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I Shouldn't Love You....But I Do!

Guest Apex Forever

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Title-I shouldn’t love you…But I do!

Characters-Heath, Indi and other characters.


Any spoilers-Nope!

Has it been proof-read-Yea!

Type-Long fiction.

Genre-Romance and Drama.

Any warnings-Violence/Death, Mention of physical child abuse.

Summary-When two different people fall in love, how will it affect everybody else.

Chapter 1

Heath walked into the diner after going for a surf.

“What can I get you?” Heath was being served by the doctor’s daughter.

“A coffee and a muffin.” Heath waited for Indi to come back.

“5.50 thanks!” Heath hands Indi the money with a smile.

“There you go princess!”

“What a nerve on that guy!” Indi was talking about Heath Braxton’s performance earlier.

“He’s a Braxton!” Indi nods agreeing that all of the Braxton’s are hard work.

“Still could of said thanks!”

Heath was proud of himself. As he walked down to the beach he saw the same girl who served him at the diner sitting on the sand dune.

“What’s wrong with you princess?” Heath waited for a reply but didn’t get one.

“Oi!” This time she looked up.

“What do you want?” Heath raised his eyebrows.

“What’s wrong with you princess?”

“Nothing! Just disrespectful guys who don’t say thank you!”Heath laughed. She was upset because of him.

“Right!” Heath was still laughing as he entered the water.

Indi was still fuming about Heath when she got home.

"Whats wrong with you?"Indi turned to find Sasha stareing at her like she was some Zoo animal no one had ever seen before.

"Heath Braxton!I had to serve him today!" Indi was a nice girl,why was Heath such a jerk.

"Who peed in her cereal?" Indi rolled her eyes. Sometimes Dex says the most stupidest things.

"Nobody!" Indi was annoyed now.Why can't people just leave her alone!"Leave me alone!" As Indi stormed out she started to cry.

Thats all! I must say I got the idea for this fanfiction when I was reading Miranda's Fanfiction bad Moon Rising so thanks Miranda!

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Chapter 2 :)

Heath was sitting down on the beach, When the same girl who served him yesterday walked down.

"Princess!"Heath proberley should learn her name,but who cares!

"Don't talk to me!" Heath laughed.It was the first time someones actually said that to him.

"Why not?" Heath stared at the girl. She actually looked pretty in someways.

"Because,I don't talk to jerks!" Heath watched as the girl walked off.

"Whats your name?"

"Indigo, but if you call me that I'll slap you! Call me Indi!"

Indi was trying to go to sleep. But she couldn't,Why would Heath Braxton want to talk to her?There was a knock on the door.

"Indi are you awake?" Indi's little sister Sasha poked her head around the door.

"Come in!" Indi watched as Sasha creeped through the door."Whats wrong?"

"Dex is snoring! I can hear him through the walls!" Indi laughed and patted to a bit of her bed.

"Lay down here then!" Indi watched as her sister pulled the covers over her.

"Did I wake you?" Indi shook her head.

"No,I couldn't get to sleep."

Heath wanted to get something to eat,But it would mean proberley getting served by Indi.Heath walks in anyway,and was served by Indi.

"What can I get you?" Heath looked up at the board.

"Ur...A Toasted Cheese sandwich and a bottle of coke." Heath sits down at the table waiting for his order.

"7.20 thanks."Heath handed over the money.

"Thanks,Indigo!" Heath laughed at Indi's reaction.It was priceless.

Indi was angry. Which caused Roo to say.

"You've got the rest of the day off! Now go!" Indi nodded and walked out of the diner.All she wanted was to find Heath.She found him on the beach and ran down to him.

"You're a jerk!"With that Indi slapped him around the face.

"What was that for?" Indi smiled slightly at the fact that he was hurt.

"I told you I would slap you!" Indi walked off with her head held high.

Heath's cheek still hurt from when Indi slapped him,There was a big red mark.

"Whats that from?" Heath looked up to find Brax pointing at his cheek.

"I don't know!" Heath walked off to the bathroom to splash water on his face.His phone started ringing.

"Hello?" Heath had no idea who it was.

"Hi." It was Indi! How did she get Heath's number.

"How did you get my number?"

