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I Shouldn't Love You....But I Do!

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Thanks Red Ranger 1!

Chapter 41! :huh:

'I'm seeing a ghost!" Indi still couldn't believe her eyes."Maybe I'm still dreaming!" Indi pinched herself hard on the arm."Nope! Not dreaming!"

"I can explain!" Indi sighed. It had been months since Xavier 'died' so yes he did have explaining to do.

"Go on then!" Xavier took a deep breath and started to tell Indi everything...

Xavier saw the tree in front of him,The only thing he could do was jump! Little did Xavier know right near that tree was a hill and at the ed of that hill was large forest. As soon as Xavier jumped he started to roll down hill and into the forest. Once he stopped rolling he tried climbing up again, but he just kept falling down! He thought abut ringing Sash...But his phone was in the car. He tried calling for help, but no one heard him! He started walking into the forest more to where there was no hill. He walked for days and days! Finally he came out of the forest . He ended up at the other end of the city! So he walked for a few more days until he reached his house. But he realized that Sasha had moved! When Xavier was about to give up hope his old boss walked past.

"Austin?" Xavier looked up and smiled.

"Yes! Could you please help me?" His boss nodded terrified."Please don't freak out! I haven't been dead at all I've in a forest all this time!"

"Right! Now what do you need?"

"Could you please take me to summer bay?" His boss nodded.

"And thats my story!" Indi nodded. She was still in shock that Xavier wasn't actually dead!

"Well...When are you going to see Sash?" Indi watched as Xavier thought about what he was going to do.

"After a shower,Lunch and something to drink!" Indi nodded. Her day just got interesting!

Xav was nervous as walked up the steps to his girlfriends house. As he knocked on the door he could hear giggling. Xav smiled,that must be his baby.

"Coming!" Sasha opened the door. When she saw her boyfriend who was supposed to be dead her mouth dropped.

"Xav! Is that really you?" Sasha gave Xav a huge hug. Xav was starting to think Sasha was never going to let go!

"Yes it's really me! Can I please come in?" Sasha nodded. Xav walked in to house full of toys.

"Indianna come here!" Xav watched as a little black hair girl crawled into the room.Sasha picked up the little girl and and showed her Xavier."This is your daddy!" Xav just smiled. Suddenly the little girl starts reaching towards Xav."Oh!" Sasha hands Xav Indianna.


Thats all for now! I hope you enjoyed it! :innocent:

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Chapter 42! :innocent:

It had been a week since everybody found out that Xav wasn't dead, and of course Sasha and Xavier were the talk of the town.

"I was just talking to Madge Wilkins the other about your coming back from the dead we both agree you could've come back quicker" Xav sighed and rolled his eyes.

"You try walking through a humungous forest having no clue where you were going!" Xav takes two coffees and a little bowel of ice-cream to the table he was sitting at with Sasha and Indianna.

"Here you go!' Xav hands Sasha her coffee."And heres your ice-cream miss!" Xav was glad to be back.

"I'm glad your back babe!" Sasha puts her hand on Xav's shoulder to have it pushed off."Whats wrong?"

"Nothing..." Sasha didn't believe him. She left the sleeve of his shirt up to revel a large scar. Thats why he wasn't letting her in the room when he was getting changed! She thought. How could he not tell her about stuff like that!

"Have you got anymore of those?" Sasha asked with tone in her voice.


"Where?" Sasha was getting fed up.

"Chest and back..."Xav sounded guilty.

"Why wouldn't you tell me about things like this?"

"Because I didn't want to scare you..." Sasha sighed and lent over and kissed Xav on the cheek.

"I'm a tough girl! Now,how did they get there?"

"I got attacked by some animal..." Sasha wanted to pat Xav on the back,but she remembered that it would hurt him.

"You've been through a lot! Have you got it checked out?" Xav nodded.

"Sid checked it out for me!"

Sorry it's a short! :)

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Thank you Sarah! I think Sasha and Xavier are good couple as well! :whistling:

Chapter 43! :)

Melody was packing here bags by torch light. It was pitch black dark! She looked over at her clock 12:01am! She was almost ready,all she had to do was grab a supply of food,water and some money and she would be set! She tip-toed quietly into the kitchen and opened the fridge, there was three bottles of water she grabbed them all and shoved them into her bag. She turned towards the pantry and grabs 3 apples,4 pears and 2 bananas. Writing the note was the hardest thing Melody had to do. she scribbled a couple of sentences together explaining why she left. here is what she wrote.

Dear Indi,Heath and the twins.

I know me leaving is very sudden! I would like you to know that I'm not leaving because of you,I'm leaving because I'm finding it hard to live in the same house Roxi lived in. Please forgive me!

Melody xx

Melody sighed and left the note on the table. She tip-toed over to Indi's purse and and took a bunch of notes. Making sure nobody heard her Melody left the house.

Indi woke up the next morning to find a note sitting in the middle of the table. When she read it she burst into tears. Heath heard her and came running.

"Whats wrong?" Indi handed Heath the note so he could read it.

"What?" She ran away! She's not going to have any money, food or water!"Indi looked in her purse.

"Oh! She's going to have enough money don't you worry about that!" Heath looked at her confused.


"She stole my pay basically!" Heath hugged Indi. Things weren't really going well for them!

Heath was running out of ideas so he call all of the boys for a meeting.

"Melody ran away last night..." There was a lot of murmuring going around."We need to find her! Who is willing to help?" Everybody put their hands up.

