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Andrew Foley - Peter Bensley

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Andrew Foley - Counsellor Extraordinaire.


Long before any of the current crop of Summer Bay High teens were even a thought in their parent's minds, kids were confiding in Andrew. Like Grant Mitchell later on, Andrew was an adult who was hip and could speak their language. He was also very caring and amusing.


Please share your thoughts on Andrew Foley. What was it that you liked/disliked about him??? What stories of his do you remember?? Perhaps his relationship with Carly and later Stacey Macklin?? His run-ins with Morag over the Youth Centre??? Or perhaps his father's death??


Come on, let's hear it!!!

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Watching the classic years at the moment and I truly can't stand Andrew (I started after his first ark as a teacher) all seen so far is his relationship with Carley that seem little creepy and his relapse into alcoholism and him playing a drunk is so cringe.  Maybe because I'm watching it 30 years later but just can't enjoy his character 

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