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I Shouldn't Love You....But I Do!

Guest Apex Forever

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Chapter 11 :P

Heath was outside Indi's old home. He had no idea what he was going to do. He knocked on the door.

"Heath? What are you doing here?"

"I need to talk to Sid!" Sasha yelled out for Sid. Sid showed up at the door.

"Why are you here?" Heath looked at Sid.Well actually it was more of a glare.

"Indi has been crying nonstop for two days!" Sid shrugged.

"And..." Heath started seeing red.

"IT'S YOUR FAULT!" Heath was pretty sure Indi could hear him at the diner.


"Sorry..."Sid nodded.

"I'm sorry too...Indi's upset because of me? Why?"Heath took a deep.

"First you kicked her out,then you packed up all her things and now you wont reply to her messages!"

"Righto...Can you please leave?"

"Unbelievable!" Heath leaves the walker household.

"Here you go!" Indi walks back to the counter.

"Hey!" Indi looks up to find Heath looking at her.

"Hey! Whats up?" Heath looked upset."Are you Ok?"

"I just visited your dad!" Indi raised her eyebrows.

"I can't talk now,but I'll be home at two Ok?"

"Yep!" Heath walks away.

"What was that about?" Leah had heard every word! Indi thought she might as well tell!

"I pregnant with Heaths kid and we live together plus we're dating!" Leah raised her eyebrows.


Thats all! Sorry it's short!

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Chapter 12 :ph34r:

Heath snuck into his own bedroom trying not to wake a sleeping Indi. BANG! Heath bumped into the chest of draws.

"Baby..." Heath looked on as Indi lifted her head up.

"Sorry...I tried.." Indi layed her head down back on the pillow,while Heath hopped in.

"What happened at Dad's...Oh and by the way Leah knows about us!"Heath looked at his girlfriend in amazement.

"Well about Leah I don't care. At your dads there was a lot of arguing." Indi looked tired and sad.

"The arguing was about me wasn't it?" Heath nodded and hugged Indi."Are you happy?"

"Are you?" Indi nodded.

"I am! But what about you?"

"Yeah I am! Now lets go to sleep!"

Indi had just finished serving a customer,when Brax showed up!

"Brax your out!" Indi ran to Brax and gave him hug.

"Yeah! Yeah I am! Wheres Heath?" Indi was trying to remember what the restaurant was called.

"Um....Angelos!" Brax nodded.

"I've gotta go! Take care!" Brax gave Indi a quick hug and left.

"Didn't expect that!" Indi looked up to find Mink standing there.

"When did you get here?"

"Yesterday! I thought you were dating my brother! But your dating someone called 'Brax'" Indi smiled and laughed.

"Not 'Brax' somebody else!" Mink nodded and left.

Heath was cleaning the bar when Brax showed up.

"Brax! When did you get out?" Heath was actually excited to see his brother for once.

"One hour ago! I saw Indi she seems good!" Heath nodded.He almost forgot about his pregnant girlfriend who lives with him and his brothers.

"Sit down! I need to fill you in!" Brax sat down confused.

"With what?" Heath took a deep breath.

"Indi's pregnant and she's living with us!" Heath watched as his brother's jaw dropped.

"Wow! How come she's living with us?" Heath took another deep breath.

"Lets just say...Sid's not happy!"


Indi wasn't sure if Heath had told Brax... But when Heath and Brax arrived home it was obvious that Heath had done.

"Hello Housemate!" Brax gave Indi a quick hug. Indi laughed.

"Yeah! Sorry it was a last minute thing!" Brax nods.

"Don't worry about it! You had nowhere else to go!" Indi smiled gratefully.

"Don't worry mate! She cooks the BEST! Eggs and Bacon ever!" Heath gives Indi a kiss on the forehead.

"They're not that good!" Heath raised hi eyebrows.

"Wanna bet?" Indi just giggled.

Thats all!

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Chapter 13 :wub:

Indi was by herself in the waiting room at the maternity ward. Heath had to work.

"Indigo Walker!" Indi winced. She wished Heath was here. She walked in and layed down.

"Do you know who the father is?" Indi took a deep breath and counted to ten.

"Yes...He had to work..." The nurse nodded.

"Sorry! Lets get this over with!"Indi nodded and waited for gel to squirted on.

"Thats cold!" The nurse laughed. Indi wished Heath was here so much more.

"Everything seems fine!" Indi was wiped down. Then she left.

Heath was angry at Brax because he didn't let him go to the ultrasound.

"I will never forgive you!" Brax shakes his head.

"Sorry! You need to work so you can buy a crib!" Heath watched as Indi ran up and gave him a hug.