"Casey gave it to me!" Heath would kill Casey later.

"What do you want?"

"Um...Sorry for slapping you..." Heath laughed.

"I'm a big boy! I'll be alright!" There was a sigh.

"I let you go then!" Heath was about to say she didn't have when he heard Beep beep.

Thats it! Hope you enjoyed it!

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Chapter 3 :wub:

Indi was relaxing on the beach,when Heath Braxton came over and layed down beside her.

"What are you doing?" Indi really wasn't in the mood to talk to him.

"I'm laying down!" Indi rolled her eyes.

"Why are laying down next to me?" Heath made a face that made Indi giggle.

"Because it's a good spot to lay!"

"What do you want?" Indi waited for some smart alec reply.

"Nothing!Just a pretty blond girl to stop hating me!" Indi was confused. Did he mean her?

"Are you talking about me?"

"Yeah!" Heath Braxton thought she was pretty!

"You think I'm pretty?"

"Your not ugly!" Indi was shocked.

"I don't hate you!"Indi leaned over and kissed him,then walked off.

Heath was trying to get to sleep. It was weird,She kissed him! Heath remembered that he had her number so he texted her this:

Hi sorry it's late! Why did you kiss me?

It didn't take long for her to reply:

Hi! I couldn't sleep anyway. I don't know why...

Heath thought for a moment.Why would she? He decided he should apologize to her:

I'm sorry for being such a jerk...

Thats Ok!

Heath realized that she was a forgiving person...Unlike himself.


I have a question... Will you meet me at the beach tomorrow?


Goodnight xo

Indi was putting make up on when there was knock on the bathroom door.

"Come in!" Indi turned around to find Sid standing there.

"Where are you going?" Indi rolled her eyes.Her family was so annoying sometimes!

"It's none of your business!" Indi went back to doing her make up.

"You my daughter! So it is my business!" Indi sighed.

"I'm going to the beach with someone!"

"Who?" Indi was sick and tired of all the questions.

"A friend! Now get out!" Indi smiled as she got a text from Heath:

Can't wait! C ya soon!

Thats all for now!

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Chapter 4 :P

Heath was waiting for Indi.She said she would come. Suddenly someone jumps on Heaths back.

"Hi!" Heath turned to face Indi who was now sitting next to him.

"Hi! Why did you that?" Heath watched as Indi went into a giggling fit."Are you Ok?"

"Yes! So...We need to talk!" Heath nodded.

"K then...What about?" Heath waited for to reply.

"If we should go out or not! Duh!" Heath laughed.

"What do you think?" Heath smiled. He never really does that.

"Yeah....But what about you?"

"I don't have a problem with dating you!"Heath hugged Indi.She felt so small in his arms.

After Heath had left Romeo came up to her.

"Why were you talking to him?" Indi looked up at Romeo in disgust.It wasn't any of his business.

"Because I can!" There was a long silence.

"Indi he's a ba-" Indi was angry.

"How would you know?"

"He has a bad re-" Indi wished Romeo would stop talking.

"Who cares!" With that Indi walks off.

Heath was at a party. Someone tapped him on the shoulder.

"What?" Heath turned around to find Henri his Ex.

"I just came over to say hi!" Heath wasn't in the mood for Ex's.

"Hi! Bye!" Heath was being nasty and he knew it!

"Thats not very nice!" Heath turned to face Henri.

"Do I look like I care?" Heath walked out the door and pulled out his phone. He decided he wanted to ring Indi.

"Hello!" Heath felt bad Indi sounded tired.

"Hey babe! Did I wake you?"

"No! Do you want to come over?"

"Sure! I'll be there in a minute!"

Indi was reading her book when she heard someone knock on the window.

"Hey!" It was Heath. She opened up the window so he could come in.

"Hey! Why are you up so late?" Indi didn't answer. She and Heath kissed.

Thats all!

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Before I start I would like to tell you guys that soon you’ll start to read from some of the other characters perspective.

Chapter 5! :unsure:

Indi woke up in Heath Braxton’s arms, she thought about getting out of bed…But decided against it. Indi was about to go back to sleep when Heath stirred.

“Hey!” Indi rolled over to face him. She kissed him and Heath kissed back until a knock on the door.

