can’t Dex stop trying to freak me out, we have just got here” laughs Xavier.

“You really don’t see her? She looks old.”

“Nope I can’t come on Dex.”

Dex follows Xavier as he does though he looks up at the old woman still waving at him from the upstairs window.

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Thanks Sarah Red,Bezzz,Aden-Belle and Screaming Queen

Hope you like this next one.

Chapter 4

“Nice of you to join us” Casey says rolling his eyes at an edgy looking Xavier and Dex.

“It’s a big looking house isn’t it?” Ruby says casting a wide look up at their new home.

“Do you think they do recycling here?” April asks.

“April we are stood outside a big creepy looking house and your concerned about recycling” Casey snorts.

Xavier smiles trying to make it seem like he was enjoying Casey and April’s abit of banter. But as the cold chill of the night whistles past him, making him shiver he can’t help but take a slight sideways glance towards the surrounding graveyard.

“Well this just so lovely isn’t it?” Dex says looking around at everyone while shivering.

“What’s lovely Dex?” April asks feeling the icy blow of the wind swishing through her hair.

“Us here having a nice bonding session out in the cold.” Dex says taking a step back to look at the house’s upstairs window once more.

“She’s still there Xav.”

“W….H…O…….I…..S?” Xavier asks through chattering teeth.

“That old woman I was waving too” Dex says. Just then a sound of a loud long moan is heard.

Xavier turns his head quickly to cast a look across at the graves. His darting eyes seem to examined each and every tombstone. For what though? Was he really expecting a few zombies to be clawing their way through the dirt?”

“Did anyone else hear that? That kind of moaning sound.” he asks keeping a watchful eye out for any approaching zombies.

“Xav don’t worry babe it was only Casey moaning, it wasn’t a zombie or anything Ruby laughs as she takes his hand.

“I know that Rubes I was having you all on that’s all” Xavier says trying his best to laugh it off as a joke.

“Oh really?” Ruby asks smiling.

“Yeah just like Dex was having me on.”

Dex glares at Xavier.

“I was not I really………Oh never mind now is someone going to knock the door or what?” Dex asks glancing at everyone in turn.

This only got everyone to take a cautious look at the big knocking door latch.

Casey gestures to the latch.

“When your ready Dex feel free to start knocking.”

“Oh why’s it got to be me? Why not you Casey? Your supposed to be the brave one here being a big bad Braxton and all.” Dex says grinning.

“Because it’s er………….Xav would you like to do the honours?”

“I would but that latch there looks like it weighs a ton. I think a few more visits to the gym are in order before I…….”

Casey holds his hand up cutting Xavier’s babbling short.

“April how about you?”

“I’m busy texting Bianca I………”

“So there you have it Dex, no it seems that no one is going to knock the big old scary door.”

“Well then I’m just going to have to do it then aren’t I?” Dex says stepping forwards.

“Yes it would seem that way” Casey says as he stands before Dex looking smug.

“Fine” Dex says.

“Fine” Casey says.

They both jump as the boom of the big latch connects with the door.

“Er Dex how did you do that? I didn’t see you get pass me” Casey asks a slight look of worry in his eyes.

“I knocked the door; you guys were taking so long about it I just did what a girl should do in situations like these. I took charge” Ruby says as she jumped back from the door slightly.

Thunder suddenly rumbles in the sky as they all wait for the big wooden door to be opened.

“Oh I can see this being fun” April says.

“Yes it would seem we have come to Transylvania in its rainy season.” Dex says looking up at the sky and catching a glimpse of some fork lightening.

Gina glances awkwardly round the ward at all the sleeping patients, hoping to God that they hadn’t been disturbed by the howls of John’s laughter.

“John get control of yourself please” Gina says as she sits at the end of John’s bed.

“I’m sorry Gina it’s just when you said Xavier was to become a reality TV star I just couldn’t help laughing.”

“Well you may laugh John but his doing it to win the money for you. To have your heart surgery so it’s no laughing matter.” Gina says giving John a stern look.

“I’m sorry Gina your right well good on him; I really appreciate him trying to win the cash for me. Now what is this reality show called that he and the rest of the kids are taking part in?” John asks looking serious.

“It’s called Things that Go Bump in The Night, and well they have to stay in this house and the producers have to try and scare them so much that they leave. The whole idea is that it is supposed to be haunted house but don’t worry it’s not really.” Gina says laughing.

“You hear that Alf? Xavier, Dex, April, Casey and Ruby are staying in a haunted house. Well Xavier will be the first to go its going to be on TV.” John says before he lets out a loud bark of laughter.


“Alright Alfred” Morag says glancing over to Gina.

“I don’t know but something tells me these two are going to be very difficult patients” Gina says smiling.

As she, Colleen and Morag leave to go back home Allowing Alf to go back to reading his fishing magazine and John to go back to eyeing up the pretty nurses.

“Yeesssssssssss? A snake like voice hisses from a small gapping slot in the door to house.

“Ah yes hello we are the contestants here to take part in………..”

“Ah Yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss I know pretty girl.”

Ruby glances back to the others.

Watch out Xav you have some completion here he thinks I’m pretty.”

“Rubes that doesn’t sound like much of a completion or a blessing to me, unless you like snakes.” Xavier says shrugging, as he feels a shiver creeps down his spine.

Everyone cringes as the noises of bolts and chains are rattled from the other side of the door. But the rattling is soon replaced by the spine tingling creak as the door is slowly opened.

“Ah that sounds like it needs abit of oil” Dex says stepping inside.

“Ah good Jeeves see to it that our guests belonging are taken to their rooms”

Jeeves slowly hobbles past them all to go and collect their suitcases from the car. But as he goes he gives April and Ruby and devious looking grin.

“Wow his creepy Casey” April says grabbing him for protection.

The man who had spoke to them as they walked through the door takes a step forwards holding his hand out.

“Welcome to you all I’m…………..”

“Mr Welsh how about the lighting here? shouts a man standing on a step ladder at the other side of the room.

“Mitch that’s fine will you please just set the cameras in place now I have guests to greet.”

Mitch lets out a couple of grunts before he gets back to work.

“As I was saying I’m Cameron Welsh and I’m one of the executive producer’s Things That go Bump in the Night.”

Dex smiles and holds his hand out.


“Dexter Walker” Cameron Welsh says not seeming to have any shadow of a doubt that he might have been wrong.

“Wow how did you know my name?”

Cameron Welsh smiles.

“Oh I know far more about you Dexter than just your name.”

“Oh yeah like what?”

“Your kind of a nerd but everyone loves you for it. You have two sisters called Indi and Sasha but you only found out about Sasha recently. Your Dad Sid Walker is a doctor. You feel more comfortable when blogging. You are still in love with April here…………”

“Are you Dex? April asks a blushing Dex.

“No I er no.”

Cameron turns to Casey.

“Ah Casey Braxton the youngest of three brothers.”

“Lucky guess” Casey mutters.

