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I Shouldn't Love You....But I Do!

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Chapter 21! :o

Melody met her best friend Nicole at the beach after school.

"That maths test sucked!" Melody nodded in a agreement. She licked the white ice-cream she had bought with money Indi gave her.

"Mrs Fletcher is pretty cool though!" Mrs Fletcher had become Melody's favorite teacher.

"Yeah! She's awesome!" Heath walked past and waved to Melody. Melody waved back.

"Hi Heath!" Nicole laughed."What?"

"Sorry! It's just you called him Heath! I thought that you would call him dad?" Melody shook her head. They had decided that Melody didn't have to call Heath dad if she didn't want to.


"Do you get along with Indi?" Melody smiled. Indi was a better mother then Tegan could ever be!

"She's more of a mother too me then Tegan was!" Nicole nodded. She and Melody had the same past. Nicole's dad Romans girlfriend Charlie is more of a mother to her then her actual mother was.

"Same with Charlie!"

After seeing his daughter on the beach with another girl Heath felt happy that she was fitting in! He chucked his keys on the bench scareing Indi who was half asleep.

"Don't do that again!" Heath laughed. Why was Indi so tired?

"Why are you tired?" Indi layed back down on the couch.

"Roxi is sick! I only just got her to sleep!" Roxi had caught the flue from daycare and Indi had to take the day off.

"Right! I saw Melody down on the beach with another girl! Heath plonked himself next to Indi who put her head in his lap.

"Thats great!"

"I hope shes happy..." Indi looked up at Heath with a smile.

"I think she is!" Indi gave Heath a kiss."Stop worrying!" It was true Heath was worrying about Melody. It was only three days ago she stole sunglasses.

"I know!"

Thats the end!

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Thanks for the comments!

Chapter 22 :wub:

Nicole was jealous of her BFF! She has Heath Braxton for a dad, nobody will ever mess with her! Plus she's going out with Geoff Campbell! In maths class Melody passed her a note it read

Ric Dalby wants to go out with you!

"Miss Franklin would you like to read that note?" Woops! She got caught!

"No Mrs Fletcher..."

"No more notes!"

"Yes Mrs Fletcher!"

After Class!

"That was embarrassing!" Melody and Nicole laughed.

"Yeah! Sorry about that! But what was on the note was true!" Nicole rolled her eyes. Classic Melody trying to be matchmaker!

"Yeah right!" Ric came up to them.

"Hey! Nicole can I talk to you for a second?" Nicole nodded and walked to the other side on the hall."Will you go out with me?" Nicole smiled. Melody was right!

"'yes!" Ric gave Nicole a hug and left. Melody ran up to her.

"OMG! He asked you out didn't he?" Nicole laughed at her friend.

"Yes! He did! I said yes!" Melody squealed and hugged Nicole.

Heath was serving Bianca. He couldn't help himself.

"I heard you've been having trouble with April..."

"Where did you hear that?"

"April stayed over one night!"

"Let me guess that pretty fiancee of yours heard too?"

"Yes Indi did!" Melody came running up with her best friend Nicole running behind her.

"Heath can we a coke each please?" Heath nodded and handed the two girls a coke."Thanks! Can I sleepover at Nicole's please?"


"Thanks! Lets go get my stuff!" And the girls ran out of the restaurant.

"Who was that?"

"None of your business!"

"Righto!" Bianca leaves the restaurant.

Thats all!

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Thanks Red ranger 1!

Chapter 23! :D

"Casey!" Heath had told Indi about Bianca's strange behavior from last night. Casey comes walking out of his bedroom.

"Yeah?" Indi was going to let April sleepover again. She felt like April was in danger!

"Ask April to stay the night!" Casey's eyes widen in shock! Indi couldn't blame him for being surprised!

"Really?" Indi nodded.

"I'm worried about her! Plus you'll have to sleep on the couch!" Casey nodded. just before he was about to go in he said.

"Thanks Indi!" Indi smiled.

"No problem Case!" Indi pulls out her phone to ring Melody.

"Hello?" Indi smiled. She was glad to see she was Ok!

"Hey sweetie! When do you want to be picked up?" There was silence from the other end.