"Is everything alright with the baby?" Indi didn't answer for a while.

"Yes... They asked me if I knew who the father was! I felt embarrassed!" Heath glared at Brax who came over.

"Sorry Indi..."

"This time Brax it's not Ok!" Indi stormed out of Angelos without saying another word.

Brax was sitting on the couch waiting for Indi to come home from work. He put her through hell and back today. Heath walked in.

"Wheres Indi?" Heath shrugs.

"She came home straight away yesterday so go check my room!" Brax walks up to the room that Heath and Indi share and knocks.

"Indi are you in here?" It took a while but Indi responded.

"Go away!" Brax shakes his head and opens the door.

"Indi I'm sorry!" Indi sighs.

"It was the most embarrassing moment of my life! I could've punched the girls face in after she said it!" Brax knew Indi was stubborn.

"You need the money for a crib and clothes and stuff! I thought I was helping!" Indi nods.

"I know you were trying to help...I'm over it!" Brax was confused. Did she just she doesn't care anymore?

"So...we're Ok?" Indi nods and smiles.

"Wow!It's sticking it's thumb up!" Heath Indi and Brax were looking at the ultrasound photos from yesterday.

"Yeah... I've got to get to work! Make sure you show Casey when chooses to get up!" Heath watched as Indi leaves.

"Me too mate! I'll see you later!" Brax walks out of the door.

"Morning!" Casey sees the piece of paper in Heaths hand."Whats that?"

"Indi's ultrasound photos!" Casey nods.

"Awesome! Can I look?" Casey takes one of the photos and laughs."Thumbs up to you too buddy!" Heath laughs.

"It's pretty amazing!" Casey nods.

"I better get ready for school!"

After work Indi was down at the beach relaxing when Mink showed up again.

"You've got a bit of a belly now!" Indi frowned.

"Thanks!" Mink shakes her head.

"Why did you brake up with Romeo?"

"Because he's a cheater!"

"So what!" Indi gets up and leaves not wanting to talk to Mink anymore.

Thanks for reading!

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Chapter 14 :P

Heath had come home from work to find a table set up with candles and flowers.

"Whats all this?" Indi came out wearing black dress. Her bump now showing a tiny bit.

"I thought we could spend the night together!" Heath didn't have a problem with it! Just wheres Casey and Brax?

"Where are the boys?" Indi smiled.

"Case is at Aprils and I gave Brax money for a motel room!" Heath laughed.Indi really had everything sorted out.

"Your very clever!" Indi took a little bow.

"Thank you!" Heath laughed and poured Indi an orange juice.

"Thanks babe!" Indi and Heath kissed.

Indi woke up from a bad dream. Heath had left her and the baby all alone and he didn't come back! Indi rolled over to find Heath still there and sleeping. Indi tapped him on the arm.

"Wake up!" Heath stirred and rolled over.

"Is everything Ok?" Indi snuggled up to Heath.

"I just wanted to say thank you for staying with me and the baby!" Heath kissed the top of Indi's head.

"Indi? Are you Ok?" Indi nodded. Did she sound upset?

"I had a bad dream that's all!"Heath sighed.

"What was it about?" Indi bit her bottom lip.What if the dream gives Heath ideas?

"You had left me when I told you I was pregnant..." Heath frowned.

"I would never ever do that! To anybody! Especially the girl I love!" Indi's eyes widened.

"You said that you love me!" Heath nodded.

"Yeah!it's true!"

"I love you too!" Heath and kissed.

"I'm serious! I have never felt the way I fell about you before!" Indi smiled.

"Same here...Not even with Romeo!"

Casey and April walked up the steps at Casey's house to find Indi baking cookies.

"Hi Indi! What are you doing here?" Casey was mentally kicking himself. April didn't know about Heath and Indi!

"I live here now!" April turned to Casey.

"I didn't know that!" Indi sighed.

"Because it has nothing to do with you! But...If you must know! I'm dating Heath!" Casey faked cough urging Indi to tell the rest of the story."And I'm pregnant,lets just say Doctor Walker wasn't happy!" April walks over and gives Indi a hug.


"Thank you April! I made some cookies do you want some?" Casey and April grab two cookies each and walk off to Casey's room.

Indi was watching a movie and eating the homemade cookies she made earlier. When she felt a tap on her shoulders.

"Hey!" Heath was holding a teddy bear.

"Hey! Whats that?" Indi was pointing to fluffy eared snow white stuffed puppy in Heaths hand.

"Well...I thought we haven't bought anything for the baby yet! So...I bought this!" Heath hands Indi the stuffed puppy.