Daryl Braxton and Heath Braxton but Daryl goes by the name Brax. You and your brothers are a couple of bad boys. You belong to a gang called the River Boys. Brax tries to keep you out of trouble and tries to get you to do well at school. Even though you being the less troublesome of your brothers you still have a bad edge to you. You recently split with Ruby who thought for years that Charlie was her sister but who was actually her Mom and now……….”

“Ok, ok cool it would seem you know our lives inside out.” Xavier says looking worried.

“That I do Xavier Austin you have two brothers Hugo and Brendon Hugo is on the run for people smuggling and Brendon….”

“Ok stop this is seriously freaking me out.” April says.

“Oh if you think Cameron is freaky wait until you meet me” a mysterious droning sounding voice says from high above in the depths of the shadows of the long and high staircase.

Everyone watches in awe as a black caped pale faced looking man with red blood lips floats down to them from high above.

“Meet Harvey” Cameron says gesturing to the odd black caped rather boring looking fella.

The teens grumble their hellos back to Harvey.

“What’s wrong with you not enough iron in your diet?” Dex asks.

Cameron chuckles.

“Harvey here is a vampire he enjoys sucking blood as well as sucking the joy out of any situation he finds himself in.”

“Oh and don’t I know it.”

“Melissa my darling how nice it is to see you” Harvey says.

“Mind you don’t choke on you words Harvey Melissa says sweetly coming out of the dark and gloomy shadows.

Xavier can’t hold back his need to scream as he takes in Melissa’s appearance.


Am I Melissa asks

Yes I have played enough zombie shoot em ups to know Xavier says as he ducks behind Ruby for cover

Your right Havery here just bored me to death he dained all my hopes and dreams out of me you see I mean have you heard his drone of a voice Melissa says mock yawning

Don’t mind her she’s just bitter because of getting a divorce Harvey says smiling over to his wife.

“There’s no way you’re a vampire” Casey says folding his arms.

Harvey steps forwards, drawing back his lips to reveal his little sharp pointed fangs.

“Their so fake this is lame” Casey says sounding bored.

“Why I will show you” Harvey says leaping at Casey. Cameron quickly stands in the way.

“Harvey no”


Cameron leans into Harvey and whispers.

“You can’t have him just yet, later”

Harvey nods his understanding as Cameron smiles around at them all.

“Now then go get washed and changed and then come back down here for a nice cooked meal and a drink.”

“Oh what will we be having?” Ruby asks feeling excited

“Oh you know a couple of eyeballs, brains couple of glasses of blood the norm.”


“Now off you go.”

As Cameron ushers them out Dex and Xavier turn to face him.

“Is that your housekeeper upstairs?” Dex asks.

“Housekeeper I don’t have a housekeeper.”

“Dex said he saw a old woman in one of the upstairs windows” Xavier says feeling worried as soon as he saw the confused look in Cameron’s eyes.

“Old woman no Dexter your eyes must have been playing tricks, there’s no one up there” Cameron says before walking off to see to the meal.

Xavier and Dex look at each other and gulp.

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Thanks Screaming Queen, Red Ranger,Sarah,Beezzz,Sarah,Aden-Belle and Bobby Forever Missed

Glad you are enjoying this story.

Here is the next chapter.

Warning a small sexual reference in this chapter.

Chapter 5

The creaking of their footsteps seem to echo off the walls of the gloriously decorated living area. The chandeliers seem to sway from the ceiling, or maybe that was just Xavier’s imagination going into overdrive. But it seems very possible to him anyway that if they didn’t reach the top of this seemly endlessly staircase soon that the chandeliers would come crashing to the dark red carpet below.

Dex looks back to see the growing concern in Xavier’s eyes.

“It’s funny really don’t you think Xav? That I worry about our creaking floorboards at home and the chances of them creaking too loudly and waking two sleeping beauties of sisters up. Who would be very grumpy pair if they had their beauty sleep disturbed.”

Xavier only smiles back nervously in response.

“But hey ho these floorboards creak so much the echo from them might bring the whole house crashing down. I mean look at those masterpieces of art hanging from the walls over there they are getting ready to topple from the walls.”

Rather breathlessly April twirls round which causes Dex to flinch slightly.

“Dex would you stop blabbering away and watch where your going, you have kicked my heels twice now.”

Dex goes to answer but April lets out a cry of anger before turning away from him to continue her climb of the stairs.

“Oh dear somebody sounds abit stressed Dex whispers down to a lagging Xavier.

Just ahead of April a staggering tired Casey and Ruby make their way onward.

“Phew this staircase is soooooooo steep” Ruby sputters as she falls to her knees.

Casey turns back red faced and panting.

“It’s not it’s a piece of cake.”

“I’m sure it didn’t look this steep before we started to climb it” Ruby says as she lies flat out on the steps.

“Ouch Ruby get up” April says as she nearly trips over her.

“Sorry April I just need to die here a second” Ruby says as she closes her eyes ignoring the groan from April.

“Well I’m going to be at the top soon so…”

“Casey shh I can’t believe it she’s snoring” April says as she gives Ruby a little kick.

“Charlie just five more minutes please, my beds just so comfy” Ruby mutters sleepily as she hugs herself into the stairs beneath her.

“Ruby WAKE UP you’re not in bed” April says.

The chuckling of their host Cameron Welsh echoes up to them. The teens turn their heads to the side to see him standing holding the banister.

CHOP, CHOP PEOPLE MAKE IT SNAPPY. WE HAVE LOADS OF STUFF TO GET THROUGH, WE CANT BE HERE ALL DAY” he shouts through a fog horn while tapping and looking down at a clip broad.

The teens just stare back at him in confusion.

Cameron’s face seems to be hit with a sudden wave of realization as he looks to the fog horn he has in his hands.

“I’m sorry about that guys it’s just the director in me” he says chuckling.

“Oh I’m sorry Ruby for waking you, but you can’t go taking a nap on the stairs now can you?”

“There seems to be a cliché with your staircase Sir” Dex says raising a hand.

“Oh really what sort of cliché?”

“Well it seems longer than we were expecting” April says This remark causes Dex to be caught up in a sudden fit of giggles.

“Oh Dex that’s just childish” April says shooting Dex a disproval glare.

“Ah yes the staircase has a habit of changing its length. Maybe I should have warned you about that.” Cameron says causally.

“Yes I think you should of mentioned that your staircase likes to grow.” The five of them say together.

“Casey why don’t you carry Ruby the rest of the way?” Cameron suggests. Casey who just looks dumbfounded at such a question being asked stares back at him.

“Come again er no way am I carrying Ruby she………….”

Casey is cut short at the sounds of Ruby’s joy as she jumps on to his back like a monkey.

Casey sighs before continuing.

Xavier catches Dex giving him a look.


“I bet that blows for you watching Casey give your girlfriend a piggy back doesn’t it?” Dex asks as the step beneath April gives way.

“Oh yes watch out for dry rot maybe I should of warned you about that too” Cameron says in a amused sounding voice as he walks away.