"In ten minutes if thats Ok?"

"Ok! I'll see you in ten minutes!"

It was Heaths lunch brake. He was thinking about things. He was so lost in his thoughts he forgot why he was on the walkers doorstep.

"Hello! Come in!" Sasha led Heath into the lounge room. Where Xavier Austin was sitting down."You know Xav! Right?" Heath and Xavier both nodded."So...Why are you here?"

"Well...I was hoping I could ask Dex something?" Sasha nodded.

"DEX!" A annoyed looking Dex stomped into the lounge room.

"What?" Dex turned and looked at Heath."Hi!"

"I need to ask you something!" Dex sighed."Will you be in mine and Indi's wedding?" All the teenagers eyes widened! Heath forgot that Indi hadn't told them yet!

"You and Indi are getting married?" Heath nodded."Ok! I'll be in the wedding!" Heath noticed that Sasha looked upset.

"Whats wrong?"

"Am I going to be in the wedding?" Heath really didn't know! Indi hadn't told him who she was choosing for her maid of honor or her bridesmaids.

"I'm don;t know who Indi has chosen but I reckon you will be!" Sasha nodded."Well...I've got to get back to work! So I'll see you later!"

Melody waited with Nicole on the steps out the front of her house for Indi to pull up.

"Have you talked to Ric?" Nicole laughed.

"No! When was last time you texted Geoff?" Melody laughed.

"Yesterday!" Both girls laughed as Indi pulled up."Bye!" Melody gave Nicole a hug and got in the car.

"How was it?" Indi asked as they drove off.

"Great!" Melody answered while waving to Nicole."How was your night?"

"Good! Bye the way April's sleeping over tonight." Melody liked April! She was funny and really nice!


"I have a question to ask you!" Melody smiled.

"What is it?"

"Will you be one of the bridesmaids at mine and Heath's wedding?"

"Yes! Who's going to be the flower girl?"

"My little cousin Rachel!"

Thats the end! The Rachel who was mentioned in the story is supposed to be Rachel Mcgreagor.

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Chapter 24! :blink:

Sasha looked at the test,it must be wrong! There was a knock on the door.

"Coming!" Sasha opened the door to find her sister standing there."Come in!"

"Thanks! Will you be my maid of honor?"

"Yes!... I need your help..." Sasha gives Indi the pregnancy test she took.

"Sash...This is positive!" Sasha started to cry. She was only sixteen!" Sash everything will be Ok!"

"Thanks! But Dads gonna kill me!"

"He'll get over it! Your biggest problem is Xav! Ring him and tell him to come over!" Sasha did as she was told.

"He's almost here!"

Five minutes later

"Xav come in!"

"Is everything Ok?" Sasha sighed here we go she thought.

"Xav...I'm pregnant..."

"Seriously?" Sasha nods her head."Wow!I'm going to be a dad sooner then I thought!" Sasha runs up and gives Xav a hug.

"Our lives are ruined!"

"No they aren't! Don't be silly!"

Sorry it's so short! Didn't have enough time to do a better one! Hope you like it though!

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Thanks Pembie and Red Ranger 1!

chapter 25! :P

Indi watched as a nine month old Roxi crawled to the teddy bear April bought her.

"It seems like only yesterday I packing my things up because I got pregnant with Roxi!" April and Indi laugh."How are you and Casey going?" Indi watched as the young girls expression changed from happy to almost sad.

"We had a argument yesterday..." Indi frowned. Yesterday Her and Heath had a argument over what to have for tea!

"What about?" April sighed.

"I told Casey that Bianca is still acting funny,so he suggested I move in with you,but I said I need to be there for Bianca"The girl takes a deep breath!"Then he called her crazy and it just snowballed from there!" Indi nodded. In a way April's right,but in a way Casey's right!

"Well...Casey shouldn't of called her crazy...."

"Thank you!" Indi sighed and rolled her eyes.

"But... I think you should move in with us as well!"

"Where would I sleep?" Indi had already thought about that!

"With Melody!" April moves her from side to side like she wasn't sure.

"Would Melody mind?" Indi laughs.

"Melody adores you!"

