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I'll Love You Forever (by CharlieandBrax4Ever) - comments


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I wish the writers had half a Brian to have given us an ending like this

great writing and you really showed how much love Brax had for Charlie and how she changed him for the better, the only thing better than this would be if she hadn't died at all. but still thank you for this :)

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Enjoyed that, especially ......

 I had just lost the woman I loved, the only woman I had ever loved, the lonely woman I will ever love. As I sat knowing I would never see that beautiful seducing smile, those gorgeous glistening blue eyes and worst of all never again taste her incredibly soft lips.

 He just couldn't bring himself to say goodbye forever. Forever was to long because forever was supposed to be how long they spent together not how long they spent apart. He had held onto her until she went cold and listened to the sound of her heart and until it faded away.

 Looking into your beautiful eyes, seeing that gorgeous perfect smile that always brightened everyone's day that laugh you had it was contagious"

 "The love that me and Charlie shared was nothing compared to love she had for her daughter Ruby" Brax smiled looking down at Ruby

"I've seen these to and the love they have for each other is incredible. Charlie saw that me and Ruby and formed a special relationship over the last couple of months and I am going to make a promise to you and to Charlie that I will always be here for Rubes whenever you need me" Brax smiled placing a kiss on the top of her head

 "So Charlie I want you to know that I will remember you for the rest of my life and I will treasure every moment I spent with you, from our first kiss to our last because every moment with you was heaven and where I will see you next one day and this forever will be worth while because I know my life will be hell without you here with me" Brax cried

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