Upon finally completing their daunting task of the misleading staircase the five of them find themselves looking down a long hallway. On either sides of the hallway are black wooden doors some of which are smeared with blood.

Dex drops April to her feet having just carried her after she had put her foot through the rotten step on the stairs. To Xavier’s great relief Ruby is no longer getting a piggy back from Casey. Xavier smiles down at her as they walk hand in hand.

“Well this just gets better and better, first they try and scare us with their stairs are alive little trick and now we are faced with a load of mysterious doors.” Casey says smirking round at the others.

“Do not mock the doors Casey they might very well be the doors to our doom.”

“Well thank you for that oh so comforting thought Dex” April says as she walks over to a door on the left side of the hallway, but ends up jumping back from it as it crashes open.



The balding worried man sighs as he takes a look at no doubt the group of new contestants.

He dashes forwards and takes Casey in a iron like grip a look of utter terror shine in his eyes.

“Er what the hell dude stop creasing my t shirt go and crease Dex’s.”

“Hey no don’t this happens to be my favorite t shirt and its the only one I have that’s pink.” Dex moans.


“No it really is the only pink t shirt I have” Dex says sounding puzzled.

“NO, NO GET AWAY FROM HERE” the terrified man says looking at Casey who is yawning.

“Oh really and why should we do that?” Casey asks mid yawn.


“Oh really is that the best you can come up with?” Casey asks smirking.


“Seriously you’re a actor aren’t you? Who’s getting paid to scare us Casey laughs as Kelly is thrown from the open doorway of her room, quickly followed by two suitcases.

Jeeves pokes his head out from the room a creepy like smile starts to take form as he eyes the five teens up and down.

“Out with the old and in with the new” he hisses.

Steve and Kelly pick their suitcases up from the floor in a hurry and dash past the five worried looking teens.

“Well don’t just stand there come and collect your room keys” Jeeves says holding out five skull shaped keys in a bony hand.

“Ok their abit creepy” April says taking a look at the end of her long thin key with it’s top end shaped as a skull.

“No their not their just a gimmick” Casey says rolling his eyes.

“Well who wants to share with me then?” Dex asks looking hopefully over at April.

“Nice try Dex but I don’t know if you know this but you talk in your sleep.”

“Oh does he say anything good?” Ruby asks expecting April to tell her a nice bit of juicy gossip.

“No just babbles on about his comic collection.”

“Well Dex I best not share with you” Ruby says smiling cheekily.

“Oh why not?”

“Well I may just end up having my naughty way with you if I did” Ruby says causing Dex to go the same colour as his t shirt which was bright pink.

Jeeves seemly to have lost his patience hobbles over to Xavier with great speed and processes to pull him across to the open doorway of the empty room.

“Hey what the……”

Jeeves motions Dex over to the room.

“You two are sharing Jeeves hisses shoving the skull shaped keys into their hands.

Jeeves then ushers Casey and April over to a door opposite to Xavier’s and Dexter’s before providing them with two skull shaped keys.

Jeves then hands Ruby one key

“You my pretty have your own room.”

Looking quite worried round at the others Ruby takes a gulp.

“I can’t get this stupid key to turn” Xavier groans as he jiggles it about in the lock.

“Xav just relax and let the key be at one with the lock. Let them merge together let them bond with one another.”

Xavier turns.

“This is not helping Dex you talking about the key as if you’re speaking about a a man and woman.”

“Oh I just thought my smoothing calming words would help” Dex says.

“Oh great the keys stuck now” Xavier says as he kicks the door in anger.

“Well maybe we have a dodgy key or something. Casey and April got into their room well enough” Dex says earning a look of anger from Xavier as he pulls at the trapped key in the door.

“Oh well whoppee do for April and Casey” Xavier moans.

“Xav step back would you?” Dex says giving his hands a quick flex.

“Dex if I can’t open the door there’s no way your going to be able to do it. Why oh why did that mystery gust of wind blow it shut it was all open and ready………”.

“Xavier be quiet please” Dex says as he gives the key in the lock a gentle twist. Xavier can only watch wide eyed as the door to their room creaks open.

“No need to thank me dude I’m just the master at logically thinking.” Dex says as he gives Xavier’s shoulder a quick pat on his way into the room.

Xavier stands knocking at the door to his and Dex’s en suite.

“Dex hurry up, your worse than Ruby at getting ready, we need to get to dinner and we don’t know how long it’s going to take with that growing changing staircase.”

Dex splashes water from the sink on his face. As his focus clears from the water in his eyes, he catches a glimpse of what looks like a figure of a small child staring back at him in the mirror.

“Er ok I’m sure I locked the door” Dex mutters.

“Stay away from the water it’s dangerous” the small child whispers before vanishing without any trace of ever being there.

Dex turns casting a look over his shoulder.

“Er hello are you there?”

“Of course I am, now let me in I really need to pee” Xavier says from outside.

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Thanks Red, Aden-Belle, Beezzz,Sarah and Screaming Queen :D

Hope you enjoy this one.

Chapter 6

“Come on Dex I’m desperate here” Xavier says

As he continues to knock at the bathroom door, meanwhile Dex is too busy gazing over his shoulder in confusion to hear him.

“Dex what are you doing in there?” Xavier shouts through the locked door as a sudden chill creeps down his spine.

Xavier takes a look round the room to see if there were any open windows that could of made him shiver. Shrugging when seeing there wasn’t he turns back to the door.

“Dex I think we have been drawn the short straw here.”

“Why?” Dex asks back. His eyes still in search of the mysterious child from moments before.

“It seems abit draughty in here” Xavier says as he feels a second chill go through him.

“Dex you ok?”

“YEAH BE OUT SOON” Dex shouts back.

“Ok I will finish unpacking” Xavier calls to him.

Xavier listens for Dex ‘s repose and goes to knock the door again.

“Did you say you were going to unpack sweetly? Would you like any help with that?”

Xavier turns at the sound of the sudden voice to see a white hair old woman dressed in black peering into his suitcase.

“Well my dear?” The old woman asks peering up at him giving him a smile.

“Er no its ok thanks I would like to do it myself” Xavier says as he blushes slightly.

The old woman moves forwards, if Xavier was filly wake and not so tried from the plane flight and rather cramped car journey here, he would of laughed at himself at thinking the old woman had just floated over to him, and had tried to playfully shove his shoulder with her hand, which to Xavier’s knowledge he never felt but seemed to go through his shoulder instead.

“Oh don’t be so embarrassed my dear at my age I have seen it all” she says.

“But I would very much prefer to sort my own…………….”

“Awwww sweetly some very outrageous pair of boxer shorts you have here.” The old woman says holding up a pair of yellow and pink spotted boxers. Well that was what his mind tried to convince him of. But it very much looked to Xavier that instead of holding the boxers they were floating in mid air.

“I will just tuck these into a draw for you sweetly.”

Xavier watches her as she seems to glide softly over to his chest of drawers.

“Anytime I can help you dear just come and find me. Or if you fancy a good old gossip I’m always up for that too.”

“Er thanks, hey how exactly did you get in here you didn’t come through the door?” Xavier asks.

