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Colette Mann (re)joins Neighbours


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Colette Mann is joining the cast of Neighbours, for the second time.

She first appeared on the soap in 1995 as an emergency replacement for eight weeks when Caroline Gillmer fell ill.

Now she returns in a regular role as Sheila Canning, the very opinionated grandmother of Kyle (Christopher Milligan). Sheila makes a surprise visit to see her favourite grandson and sparks fly immediately between the family matriarch and Kyle’s girlfriend Jade (Gemma Pranita).

“Chris is a lovely boy, however like my sons, he’ll wonder what has hit him after working with me for a few weeks,” joked Mann.

Of course Mann is no stranger to the TEN’s former Nunawading studios, which doubled as Wentworth Detention Centre for Prisoner. She only spent three years from 1979 on the cult soap, but is still remembered as one of the show’s iconic characters.

Ironically, Prisoner is enjoying popular reruns on Pay TV in the very same timeslot as ELEVEN’s Neighbours. Over 30 years since it first aired, it is one of 111HITS’ most popular shows.

Mann has also been seen on The Circle and continues as a regular guest host.


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quote name='Lucii' date='Feb 9 2012, 09:03 AM' post='1256112'

Also on a sidenote how hot does Kyle look in that picture? And tanned :P

Looks like he's lost a bit of weight in his face.

This should be interesting, although I wasn't a huge fan of her back in 95, its great they are introducing a new older character.

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