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An Unexpected Start

Guest Joanna-Melody

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Story Title: An Unexpected Start

Type of story:Short/Medium/Long Fic(undecided)

Main Characters: Charlie, Brax, Heath, Bianca

BTTB rating: A

Genre: General.

Does story include spoilers:Not sure yet

Any warnings: Sexual content, language

Summary: Charlie and Brax both go to Summer Bay high with some old/new characters. They are both part of the highest groups in their school and everyone wants to be like them. Brax develops a crush on Charlie. (Brax is not a bad boy and Charlie and Bianca are sisters).

Chapter 1- An Unexpected Start

Brax's POV

I was messing around with the boys in History when my best friend Jack suddenly wolf-whistled at someone. I looked up to see that Charlie my girlfriend's sister was at the door. I had to admit I could see why Jack had wolf-whistled at her, she did look amazing. I snapped out of my thoughts by the sound of my teachers voice.

'Yes Charlotte?' Mr Robinson asked.

'Sorry to interrupt your lesson sir, but Miss Martin wanted me to give you this.' Replied Charlie as she handed Mr Robinson some mock exam papers. When the class saw these we all groaned loudly, not really hiding the fact that we were not happy with this delivery.

'Oh yes I nearly forgot about these, remember to tell Miss Martin I said thank you' Said our teacher. 'And you lot...' Mr Robinson said while pointing to the class 'Get on with your work' Charlie smiled- well smirked lightly then nodded at Mr Robinson and left the classroom. Thankfully as soon as she did this the lunch bell went and my friends and I wasted no time in getting out of the classroom.

Please Review I am unsure of whether to continue. xxxx

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Natasha and Andrew are my own characters apart from that everyone else has been on H&A before.

Thank yu for all the reviews and hop you enjoy this chapter.


Chapter 2- About The Characters

Charlie's POV

'I can't believe it' I suddenly said. 'Believe what?' My twin sister asked. 'Look at us we're 16, we have just started year 12 and we are the hottest in our school...' I stopped talking my sister sensed this and replied. 'But?' 'But what does it all amount to? What are we going to do after we finish school, I mean I personally know I won't stay this hot forever and we aren't even that smart. Yeah sure we'll pass our HSC but what then?' 'Charlie look we have the rest of the year to think about this don't worry sis look we're young and hot and we have the sexiest guys in the school as our boyfriends so don't stress okay.' I thought about this for a minute before I answered. 'Okay.'

Bianca's POV

Just as me and Charles had finished our chat the rest of the gang turned up. I had to admit we were an extra-ordinary bunch. I still don't understand how we all click but we do. There are so many different personalities but when they come together it works. There's Amanda, Nicole, Natasha, Annie, Martha, Charlie and Me. It's kind of amazing we all were in two's/three's to begin with but then we all just came together. It was always me, Charles and Annie we have known each other forever. Nicole and Natasha were practically joined at the hip; and Martha and Amanda were so close almost like sisters. But then we all had to mix for assignments and we got to know each other and it works. Now we all just love each other, we're family- maybe not blood related but we sure are a family.

Heath's POV

I never imagined that I would be this lucky I have great friends and a gorgeous girlfriend. What more can I ask for? And it's great that all the boys have girlfriends in the same group it helps so if we just want to hang out with our girlfriends then we could still all be together. Amanda was with Miles, Martha was with Jack, Nicole was with Aden, Annie was with Romeo, Natasha was with Andrew, Bianca was with Brax and Charlie was with me. It all worked out. The fact that now everyone wants to be like us is a bonus. And it's only because we have the hottest chicks in the bay as our girlfriends. But it's not like we just use them because they're hot, we like them because they are fierce- they know what they want and despite all that they are down to earth.

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Thank you for all the reviews and I hope you enjoy the next few chapters. xxxx


Chapter 3- An Unexpected Visit

Nicole's POV

We were all in our Dance class when Tash (Natasha) started screaming. We were all very confused as to what was happening, because you don't normally start randomly screaming. The girls and I thought that Tash was hurt or something along those lines as she was on the opposite side of the room as us. I realised that this wasn't the case as I approached her.

'Tash why the hell are you screaming' I asked

'Look, LOOK! Nic look. Over there' Natasha was frantically pointing at the window.

'OMG! What the hell are those boys doing? Though I guess it is kind of sweet' I had figured what she was on about. By this time everyone in the room were wondering what on earth we were talking about.

'Guys, come here you've got to see this!' everyone made their way over to us totally and utterly confused. Then everyone noticed what we had been going crazy about. Outside the boys were holding up a giant banner that read:

'I Andrew Mason am in LOVE with Natasha Lewis!'

Well for the past few weeks Tasha had been wondering how committed Andrew was to her. Yes they had been going out for years but she wondered if maybe he was outgrowing her. The girls and I had tried to convince her that this was ridiculous but it didn't put her mind to rest. But this probably would. By this time our teacher April Scott, who was only two years older than us, decided that class was over for today. Natasha quickly grabbed her stuff and raced outside- with the rest of the 'gang' closely following, and started intensely pashing Andrew.