“Oh I don’t need doors to get to where I need to be my dear. Now then let’s hang these t shirts up for you in the wardrobe here, hopefully there won’t be too many cobwebs inside.” she says as if by magic the wardrobe doors seem to blow gently open

Xavier’s graze never for a second leaves the woman, which is what confuses him the most as she suddenly seems to have vanished right before his eyes. A pile of his t shirts lay in a heap inside the open wardrobe.

Xavier feeling slightly spooked turns to the bathroom door to see Dex standing there.


“Yes Dex?”

“I don’t want to alarm you or anything here but I think I just seen a actual ghost.”

“Funny enough I think I have too” Xavier says as they both take a nervous gulp.

“LET’S GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE THEY COME BACK” they both shout dashing over to the door.

“Dex have you got the key?” Xavier says shoving his hands in his pockets as he desperately tries to find it.

“No haven’t you?”

“You don’t think the ghost stole it do you?” Xavier asks looking rather freaked.

“Xav from my knowledge of watching Ghostbusters……..”

“You watch Ghostbusters?”

“I might do yes, well as I was saying I don’t think the ghosties really have a great need for the use of keys” Dex says watching Xavier nod.

“Ah good point why would you need a key when you can just go through walls instead?”

“Unless you’re the type of ghost who likes to steal keys in a way to mock the living,” Dex says as he watches Xavier dig deeper into his pockets

“You know Dex I never knew these pockets went so deep.”

“Yes, yes can you feel the key yet?”


Dex leans against the door for support.

“Oh my well this is JUST GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAT……………” Dex shouts as he falls out of the room and into the hallway.


“My God Dex are you ok?”

“I have found your key Xav” Dex says from down on the floor.

“Really where?”

Xavier pokes his head out of the door and follows Dex’s pointing finger to the door lock.

“Oh we left them in the door what a pair of clowns we are.”

Xavier doesn’t notice the pale look which has come over Dex at the mention of clowns as they make their way to the long and daunting staircase.

Bracing himself for the all and mightily creak Xavier slowly places his foot down on the first step. But to his utter shock the weight of his foot is not met by the loud creak of the old and rickety staircase but is instead met by a loud screaming wail.

Xavier and Dex turn to see a terrified looking Ruby running towards them.

“Rubes what’s happened?” Xavier says as he catches her in his arms.

“You didn’t have a small kid join you in the shower did you? Because one showed up in the mirror of our bathroom, with a somewhat cryptic message about water.” Dex says giving Ruby a wide eyed look.

“Er no there’s a really big spider hanging from the lampshade in my room. I was sat under it reading the welcome pack thingy and it dangled down into my face and then……….”

“Hey, hey don’t worry” Xavier says giving Ruby’s forehead a quick kiss as he hugs her to his chest.

“Welcome pack hey?” Dex says in wonder, he catches Xavier glaring at him as if to say was that all you heard from Ruby telling us about her ordeal?

Casey sits at the big dining table rolling his eyes as April’s nagging continues.

“Casey I just don’t understand why you packed your surfboard.”

“Well I thought that might have been obvious April.” he says sighing loudly.

“Oh enlighten me then please?”

“To surf April to surf” Casey says.

“Surf where?”

“In water.” Casey says.

“Well I don’t see any water round here” April says while smiling.

“God your annoying what on earth did Heath see in you? Because I have only been alone with you for fifteen minutes and you are driving me crazy.”

“Heath and I had a good connection if you must know” April sys rather matter of factly.

“Wooooooooooooooooooooo Heath and I had a good connection” Casey mocks.

From up at the head of the table Cameron Welsh who has been in a deep looking conversation with a smartly dressed woman looks up laughing.

“April you should know a River boy never goes anywhere with his surfboard, Casey don’t worry there’s quite a big lake in the grounds you can surf there.” Cameron says before he goes back to some important looking documents that the woman has just placed on the table in front of him.

“If you just sign on the dotted line there Cameron” the woman says.

“Very well in the unlikely event of something happening to me this contract allows you to take over as the executive producer of this scarily good little reality show”

“Yes that’s right.”

Cameron turns as he hears Xavier, Dex and Ruby come up behind him.

“Ah hey guys I would like you to meet Lucy Addario Cameron says gesturing toward the woman sat next to him.

Lucy smiles at the three teens.

“In the unlikely event of something happening to me Lucy here will be left in charge” Cameron explains.

“What could happen to you?” Xavier asks.


“Like forget to set your alarm to wake up you mean, that sort of something?” Dex asks.

“No nothing that miner I will be placed in charge if say Cameron Welsh here dies or something.” Lucy says while smiling sweetly.

“DIES” Xavier, Ruby and Dex all say shocked.

“Yes.” Lucy says simply.

“On that cheerful note lets eat” Cameron says as a small crowd of chefs appear round the table with plates and plates of food.

Ruby jumps as the dark caped form of Harvey sweeps down from somewhere above and sits in the chair next to her.

He grins with blood red lips at her before grabbing at a jug filled with red liquid.

“Drink?” He asks her.

“What is it its not blood is it?” Ruby says laughing nervously.

“No its cranberry juice” Harvey smiles, Ruby nods her head slowly watching the red liquid fill her glass

Harvey then passes the jug round the table to the others.

“Enjoy its fresh” he says glancing round the table.

Xavier jumps spilling a red stain of the liquid on his t shirt as something stumbles into the back of his chair. Glancing back to see what it had been Xavier lets out a yelp.


“Ah Meb my sweet how utterly divine it is to see you” Harvey says sarcastically.

Yes I think I just throw up abit in my mouth at the sight of your rat face Harvey.”

To break the tension building Casey shouts down the long length table.


Dex felt his body tense at the mention of water, could this be the start of warning he had in the bathroom’s mirror? Harvey looks to Casey.

“You’re going into that lake?” He asks.

“Well yeah er you alright you look quite pale dude?”

“THAT IS BECAUSE HIS A VAMPIRE CASEY.” Cameron Welsh shouts as he gives Lucy a nudge and a wink.

“Don’t worry his not really this whole thing is a sham” Cameron says

Lucy chuckles.

“Is it now?”

Cameron nods.

Melissa fixes Harvey with her dead zombie eyes.

“Harvey don’t look so worried its not as if you have anything to feel guilty about concerning the lake now is it?”

Harvey glares over at his zombie wife.

Suddenly the atmosphere as grown vey tense Cameron Welsh coughs to break the tension.

“So we will start filming tonight and we will be live so expect scary things to start happening ok gang? You may even see a ghost.”

“We have already haven’t we Xav?” Dex says with Xavier nodding.

“Oh you have but that is impossible we……..”

“Yes I have seen a old woman waving to me from upstairs…….”Dex gets cut off as Xavier pipes up.

“Oh I think I have met her too Dex, I forgot to say she helped me unpack while you were in the bathroom speaking to your mirror ghost.” Xavier says

“What did you see in the bathroom Dexter?” Cameron asks.

