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An Unexpected Start

Guest Joanna-Melody

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Hi guys, I know it's been a long time since I uploaded a chapter but my mum took my laptop off me and then when I got it back I got ill. So the next chapter of An Unexpected Start should be up either tomorrow or Saturday.

Again sorry that is has been so long since I've uploaded a chapter.

Joanna Melody xxxx

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Okay so as promised here is my next chapter of An Unexpected Start. Sorry it's so late but I didn't like it so wrote it again. But my summer holidays are coming up so I will have a lot more updates then. I haven't had time to proof read it as I wanted to get it straight up so here is the next chapter xxxx


Chapter 8 - Too Close For Comfort

Charlie's POV

I could tell what was about to happen but I just couldn't find the strength to stop it. Every bone in my body was telling me this was wrong, I mean I was in love with Heath, but something faint inside of me was telling me maybe this was right. Brax had his hand on my cheek and was pulling me towards him, I couldn't stop it, and it was like he was a magnet pulling me towards him. We were just about to kiss when…

Brax's POV

My lips were just about to touch Charlie's when my phone went off. It played 'Beggin' by Madcon, the ringtone that only played when Bianca was calling me. We broke away from each other and I reached into my pocket to get my phone. As I pressed the answer button I saw Charlie pacing up and down the kitchen then looking as if she was going to leave. I tried to motion to her to stay but she ignored me and left without as much as a goodbye.

Charlie's POV

As I left Brax's place I headed for the beach. The minute I reached the beach I broke down in tears. I mean how could I do that to Heath, or Bianca- my own twin sister, my best friend and I nearly cheated on them with Brax. I collapsed onto the sand, I felt so guilty so bad that I could do that to the people I love. Suddenly I felt big arms wrap around me and I felt safe straight away.

Heath's POV

I was at the party on the Beach looking around for Charlie- she said that she was going to be here. I know it sounds stupid but I missed her already, a day didn't go by that Charles and I didn't see each other and call/text for at least 1 and a half hours. We just spent all our time together, so I missed her. As I scanned the beach for her I saw a figure that looked like Charlie crying I kept scanning for Charlie when I realised that the person I saw was Charlie. I quickly walked towards her when I saw her collapse onto the ground I sped up my walk to a sprint when I saw that happen. As soon as I reached her I wrapped my arms around her and she clung onto me and just cried into my shoulder.
'Charlie, babe what's wrong?' I asked concerned. She didn't answer me just kept crying into my shoulder. 'Do you want me take you home?' I asked and she nodded, I kept a hold of her and just led her up the path of the beach and towards her place.

Please review and tell me what you think. Sorry chapter is so short xox

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Okay so I have been really lazy for months and not updated but now I'm nearly finished the year at school and I've just started the Easter holidays I'll have more time to update. I wanted to know if you guys wanted me to pick up this story again? If so then I'll promise to be more focused and update more regularly.

Joanna xox

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Okay so as promised here is my next chapter of An Unexpected Start. I was on a last minute holiday and just got back today and wrote this chapter. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 10- What's wrong?

Heath's POV

I had just put Charlie to bed and by now was wondering what had happened. When I left her after school she seemed fine. I mean she didn't tell me why she slapped my brother but still. I have to figure out why she was so angry at Brax; this is probably part of the reason why she was upset. I had to go and talk to Brax and find out why Charlie was like this. I knew Charlie wouldn't like it but she wasn't telling me anything so I had to find out somehow.

Charlie's POV

I knew I should have let Heath in and told him but I couldn't. I mean before I could've told him about Brax but now I couldn't. Before I hadn't technically done anything but now I had, I nearly kissed him. I would've kissed him. Heath couldn't find out, he couldn't.

Brax's POV

I heard my phone ring and leant over to answer it. I saw that the call was from Charlie and thought about not answering but then that would probably annoy her even more so I answered as it was about to go to voicemail.

'Hello?' I spoke as I answered my phone.

'Brax it's me, I need to make sure that Heath doesn't find out about what happened' She spoke hurriedly.

'What happened? Are you admitting something happened then?' I replied without thinking.

'Brax I am not joking, if Heath finds out I will make sure that he will never forgive you whether or not you are brothers.'

'Fine, okay I won't say anything.'

'Good. Bye.' As she said that Heath walked through the door I quickly thought of something to say because if he knew I was on the phone to Charlie it would only cause more trouble.

'Goodbye babes' I replied.

Charlie's POV

Is that guy okay? After everything he decides to call me babes? Is he deranged, I thought. I couldn't believe he was still trying to get to me and play some stupid games with me and I was letting him, this wasn't me. I had to snap out of this trance he had got me in.

Heath's POV

I walked in to see Brax saying goodbye to Bianca on the phone; I waited till he had hung up to ask him what was going on with Charlie.

'What's going on Brax'

'What do you mean?'

'I mean with Charlie, why did she slap you and I found her crying on the beach earlier, I'm guessing that had something to do with you as well.'

'Look Charlie saw me with Annie when we were talking about Jai's party and assumed we were having an affair. She was angry obviously because of Bianca and slapped me. Bianca told me she wasn't going to talk to Charlie until she apologised, I explained everything to Charlie and she felt really bad, I guess that's why she was crying.'

