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Family Reunion

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Story Title: Family Reunion

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Charlie, Brax, Bianca, Heath, Ruby, Casey, Angelo, Nicole, Leah, Miles, Liam, Romeo, Indi, April and Dex and kids.

Other Characters mentioned.

BTTB rating: T

Genre: General

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: Violence and language. Will mention at start of chapter if there is any.

Summary: It’s the year 2020 and everyone meets up again to go on a camping trip together. But when rivalry starts between the kids and adults alike was this really the best idea?

I’ve never written a fan-fiction before and I’ve certainly never read one like the one I’m about to write but here goes and tell me what you think. :rolleyes:

Recapping the last nine years

Bianca and Liam were engaged and about to get married but at the last minute (literally) She realised she loved Heath and fled down aisle into his arms. They spent a few years dating before getting married and now have 3 children.

Charlie still got shot by Jake Pirovic but made it through surgery. She and Brax got married a few months later and Jake had a driving accident where he smashed (alcohol intoxicated) into the side of a pub wall and was killed instantly. Charlie and Brax now have five children including Ruby.

Ruby got married to Casey just as they finished university and moved back to Summer Bay where they have two kids.

Angelo and Nicole moved back to the bay in 2013 with George and his little sister.

Leah had a change of heart and called Miles a few months after he left. He came back to the bay and they reunited and even got married, both regretting how they had acted earlier. They then decided to adopt one or two children and are now quite happy.

Romeo and Indi still got married in Hawaii and now have a 2 year old son.

Dex and Aprils relationship has been on-going since school right through university where they are both studying to become doctors.

And that leaves Liam who never got over Bianca leaving him at the alter and, to no avail, has been trying to win her back ever since.

Chapter 1-Early November

“She left me for a surfer, tore my heart in two. I still love her so deeply, oh what am I gonna do?” Liam sang as he strung his guitar.

“Well you could stop feeling sorry for yourself for a start.” Romeo said picking up all the scrunched up pieces of paper on the floor.

“I’m not. This is my new best seller.” He objected.

“Of course it is. Some how I think the lyrics only apply to you.”

“It’s the best I could come up with.”

“Romeo! We need to talk!” Indi shouted from the kitchen.

“Oh my god, your right. I’m a failure as a writer.” Liam said starting to cry.

“Man, pull yourself together.” Romeo said walking into the kitchen where he was met by his angry looking wife.

“I accepted it when you asked if he could stay for a few weeks after the wedding but seriously Romeo. He’s been in and out of here for the past 9 years!”

“He’s upset.” Romeo protested.

“Oh come on. It doesn’t even take this long to grieve for the dead. He needs to move on with his life.”

“I see your point but what am I supposed to do?”

“Get rid of him!”

“If he goes I’m out too.”

Hour later

“Oh come on Indi.” Romeo said as he stood outside in the rain with Liam.

“I’m singing in the rain, my heart is in such pain.” Liam sang as the rain pounded down.

“Oh shut up.” Romeo said starting to walk down the road.

Inside the house

“Do you think I was too hard on him Nick?”

“I want daddy.” Nick said clapping his hands.



“Alright you win.” She said opening the door and going outside.

“Romeo come back.” She shouted.

Romeo turned back and went straight to Nick.

“Thanks mate.”


“Are you coming Liam?” Indi said.


“I didn’t mean it or the other five times.”

“Oh okay.”

“You know Nick, I think we need to do something fun. Get out of the house.”

“Tent and fire.” Nick said.

“You’re a genius mate.” Romeo said.

Genius or fate?

“And now for the marshmallows.” Brax said lighting a fire on the stone floor.

“Dad! Louie hid my bear again.” Maddie said running in crying.

“Maddie. Can’t you see me and Zach are trying to have a camping trip here.” Brax said not watching the fire.

A car pulled up outside in the driveway.

“Daddy. Mummy’s home.” Sofia said running into the house.

“Everyone hide. Not a single word.” Brax said throwing a blanket over the fire.

“Hey I’m home.” Charlie said walking into the house.

She noticed the silence and walked into the living room where, yet again, a camping area was set up. And slowly rising from the middle was a thin cloud of smoke.

“Oh for goodness sake Brax!” Charlie said grabbing the new fire extinguisher from the bags on the table and put the fire out.

“This is the third time this week you’ve ruined it.” Brax said coming out from under the blankets.

“Are you not a responsible adult?” She said.

“What can I say? The kids bring out the youth in me.” Brax smiled.

“Youth or no youth I’m not tolerating fires lit in my house.”

“Oh come on. Have some fun.”

“Alright then.” She said squirting the remaining foam onto his face.

“Well, I didn’t expect that one.” Brax said wiping the foam off his face.

“Mummy. Daddy and me went camping.” Zach said.

“Mummy. Louie took my bear.” Maddie said.

“Mummy. What did you do to daddy? Has he been stealing ice-cream? Where’s mine?” Sofia said.

“Can we go camping for real?” Louie asked.