“A small child warned me to stay away from water.”

Harvey and Meb glance over to each other with tears in their eyes as they both share a painful memory from long ago.

The smoothing sounds of Xavier’s snores help a sleepy Dex to relax into the softness of his bed, but as he is just about to drift off Dex’s duvet suddenly feels very tight. It feels as though someone is sat at the bottom of the bed. Dex gives his sheets a quick tug when they don’t go loosen he peers to the foot of his bed.

Even in the darkness of the room an outlined form of an old woman can be seen sitting there.

Dex screams which causes a sweaty looking Xavier to jump up from his bed.

They both peer round the room.

“John what are you watching?” Sid asks as he goes to tell him to keep his howling laughter down.

“Xavier and Dexter just nearly weed themselves with fright look at them” John says.

Sid looks to the TV screen to see Xavier and Dex screaming as they bump into each other as they tried to find their way in the light switch. Sid can’t help but to laugh too.

John looks over to Alf in the next bed to him.

“Alf what’s wrong with you your not to scared to watch are you?” John says as he and Sid continue to laugh at the TV.

“His asleep John maybe you should do the same, oh and Dr Walker this is a hospital not a playground people aren’t supposed to be having fun.” A grumpy looking nurse says before turning and walking away.

Sid and John take one look at each other before bursting into another fit of the giggles.

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Thanks Red, Sarah and Beezzz

Here is the next one hope u like it

Chapter 7

Now being blinded by the brightness of the rooms sudden light, Xavier and Dex take a careful glance over at one another. Both of them can’t hide the terror in their eyes.

“Dex man you sacred me to death why did you scream like that?”

“Xav I…….” Dex can’t go on as he looks quickly away from his bed in case of seeing the old woman still sitting at the end of it.



The hallway outside the room is suddenly filled with a blood curdling scream. Xavier and Dex grow even more tense as the scream grows all the nearer to their door.

“What’s going on out there?” Xavier quietly squeaks to Dex.

“LET’S NOT OPEN THE DOOR TO FIND OUT” Dex shouts covering his ears from the loud shrieking going on from the hallway outside.

“What if……….”Xavier squeaks again.

“Xavier stop it with the what if’s. I’m sure that this very intense screaming will just drift by our door and leave us alone. Its not as if it can knock on our door now is it?”

But before Xavier has even the time to response their door is being banged on with such force that it surely would be knocked from its hinges within the next few seconds.

“Ok so I was wrong it would seem a scream is indeed able to knock on door. Well who knew? I certainly didn’t that’s for sure. I mean what’s the likelihood of that happening? I will tell you shall I……”

“DEX SHUT UP RAMBLING GEZZ” Xavier blurts out in a panic as the loud knocking continues to try and bash the door in.

“Ok yes well I’m sorry.”

“That’s cool just don’t go and open the door no matter how tempted you may be. By the sounds of it that’s something very evil out there.” Xavier says rooted to the spot.

“Hey guys let me in quick.”

Dex looks over to Xavier before he decides to move over to answer the door.

“No, no Dex its just a trick.”

Dex only stares at the knocking door before turning back to his sweaty roommate.

“Well I could call her a lot of things, but evil wouldn’t be one of them” Dex says reaching out to turn the doorknob.


“Guys come on please I’m sacred.”

Dex turns to Xavier with a puppy eyed look.

“She’s sacred Xav”

“Oh no I have seen horror movies like Amityville horror where the haunted house plays tricks with your mind” Xavier says shaking slightly.

Sighing Dex turns and opens the door.

“Ruby come in sorry about the long wait. Xavier thought you might have been a evil sprit come to eat his soul or something. While I on the other hand thought………”.Dex is once more cut off.

“That’s nice Dex” a tearful Ruby says as she runs over and flings her arms round Xavier.

“I can’t stay in that awful bedroom by myself any longer.” Ruby sobs into Xavier’s t shirt.

“Ruby what’s the matter?” Xavier says stroking her long hair.

“I was in bed just relaxing.”

“Oh believe me I was doing the same until Dex decided to scream blue murder.” Xavier yawns.

“Your never guess what happened.” Ruby says as she shudders.

“No we can’t Dex says as he moves in closer as if it was going to be a really good ghost story Ruby was about to tell.

“Well you remember that spider from earlier which sacred me?”

Xavier and Dex nod.

“Well I was lying there and then I see it’s built its very own spider web within inches of my face.”

“NO IT NEVER DID, DID IT?” Xavier and Dex say together as Ruby wipes tears from her eyes.

“Then I hear this moaning coming from my wardrobe” Ruby says as she takes a long breath.

“That will be the old wood settling” Dex says as he looks to Xavier for some encouragement of his claim, but ends up with only getting a shrug of the shoulders from him.

“Well no it wasn’t that Dex because next thing I know, someone has come stumbling out the wardrobe and has fallen on top of me, so I just got out of there as quick as I could” Ruby finishes as she is caught up in another flood of tears.

“Rubes your safe now your….”

Just then there is a deafening crash against the window.

“ON SECOND THOUGHTS LET’S GET OUT OF HERE” the three of them shout before running from the room.

The hooting from a nearby owl has had a calming effect on Ruby, as she sits snuggling up to Xavier, while gazing up at a sliver lit moon. Even with Ruby’s calming sighs blowing on his cheek Xavier can’t help but feel tense, as his eyes survey the eerie and daunting graveyard with all its gloomy tombstones poking out of the ground.

“You’re alright with us being out here aren’t you Xave?” Ruby asks dreamily.

“Oh yeah no worries” Xavier says sounding rather high pitched.

“Awwww thanks I just needed to get out of that house and get some fresh air” Ruby says with her head resting on Xavier’s shoulder.

Xavier flinches slightly as he spots a figure run past one of the tombstones, but he soon breathes a sigh of relief when he realises its Dexter.

“Awww this is so romantic Xav don’t you think? Just me and you sat under a sliver lit moon.”

Oh yeah Ruby it is but you forgot to mention all the tombstones looming ahead of us. Xavier thinks but not wanting to let Ruby know what he really thinks he just settles for….

“Yeah its lovely Rubes.”

Dexter never thought in a million years that he would have felt at home among countless amounts of tombstones but he did. After stopping and tracing some of the crumbling writing from a couple. Dex with a spring in his step moves on, he doesn’t have to go far until………

“April what are you doing?”

“Oh hey Dex.”

Dex watches her bend to the ground, and scoop something up into her hand.

“Are you picking up litter?”

“Yes don’t you think it really bad of Cameron to just leave it blowing round out here? I really think I need to speak to him about the environment you know I mean I know these people are dead.” April says as she gazes round at all the graves.

“But come on show some respect.”

Dex just stares back at her in great wonder.

Xavier still feeling sacred looks out into the darkness of the graveyard, he takes a look down to a chilled out Ruby for like a second before glancing up again, and in that fleeting second of checking on Ruby someone or something is heading towards them. Xavier does a quick scan of the graves in the hope of spotting Dex, maybe he could scream out to him before whatever was approaching could cause him or Ruby any harm. Dex was no where in sight Xavier to sacred to speak shakes Ruby.