"Ok! I'll move in on Friday!"

Bianca picked up the the tall glass that was full of vodka. She had already had three glasses of vodka already,but who cares!

"Still drinking!" April waltzed in and chucks her keys on the bench.

"Yep!" April sniggered.Bianca glared.

"Glad I won't have to put up with that anymore!"

"What do you mean?" Bianca knew she was clearly drunk but what April said was confusing!

"I moving in with Heath,Indi,Case,Mel and Roxi on Friday!" Bianca almost spat out her vodka at hearing her little sister say this.

"You will do no such thing!" April smiled.

"Watch me!" With that April walks off.

Melody walked into the house to find a very happy Casey and Indi waiting for her!

"Whats going on?" Melody asks with a giggle.

"Sit down I need to tell you something!"Melody sat down still giggling"April is moving in with us on Friday...She's going to share a room with you! Is that Ok?" Melody smiled.

"Noway! I s she really?" Indi nodded."Thats awesome! Aprils like the big sister I've never had!"

"Am I more like a brother to you then an Uncle?" Melody smiled. Casey may be her uncle but he acted like a big brother should!

"Yeah! I'm very lucky to have you guys!" Suddenly she feels little fingers holding on to her feet."Hello Roxi!" She picks the baby girl up."Wow! Shes heavy now!"

"She is isn't she!" Heath walks in and gives Melody a hug,Roxi a kiss,Indi a kiss and Casey a high-five.

"Have you told Mel yet?"Indi nods.

"Yep!And she's happy about it!"

Thats all! I hope you are enjoying my Fanfic!

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Warning! Mention on physical child abuse.

Chapter 26! :wub:

Melody was sitting on the edge of her bed watching April make her bed.

"How do you do it?" April turned around. Melody wondered why she looked confused.

"How do I do what Mel?" Melody sighed.

"Get all of your homework done and spend time with Case!" April giggled. and Melody frowned. It was a serious question!

"Do you have Boyfriend?"

"Yes...." April comes and sits next to her on the bed.

"Who is it?" Melody giggled.

"Geoff Campbell!"

"I go to school with his older sister Annie!" Casey walked past the room"Case! Come here!" Casey enters the room.

"What?" April smiled. While Melody buried her head in her hands.

"Mel is dating Annie campbell's little brother Geoff!"

"Are you now!" Melody nods."Do I have to bash him?" Melody laughs."I take that as a...No!" Casey walks out of the room.

"You never answered my question!" April sighs.

"Well...I think of as I can't go see Casey if my homework isn't done so think about not seeing Case makes me work quicker!"


After the kids went to school and Indi and Brax both went to work,there was knock on the door.

"Coming!" Heath answered the door to find Tegan standing there."What do you want?"

"Where's my beautiful daughter?" Heath didn't understand.

"You kicked her out!" Tegan shakes her head.

"She ran away! I went out one night and came back she had left me a note saying she was leaving!"

"I don't believe you!" Tegan rolls her eyes and hands Heath a piece of paper with scribbled writing on it.

"This doesn't look like her handwriting!" Heath walks over and picks up Melody's notebook off the dinner table."See!" Heath looks at the two pieces of writing and realizes Tegans right."Actually your right!"

"I know I'm right! So go get my daughter!"

Melody was sitting in class when the principal walks in.

"Melody your parents are here!" Melody was surprised. She walked out to find Tegan and Heath standing there. She stops dead in her tracks.

"Mum...." Tegan ran over and gave Melody a hug.

'Hun you don't know how much I missed you! Come on lets go home!"

"Mum! There is a reason I ran away! I'm staying with Heath and Indi!"

"Actually Mel your going home!" Melody burst into tears.

"I can't! She hits me! Her boyfriends hit me! I can't go back!"

"Thats not true!"

"Heath why do you think I wear long sleeves?" Melody pulls up the sleeves of her top to revel a long line of bruises."See!" Just then the principal walked up again.

"Miss Callahan you will need to wait up at the office for the police to arrive!" The principal walked away with Tegan walking next to her. Heath gave Melody a hug.

"Mel....I'm so sorry!"