“Indi can I come in?” Indi looked over at her boyfriend and pointed to the window and mouthed ‘please’ Heath put his top on and looked at her annoyed then left.

“Come in!” Dex walked in holding a tray that had juice and toast on it. Indi smiled at him, for a moment there she forgot it was her birthday.

“Happy birthday sis!”Dex put the tray on Indi’s lap. Indi gave her little brother a hug. She was so happy! Dex never did that sort of thing.

“Thank you Dex that’s very sweet of you!” Dex smiles then leaves. What a perfect start to a perfect day!

Heath arrived home to a game of twenty questions.

“Where were you last night?” Heath was still annoyed he had to leave Indi’s house through a window.

“None of your business!” Just as Heath said that Casey walked past holding a nicely wrapped package.”Whats that Case?” Casey looked up at Heath with a look on confusion

“When did you get here?” Heath shook his head. Did everything have to be so difficult with his family?

“Five seconds ago! Now whats that?” Casey rolled his eyes. Probably thinking the same thing I did when he asked me question Heath thought to himself.

“Indi’s birthday present, if it’s alright with you?” Far out! Indi didn’t tell him that it was her birthday!

“Ok! I’ve gotta go!” Heath walked out of the door thinking of what to get his new girlfriend.

Indi’s day was going great! Sasha had given her a charm bracelet, Dex gave her earrings and her dad had bought her a nice dress. Now she was relaxing on the beach when Casey came up to her.

“Hey! Happy birthday Indi!” Casey chirped as he handed her a nicely wrapped packaged.

“Thanks Case!” Indi stood up to give Casey a hug. She started to unwrap it, when she was finished she saw Casey had bought her a nice pair of shoes.

“Thank you so much Case!” If only she told her boyfriend it was her birthday!

“I have to go! But have a great day!” Casey walked away. Indi wanted to take a walk along the edge of the water. Watching the pretty blue water sparkling in the sunlight. Suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to find her shirtless boyfriend stareing at her.

“Hi!” Heath and Indi stared at each other remembering that they couldn’t hug or kiss because they were in public.

“I heard it was your birthday!”He said cheerfully handing Indi a long black case.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you!” Heath just smiled.

“Open it!” Indi nodded and opened it. And saw the most beautiful necklace she ever saw.

“Heath it’s amazing! Thank you!” Indi gave Heath a hug, she looking for an excuse to do it.” Can put it on me please?” Heath nodded.

“Sure!” Indi turned around holding her hair back so Heath could put it on.

“Thanks! I have to head to home! See you around!” Indi walked away wishing she could stay.

That’s all! Sorry it took so long! I won't be posting for a couple of days.

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Chapter 6

Indi woke up to find a bunch of flowers and note sitting on her bedside table,her first thought was that Heath sent them.The note didn't say who it was from,when Indi read a text message she knew who had sent them: Do you like the flowers? Romeo Indi chucked her phone on the bed and started to get ready for when her phone stated to ring.


"Hi baby! Ya busy?" It was Heath he sounded drunk.

"Where are you?" She could hear voices in the background,she already knew before he told her.

"Just with boys!" Indi could see this was going no-where so she hung up and continued to get ready for work.

"She hung up!" Heath slurred drunkenly. He was only having a few drinks!

"Looks like your in trouble!" Heath was annoyed that Indi had embarrassed him.

"Right! I'm going to see her!" Heath drunkenly walked in the diner and cut inline.

"You hung up on me!"Heath yelled loudly.Indi's face went red.

"Get to the back on the line Heath!" Heath laughed.

"Nope!" Roo turned to Indi and Whispered.

"Take him outside!" Indi sighed and took Heath by the hand.She led Heath to the back of the diner.

"What were you thinking?" Heath was confused. Why didn't she want to see him?

"I thought...."Heath was trying to think of something but couldn't.

"You weren't thinking at all!I'm going back to work! And DON'T bother me again!" Heath watched as his beautiful girlfriend walked away.

"Sorry everybody for that!" Indi felt like it was her fault Heath had his outburst.

"What can I get you?" Indi looked up to find Brax standing there with a unhappy look on his face.