“Daddy your ice-cream marshmallows taste funny.” Sofia said picking one up and eating it.

“Sofia Cheryl Braxton you spit that out right now.” Brax said getting serious again.

The backdoor opened as Casey and Ruby walked in.

“Oh hi guys. Whoa what happened?” She said taking a look around the room.

“Your father insists on lighting fires inside.” Charlie said.

“Well we just came over to tell you that Heath has decided to go camping and he wanted to know if you were in.”

“Thank you God.” Louie said.

“Can we mummy?” All four children pleaded at once.

“Yeah can we Charlie?” Brax said sarcastically.

“One condition. No more indoor fires.”

“It’s a done deal.” Brax said smiling.

20 minutes later

“Brax. Where’s all the security paperwork?” Charlie asked.

“Well where did you leave it?”

“By the computer, on the newspapers.” She said.

“Daddy said he used old newspapers for the fire.” Sofia said picking up her juice bottle.

“Daryl Braxton!” Charlie shouted.

“Uh no…Daryl’s not home.” Brax said making a run out the door.

“Camping? Seriously Rubes. Can you see me out there in the wilderness?” Nicole said.

“Oh come on. You can catch up with everyone.” Ruby insisted.

“You do remember what happened the last time we went camping?”

“Nicole! Trey palmer is not gonna be there.”

“So who is?”

“Brax and Heath.”

“Okay that’s were I draw the line.”

“They have changed you know.”

“Once a Braxton always a Braxton.”

“Nicole, give me the phone.” Angelo said reaching for it. “We would love to come.”

“Alright. This Friday, bring anything you might need for two weeks of freedom. Bye.”

“Two weeks?” Angelo said putting the phone down.

“Now you’ve gone and done it.” Nicole said.

“That’s it! No more mobiles, No more play station, No more lounging round the house. Now whether you like it or not we are going to have a technology free trip and you are going to have fun the way your mum and I did growing up. So get upstairs right now and start packing.” Miles shouted at the three teenagers as they ran up the stairs.

“Please Dex; you can’t leave me alone with them.”

“This could cost you quite a bit. Say I’m the best brother in the whole world.”


”My price is high.”

“Dex, Nick wants you to come.”

“Oh dear, how can I say no to my favourite nephew?”

“Dex, he’s your only nephew.”

“Oh yeah I forgot. Let me just check my schedule.”

“Look what you’ve started now little guy.” Indi said to Nick.

“Alright…but I’m bringing April and I need your help with something.”


“Pinkie swear.”

“Dex. We’re on the phone.”

“Oh yeah. I forgot.

“Everyone in?” Bianca asked Heath as he walked into the kitchen.


“Now I want best behaviour from everyone.”

“Yes mum.” All three kids replied.

“That means you too Heath.”

”Sweetie what am I possibly gonna get up to while your there?”

“You find ways. Especially when your brothers are involved.”

“Alright I’ll be a good boy.” Heath said sitting down next to Bianca and kissing her.

“Eeewwww. Get a room.” Jamie said hiding his eyes, causing Connor and Katie to copy him.

“Oh Jamie I’ve got so much to teach you don’t I.” Heath said ruffling his son’s hair.

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Thanks for the reviews. Here's the next chapter. :wub:

Chapter 2Friday-Brax’s house

“Are you sure this is it?” Nicole said as Angelo pulled the car up on the gravel.

“Well that’s Ruby’s car so I guess so.”

“Looking forward to seeing everyone?”

“Let’s just hope what I’ve been hearing about these Braxtons is true.” He said getting out the car.”

Nicole followed him and went to get Louise out of her seat as Angelo unstrapped George.

“Oh good you found the house.” Louie said coming from round the next side of the house with a German shepherd running at his heels.

“Mummy…doggy, doggy.” Louise said pointing at the dog.

“Well done Louise.” She said.

“Are you okay?” Angelo asked as Louie bent over panting.

“Yep, just finished taking Max for his 2nd walk today.”

“He needs more than one?” Nicole asked.

“Of course. Max works with mum and the other security at the Hotel. So he needs to be kept in top shape. But it’s actually my fault because I asked Dad for a dog the same day the hotel purchased Max. And I got stuck dog walking.”

“So where is everyone?” Angelo asked.

“Mum and Ruby are upstairs; Casey’s gone to get supplies and Dads in prison.”

“Brax is where?” Nicole asked sounding shocked.

“Oh not in real prison. Just downstairs in Max’s cage. Zach and him were making campfires in the house and they accidently burnt all the files for the Hotel. He’s been down their all night. I actually feel sorry for him because I’ve only ever been down there for 3hours 25minutes and 30seconds at the most. Um just go inside the house cause I’ve got to go up the road and wait for the others.” Louie said before running off.

“Did that shock you?” Nicole asked.

“Well, her discipline methods are very creative and obviously very effective.” Angelo said walking into the house.

“Heath honey, I think we’re lost.” Bianca said.

“No we’re not. My sense of direction is perfect.” He said.