"It's not you fault!" Heath sighed still hugging his daughter.

"Lets get you home!"

Indi read the text message she got from Heath. Lets just say she was shocked.

"Um...Roo! Can I please have my brake early something important has come up!"

"Sure sweetheart!"


At home!

Indi walks in to find Sasha sitting on her couch.

"Sash! Now's not a really good time!" Sasha nods.

"I just came to say goodbye!"

"What do you mean 'goodbye'?"

"Nobody supports us! So we're running away. We are aloud to tell one person,I'm telling you and he's telling Romeo!"

"Sash please don't!"

"I've made up my mind!" With that Sasha leaves.

Thats all for now!

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Chapter 27! :lol:

"Heath! Get in here! NOW!" Heath walked in with muck on his hands.

"What?"Indi sighed.

"I've been meaning to tell you...I'm pregnant again!" Heath picked Indi up trying not to get muck on her.

"Thats fantastic!"

"Whats going on?" Melody walked in.

"I'm pregnant!" Melody jumped up and down and hugged Indi.

"No way!"

"I'm glad you're happy!"

Heath was ecstatic! He and Indi were already blessed with one beautiful daughter. Now there was going to be another baby crawling around soon!

"Case!Brax!"They walk in with a confused look on their faces.


"Indi is pregnant again!" Casey gives Heath a hug(A manly one of course!)


"I have some news too! Leah she's pregnant as well!" Brax and Leah had been dating for two years now.

"Congrats to you too!"

"Two new Braxton babies!" Indi walked up behind Heath and kissed him on the cheek.

"I need to be honest...I'm about ten weeks in...I've been to an ultra sound...Heath make it three new Braxton babies!"



"Indi's pregnant again!" Melody watched as Nicole almost spat out her water.

"Wow! Isn't Roxi almost ten months old!" Melody nodded."It didn't take them long then!" Melody playfully hit Nicole in the arm.

"Not funny!" Melody was sitting on Geoff's lap.

"Miss Callahan! No sitting on people!" Melody rolled her eyes.

"Sorry Mr.Fisher!"All the guys laugh."What a idiot!" Melody sits back on Geoff's lap.

"It's not like I mind!"

"Oh...Do you want me to get off?" Melody goes to get off but Geoff stops her.

"No!" Nicole climbs onto Ric's lap.

"It's fun sitting on other peoples lap!" Nicole and Melody giggle.

"You'll get in trouble!" Mrs.Fletcher's daughter Pippa came up to them.

"Does it look like we care!" Pippa gulped.

"No it doesn't! But you need to get off of their laps!"

"Go away!" Pippa did as she was told."She is totally going to tell on us!"

Thats all!

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Thanks Red Ranger 1!

Chapter 28! :ph34r:

Melody was in detention. Nicole,Geoff,Ric and her got caught throwing food at each other!

"Mrs.Fletcher looks stressed!" Nicole whispered quietly.Melody giggles.

"We're in here!"

"I didn't know detention was so funny Miss Franklin and Miss Callahan!"

"Sorry Mrs.Fletcher!" Nicole and Melody said in a unison.

"Thanks for the apology girls! Could you please get on with your homework!" Melody put up her hand."Yes Melody!"

"I've already finished my homework!" Mrs Fletcher sighed.

"Read a book!" Melody put up her hand again."Yes Melody!"

"I don't have a book!" Melody was lying! She had the twits in her bag.

"I know you have one Melody! So READ IT!"Melody giggled as she picked up the book and started reading.

Indi had gotten another call from the school saying that Melody had gotten in trouble again.

"Thank you Donald." Indi hung up the phone with a sigh.

"What now?"

"She was caught throwing food at her friends!" Heath nodded.

"This time I think we need to punish her!"Indi nodded in agreement.

"No phone for...two weeks!" Heath shook his head.

"Three weeks!"Indi nodded.

"Done!" Melody walked in."Give me your phone!"


"You heard me! Give me your phone!"

"Why?" Indi sighed.

"Because you got detention! Now give it to me!"

"No!" Indi closed her eyes and counted to ten.

"Melody....GIVE IT TO ME!" Melody handed Indi the phone"You'll get this back in three weeks!"

