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I Shouldn't Love You....But I Do!

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Thank you JoiseTash!

Chapter 31! :)

Indi was on her laptop playing 'The Sims3'

"I didn't tell you to do that!"Indi yelled at the screen.There's a knock on the door.

"I'll get it!" Melody runs out of her bedroom to the front door."Oh!Indi!"Indi sighed and walked up to front door.

"Sash..." Sasha looks down at her shoes.Indi was confused she thought Sasha and Xavier ran away together.

"Sorry to shock you like this!" Indi shakes her head.

"Don't worry about it!Come in!" Sasha walks in and Indi pulls out her phone and rings Sid!

"Dad!Guess who is at my house!" There was a long silence

"Justin Bieber!"Indi rolled her eyes.

"No! Sasha!"

"Is Xav with her?"

"I have no idea! I'll ask her!"Indi puts her phone to her shoulders."Is Xav with you?" Sasha shakes her head.

"No...He's dead..."Indi's jaw dropped.

"Um....Dad...Xav is dead!"

"I'll be there in a minute!"

Heath walked through the front door with help of Casey to see Indi,Sid and Sasha sitting on the couch.

"He was in a car crash!" Heath looked at Sasha in amazement her belly was like a mountain!

"Sash...What are you doing here?"

"Well...I kinda had to come back!"

"Right!Sorry for your lost!"

"Thanks...Look I'll get a hotel room and I'll be out of your hair!"

"Don't be silly Sash! You can have your old room back!"Sasha sighed.

"I wish you were this supportive before..."

"Yeah...Sorry about that!" Sasha shakes her head.

"If you had of been supportive from the start my boyfriend and the father of child would be alive!" Sasha stomps out of house.

"Hey lets go camping!" Heath laughed.


"Why not?"

"Um...Your pregnant with twins!" Indi shrugged.


"I guess we could!"

Thats all!

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Thank you Red Ranger 1 and pembie!

Chapter 32! :blink:

"Local resident Dexter Walker was hit by car early this morning the crash left the young boy in a critical state."Indi gasped. Her dad didn't even ring her to tell her Dex was in hospital.

"Unbelievable! He didn't even ring me!" Heath come up and rubs her back.

"Babe,Dex is critical I'm pretty sure he couldn't of rang you!" Indi punched Heath hard in the arm.

"Not funny!" Indi gets up and rings Sid.

"Hello Dr.Walker speaking!"

"When did you plan on telling me Dex was hit by a car?"

"Indi...It all happened so fast I didn't have the time to tell you!"Indi scoffed.

"How did the News Reporter find?"

"I...Don't know!"

"Dad! You have to give permission for stories to aired on the News!"

"Look Indi! I'm far to busy to argue with you! Bye!" Indi heard beep beep on the other end of the line.

Indi was yelling as she angrily slammed bits of chicken on to a tray.

"If he thinks he can keep things from me! Well! He's mistaken!" Heath stood there awkwardly. There was nothing he could do to calm his Fiancee down.

"Babe! Sit down and relax!" Heath did the best he could but Indi kept yelling.

"Dex is MY little brother! I have the right to know whats going on with him!"Heath sighed a sigh of relief because Indi stopped yelling.But Indi started crying instead!

"Come here!" Heath pulls Indi in for hug.

"This is all because I got pregnant!"


"Dad would still be proud of me!"

"So...You're saying that your dad isn't proud of you because you got pregnant with my kid!"

"No...Yes...Kind of!"

"Now I feel loved!"Heath let go of Indi and grabbed a beer.This what he does when He's upset about something.

"Babe!I didn't mean it like that!" Heath just grunts."STOP DRINKING!"

"Why don't you stop me!" Heaths jaw drops as his fiancee grabs all three 6-packs and one by one tips the contents of the bottles down the sink.

"Now try and have a drink! And Heath I think you should get a pillow and blanket because there is no way you're sleeping in that bed!"

Thats all for now!

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Thanks guys!

Chapter 33! :rolleyes:

Indi helped Dex into his bed at the Walker household.

"Thanks Indi!"

"No problems! I'm going to ring Heath and tell him I'm staying here tonight."

"No your not!"

"Why not?"

"Because you have Roxi to look after!" Suddenly there is a scream coming from Sasha's room. Indi gets to Sasha's room to see her laying on the ground bent over in pain.

"Sash! Whats going on?"