“Ruby we need to go.”

“Oh no not yet” she says dreamily.

Xavier tries to focus on the thing which is drawing all the time closer to them.

“What is it Xav why do we have to go?” Ruby asks sighing with utter bliss.


“What Xav?”



Xavier let’s out a loud girly scream as he watches the slow stumbling zombie creature of the dead approach.


The zombie comes to a dead stop looking rather puzzled.

“Er Zombie who’s one of them then?” It asks.

“Er you are” Xavier says.

“Don’t be silly Xavier I’m not a zombie, how’s things going?”

Xavier looks up at the creature of the night puzzled.

“Well you look pretty dead to me.”

“Oh cheers but I guess that is what war does to a man” the zombie says as he pushes his flopping forehead into place. Xavier winces at the flies that are buzzing about in the zombie blown away cheek.

“Ruby how’s Charlie doing is she alright?” The zombie asks.

“She’s fine and who are you to be asking about my Mom? Ruby asks.

“Oh come on you must recognise me what with my devilish handsome good looks.” the zombie says.

Xavier and Ruby howl with laughter at this comment.

“Rude very rude, now does Nicole or Aden live here?”

Xavier and Ruby give each other odd looks.

“They must do I’m feeling very drawn to this house for some reason” the zombie says as he stumbles up to a smiling Cameron Welsh who is standing at the front door to the house.

“Ah welcome abroad Roman Harris, been abit blown apart I see” Cameron says.

“How did you know my name?” Roman asks as he is ushered inside.

Xavier and Ruby just glance at each other in utter shock.

Alf lies back in his hospital bed he can feel a small little ache start to rise to his chest, as Morag passes him yet another gape. How many of these flaming things did he have to eat?

“Next time Morag bring me a nice piece of fish in will you?”

“Alfred here have another gape and stop moaning.”

As Alf leans towards Morag for his gape a sharp pain courses through his chest.


Morag drops the gape in shock as she watches her brother have another heart attack,

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Thanks Guys

Here's a short one hope you like it I'm not to sure

Chapter 8

Sid seems too lost in his own thoughts to hear the stampede of the three women’s footsteps, as he goes to open the double doors to the exanimation room, Roo, Morag and Colleen had just seen Alf wheeled away in a bed from.

They look to Sid as he walks towards them while looking down confusedly at a clipboard.

“Sid was it another heart attack?”

Sid seems to be so engrossed with his clipboard that he doesn’t seem to hear Roo’s much needed question.

“SID please we need to know.” Roo says as she glances to Morag and Colleen.

“Mmmm Sid says as he goes to chew lightly at the end of his pen that he has just used to write something down on his sheets of notes.

“Well I have never seen anything quite like this before” Sid says frowning while still looking to his clipboard of notes.

“OH GOD IS IT THAT BAD?” Roo shouts.

“Yes it well and truly has me stumped.”

“Sid where were those porters taking Alfred too?” Morag asks sternly.

“You know this is a puzzle” Sid says.


Sid looks up looking surprised.

“Alf no, no it wasn’t a heart attack I ran a ECG and it came back clear.”

“So what has you so puzzled?” Colleen shrieks.

“This dam Sudoku puzzle” Sid says through gritted teeth.

“Oh that is just charming I gave that Sudoku book to Alf too keep his mind active, while he is here and he goes and gives it to Dr Walker.” Colleen says looking sad.

“Well he said he was having trouble with it, and he said if he was going die then he wanted this flaming thing solved.”

“Well that is nice Sid but…….”

“Morag I have sent him down for a chest x ray Sid says as he looks down to Alf’s puzzle book again.

“Ah I have got it” Sid says as he chuckles.

Even with the sharp pain creeping through his chest, Alf was getting really bored as he waited outside of the X ray room. How long had he been waiting now? The clock on the wall said it had been only five minutes, but Alf had a sneaky suspicion that someone had the clock wound back to make it seem that way. He sighs as he watches doctors and porters go passed him in a rush.

“Alright Daisy you just wait there, it wont be long alright?” a young nurse says who has just parked a old white haired woman opposite Alf.

“Ok my dear don’t worry it gets me off the ward for a while” Daisy chuckles sweetly.

“Awww bless you” the nurse says smiling as she gives Daisy’s arm a light stroke.

“Would you like a tea or a coffee?” The nurse asks.

“Woo coffee please” Daisy says back sweetly.

Alf meanwhile has managed to struggle (even with his chest pain) to sit up in his hospital bed. He wasn’t sure what it was about this Daisy woman but he just felt blown away by her, and the need to watch her was overwhelming. Something told him she wasn’t as sweet as she was making out.

“Sugar Daisy?” The nurse asks.

Daisy chuckles.

“No my dear I’m sweet enough” Daisy says as she gives Alf a small telling smile that she was far from it. As the nurse walks away to fetch Daisy her coffee Alf is knocked slightly by a run by porter.

“Flaming……” Alf stops himself as he looks back to Daisy feeling the need to impress her.

Daisy smiles to the nurse as she hands her, her coffee and then walks away.

The pain has risen into the back of Alf’s throat now, and as Daisy lifts her cup to her mouth to take a sip Alf lets out a loud burp.



Alf and Daisies eyes meet. Could this be the start of something beautiful? Could Alf and Daisy be a flaming match in heaven? One thing is for certain they both flaming hoped so.

Roo, Morag and Colleen are somewhat shocked to see Alf with a massive wide grin as he is wheeled back into the ward.

“Alf what’s with you have they been giving you happy pills or something?” John asks looking across from the next bed to him.


“Yep definitely the happy pills” John says as he goes back to his crossword.

Alf sighs dreamily.

“Alfred are you still in pain what about your heart? Sid said it wasn’t a heart attack so what was it?”

“No Morag no pain I’m on flaming cloud nine. I met my soul mate”

“Where down at X Ray? John asks.

“Yes and she’s so like me its untrue.”

“What were your chat up lines?” John asks laughing.

“Oh we hit it off straight away, she’s coming to see me later.” Alf says.

Sid walks up to Alf’s bed.

Alf I am pleased to tell you I have completed your Sudoku puzzle and……”

Morag glares at Sid.

“Sid would you like to tell us why he was in so much pain before and…..”

“Indigestion Morag that was all it was probably, from eating too many of your gapes.” Sid says laughing.

“STONE THE CROWS MORAG STOP BRINGING THE FLAMING THINGS WILL YOU?” Alf says before he goes back to thinking of the beautiful Daisy.

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Thanks Guys

Here's the next one

Chapter 9

A yawning Xavier is bolted back to reality as the sound of his fried egg is slapped down onto his plate.

“There you go, nice and runny just the way you like it”

Xavier takes one fleeting glance at Roman’s zombielike appearance before his eyes fall quickly to his plate. Thankfully no scream has managed to escape him and Xavier was proud of that fact. The reason being it wasn’t everyday you had your breakfast served by a zombie.

