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Summer Bay Holocaust (by ScreamQueen2006) - comments

Red Ranger 1

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Oh wow.Astonishingly everyone seemed completely in character, I could imagine them saying everything they said in that chapter.And...Penn's a vampire?Alf's been turned into a zombie?I've no idea where you're going to take this but I'm really looking forward to finding out, that was really well-written.

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I am really enjoying this. Its funny, werid, and serious at the same time!

All the characters are still themselves (as in how they'd be on the show) whislt all this is going on.

Hopefully Charlie shot the right person lol.

Marilyn's comments about Alf been on the patio was so Marilyn. Gotta love her!

More soon please :)

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I agree with what callyha said, it's such a bizarre situation that part of you wants to laugh, yet it's being played so seriously and all the characters are so accurate that you kind of get involved in it as well.Hopefully...most of them will be all right.Looking forward to more!

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