(Chapter 4- Revelations decided to post them together)

Natasha's POV

Me and Nic (Nicole) were at her house when everyone walked in. Before I could say hi questions were fired at me like: 'What happened' 'How do you feel' 'What did he say' etc. I didn't really know how to answer luckily Mandy (Amanda) noticed this and spoke loudly, catching everyone's attention and said:

'Guys, calm down, she's obviously still floating on cloud nine.'

'Okay, fine but don't think you're getting away with it'

'Yeah Charles is right here's no way you are not telling us all the juicy details.' Spoke Martha.

'Yeah, yeah she knows, but you guys are going to be so shocked when you hear it later.' Nic said.

'Umm and how do you know this?'

'Because, Charlie, Natasha told me of course.' Replied Nicole. There was suddenly a chorus of people nearly shouting:


'What, she made me tell her.'

2 hours later...

Annie's POV

'Okay so what exactly happened?' I asked Tash

'Well you saw what happened, we pashed and then we went to his place.' Natasha told us with a huge grin on her face.

'We need details!' Charlie and Bianca said simultaneously

'Yes which means you describe EXACTLY what happened to us while we listen and interrupt if we are not satisfied.' Martha said.

'Well I told him I loved him too and then we made out. And that's all' Tasha said.

'Yes because that is soo the truth.' Amanda said.

'It IS' Replied Natasha.

'Well it must have been some make out session if you can't stop smiling like that' B (Bianca) smirked.

'They went all the way' Nicole said dully.

'Nicole!' Shouted Tasha

'What? You had to tell them sometime.'

'Yeah and it's not like we all haven't lost it anyway' Said Amanda 'Well except Annie of course.'

Okay so now that's all sorted we can all chill.' Said Charlie.

The girls chatted for the rest of the night talking about school, boys and their passion dance.

Please review and tell me what you think xox

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Thank you for all the reviews and I hope you enjoy the next few chapters. xxxx

Thanks to Isabella Maree.B for helping me think of story-lines.

Chapter 4 - Secrets Revealed

Heath's POV

'Really Charlie, really?' I asked my girlfriend, even though she is amazing sometimes she comes up with really crazy stuff.

'Yes Heath!' She said, clearly annoyed with me.

'So let me get this straight you want us to set up Bianca and Brax?' 'Because I think they have been going out for about two years now.' I said sarcastically.

'Yes, but they haven't slept together yet, she's a virgin duh. I don't know why she pretends she's not though'

'Umm baby, yes they have slept together.' I said.

'WHAT!' How could she not have told me that? And how do you know anyway?'

'You're forgetting Brax is my brother, and he's told me Bianca is not a virgin and when I asked if she lost it to him he just grinned stupidly.' I replied.

'Okay babe, I am going home now to talk to my brat of a big sister, but I'll call you later okay?'

'Yep, bye Charles.' I replied laughing at my hilarious girlfriend.

I could just imagine what Charlie and Bianca where going to be doing for the next 24 hours.

At Charlie and Bianca's house.

Charlie's POV

I walked in to see Brax and B kissing on the sofa, normally I wouldn't care but right now I wasn't in the mood for it.

'Brax can you like go please I really need to talk to Bianca?' They just ignored me which pissed me off eve more.

'FOR GOD'S SAKE CAN YOU TWO STOP SWAPPING SALIVA AND LISTEN TO ME?' I shouted at them. They stopped kissing and looked at me with confused faces. I decided to continue. 'Brax leave.'

'What? Why?' He replied.

'NOW!' Thankfully he got up left, then Bianca started laying into me. He we go I thought.

Bianca's POV

I was so angry with Charlie, I mean she just barged in and told my boyfriend to leave. I don't even understand why she did it.

'What the hell Charlie? Why would you do that, do you have any idea how embarrassing that was-'

'Embarrassing, you're having a laugh right?' She interrupted. I couldn't believe she was being like this.

'It is when you're younger sister barges in and tells your boyfriend to leave.' I shouted the last bit.

'Well do you want to know what else is embarrassing? When you find out from your boyfriend that you're twin sister, who you think tells you everything, is not a virgin anymore.' She replied.

'Okay, did you just say what I think you said? That you threw my boyfriend out because I'm not a virgin?' I shouted at Charlie.

'Yes I did and you deserve it for being the hypocritical bitch you always were, IHATE YOU!' After saying that- well screaming that Charlie walked- well stormed off.

Charlie's POV

I was so angry with my sister for acting innocent when she was not. She always acts like she is in the right and is perfect, but the truth is she is far from it. How can she have a go at me and not talk to me for days for doing something that she's done as well? It is so unfair and I can't believe she would do something like this. I mean she made me feel so guilty after what I did and I find out from my boyfriend that she's done the same thing.

Please review and tell me what you think. xox

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