'Ohh okay, thanks for explaining bro, I'll talk to her in the morning.'

'Okay, anyways I'm going to head to bed. Night Heath'


Brax's POV

As soon as I got to my bedroom I sent Charlie a text 'Meet me at the South end of the beach at 9am tomorrow Brax' I had to tell her what I told Heath so we could get our story straight. I got a reply not long after saying 'Kay.' Someone's still a bit frosty I thought before I put my phone down and drifted off to sleep.

Bianca's POV

It was about 10pm when I saw Charlie walk in, as soon as I saw her I started to head to our bedroom not even acknowledging her presence. I was still as angry as hell at her and wasn't going to talk to her until I got an explanation.

'B, please? Listen to what I have to say?' I heard her call. I made my way down the stairs and hoped that this wasn't going to be a waste of time.

'I'm sorry about what happened before, I shouldn't have hit him and I'm sorry.' 'I just, I saw him with Annie and thought he was having an affair with her' she explained.

'But that's crazy. Brax wouldn't do that and neither would Annie' I replied flabbergasted.

'Yeah I know I just jumped to a conclusion and yeah, I'm sorry.'

'It's okay I guess but next time just think before you hit someone or maybe even ask them what's going on'

'Yeah okay, I will, I'm gonna head to bed, Night B'

'Night Charles'

Okay so here's this chapter hope you enjoyed. If you have any ideas for the fic dm me and please review so I know if you guys like the direction I'm going in.(:

Next Chapter:

Charlie and Brax meet on the beach.

Nicole gets some shocking news.

Charlie apologises to Annie.

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Okay so here is my next chapter of An Unexpected Start. I was on holiday and had no wifi :0 so couldn't upload the chapter. But I'm back now so hope you enjoy this chapter. (By the way Roman (Nicole's dad) is still in the SAS in this fic)

Chapter 11- Unexpected News

Nicole's POV

So the last couple of days had been full of drama and arguments but none of that was on my mind because today I was getting to see my dad! I didn't get to see him that much and he had taken a holiday weekend off because we couldn't come home fr my birthday earlier in the year. We didn't even get to speak much so I knew I was gonna cherish the few days I had to spend with him. I would turn off my phone like I always did and I had already told Tash to tell the girls that I was with my dad so they didn't think I was ignoring them. I was so excited and couldn't wait till Roman got back. It was only about 7.30 am and I was already dressed and everything as I was so excited. Since I had like 6 hours to spare I decided I would text Natasha to meet me at the beach so we could go for a swim and get a juice. About 5 mins later I got a text back saying she would meet me at the beach in 20 mins. I decided I would just leave now as it took me about 15 minutes to get to the beach.

Natasha's POV

I made my way to the beach still half asleep dying for a coffee. I definitely was not a morning person. Normally I would protest and Nic would end up going with Martha or someone but I knew this was probably the only time I would get to see her in a few days so I agreed. Luckily she knew me well and had a coffee waiting for me. As I neared where she was sitting I saw Charlie and Brax strolling along the beach together. They both looked slightly tense so I figured they were talking about the other day when Charlie slapped Brax.

Charlie's POV

I ended up deciding to go and see Brax as I knew deep down I would. He told me what he had said to Heath the night before so we could get our story straight. He also explained that Heath had walked in on our phone conversation and he had pretended that I was Bianca thus calling me babe. I accepted the apology and we just continued walking in a comfortable silence when Brax blurted out those deadly words.

'I think I'm in love with you.'

I couldn't believe my ears. I just stood there looking like a complete fool but I was too shocked to say anything. All I managed to say was

'No you don't you love Bianca. My sister. Not m-' I was cut off in the middle of my sentence as my phone started to ring. It was Annie and I guess she wanted to clear the air between us and I desperately wanted an excuse to escape so I just told him I had to go and ran to Annie's house.

Annie's POV

Charlie arrived at my house panting like she had run the whole way there I was confused as to why she had seeing as I only gave her a phone call which she didn't evenanswer. She didn't even give me time to say hello to her or ask her why she had run here before she started ranting on about how she was sorry for not trusting me the other day, how it was wrong, and how she hoped I could forgive her etc. I calmed her down and we managed t talk things out slowly and we ended up just spending the afternoon catching up.

Nicole's POV

It was half past 12 and dad was due back at 1 so I decided to head home and make sure everything was ready for his arrival. I said my goodbyes to Natasha and and Bianca who had joined us at around 11. As soon as I got in I could tell something was wrong, mum was sitting on the couch and I could see the tear stains that were on her cheeks. And by now she should have been on her way to pick up dad from he airport. I was so confused.

'Mum, what's wrong?' I asked as I sat next to her on the sofa.

'It's your dad. I'm so sorry Nic but he's'

I'm gonna leave it there review what you think is gonna happen and what you want to happen please :) xxxx

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So sorry I haven't updated for a while but I have a lot of personal issues going on at the moment :( Plus my end of year exams have started so everything's been getting to me. But once it's all over I'm gonna try and update twice a fortnight. So sometimes I'll do once a week and other times I'll do twice in a week and not update the next. Please don't hate me, Joanna xoxo

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