"I should be the one saying sorry..." Indi sighed.Brax was completely different to Heath in someways.

"It doesn't matter! So what can I get you?"

"A coffee thanks! Hey where did you get that?" Brax was pointing to the necklace that Heath bought her,which was gracefully hanging around her neck.

"A friend gave it to me! Why?" Brax nodded.

"Just wondering!Thanks" Brax paid Indi the money for the coffee and left.

Heath was playing a video game feeling really bad about the diner. When Indi walked in.

"How did you get in?" Heath paused his game so that he could talk to her. He may be a River boy but he does have manners.

"The door was open!" Heath nodded. He considered going back to his game,but Indi must've needed something.

"What do you want?" Indi looked down at her down at her shoes.

"What you did today...Was just...Stupid..." Heath sighed.He had one really poor excuse so he tried to use it.

"I was drunk..." Indi shook her head in disappointment.

"Not good enough! And another thing...Don't ring me when your with boys!" And for the second time that day Heath watched as Indi walked away.

Thats all! No for real this time I won't be posting for a couple of days.

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Chapter 7 :wink:

Indi was watching T.V when the news came on. Indi couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Local Summer Bay residents Darryl Braxton and Brodie Upchurch have been arrested for a hit and run they performed yesterday.” Indi was shocked she thought Brax was better than that!

“I’ve got to go!” Indi’s plans were to head to Heaths to help out.

At Heaths

“Babe!” Indi was standing in lounge room and didn’t realized Casey was sitting there.

“Babe… Really?” Heath walked in sighed.

“Tell him!” Indi nodded. She really didn’t want to tell people but she had no choice!

“Heath and I have been dating for three days I think….” Heath nodded” Please don’t tell anybody? Especially Dex!” Casey raised his eyebrows.

“Wouldn’t dream of it!” Indi realized why she came here.

“Did you guys see the news?” Heath looked confused.

“Don’t watch the news why?” Indi really didn’t want to him that his brother and his best friend had been arrested.

“Brodie and Brax were arrested for hit and run from yesterday!” The look on Heaths face changed from a smile to a frown in under a second.

"For god sakes! He's so stupid!" For minute Indi thought he said she's stupid.

"So...What are you going to do?" Heath shakes his head.

"Nothing! Thats all we can do!" Indi frowned as Heath kissed the top of her head"He'll be fine!"

Even though he told his girlfriend Brax would be alright,the was he didn't actually know. As Indi's head rested on his lap he thought to himself,how did he get here? Why does he have a beautiful girlfriend?

"Whatcha thinking about?" The sound of Indi's voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Nothing...Just why do I have the most beautiful girl as my girlfriend?" Indi laughed and kiss Heath on lips.

"Your lucky aren't you?" Heath and Indi both laughed. Heath watched as his little brother read a text message.

"Who's texting you?" Casey looked up looking annoyed.

"April...Is that Ok?" Heath rolled his eyes. Casey and April had been going out for month. Casey and April were meant for each other,so Casey tells him.

"Right! You should proberley go home..." Indi smiled and picked up her phone and sent a message.

"Nope! I just told dad I won't be back until lunch time tomorrow!" Heath smiled. His girlfriend was as sneaky as him.

"I'm gonna go to bed!" Heath watched as his brother stretched and left.

"Now it's just the two of of us!" Heath and Indi kissed.

Indi didn't come home last night. Sid was eating lunch when she arrived.

"Where were you?" Indi looked up smiled.

"At a friends house!" Sid watched as his eldest grabs an apple and heads into her room.

"She was lying!" Sid looks at his one and only son.

"You think so?" Dex shrugs.

"She was being technical,she proberley saw a secret boyfriend or something" Sid shook his head while Dex laughed. Indi would never do that!

Thats it! Sorry about saying a couple of days then posting again, but I honestly don't know the next time I'll post. :o

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Chapter 8 :wub:

Heath and Indi were visiting Brax, Heath didn't want Indi to come but she insisted.

"I really don't want you here."Heath whispered quietly as they walked through the door.

"I really don't care!" Heath sighed there was no arguing with her. Indi held on to Heaths hand as the policeman lead them through the door so they could find Brax.