Roman hadn’t even managed to stumble all the way from Xavier before he had gobble all his breakfast up.

Cameron gives Roman a wink.

“Well it would seem you haven’t lost your touch in the kitchen.”

Xavier lifts his eyes up from his plate to catch Dex, April and Ruby wearing expressions of disgust as the last stinky aromas of the dead corpses of Roman waffles away from them.

“Dexter I can ensure you the food is safe to eat” Cameron chuckles as he watches Dex prod at his cooked breakfast with his fork.

“Roman Harris is a very talented chef why I would even go as far as to say his the best.”

Roman grins at this showing a mouthful of decaying and half shot away teeth. Ruby grabs at Xavier’s hand. While his other hand is in a fanatic search for a napkin, but as Ruby’s panic grows and the pain of her digging her nails into his palm intensifies Xavier settles for grabbing and dabbing at his mouth with the tablecloth.

Dex who is still poking at his food with his fork sighs.

“Well after in expecting this delicious looking food, I have come to the conclusion that there maybe a real possibility that I myself may become a zombie if I so much as took the smallest bite of it.”

Roman looks shocked and abit upset at this assessment of his cooking.

“Why the used by dates are still all in date? I double check twice, the food is all fresh.”

“Yes but the chef isn’t” Dex says as he pinches at his nose as Roman walks over to inexpert his plate.

“I can’t eat this either, I’m sorry and it has nothing to do with you being a zombie Roman” April quickly adds.

Roman looks at her confused, why was he being called a zombie? He wasn’t dead as far as he was aware, he was far from it. He had just come back from fighting in the war, granted he didn’t remember how he had managed to get back home, maybe after getting caught up in that mine filed and somehow surviving his mind had chosen to block his journey back home out.

“Are you sure you can’t eat it April?” Cameron asks.

“Maybe I can before I do though.”

“Yes?” Roman asks as his forehead flops open.

“Are the sausages and bacon organic? And are the eggs free range?”

“I don’t know” Roman says as April pushes her plate away from her while shaking her head in disappointment.

“Don’t feel so dishearten Roman I’m sure Casey will be very hungry after his surfing out on the lake” Cameron says as he gives Roman’s rotting shoulder a pat.

Xavier and Ruby tense up as the door to the house creaks open and s second later slams shut.

“Yhaoooooooooooo that was so cool” Casey screams as he runs up to the dinning room.

“Did you have a good surf then Casey?” Cameron asks as Roman shoves the plate of April’s unfinished breakfast under his nose.

“You bet I did, that lake has some really good waves” Casey laughs a he looks round at everybody while biting into a sausage.

“Get a grip guys there’s nothing scary about this place, its just like a holiday camp ah this food tastes so good” Casey says as he takes a plate from a grinning Roman and takes a seat next to April.

“Ewwwwwww” April says as she glances at Casey’s plate of food.


“Nothing on that plate is organic you know?” April says.

“So what?” Casey says shrugging as he bites into some crispy bacon.

April can’t seem to be able to take her eyes off him even with the grease from the bacon running down his chin.

Casey stares back as her eyes seem to slowly check him out.

“April its rude to stare you know?”

“Yes it is Casey so stop doing it to me” April says, as she starts to wonder what it would feel like to kiss him, how soft would his lips feel against hers? And how it would………hang on one second was she falling for Casey? And was that such a bad thing if she was?” She had already been with Heath was it so bad if she had Casey too?

“Well that is nice you had a good surf Casey, and now that you have all had time to settle in, I’m afraid to say that play time is now over” Cameron Welsh says as he brings a sliver briefcase from under the table. Xavier and Ruby take a sideways glance at each other and then flinch as the sliver briefcase is slammed down on the table.

“Now you may be wondering what is inside here?”

“I know what it is?” Dex sighs.

“Er its not a head is it?” Xavier asks nervously.

“No Xav it’s the prize money” Dex says but within a few moments of silence from Cameron Dex starts to doubt himself.

“It is isn’t it?” Dex asks.

Cameron nods.

“It is just think of how happy you’re going to make the people of Summer Bay if you win it.”.

A sound of a slight cough causes Cameron Welsh to look behind to see a rather strict looking Lucy Addario waddling a finger at him.

“Tell them the truth now Cameron”

Cameron gulps as he turns back looking rather sheepish.

“Tell us what?” April asks.

“Well you do understand this is not my idea” Cameron says as he slides the suitcase of the prize money down the table to them.

Dex catches it and smiles.

“Wow guys you just wouldn’t believe how light £30000 is” Dex says as he lifts the case.

“It’s just as if it doesn’t weigh anything, it’s like this case is empty it’s………”

“It is empty but feel free to keep the case” Lucy Addario says stepping forwards.

“Are you having cash flow problems or something? Because I’m not staying here if there’s no money at the end of it we need that money……..”

“Shush Xavier, bundles of cash are placed round the house, your job is to play along with us and try and win it.”

“How?” Dex asks.

“By playing some very screamish games” Lucy says smiling.

“Oh that doesn’t sound too bad” Dex says looking quite positive.

“Did you miss the screamish part of the desperation Dexter?” Lucy asks him.

“That’s just to make it sound fancy I’m sure” Dex says grinning.

“Xavier and Dexter you are first up to face the Game Mistress” Lucy says as she points to a mysterious door at the end of the dinning room which has just seemed to appear in out of thin air.

“Ok let’s go” Dex says grabbing hold of Xavier and starts to drag him towards the door.

“Your first game against the Game Mistress is Chess” Lucy calls to them.

“Ah that will be easy I’m a chess master” Dex says.

“What’s my job I can’t play chess” Xavier says looking back at Lucy.

“You have to keep Dexter calm she says simply.

Xavier looks to Dex.

“Dex does chess scare you or something?”

Dex looks to Xavier with an odd look.

“Er no.”

“Dexter that might be so, but as you play your game of chess your also be facing your darkest fear. Oh and Dexter you must win your game of chess otherwise you lose the bundle of money within that room” Lucy says chuckling.

“What’s your darkest fear Dex?” Xavier asks as they open the door to the Game Mistress lair.

“Nothing well I guess people they tend to scare me or clowns”

Xavier can’t help but howl out with laughter as they both enter the darkness of the games room.

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Thanks Screaming Queen, Red, Aden-Belle,Sarah Bezzz for the feedback :rolleyes:

Here's the next part not to sure about the chess moves in this part :lol: All I remember is my bro beating me with moves like these.

Chapter 10

The constant irritating tap, tap tapping of her fingernails upon the table was really starting to get on his wick. Now so much so that he had decided to include a loud rustle of the newspaper, that he had drawn up to his face. For every annoying tap of impatience from her would soon be answered with a quick rustle from his newspaper.

From behind the black and white pages he could sense her fierily like glare. In mere seconds he felt that what he holds in hands will be nothing but ash. Because he sure can feel the heat from her eyes that much is certain.

Romeo lets the paper flop down to the table with a look of someone who has just been defeated badly in a brutal battle.



