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Coming to Terms with It

Guest DrRhysLawson

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Story Title: Coming to Terms with It.

Type of story: Short/Long (Undecided)

Main Characters: Jett James, VJ Patterson, Leah Patterson, Gina Palmer, John Palmer, Xavier Austin.

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst

Does story include spoilers: Uh, maybe for UK - Jett and His father scenario.

Any warnings: Homosexual storyline, sexual content (not much - since they're young.) But gay - being a tricky thing (As I do not know Australian's views on gay people [law and such] and Being from Sweden where it's very gay friendly I'm just taking procedures not to be in trouble.

Summary: VJ has always known girls wasn't for his liking, he's always felt that he liked men/boys more than he could describe. There's one person he wants to try and be with; and that's Jett James. Jett secretly likes him too, will they get their act together?

-Will post chapter in a new post.

Little note about my name; I had a blonde moment and thought Rhys Lawson was from Home and Away, and then after, I remembered he was in Neighbours!!! :o

Librarian Edit: First chapter has been moved to this post. Please check your Inbox, thanks. :)

Chapter One: Hints.

VJ sat in his classroom, waiting patiently for Mrs Palmer to come in and tell him off for being an utter jerk to Jett, while the boy was upset. All VJ could think about was how Jett would get away with everything he had said to VJ, too about him; because Mrs Palmer was his guardian. Somehow, VJ found it unfair. But he always thought Jett was highly attractive. That was not something VJ wanted to deal with either; his sexuality - he wasn't even old enough to understand, well at least he thought he shouldn't be thinking about how he would like to walk down the beach holding Jett's hand showing the world, he was gay and showing his mother too. But VJ was scared, Jett was always fighting with him - when he desperately needed to be friends with him, only because he felt the need to be around him more than a usual boy would feel. Gina Palmer had walked into the room, "Now VJ, I hear you've been mean to Jett."

"Yeah, now dish the punishment! Cause he get's away with everything living under your roof," muttered VJ tapping his hand on his desk repeatedly. Sometimes VJ wished he was an international student, who had a native tongue, like Swedish so he would have to learn English. But this was not the case and he had to listen to Mrs Palmer babble on about how much Jett was going through. So what? He lost his mother, he would get over it. VJ got over it when he lost Dan, his father. Everything would be fine and he almost told Mrs Palmer to stop treating Jett like he was a baby and to definitely stop modally coddling him. But he knew he would be in even more trouble. Once VJ was dismissed he grabbed his bag and got his things out of his locker shoved them in his bag and headed towards the beach.

Jett was sitting on the top bank of the beach, watching the waves roll in. His life felt like it was spiraling out of control, like he had no utter sense of worth, and value to life. He missed his mother, he wanted to find his father Richard Bozic. He wanted to be friends with VJ - but they kept being at loggerheads over the smallest things. He *hated* not being able to go up to people and say hey, without feeling the need to put on an attitude. All his life he's been stealing and ripping people off just to eat, because his mother was so useless at being a parent for him. Was it his fault that she went down that road? Why did he feel the need to stay at the beach and think and blame himself.

He noticed VJ storming along the beach, watching the sand. Jett got up and ran towards him, carrying his bag on his shoulder.

"VJ! Wait up! I want to talk!" screamed Jett.

VJ stopped and span around, "Why so you can just bully me again?"

"No! I want to apologize, I know I was stupid being an ass to you! I'm sorry! I won't do it again, thing is; I just want to be your friend, I want to get to know you. I don't have much friends here, and I do not know how to make them," admitted Jett.

VJ's heart picked up a degree, "Uh, yeah sure. You want to go get a milkshake? Mom would let us have one, for free if I asked her nicely."

"That'd be awesome! Thanks VJ, this means a super lot," winked Jett.


Short and simple, yes. I just want to know what you think of the beginning of the story...

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