"What's she doing here?" Brax yelled he was pointing a finger at her. Heath looked up at Indi saw tears well in her eyes.

"Calm down! It's not her fault your in here!" Heath went to look back at Indi but she was gone."Look what you did! She was the one who told me you were in here!" Brax sighed.

"Sorry! But why do you care so much that she's gone? Do you the hots for her?"Brax laughed at his own joke Heath turned and saw Indi hiding near the door.

"She is my girlfriend!" Brax stopped laughing.

"Seriously!" Heath nodded. Then Indi walked up beside him.

"I'm sorry your in here..." Indi was using the voice she used when she was nervous.

"It's my fault...Sorry about yelling at you..."Indi nodded "Can you two leave please?" Heath nodded and took Indi by the hand and left.

When they were back at Heath's house,Indi felt like crying.

"I better go..." Indi was making her way to the door when Heath grabbed her hand.

"Come on! Stay!" Indi rolled her eyes.

"Fine!" She sat down on the couch and watched TV.

"Do you want a drink?" Indi nodded.

"Orange juice please?" Heath came back with tall glass full of orange juice.

"I thought you drank wine?" Indi shook her head.

"I can't!" Indi sipped her drink hoping for no more questions.

"Why?" Indi sighed did she really have to tell him.

"I'm pregnant..." Heath gulped.



Casey and April were watching a movie when Casey got a text.

Indi's pregnant!


"Who was that?" Casey promised that he wouldn't tell anybody.

"Just Heath!" April nods. Casey kisses the top of her head.

"Bianca should be home soon!" Casey nods. What was her point.

"Your point is?" April shrugs.

"Just saying!

Thats all! Hope you are enjoying this fanfiction!

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Thanks Sazcaz89 for the lovely comments :wub:

Chapter 9 :)

Heath was stareing into space thinking about Indi being pregnant. The bad thing about this was Indi was waiting for Heath to answer her. She told him yesterday, so he felt like she deserved and answer.

"Indi..." Indi looked her cheeks wet with tears."How are we going to tell everybody?" Heath watched as it took Indi a long time time to register what he had just said.

"Are you saying your Ok with it?" Heath nods remembering how much his life sucked without a dad. Indi squealed."I really don't know how to tell dad..."Heath thought about it.

"Whats the time?" Indi looked down at her watch.

"Lunch time why?" Heath nodded his head and grabbed his car keys.

"We're telling them now!" Heath takes Indi's hand and walks her to the car.

We were all sitting on the couch when Indi and someone who looked like Heath Braxton came in.

"Whats going on?" Dex looked at Indi wondering why she had bought Heath Braxton here.

"Well um...This is kinda hard to explain..." Then Indi looked at Heath. Heath rolled his eyes and started talking.

"Indi and I have been Dating for six days now and well...She's pregnant..." Everybody's jaws dropped.

"Lets get this straight first you start dating my daughter then you get her pregnant,well I can see where this is going!" Indi frowned and picked up a pillow and through it at Sid. You could tell Heath was trying not to laugh.

"Dad let me ask you a question... How come Sasha's here again?" This time Heath raised his eyebrows in shock at what Indi said.

"Thats different..."Sid said quietly.

"No it's not! You cheated on mum that chick got pregnant and you had nothing to do with poor Sasha!" Sasha's face turned red in anger.

"To start off with! My mother! Is not some chick! Second of all! Dad didn't know about me! Third of all! Here I am now!" Sasha yelled with every word she says her escalating even louder.

"Sorry Sash! Didn't mean to upset you..." Sasha nodded.

"It's Ok!" Sid still wasn't happy.

"Indi...You can't live here! You better hope he'll let you live with him!" Sid was now pointing at Heath who grabbed Indi's hand left.

"Well that went great!" Heath hugged his girlfriend trying to stop her tears.

"We'll sort something out! Even if it means moving to the city!" Heath laughed at his own joke.

"Thats not a bad idea!" Heath shakes his head.

"I don't want to move to the city! I was only joking.." Heath said still hugging Indi.

"Fair enough! Maybe I could move in with you Casey and Brax..." Heath nods.

"Thats seems like a good idea! But you need to pack your stuff."

"Great"Indi sighed as she walked into the house once more.

