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  1. Martha returning would be brilliant, though don't the police still want her for harboring a criminal? If Hugo comes back with her, I'll kill him. -.- I don't know who Brett is (though stated above as Martha's father) I've not seen him. And I didn't recall him being in the show 2005, maybe I might of missed that year. Sucks that Martha can't come back and Jack being risen from the dead
  2. I've always like Xavier's character, coming into the show - obsession with drugs. Him listening to Jack Holden, to change his perception. Then him going through all that he has, and coming out the other end wearing a police officer's uniform. He showed that the littlest change, can come from the biggest decision and for the better. I will miss Xavier.
  3. I do not like the way she's acting at this point (Up until I've seen) the way she tried to trap Romeo and such. She is getting to be a pretty pathetic character and I really dislike the childish behavior.
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