"It's adorable!" Indi was playing with it's ears and legs. It's perfect for her little boy or girl!

"Not as adorable as you!" Heath kissed Indi's cheek.

"Smooth Heath!"

Thats all

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Chapter 15 :D

Indi had invited Sid,Dex and Sash over for a barbeque. All was going well!

"So...Whats it like living in a house full of boys?" Indi laughed.Sash still had 'I dislike boys' attitude.

"It's fine! As long as they remember to put the toilet seat down!" Everybody laughed.

"Did you know her cookies are AMAZING!?" Sid nodded in agreement with Casey.

"She does have gift for baking!" Indi blushed bright red. She wasn't use to all the compliments!

"Thank you! Dex hows school?" Dex smiled and nodded.

"Really good!" Casey scoffed. Indi glared at Casey.

"Casey you two have different opinions of school." Indi spoke in a dangerous voice.

"He's still a nerd!" Indi was furious.

"Casey come and help me in the kitchen!"

"Do I-" Indi cut him off.

"NOW!" Indi and Casey walked into the kitchen."I don't know if you noticed but things are going great! DON'T! Stuff it up! You hear me?" Casey nodded"Good! No more comments!" They walk back outside to continue the night.

After everybody and Indi had gone to sleep Heath had a go at Casey.

"Casey pull your head in!" Casey looked confused.

"Why?What did I do?"

"Indi has been trying to get along with her family for weeks! I won't let you stuff it up on her!" Casey scoffed.

"What are going to do about it?" Heath put his hand out.

"Give me your phone!"


"I said GIVE IT TO ME!" Indi walked out in her nightie.

"Guys whats going on here?" Casey handed Heath his phone and left."Care to explain?" Heath sighed.

"I was punishing him!" Indi frowned and sighed.

"Why?" Now it was Heath's turn to sigh.

"For tonight..." Indi rolled her eyes.

"I'm going to bed!"

Indi was taking a walk along the beach when she overheard a conversation between Heath and his friends.

"How's the Mrs"

"Annoying!" Indi wished that it wasn't Heath.

"How come your with her then?"

"Because she's pregnant!" Indi couldn't help herself she ran out in front of Heath.

"Wanna tell me what you just said?" Heaths face dropped.

"Indi!" Indi had tears in her eyes.

"Heath don't worry about me being annoying, because you wont see me!" Indi ran away with Heath going after her.

Thats all!

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Chapter 16 :o

Indi was sitting in the middle of her hotel room crying. Why had heath said those things? Was she really that annoying?There was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?"Indi wanted to know before she let anybody in.

"It's Heath! Please let me in?" Indi thought about it. She needs answers to the questions she had in her head. She let him.

"Why did you say it?" Indi watched as her Ex-boyfriend started to sweat.

"I...guess I didn't want to sound to the boys..." right then Indi thought poor excuse but anyway.

"Am I really that annoying?" Heath shakes his head."Look me in the eye and tell me that I'm not annoying!" Heath looked her in the eyes.

"Your not annoying at all! Your amazing! Smart! Beautiful and kind! I'm just and Idiot that was lucky enough to have but was stupid enough to lose you..." Indi was flattered and angry at the same time!

"I forgive you...But I'm not living with you just yet..." Heath smiled slightly.

"Fair enough...I'll leave you alone..."Indi watches as Heath leaves.

Heath went home to a waiting Brax and Casey.

"Well..." Heath really didn't know how to tell them.

"Um...She forgives me...But she's not moving in yet..." A wave of anger must've came over Brax.

"You can't take any relationship of yours seriously! Even when the chick is pregnant!" Brax yelled as loud as he could.Shocking both Casey and Heath.

"I know I was stupid! But please stop yelling!" Brax takes a deep breath.

"Ok! Sorry! Can I please use your phone to ring her?" Heath nods and Hands his phone over to Brax.

"Brax I don't want to move back!" Indi was laying her bump looking like a mountain compared to the rest of her.

"Why not?" After this question Indi started to feel big pains in her stomach.

"Put Heath on quick!"

"Indi is everything Ok?" Another shot of pain went through her stomach.

"I think I'm labor! Call an ambulance and meet me at the hospital!"

At the hospital!

"How is she?" Brax stared at Indi's two siblings.

"She's giving birth! How do you think she is?" Sasha started to cry"Sorry Sash!" Brax gives the teenager a hug.

"I wish she was living with us! Instead of a hotel room!" Sasha had thrown a nasty comment in there.

three hours later

Heath walks out of the room with a huge smile on his face.

"It's a girl!" Heath watched as Brax and Casey high-five each other,Sasha squeals and Dex gives Sasha a hug.