"My...Water...Broke!" Sasha manages to choke out.

"Wow! I'll ring a ambulance!"

At the hospital Indi waited with Casey and April.

"I feel sorry for Sash..."


"Xav died! Now she will have to explain to that baby of hers what happened!" Indi nodded.

"Yeah it would be hard!" Indi looked down at her slight baby bump and thanked god for Heath being with her.

"Whats giving birth like?"


"Just wondering!" Indi knew something was up! But what?

"Whats going on you two?"Casey and April looked at each other then back at Indi.

"April's pregnant..."

"What! I'm disgusted with you!" The doctor walks out.

"It's a girl!"

"Can I see her?"

"Of course!"Indi walks in. Sasha is holding a new baby in her arms.

"She's gorgeous!Whats her name?"

"Indianna... Because she can be called Indi too,so she's kind of named after you...'

'It's a beautiful name! Why did you name her after me?"

"Because you gave me the most support."

Thats all!

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Thanks for the comments guys!

Chapter 34! :huh:

Indi chucked a bunch of Melody's clothes into a suite case. Indi and Heath were taking Melody and Roxi camping for a week. April walked into the bedroom with tears running down her face.

"I hope your happy!"April chocked trying to hold back tears...She wasn't very successful.

"What?" Indi chucked a bra into the suite case...One that Melody did not need.

"I lost the baby!"Indi sighed now she understood why April had spoken to her so badly.

"Sweetie...Maybe it was a good thing?"

"Of course you'd say that!"Indi was furious!How dare she!

"Who do you think you are? Speaking to me like that! After everything I've done for you!"

"You haven't done a thing for me!"

"Well then! You can pack your bags and get out of my house!"

Casey walked into Melody and April's room to find all of April's things gone!Casey pulled opened drawers, Hoping to find something. He didn't find a thing! Casey opened the wardrobe. Nothing!

"She's gone case!" Casey turned around to find his pregnant future sister in-law watching him.

"Why?What happened?" Casey was still confused.

"She claimed I hadn't done a thing for her! So...I kicked her out!" Casey had steam coming out of his ears.

"She lost the baby! You could've supported her!"

"She disrespected me!"

"You have no idea what it's like to lose a baby!"

"YES I DO!"Casey didn't know what to say!"I was sixteen! The boyfriend who ran off with mum was supposed to be the father! I didn't get any support either!" Indi walked out of the room leaving Casey feeling like a the biggest jerk ever!

Heath and Indi were setting up the tents they going to sleep in for the next week.

"It smells out here!"Heath could Indi wasn't in the mood for Melody's complaining.

"Get use to it!"

"Where's Roxi?" Heath looked at Indi waiting for her to reply.

"Oh no!"


"Roxi is still at daycare?"

Thats all! Tell me what you think so far!

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Thank you! I really appreciate the comments!

Chapter 35! :blink:

The road looked like a blur. Melody was holding on for dear life! She was certain they were going to crash! as they pulled up at the daycare Melody breathed a sigh of relief! Indi got out of the car to go get Roxi.

"I can't believe we forgot her!" Heath sniggered."You think it's funny?"

"In a way yes!" A red looking Indi storms out of the daycare with a crying Roxi.

"Settle down baby!" Indi soothed in a fake voice.

"I can't believe those day carers!"

"Why? what happened?"

"They commented on it!"


"What do you mean well....."

"It is kinda bad!"

"I know! But they don't have the right!"

Indi handed Melody a stick for roasting Marshmellows.

"I love camping!" Indi smiled. She loved the fact that they had made Melody welcome and happy.

"I do too!"

"You know....This is the first time I've tasted roasted Marshmellows..."

"What! Who goes camping with roasting Marshmellows?" Heath laughs."What's so funny?"

"You don't understand the river boys and the river girls!"

"Right! What I do understand my children wont be come one!"

"They better not!"

Thats all I know it's short!

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Thanks Red Ranger 1!

Chapter 36! :wink:

"Hey! Geoff just texted me-"

"Oh really!"Melody rolls her eyes.

"He said a storm is coming." A look of worry spread across Both Indi and Heath.

"We should get out of here then!" Melody nodded. Thank god for the storm she couldn't stand camping anymore!

"Come on! Help!" Melody walks into the tent and starts to pack up all her clothes.Over the five day they had been camping Melody had turned her tent into a pig sty.