"Um... Do you know how long she's been gone for?" Heath and Indi had Dex around so he could tell them when she wrote the letter.

"'she's been gone since about ten past twelve this morning." The boys nodded.

"We'll start looking for her then!"

Indi was done at the police station waiting for Charlie to come and see what she wanted.

"How can I help you?" Indi looked up at Charlie with tears running down her cheeks.

"Um... Melody ran away really early this morning and left us this note." Indi hands Charlie the note.

"It doesn't give us very much information but we will try!" Indi nods and leaves.

Xavier and Sasha were walking around town with Brax and Casey putting up posters and handing out flyers with Melody's name and picture on it. The thoughts that going through Sasha's head were why would she run away when she could talk to anybody about it! She really didn't understand!

Thats all I hope you enjoy it!

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Thank you Red Ranger 1 and Screamingqueen2006! :D

Chapter 44! :P

Melody's phone was ringing, her first thought was to answer it. But then she realized it could Heath or Indi,she decided to check to see who it was

Tegan Calling! Melody breathed a sigh of relief and answered it.

"Hello mum!" There was a long silence.

"Hi sweetheart! Where are you?" Melody smiled she was already starting to warm up to Tegan.

"I just at Mangrove river mum! Don't worry I'll be there soon!Goodbye!" With that Melody hung and skipped along the street.

"Where is she?" Indi was anxious! Indi had been gone for two days and their last resort was Tegan who had only just been released from jail when Melody called her and asked her if she could stay with her.

"She's at Mangrove River! Go find her if you want!" Heath was already annoyed because they had to rely on Tegan for help,so he really wasn't in the mood for smart alec comments!

"Tegan!You will come with us to your house to get her,because you are the reason she's down there!" Tegan sighs and picks up her keys.

"Fine then!" With that they all leave the Braxton house.

Sasha and Xav were laying together while Dex was at the library and Indianna was sleeping. Sasha couldn't believe that Xav was back! They watching the four o'clock news when a story came on about Xav.

'Just last a young of the Xavier Austin who had apparently been dead for the past three months knocked on his girlfriends sisters door. Sources say that he was in the forest for most of that time, Xavier was also seen with his girlfriend and child at the local diner! We wish Xav and his family good luck' Sasha looked over at Xav who looked like he was going to blow a gasket!

"Babe! Calm down!"

"They don't have the right to put that story on the news about me! I didn't tell them they could!" Xav yelled loudly.

"I know! But if you keep yelling about it you'll wake you daughter up! Now do you want that?"

"At the moment Sash I couldn't care less!"

"Well then you can get out of my house!"

"Fine then!" Xav leaves and slams the door which wakes Indianna up.

"Jerk!" Sasha calls out as she makes her way to her baby's bedroom.

Thats all for now I hope you like it!

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Authors note! :) You may have already noticed but I have started to write about Sasha and Xavier as well as Indi Heath! And thank you to Red Ranger 1 for the comment!

Chapter 45! :o

One month later!

It had been a month since Melody decided that she no longer wanted to live with Indi and Heath. Indi had felt like she had lost another daughter, but her and Heath got through it together! Indi placed the last heavy box into the truck, she decided she no longer wanted to live in that house anymore either. Indi looked back at the house she had lived in for months and months she didn't think it would be this sad to leave. Heath came up behind her and started rubbing her back. She looked down at the twins with special teddy bears, Katie was biting her pink teddy's ear while Drake was sitting on his blue one.

"Lets get moving!" Heath joke makes Indi laugh as puts the twins into the car Heath tells the man in charge of the truck that they're ready to live.Heath hops into that car and starts the engine!

Xav looked at his back. It should be covered in scars, but over the month they went away, and so did his anger towards people. He moved back towards the bed so he could put his shirt on, when he picked it up he noticed to lumps in the bed. One Big and one was small. Xav laughs as he lays down across the big and only part of the small lump.

"Wow! This bed is lumpy maybe I should see what it is!" Xav pulls back the cover to see a laughing Indianna and a smiling Sasha.

"You little monkeys!" Xav starts tickling Indianna and then moves onto Sasha. In the end they were all laughing!

Thats all sorry that it's short!

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Thanks Red Ranger 1!

Chapter 46! :) The last Chapter!

Two Months later!

Indi looked down at her Twins,her nephew and her niece,all dressed up for the wedding! Indi took Drake and Katie's hand as they couldn't walk well enough not to fall down. Her sister behind her picked up her own child and April picked Jack,Brax and Leah's son. The music played which signaled Indi to walk down the isle. At the all she saw was her husband,nobody else!

half an hour later!

"Do you Indigo Walker take Heath Braxton to be you lawful,wedded husband to have and to hold as long as you both shall live?" Indi and Heath smiled at each other. This was the perfect day!

"I do!" Heath smiled and Indi returned the favor.

"Do you Heath Braxton take Indigo Walker to be you lawful wedded wife to love and to hold as long as you both shall live?"

"I don't know...I'll have to think about it!" Everybody laughed."I do!" Th priest smiled at the young couple.

"By the power invested to me I now pronounce you husband and wife,you may kiss the bride!" Heath and Indi kissed, while the guest clapped and cheered.

"Before We all head to the reception! I want to ay something!" Indi looked Heath in the eyes."When first started dating people said I shouldn't love you...But I do! And I want you to never forget that!" Heath pulled in for a hug and a kiss while everybody else wiped tears from their eyes.

Thats the end of my fanfic I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you to all the people who commented!


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