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An Unexpected Start

Guest Joanna-Melody

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Okay so as promised here is my next chapter of An Unexpected Start, Thank you to all the people who have reviewed and been patient with me so Im making a pact with my friend that we will keep writing our fics. Any way here is the next chapter xxxx


Chapter 6 - What the!?

Braxs POV

Okay babe thanks, love you too B I said to Bianca as we ended our phone call.

She had just informed me that she and Charlie had sorted things out so it would be fine to go back to her house after school. I was kinda worried about Charlie I mean her outburst on Friday wasnt her. It seemed liked she was jealous, but that didnt make sense seeing as she is with Heath. Even though he doesnt deserve her. To be honest Charlie is like the girl that every guy dreams of shes hot, funny, and smart, she can hang with the guys shes hot oh and hot. I actually do not understand why she would get with an idiot like Heath. Dont get me wrong I love my bro but you know he is an idiot. And I bet she would be great in bed. Shes just so confident and sexy- why am I thinking like this I love Bianca. I actually do shes like a toned down version of Charlie. And that just means shes not as out there and is a bit more girly than Charles. I looked at the watch B gave me for my birthday last year- **** Ive got 10 minutes I thought. I grabbed my bag and walked out of the house, Heath had already left to meet up with Charlie. I have to find a way to not think about her because I cant have any types of feelings for her its just plain wrong.

Charlies POV

I had just got in the school gates, Bianca on one side of me Heath on the other, when Heath saw the boys and asked if I would be alright. He is so sweet that one. I told him I was fine and I had Bianca with me so he didnt have to worry. We saw the girls and walked up to them,

Hey guys we said,

Hey they all replied back. Just at that moment the bell went and we all walked in to our lockers.

At the end of the day

Umm guys wheres Annie?

I dont know but Im glad thats over!

Yeah me too

It was so hard

Umm really coming from the people that totally blitz math ever year I replied to them

Yeah Charles is right if we ask Mr Londsdale who are the best in maths he would reply Natasha, Nicole and Martha! Amanda said

I was distracted from the rest of the conversation as I saw Brax talking to Annie by his locker. I was wondering why he would be talking to her on her own, we are normally always together- me and the girls that is. I was shocked by what I saw next, Brax reached out with one hand and placed on her cheek, and he took Annies hand with the other. I was so angry, how could he do that to Bianca? To me! I marched over there, by this time Annie had pulled away from him, and slapped him twice around both his cheeks.

Natashas POV

We were all talking about maths when I noticed Charlie walk up to Brax, she didnt look in the slightest bit happy.

Hey guys, over there I said nodding towards Charlie and interrupting the chat they were having.

We saw Charlie slap Brax twice and ran over to where they were stood. By this time Charlie was screaming at Brax and trying to hit him as we all pulled her away from him. The only person who wasnt helping pull Charles away was Bianca but I think she was a bit too confused as to what was going on to help.

Biancas POV

I didnt understand why Charlie would hit Brax and I needed to know what had been going on. I walked up to Brax who was standing with his hand on one of his now red cheeks looking as shocked as I was about what had just happened. He said he and Annie were having a chat about it being close to the anniversary of Romeos brothers death as Annie was close to Jai he was comforting her and then Charlie came up to him and slapped him. I just wanted to get home and ask Charlie what the hell was going on.

Please review and tell me what you think xox

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Okay so as promised here is my next chapter of An Unexpected Start,Thank you to all the people who have reviewed and been patient with me. I am going to try and update once or twice a week from now on. I haven't had time to proof read it as I wanted to get it straight up so here is the next chapter xxxx


Chapter 7 - The Aftermath

Brax's POV

When I got home I was a bit depressed- well a bit means a lot. I mean half of my face is as red as a tomato and my girlfriend's sister now pretty much hates me. Oh and not to mention the fact that Heath is not speaking to me as he is adamant that I did something to annoy Charlie. I guess that would be the normal conclusion to come to but still

A few hours later

I heard someone knock on the door and quite frankly I didn't want to answer it. To answer the door would require me to get up from my very comfortable position on the couch, stop watching TV and to walk all the way to door. And to be perfectly honest I wasn't in the mood to do any of those things. But noooo the person insisted on continuing to knock until I answered the door.

Charlie's POV

I knocked on the door about 10 times before Brax finally decided to open the door. I knew Heath wasn't going to be there because there was a party at the beach because of it being a year since Romeo's brothers passing. That was part of the reason I only came round now, because I knew me and Brax wouldn't be able to have this conversation with Heath being there. Brax answered the door in nothing but board shorts and I couldn't help but check out his body. I never noticed before but he was incredibly toned and very hot. As I snapped out of the trance I was in I remembered the reason why I was here in the first place.

Brax's POV

As I opened the door I noticed Charlie standing there. I couldn't help but notice that she was wearing a new dress. It was a red strapless number that came up to the middle of her thighs, and hung to her in all the right places. I couldn't deny the fact that even though it was a casual dress she looked like she was a supermodel. Her legs, her body, her smile, everything about her was just perfect. She must be THE most beautiful girl I have ever met; I mean not many people could wear a bin liner and still make it look amazing.

'Brax? Brax? You in there?' I heard Charlie say and it snapped me out of my trance. I remembered my face and that she was the reason it looked the way it did right now and realised that this was probably not a social visit.

'Once you're done eyeing me up do you reckon you could explain yourself?' She said

'What do you mean explain myself? Don't you think it should be you explaining why the hell you slapped me?'

'Because you are a player, you're playing me and B and now Annie!'

I was genuinely confused now

'What do you mean?'

'I mean the conversation we had last month. You know when you asked if I felt the chemistry between us and when you also said you would break it off with Bianca when I said the word?'
She practically screamed at me

'Oh, that one...'

'Yes that one'

I then remembered the word she said to me and something came to my mind. I took a step closer to her and said: 'So you are admitting the fact that we have chemistry. I thought you denied it and it doesn't make sense why you would be so upset about this unless of course you were jealous?' I said not bothering to hide the smirk that was playing on my lips.

'No I am not! I am not jealous and there is no chemistry between us whatsoever!' She screamed back

'Okay then' I said as I took a step closer to her and put one of my hands on her cheek. I leant down at the same time that I was pulling her face towards me. Our lips were about to touch when...

Sorry to end it on a cliffhanger and sorry it's short but I am in the process of writing chapter nine as we speak. If you want to see the dress Charlie was wearing, click on the link on my profile page. And I need 5 reviews before I put up chapter nine xxxx

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