Heath heard another bolt of lightening. Roxi cried in her baby seat.

"Hey! Sweetie it will be alright!" Heath heard his oldest daughter soothing.

"We are almost in summer bay!"

"Thank god! I was starting to get worried"


"I was starting to think we were going to crash." Suddenly the engine started to make noises.

"Farout!" Heath stopped the car got out and slammed the door. After five minutes in the pouring rain the engine was set to go!


Indi breathed a sigh of relief. Everything was going smoothly. Indi realized her favorite song was on!

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Stand a little taller! Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone!" BANG! All of the sudden a tree crashed right in front of the car. Heath hadn't had time to stop. The car crashed into the tree!

Thats all! I hope you enjoyed my chapter!

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Thanks Pembie and Red Ranger 1

Chapter 37! :D

The ambulance came to a halt. Sid jumped out the back of the Ambulance. Rain his back,Cold and wet. He had no idea who was in the cars. He looked into the window to find his treasured daughter and granddaughter!....And Heath. Tears rolled down his cheek. He couldn't help himself.

"Sid..." The voice startled him. First he didn't recognize it.

"Who's speaking?" He said with a trembling voice.

"Melody....Roxi she isn't moving?" Sid sighed. He understood why the young girl was worried about her little sister.But she was important as well

"Is there anything wrong with you?"

""My arm...But please help Roxi! I can wait!" Sid shook his head.

"Right guys! We need to get these people out of here! Pay good attention on the baby!" Sid turned to Melody."We are going to help all of you!"

Melody's arm was killing her! But that wasn't what she was worried about. The way Roxi looked... It didn't look she was passed out. Of course Melody being a drama queen was probably blowing all of this out of proportion...At lest that's what she hoped.

"Sid..." The doctor turned around. Melody looked Sid right in the eye. She knew that he couldn't lie to her if she looked him in the eye.

"Yes Melody?"

"Is Roxi Ok?" The doctor bit his bottom lip. Probably thinking of a way to lie to me! Melody thought to herself bitterly.

"Well...She doesn't look good at the moment...But we'll see?"

"What about Heath and Indi?"

"They are awake. Heath has a broken leg. Indi has a fractured humorous bone."

"The what bone?"

"The funny bone."


Indi looked over at her fiance. He had his leg elevated. She knew he hated it!

"Everything will be fine!" Indi put her hand on her tummy and felt the babies kick.

"I hope so!" Sid walked into the room. Something wasn't right.... Sid looked like he did when Indi's pet fish died when she was ten!

"I have some good news and some bad news. Which one would you like to here first?" Indi looked over at Heath.

"Good!" Sid sighed.

"Good news! Melody is fine! Bad news... Roxi died..."

Thats all!

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Thanks Pembie and Red Ranger 1

Chapter 38! :ph34r:

two weeks later!

Melody looked at the photo sitting on her bedside table,it was a picture of her and Roxi on Roxi's first birthday. Tears streamed down Melody's face the past two weeks had been tough.Heath started drinking more often,Indi and Melody would cry for no reason at all. Melody looked over at her surf board. She really wanted to go for a surf, but everybody would know about roxi's death,she really wasn't in the mood for Marilyns hugs and Roo's words of wisdom. Melody looked up at the TV, she saw Roxi's favourite wiggles DVD laying on top. Every single thing was reminding her of Roxi! Melody put on her bathers and grabbed her surf board and left. Not making eye contact with anybody.

Heath cracked open another bottle. He took a mouthful the cold brown liquid running into his throat. He watched as his fiancee grabbed another tissue. Melody had left ten minutes ago with her surf board. He thought about doing the same thing,but he was proberly too drunk.He sculled the rest of the beer, he walked over to Indi and put his hand on her tummy.

"Everything is going to be fine!" All Indi did was nod."I'm being serious!"

"I wont see Roxi grow up! Or get married! And your telling me everything is going to be fine!"

"It is!"

"Maybe yu should go for a surf!"

"But I don't want to!"

"I don't want my baby girl dead! I guess none of us are going to get what we want!" Indi stromed off into the bedroom.

Melody got out of the water, the sun on her back. Listening to the waves always calmed her down whenever she was feeling down. She sat down on the sand. She could sit there all day! Suddenly she felt a pair of tiny hands on her back. It remined her of Roxi.which of course made her cry. Sasha stood in front of her.

