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Hiding a Secret

Guest BethFaye

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Story Title: Hiding a Secret

Type of story: Medium/Long (undecided)

Main Characters: Charlie, Grant, Ross, Elsie

Others: Ruby, Angelo, Bianca, maybe more.

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Aftermath of Sexual Assualt and Violence

Summary: How Charlie copes with being attacked by her boyfriend, Grant. How will it effect her life?

Part 1

Charlie Buckton walked into the family home after attending a birthday party, her boyfriend's 15th birthday party. Throwing down her keys on the side she took her high heels off as they were digging into her feet after the walk back, she looked up to see her mother stood in front of her.

“Charlotte what are you doing back? I thought we agreed that your father or I would come and pick you up, that was the condition on letting you go tonight.” She said with the arms folded.

“I am sorry.” She said as she looked at her mother then down at the floor with tear strained eyes. Elsie placed her hand on her chin lifting her head up and looked closely at her only daughter, noticing the tears in her eyes.

“Oh Charlotte what's wrong sweetheart?” She said with concern.

She went to put her arms around her as she got no response from her but Charlie just pushed her mother away from her, not meaning to push her as hard as she did.

“Grant and I had an argument, so I just want a shower and to go to bed.” Charlie shouted in her mother's direction as she walked past her and into the bathroom.

Locking the door behind her, she leant against the wooden door letting more tears fall as her whole body shook. After a few minutes she was able to move again she switched on the shower and removing her clothes before stepping inside, letting the water run over her as the tears fall from her eyes. She began scrubbing her body over and over really hard making her skin red, she stopped as looked down to her arm, dropping it down on the floor of the shower as her body slid down the wall and sat down on the floor as the water dropped down her body just sitting there unable to move.

She eventually made her way out the bathroom and quickly ran into her room to avoid any more questions from her mother or her father if he had returned from work. She got dressed for bed and climbed under her covers, picking up her childhood teddy bear from the bedside table and cuddling it close to her body as she did as a child. That night Charlie was unable to sleep as every time she closed her eyes she was would see his face, she just remained in her bed in the foetal position hugging her teddy bear.

As the sun shone into her room through the small gap in her curtains, she thought about telling her parents she was ill but knew that would just lead to questions from them after she revealed something happened between her and Grant the night before. She thought best way to carry on was to go to school despite Grant being there, it was still early but she got up and ready for school while her parents were still in bed. As she heard her parents bedroom door open she quickly grabbed her school bag and a piece of fruit as she left the house slamming the door behind, she quickly walked away from the house.

She had walked all the way to school rather than getting the bus like she would normally do with her friends, Grant and his friends. She arrived at the school gates earlier than she would normally arrive, she looked inside the school grounds seeing just a few students dotted around, she took a few deep breaths as she took the few steps inside.

After a hour of wandering around she went inside the building, taking breaths with every step she went up to her locker placing her key in she began to open it she felt hands on her hips, making her jump and banging her head on the locker down. She turned around to be faced with Grant grinning at her, she pushed him away from her beginning to panic she quickly picked up her bag as she walked away.

She shouted back at him, “Stay away from me!” She began to run away from him and his friends.

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Thank you so much guys!

Part 2

As the weeks past Charlie continued to try keep her head down while at School and avoided questions by her parents about Grant, hoping if she did not talk about it to anyone it would just go away. How wrong she was as she might not be talking about it but she relived in the little sleep she had since that night.

One Friday night Ross returned home from work to find his daughter working at the table, which she had been doing a lot of lately but this Friday was night of a party that she had been going on about for months worrying what to wear. He made them both a coffee he went over to her placing the drinks down before sitting down, this made her look to see who had sat next to her she gave him a brief smile before returning to her work.

“Sweetheart, are you okay?” Ross said as he took hold of her hand in his.

“I'm fine why wouldn't I be?” Charlie said quickly quite alarmed, removing her hand from his.

“I can tell something is wrong, for one your here and not at the party.” Ross had been good at reading body language as it was part of his job in interviewing suspects.

“I just have a headache, didn't feel up to it.” She got up picking up her books and the coffee as heading into her room before any more questions could be asked.

Ross placed his hands in his head, wishing he knew what was going on.

The end of the holidays had come Charlie was able to hold it together better when she didn't have to see him every day, but then morning a sudden rush of panic filled her and entered into a full blown panic attack she stayed in her room until she worked through it trying not to worry her parents.

Ross had decided to try talk to his daughter on his own so he started to walk to the bus stop with her about things, but he was not getting anything back. Both walking along in silence when Grant ran up behind them placing his hand on her hips making her jump before entering into another panic attack.

“Get off me!” she shouted between trying to catch her breath.

Ross was confused by the whole thing about why his daughter was acting like she was towards her own boyfriend or he assumed he still was. He placed his arm around his distressed teenage daughter and helped her home, once they entered the family home he placed her on the sofa.

“Elsie! Get a paper bag.” he shouted through the next room.

Elsie came through the bedroom shocked to see the state her daughter was in, she rushed to get what her husband asked for before sitting next to Charlie to try help through the panic attack. Once her breathing had returned to normal, Ross began to ask the questions.

“What has happened between you and Grant darling?” he asked squeezing her hand gently.

Charlie looked between her mother and father reading the concerned looks on their faces, knowing she could not keep this a secret any longer.

“The night of his birthday party we had planned to sleep together.” knowing by the silence of her parents they were in shock. “I had changed my mind I did not feel ready.” Keeping her head down as her father sighed with relief, as she kept her hands on her knee rubbing her knees up and down to try build up enough courage to tell her parents, “I told him this but he didn't stop, he didn't stop.” She told them through the tears that know fell from her eyes.

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