“Romeo please don’t say it” Indi says in that modtone voice of hers that has really started to grate on Romeo in the last few weeks.

“There’s nothing Indi.”

“But Romeo there must be, we need the money we need to pay bills, buy food……”

Bringing the paper back up to his face Romeo switches off from Indi’s long and quite frankly boring list of worries of married life.


Romeo’s eyes slowly scan down the jobs section page of the paper. He can’t be sure but is Indi shouting now? Romeo lets her yells fall upon deaf ears, he had gotten used to her nagging over the last few weeks, of her telling him to get a job, He had found that just learning to block her out seems to be the best option.


“Indi, Indi it’s alright I think I have just found the prefect way to earn some money.” Romeo says dropping the paper to the table pointing out the small advert at the bottom of the page.

“Well that’s great I will give you my support in anything that you do Romeo.” Indi says gazing down at advert which has seemed to get Romeo all excited.

“Well don’t you think it will suit me Indi? I can show off my great and awesome talents” Romeo says as he waits for her response.

“Er Romeo this doesn’t sound like a job to me I,……… Oh wait I see its surfing. Another surfing contest well no Romeo I’m afraid you can do this again” Indi says looking up at him.

“But you just said you would support me in anything why not surfing? Its what I like doing………”

“Romeo stop there are two reasons you can’t do this. One Ruby after the last surfing contest you both did together, and the way she was flirting with you I don’t think so” Indi says shaking her head.

“Well Ruby’s away at the minute in that haunted mansion show so…… ,and anyway I’m not interested in her. I never have been she’s too needy I love you Indi I……….”

Indi cuts him off.

“Reason two that you can’t go is that out of all my jealously of Ruby trying it on with you last time I sold your surfing gear and surfboard on Ebay.”

Romeo sits dumbfounded as he looks at her as he comes to terms with what she has just told him. It’s like his reactions are on a go slow because after some time he lets out a very slow and loud……..


“I Ebayed your surfboard Romeo.”

Romeo shakes his head in shock; he then just sits looking dazed for a few seconds before asking…..

“You got good money for it though didn’t you? Because it was priceless.”

“I got £1000 for it” Indi says smiling.

“Well that’s good see we do have some money then?” Romeo asks sounding hopeful.

“Er not really” Indi says blushing slightly.

“What do you mean?” Romeo asks with a look of confusion on his face.

“I went into the Yabbie Creek and blew it on a lush dress” Indi says as she hears a sigh escape Romeo as he picks up the newspaper again and continues to look over the

borefest of jobs on offer.

“Dex where are you?” Xavier whispers as his outstretched arms search for his friend. Upon entering the blackness of the games room Xavier seems to have lost all his bearings.

“Xav I’m here” Dex whispers back as he grabs hold of Xavier’s wandering hand.

“Xav duck down abit there is a cobweb close to your face.”

“But Dex’s warning comes too late for poor Xavier who gets a faceful of cobweb.

Dex continues to drag him onward, as Xavier pulls the elastically cobweb from his face. Dex suddenly stops causing Xavier to fall into him.

Just ahead of them is a brightly lit small table. Placed upon the small table is a glowing chess broad is all set up. Within seconds a brightly yellow spotlight is being shone down upon the Game Mistress.

“WOW its Indi” Xavier says in awe.

“Indi?” Dex questions

“Well she looks like Indi to me Dex.”

Dex stares at the Game Mistress.

“My God Xavier your right it does look like her” Dex says.

“Step forwards and prepare to be defeated by none other than a girl.”

Xavier and Dex take a look at each other.

“Wow this is strange she has Indi’s modtone voice as well.”

“Indi Dex asks stepping closer.”

“Who is Indi because I can say I’m not her.”

“She’s my sister it looks like she may be yours too.”

The Game Mistress glances at Dex looking confused.

“Why do you say that?” She says.

“You have such Similarities its untrue” Xavier says.

“That may be true but that does not make it a certain fact I could be related to this Indi. It only makes it possible that I could be.”

Xavier and Dex take one look at each other a utter a simultaneous oh boy.

The Game Mistress points to a bundle of £50 notes which hang over what looks like a trap door.

“Now if you beat me which is anything but impossible may I add. You will win £50 towards your prize fund” the Game Mistress says.

“Ok let’s go” Dex says peering down at all the chess pieces on his side of the broad.

Please state your name first the Game Mistress says.

“Er ok it’s Dexter The War Lord of chess” Dex says giving Xavier a quick wink.

“Oh in that case I’m Lottie The Stealthy Assassin of chess” Lottie says as she and Dex both gaze off into each others eyes as a way to psyc each other out.

“Oh well Stealthy Assassin get ready to feel the pain of losing”

Dex laughs as Lottie moves her prawn in front of her King two spaces forwards. Dex then quickly moves his prawn in front of his Knight two spaces forwards. Lottie then moves her queen up into the corner.

“I would believe that would be a two move checkmate” Lottie says smiling.

“What no, what, no way I…….. “Dex says while blinking madly at the broad.

“That was only a warm up though so get ready Dexter” she says as she sets the broad up again.

The faint sound of laughter can be heard from somewhere out in the abyss of darkness of the room.

“Xavier what was that?” Dex says as he shoots a worried look over his shoulder.

“Dex The War Lord of chess focus, you don’t want to be beaten by a girl twice” Lottie says as she makes her move as fast as lightening.

The sound of laughter grows louder Dex can hear the hint of madness in this approaching laughter.

“Dex are you shaking?” Xavier asks.

“Xav I think its time you do your job of keeping me calm” Dex says while he holds a chess piece in his shaky hand. Lottie only smiles flicking her blonde hair back over her shoulder.

Dex shudders with fright as the sound of some party poppers are blown.

“Dexter, Dexter stop clowning round” a high pitched voice shrieks which is followed by a laugh of madness.

Xavier upon seeing the distress that Dex is going through starts to stoke his back.

“It’s ok Dex just breath in and out slowly”

Dex does as he is instructed.

Lottie smiles up to Xavier.

“Sounds like his in labour” she says.

The loud sound of a popping balloon makes Dex leap up into Xavier’s arms gripping tightly at his t shirt.

Dex then glances round at all the surrounding clowns with all there grinning faces every one of them is armed with a tube of silly string. Dexter screams as he sits in Xavier’s arms shaking.

“Do you concede the game Dex?” Lottie asks.

“YES, YES I CAN’T BEAR THIS” Dex manages to scream just before being covered from head to toe in silly string from every direction.

Xavier watches as the money drops down the trap door.

“Well oh dear” Lottie says as she looks up to Xavier with Dex still gripping to him just as scooby doo would to Shaggy.

“You’re up next” Lottie says smiling at Xavier.

“Allow me to try and win the money we just lost back” Xavier pleas.

“Very well double or nothing, I don’t think much of your odds though” Lottie says.

“Why what is my challenge?”

“That would be a game of Pool.”

Xavier just laughs in Lottie’s face there was no way he was going to lose or was there?

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