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An Unexpected Start

Guest Joanna-Melody

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Here is the next chapter of An Unexpected Start. Sorry I haven't had time to post it but we just got back to school and things have been pretty hectic. Anyway I haven't had time to proof read it so sorry for any mistakes. Thank you to all the people who have reviewed and hope you enjoy. This chapter has no speech just POV’s xxxx.

Charlie's POV

It was the day after the big fight I and Bianca had and I was starting to feel a bit guilty. I guess I kind of deserved it, but Bianca didn't know the real reason why. I guess me being upset about her not telling me she wasn't a virgin; I forgot that I had my fair share of secrets from her too. But she just seemed so hypocritical, I mean I told her I had had sex and she totally flipped. She didn't talk to me for a whole week and she even called me a slut. Sure she got over it and we were cool but she’s not a virgin. And then there was the issue of Brax. Oh he is such a loser. He just lies and lies and lies some more. I wanted to fix the issue with Bianca first and then Brax was going to feel my wrath.

Bianca’s POV

Yesterday me and Charlie had a fight and I guess I could see where she was coming from I mean I did kind of go off at her when she told me she had had sex. But I couldn’t tell her because she doesn’t understand the whole story and Brax asked me not to tell anyone. I didn’t intend on betraying his trust. Still me and Charles kind of need each other, we are twins after all. And I was surprised that she had hadn’t come to make up with me yet so I guess I would have to start off the apologies.

Elsie’s POV

I don’t know what happened but my girls were not happy. It just suddenly started yesterday and they are not talking to each other now. I’ve tried talking to both of them but they refused to tell me anything. I had to work out a way to force them together. It’s not good for me to be stressed out during pregnancy and I can’t fix a lot of things. But one thing I could fix, is those my daughters’ fights. I needed to figure out what was going on for my own sanity.

Ross’s POV

Charlie and Bianca. I swear those girls will be the death of me. Them and their boy troubles- it was obvious a boy had caused them to fall out, there teenagers. But I didn’t understand it fully because they both had good boyfriends. All I knew is that me and Elsie had to figure out a way to get them speaking to each other. If not for us, then for the baby. Although how we were going to do that I was unsure of. I mean they are teenage girls.

Bianca's POV

Sometimes people complain about their parents but we have the best ones ever. Mum and dad made Charles and I work things out. Even though they had no clue what we were fighting about. They locked us in our room, literally, and they didn’t let us out until we had made up. We were both pretty stubborn at first but then we talked everything through and told each other how we really felt. It did us the world of good though I think we are even stronger than we were before.

Charlie’s POV

I owe a lot to mum and dad. If it weren’t for them and the things they do for us, I don’t know what I would do. They helped us soo much even when we didn’t deserve it. They shouldn’t have to deal with our fights and I’ll try not to annoy Bianca. But I can’t be held responsible for my action toward Brax I though. Anyway things between B and I are back to normal so I’m happy.

Hope you enjoyed sorry it’s short and things will make sense in the next chapter.

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