As Indi walked through the door everybody was still how she left them.

"FYI dad your never seeing this baby!" Indi walked into her old bedroom finding bags and stuffing them with clothes and things she needed right away.

"Indi..." Indi stopped to see Dex standing there looking upset.

"What Dex?" Dex walked in.

"Can I see my niece or nephew?" Indi thought about this long and hard.

"If you promise not to show dad pictures or talk about them when he's around...Tell Sash that too please?" Dex walked out with a slight smile on his face.

Heath waited outside for Indi to come out. When she did she was carrying three bags full of things.

"Is that all?" Indi hopped in the car seat next to him and put her face in her hands and starts crying."Hey! Everything will be fine!" Indi shakes her head.

"I don"t think it will!" Indi starts crying more.Heath really didn't know what to do.

"Come lets go home and we'll sort it out then!" Heath drove off with crying Indi sitting next him. It seemed like yesterday he and Indi were arguing because he called her Indigo.

Thats all!

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Thanks Red ranger 1! :P

chapter 10 :D

Indi was tossing and turning...literally! While she was tossing and turning she kicked Heath.

"OW!" Indi's eyes shot open as lightning.

"Sorry! I'll go sleep on the couch." Indi tries to get up but Heath has hold of her.

"Don't worry about it!" Indi bites her lip.

"But I'll kick you again!" Heath shakes his head.

"A.I'll be fine,B.Your pregnant,C.You need rest! You had a stressful day!" Indi gets back into bed and mumbles something"What was that?" Indi rolls towards Heath.

"Nothing!" Heath raises his eyebrows.

"Come on!" Indi rolls her eyes in annoyance. She wasn't going to win this one!

"I said so have you! Heath...Do you think I was to hard on dad?" Indi watches as Heath thinks,he's one of those people who look up at the ceiling to think.

"Maybe a little bit..." Indi sighs.

"I'll talk to him tomorrow! Goodnight!" Indi rolls away from Heath and goes to sleep.

Heath wakes up to the sound and smell of eggs and bacon.

"Your amazing!Did you know that?" Heath puts his arms around Indi's small waist.

"I've been told!" Indi gives Heath a kiss.

"So what are you going to tell your dad?"Indi sighs and dishes up the eggs and bacon.

"I don't know! Maybe that I overreacted..." Heath nods as he stuffs himself with bacon"Casey was stressed this morning!" Heath nods.It doesn't surprise him.

"He always gets stressed the days he has to give in homework."

"Dex is the total opposite!" Heath frowns. She'll have to use to Casey.

"Anyway! I'm going to beach for a surf do you wanna ride to your dads house?"

"Sure..." They walkout to the car and drive off.

"See ya babe!" Indi walks up the steps of her old house. It didn't sound right! her 'old house' She rings the doorbell waiting for someone to answer it.

"Indi! Come in!" Indi sighs and walks through the door."I guess your here to collect the rest of your things!" Indi shakes her head.

"Dad I overreacted yesterday...You can see the baby...Thats if you want to..."

"Indi...Even though right now I think that the baby is a mistake...I will always want to see it!" Indi nods.

"Ok! I grab some boxes and start packing!" Indi walks into her room to find all the boxes already packed.

"I thought I would help..."

"Thanks...." Sid walks out and Indi starts crying.

Dad packed up all my things!

Oh...That wasn't very nice!

I know! I'll let you go! c ya l8ter!

Heath pulled up out side to find Indi standing in the middle of about six boxes.

"You didn't have much did?" Indi shrugs her small shoulders.

"Can you please just help me?" Heath nodded picking up two of the boxes. Heath turns around to see Indi trying to do the same.

"What are you doing? Give me them!" Heath snatches the boxes out of Indi's hands.

"I'm pregnant not useless!" Heath gave Indi a hug.

"I know! I'm sorry!" Indi looked up Heath.

"Let me take the last two boxes then!" Heath didn't want Indi feeling useless,but she had to take care of herself.It was catch twenty-two!

"I'll take one and you'll take one!" Heath picked up one of the boxes and puts it in the back of the car,Indi does the same!

"Done!" Indi and Heath hop in the car and ride away.

Thats all!

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