"Whats her name?Can we see her?Hows Indi?" Sasha was throwing all these questions at him.

"First her name is Roxi,Second no not yet and third Indi's tired." Everybody nodded.

Indi was buggered she rolled over to look at her beautiful daughter.Roxi had angel like features.Stunning blue eyes,a little bit bit of wispy blond hair.

"Hey..." Heath tiptoed into the room."She's beautiful!" Indi really wasn't in the mood for Heath.

"Please leave so I can get some rest!" Heath sighed.

"Fine! Bye." Indi went back to looking at her gorgeous daughter.

Thats all!

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Thanks to read ranger 1 and Sazcaz89 for the comments!

Chapter 17 :P

Indi was leaving the hospital with Roxi she decided that she needed to live with Heath...for Roxi's sake of course!

"You ready to go?" Indi nodded.

"Can't wait to get out of here!" Heath laughed. Roxi was asleep in Indi's arms."Could you put her in the car seat please?" Heath takes the sleeping Roxi out of Indi's arms.

"Yep!" Heath puts Roxi in the car seat and turns to Indi."I'm sorry about what I said,can you forgive me?" Indi bit her lip. Heath said some pretty nasty things about her.

"Look,I guess I'll have to,but lets get one thing clear! You do not talk about me to the boys!" Heath nodded.Indi smiled."Oh! and another thing,your sleeping on the couch for a week!" Heath sighed

"Fine!" The couple got in the car and drove off.

While Indi was sleeping Heath took care of Roxi. She hadn't stopped crying!

"Mummy's trying to sleep!" Heath was about to give when he spotted a dummy."Here you go!" Heath gave Roxi the dummy and she stopped crying.

"I never thought that Heath Braxton would be good with babies!" Heath looked at Bianca standing there."Who's baby is it?" Heath was shocked he thought everybody knew Indi was pregnant with his kid.

"Mine!" Bianca laughed

"Who's the unlucky girl?" Heath glared at Bianca. How dare she.

"The LUCKY! Girl is Indi! Who is trying to sleep." Indi walked out in her nighty her hair all messed up from sleeping.

"Bianca get out of my house!" Bianca sniggered and left."What was she doing here?" Heath kissed the top of Indi's head.

"I honestly don't know!" Indi picks up Roxi who had drifted off to sleep.

"I'm gonna put Roxi to sleep put a movie on!"

April was annoyed at Bianca. She had gone down to the Braxton household and somehow got herself kicked out!

"Bianca! I know you're jealous of Indi! But that was just stupid!" April watched as Bianca stuffed her face with ice-cream."Stop eating for once!" Bianca looked up.

"I'm depressed my little sister has a Braxton for a boyfriend! While mine is in rehab!" April really didn't see her point.

"So? You don't have to make everybody's life miserable!" Bianca put her face in her hands. Why is she crying? Indi should be the one crying!

"April you don't understand! You have a perfect boyfriend!" April laughed. She loves Casey but he has his flaws!

"Nobody's perfect!" Bianca laughed. What was so funny.

"Indi is!" April rolled her eyes. Bianca was being stupid!

"I'm going!" April grabs her car keys and leaves.

Thats all!

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Chapter 18 :wub:

Since Indi had forgiven Heath for what he said everything was going great! Indi and Heath were on a movie date when one the ads came on it read

'Indi Walker will you marry me?' everyone in the cinema was looking around trying to fin out who Indi walker was.

"Yes! yes I will!" Indi leaned over and kissed Heath. everybody clapped and cheered.

"Really?" Indi nodded. Even thought it had only been a week since Indi forgave him they had been through a lot together.

"I love you!" Heath smiled.

"I love you too!"

After the movie Heath gave Indi her ring.

"Indi Braxton... Has a bit of ring to it!" Indi laughed and leaned her small head on Heath's broad shoulder.

"It does a bit! Like Roxi Braxton!" Indi smiled. Heath loved making her smile, because it meant she was happy.

"Maybe...We should move out of the house and get one of our own..." Heath thought that this was a great idea,but they didn't have enough money for at the moment.

"After the wedding maybe!" Indi nodded in agreement.

"Sounds like a plan Stan!" They hopped in the car. and price tag was playing"Seems like everybody's got a price wonder how they sleep at night when the sale comes first and truth second am I the only one getting tired!" Heath laughed at indis singing."It's not that bad..."

"Your a great singer! It's just you don't usually sing!"Indi sighed.

"Nice save!"

Casey was watching 'Family Guy' When Indi and Heath walked in.

"Since your marrying Heath can bake some cookies please?"Indi laughed. She obviously said yes thought Casey.