"Indianna stop! I'm so sorry Melody! How are things going at home?" Melody sniffed.

"How do you think?" The words sounded bitter and nasty.

"Right! Melody I know hiw you feel!"

"Xav...Is nothing like losing a little sister!"

"How would you know?"

"Because! You knew Xav for year, you saw him a little bit each day,Right?" Sasha nodded."I saw Roxi all the time! I feed her I even changed her nappy! Roxi was also only a baby!"

Thats all!

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Thanks Red Ranger 1!!!

Chapter 39! :o

two days later!

The Tears trickled down Indi's face as she watched her fiance and her brother lower her youngest daughter into a hole in the ground.She wished that this day wouldn't happen. Her daughter had only been one! Elijah's voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Roxi lived a short life. The terrible turn of advents that happened caused Roxi's life to come to an end."

"Could you please just get on with it!" Indi looked at the teary Melody as she wiped yet more tears.

"Right! Roxi's mother Indi would like to say a few words." Indi walked up the front making sure her dress was pulled down.

"Roxi...She was special! She would laugh at anything! She was basically a shadow to Melody,coping whatever Mel said."Indi watched as tears began to trickle down Melody's face again."I just wished she lived longer!" With that she stepped down.

Even though Leah had done a great job at making all the food,Heath wasn't hungry! He looked at the tiny sandwich Indi placed on his plate.

"I said I'm not hungry!"

"Too bad! Eat it!" Heath sighed and picked up the tiny sandwich and ate it. He loved Indi,but she was stubborn."Good!" Indi walked over to Sasha and started talking to her. Brax and Leah walked over who's baby was due any day now!

"Hey! How is going?"

"I'm at my baby girls funeral! How do you think?"

"Sorry..." Suddenly Indi screams."Indi!" Indi grabs her tummy and basically falls to the ground.

"Babe! What is it?"

"My....water....broke!" Heath picks Indi up like a baby and carries her out of the house.

Ten hours later.

"Here's the head!" Indi screamed in pain.The room filled with the sound of a new born baby."This one is a boy!"

thirty minutes later!

The room filled with cries once more."Congratulations this one is a baby girl!" Indi smiled. She couldn't help but feel happy.

Heath looked down at his new babies.

"Katie looks like you!" Indi nods.

"Well...Drake looks like you!"

"You think?"Indi nods!

Thats the end please tell me what you think!

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Thanks guys! Sorry it's taken so long! :)

Chapter 40! :D

Your probably thinking that Roxi was forgotten...Right? Well....Your wrong! If anything the new babies made them think about her more! Indi watched as the newborns wriggled around on a blanket, she sighed.I should have three babies! She thought to herself. Casey moved because he couldn't take the sadness, Yeah great way to help the family in a time of need Heath had said.

"What are you thinking about?" Indi sighed once more.

"Everything!" Heath nods. A week after Roxi's death Heath had woken in the middle of the night to catch Indi eating ice cream and crying while she looked at Roxi's baby book.

"We'll get through this! You know we will!" Indi shook her head.

"What happens if we don't?"

"We need to think to think positive!" Indi rolled her eyes. People think that Heath is some bad-boy but really he's just like a big soft teddy bear.

"Whatever!" Indi storms off to the bedroom leaving Heath with the twins.

Everybody felt sorry for Melody... And Melody hated it! She lost her little sister, if they really cared they wouldn't be talking to her about it! But no! Mrs Fletcher decided she needed to talk to someone, that's why she is Mr Baker's office.

"How did you feel when you found out Roxi had died?"

"How do you think I felt?!" Melody yelled angrily.

"Miss Callahan, please answer the question properly?" Melody rolled her eyes and sighed. She would prefer to maths then this!

"Sad Mr Baker." Mr Baker nodded and scribbled something down on the paper.

"How did everybody else feel?"

"The same as me!" Mr sighed and scribbled something else down.

"Who took it the hardest?" Melody shrugged her shoulders

"How am I supposed to know?"

"Who seemed more upset?"

"Indi...What has this got to do with me?"

"It's your surroundings. If you are in a positive household then you will be positive! If you in a negative household you will be negative. Who seemed less upset?"


Indi had fallen asleep on couch. She was dreaming about what Roxi would of been like if she hadn't of died. She was woken up by a knock on the door.

"Coming!" Indi opened the door to get a shock!"Xav?"

I hope you liked it! :)

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