"Whatever!" The young girl stops off to her room.

Thats all! I want to know what you think of my fanfic! Is it any good?

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Thanks JosieTash!

Chapter 29! :wub:

Since Indi had punished Melody,things were going great! Melody's behavior had improved.

"Hello Roxi!" The baby looked up at her with smile."Happy birthday!" Indi handed a nicely wrapped box to her precious daughter."Do you want some help?" Indi unwraps the box to revel a new dress and shoes."This is from Daddy and mummy!"Roxi slowly walks over to Indi and gives her a hug and a kiss.

"Wheres mine?" Roxi let out a cute little giggle and walks over to Heath and gives him a hug and a kiss.

"Roxi! Look what I got!" April walked over with a pretty purple bag in her hand."This is from Case and me!" Roxi put her hand in the bag and pulled out a new wiggles hat.

"Wiggle!" Everybody laughed. Roxi was a huge fan of the wiggles. Roxi gave Casey and April a hug.

"Look what I made you!" Melody was clever when making things out of wood for some reason! She handed Roxi a small jewellery box painted pink with red love hearts. Roxi smiled and hugged Melody.

"Roxi liked my gift!" Melody and Geoff were walking hand in hand to class.

"Did she! She is pretty lucky to have a big sister like you!" Melody giggled.

"Right! Casey and April know Annie!" Geoff nodded.

"Yeah! Annie said they're nice!" Melody knew they were nice!

"April is like the big sister I've never had! And Case is like a annoying big brother!" Geoff laughed.

"Ok! Lets get to class before we get in trouble!"

Indi was working at the diner when a bunch of River boys came up to her.

"I heard you're pregnant again!" Indi frowned. He spoke to loudly.

"Be quiet!" Indi whispered."What can I get you?" The boys laugh.

"three toasted cheese sandwiches and four pieces of lasagna!" Indi nodded.

"Ok! I'll be right over!" As Indi walked Leah asked.

"Are you really pregnant again?" Indi rolled her eyes and nodded."Congrats!"

"Thanks! Please don't tell anyone!" Leah laughed.

"Colleen heard!" Indi laughed. she picked up the order and took it over to the boys.

"I s Heath with you guys?" They all laugh.

"Nah! He's out surfing!"

"Whats so funny about that?"

"Lets just say he didn't want to get in!" Indi's eyes widened. She chucked her apron on the bench and ran down to the beach.

"Heath!" Indi was looking around everywhere until she found him on some rocks. She ran over to him."Heath!Baby are you Ok?" Heath didn't answer. Indi pulled out her phone and rang the hospital."Heath please stay with me!"

Thats all!

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So there is no confusion it's rated G!

Thanks red ranger 1!

Chapter 30! :lol:

Heath woke up to find his beautiful fiancee staring at him. All of the sudden Indi jumps up and starts yelling.

"Nurse!Nurse!He's awake!Nurse!" Heath laughed but soon stopped as the room filled with doctors and nurses.Heath was getting frustrated!

"STOP!I want ten minutes alone with my fiancee...so get out!" All of the doctors and nurses shrug and leave.

"What happened?"Heath sighed and started to explain.

Flash back! 4 hours ago!

Heath walked up to shore of the beach and was tapped on the shoulder.

"Heath!"Heath turned to find P-Wee standing there.

"Hey mate!"

"Have you got rid of that chick yet?" Heath shakes his head.

"Nah!I don't plan on it!"P-Wee shakes his head.

"You have to dump her mate! She's not one of us!"


"So! She's a lame goody two-shoes!" Heath punched P-Wee straight in the face!

"Right!" P-Wee pushes Heath into the water and Heath hits his head on a rock.

Current day!

Indi couldn't believe it!

"You were pushed because your marrying me!" Indi's eyes welled up with tears as Heath shakes his head.

"No! Babe I was pushed because P-Wee is jealous of me!"

"Look you need to have those test and I've got to pick up Melody and Roxi. See ya!" Indi walks out of the room and as she was about to leave the hospital she looked back and saw all of these doctors and nurses pouring into Heaths room.

Sorry it's a short one!

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