"Righto! Smarties or chocolate?" Casey looked at Heath.

"Smarties please!" Heath plonks himself next to Casey."How did it go?"

"Awesome!" Casey and Heath high-fived. Casey helped Heath arrange the Ad."Thanks for your help?"

"No probs! Anytime you wanna ask somebody to marry you! I'm your guy!" Heath punched his brother in the arm.

"Smart Alec!" Casey rubbed his arm.

"Bully!" Indi came out laughing.

"He is a bit!" Heath poked his tongue out at Indi who returned the favor.

"All right kids!" Indi and Heath laughed.

"How are you and April going?" Casey and April had become closer. In fact so close that April was sleeping over.

"We're good..." April walks out of Casey's room with a weak smile on her face.

"I've been having trouble with Bianca..."

Thats all!

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Thanks for all the comments!

Chapter 19 :D

"What kind of trouble are you having with Bianca?" Indi asked with a mouthful of cereal.

"We're just arguing all the time I just wanted to get away from it!" Indi nodded. She knew what it was like."I'm going now! Thanks for letting me stay!" Indi smiled at the young girl.

"Anytime!" After April left there was a knock on the door."Coming!" Indi answered the door to find a unfamiliar girl standing there."Can I help you?"

"Maybe...Is this where Heath Braxton lives?" Who was this girl? Why did she want Heath?

"Yes...I'm his fiancee... Who are you?" Indi watched as the girl bit her lip. Thankfully Roxi was sleeping.

"Melody...I'm Heaths child... Tegan didn't tell Heath about me...." Indi couldn't believe it!

"Come in...Be quiet your sister is sleeping..."

Heath cam home to find Indi sitting on the couch with a pretty blond girl.

"Who's this?" The blond girl looked up at him. She reminded him of someone...But who?

"Heath meet Melody... Your daughter..."

"Hi!" Melody reminded him of Tegan!

"So...How old are you Melody?" Heath really didn't know what to say to the poor girl.

"twelve..." Heath nodded.

"Ok...We have a spare room for you to sleep in if you want." Melody smiled.

"Thank you!"

"Have you met Roxi?" Melody nodded."Whens your bedtime?" Melody shrugged.

"Mum was never home so I went to bed when I wanted to.

"8.30 from now on...Ok?" Melody nodded.

"I'm going to bed! Night!"

Thats all!

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Thanks pembie and Red ranger 1 for the comments!

Chapter 20 :P

"Why did you decide to look for Heath?" Indi looked at the blond girl who arrived yesterday. Dropping a BIG! Bombshell.

"Well...Mum kinda kicked me out..." Indi was shocked! She looked over at her beautiful daughter laying down on a blanket and thought I could never do that to my child!

"Why?" Indi watched as tears welled up in the girls eyes.

"She said I was annoying! Then she threw all my stuff onto the lawn while I was at school and told me where Heath lived!" Indi felt sorry for Melody! Heath walked up and gave her a hug.

"Listen! If I had of known you were alive I would of been there for you!" Melody nodded.

"I know! Thanks for taking me in!" Indi nodded. She needed to talk to Heath.

"What about you go to the beach!" Melody slipped on some shoes and left." Heath... I'm not angry at you!"

"Your not?" Indi shook her head. How could she? Heath didn't even know!


2 hours later

Melody still hadn't come back from the beach when Indi got a phone call.


"Miss Walker,a child in your custody has just been arrested for stealing could please come down to the station?"

"Do you mean Melody Callahan?"


"I'll be down there soon!" Heath looked up at Indi.

"Whats going on?" Indi picks up her keys.

"Melody has just been arrested for stealing! Come on!" Indi and Heath walked out of the door in a hurry.

Melody sat in the cold cell waiting for this nightmare to be over! Why had she put the sunglasses in her pocket? Maybe it was because that's what she had to do to get her mothers attention. She smiled at the sound of a females voice.

"Where is she?" Heaths fiancee sounding worried and angry at the same time.

"She's just through there." Indi walked in with tears coming down her face.

"Why Melody? why?" Trying to hold back tears Melody manged to choke out.

"I...Don't...know" Melody put her face in her hands crying.

"Come on! lets get you out of here!" Melody lets Heath pull her off of the ground.

While Heath was signing the paperwork to get Melody released,Indi sat next to Melody.

"I'm...sorry..." Indi looked at Melody. It had only been a day but Indi already felt like she had connected with Melody.

"Why did you do it?" Melody looked down at her shoes.

"When I lived with mum I had to do bad things to get attention..." Indi put a arm around the girl and gave her a comforting squeeze.

"You don't have to do that here!"

Thats all!

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