“Okay how about we take the turn of here and circle around the block again?” Bianca suggested as they came to the end of the community.

“Alright.” Heath gave in.

This time he drove slower and when they came up to another road there was a signpost in the ground and a little boy holding onto the leash of an Alsatian.

“Well would you look at that. BRAXTON RESIDENCE THIS WAY.” She read.

Heath turned the car into the trail and stopped by the sign.

”And you are…”Heath started to say.

“Louie. Sorry I’m a little late with the sign post. House is in chaos.” The boy said.

“Really?” Bianca asked.

“Yeah. Just follow the road up and park the car. Angelo and Nicole are already there. And I’d advise you not to ask where dad is.”

“Why?” Heath asked.

“He’s grounded.”

“Oh, what did big bro do this time?”

“Accidently burnt the Hotels security papers.”

“Ouch. Your mother was not happy.” Bianca said.

“Nope. It’s a good thing the hotel called in time. I think she was going to hit him over the head with the fire extinguisher.”

“Alright then. We’ll see you later then.” Heath said.

“Now I want this trip to be fun and happy.” Miles said.

“Well excuse us for not being enthusiastic, but you kinda of took all our happiness away when you repacked our bags.” Claire said.

“How are you supposed to have fun if you’re gonna play on laptops and play stations and god knows what else.” Miles argued.

“What your fathers trying to say is you should try having fun the old fashioned way. And you know, maybe enjoy the company of the other children.” Leah said.

“But they’re all gonna be younger than us.” Alex said.

“Well maybe you should get to know them because I can tell you right now they may be a lot more mature than you.” Miles said.

“Are we there yet?” Claire asked.

“As a matter of fact yes.” Leah said pointing to the sign.

“Oh look it’s a doggie. Why didn’t we ever get a dog?” Miles asked looking at Max.

As he stopped the car to say hi to the boy standing there Max stuck his head through the window and started sniffing before licking Miles face and jumping down next to Louie again.

”Oh my god I am so sorry. Bad boy Maxxie.” Louie said.

“That’s why.” Leah said wiping miles face.

“I’m so sorry about Max.” Louie said.

“Its fine no damage done. So you must be Louie.” Leah said.

“Yep. Oldest Braxton boy by nine days. So you must be Leah and Miles.”

“Yes. So how are you parents?” Leah asked.

“Not so good right now. They’re having a difference of opinion.”

“How bad is it? Is he sleeping on the sofa?” Leah asked

“Nope.” Louie replied

“Oh well it can’t be that bad.” Miles said.

“He’s sleeping in the cellar in Max’s cage.”


“So just carry on until you reach the house and whatever you do don’t mention dad because he is so grounded.”

“Okay then.” Leah relied as Miles started driving again.

“It’s a good thing we don’t have a cellar.” He said.

When Louie got back to the house with Max, Angelo and Nicole were sitting down outside, Heath and Casey were loading up the car, Bianca was playing with all the kids, Miles was trying to keep his teenagers in line, Leah was upstairs with Charlie and Ruby, Brax had finally been let out of Max’s cage and was now packing their car.

By the lunch time everything was packed and ready to go.

“All done?” Charlie asked Brax as he shut the car boot.

“Yep. Just got to give Max his sedative.”

“Why does he need a sedative?” Bianca asked.

“Let’s just say we learned that rule the hard way and leave it at that.” Brax said heading back to the house.

“Get in the car now all three of you!” Miles shouted at his three kids.

Alex, Claire and VJ slowly trudged into the car and slammed the door behind them.

“Teenagers! How are you supposed to reason with them?” Miles seethed.

“Well we do our best Miles.” Leah said putting a beer in his hand.

“So much to look forward to hey.” Bianca said to Charlie.

“Are we going now?” Heath asked putting his arms around Bianca.

“I never thought I’d see Heaths soft side.” Charlie said smiling.

“Alright, alright so I’m human. I’ll go round the kids up.” He said kissing Bianca before walking off.

“So…how did you tame him?”

“What can I say? It must be my feminine charms.” Bianca said laughing.

For the next two hours the five cars made their way to the wilder part of the outback.

Unbeknown to them Liam, Romeo, Indi, Nick, April and Dexter were heading the same way.

“It is strange to think going camping is a break, after all you do is work for goodness sake…”Liam sang.

“Your singing career has seriously gone down the drain.” April said.

“Dude the songs crap.” Dexter said.

“Uncle Liam pwease shut up.” Nick said putting his hands over his ears.

“Oh my little Nicky put five words in a sentence that made sense. He is so clever aren’t you my smart little boy.” Indi said ruffling his hair.

“Nicky clvor.” Nick said.

“Oh he’s getting so big.” April said.

“You keep it up little man. We need more geeks in the world.” Dexter said.

“Sheesh anyone would think he was Albert Einstein the way she gets on.” Liam said to Romeo.

“Well after all he is my little boy. Wouldn’t expect anything else.” Romeo said beaming.

“How about we show Uncle Liam what a great singer you are.” Indi said as Romeo switched on the radio.

“Alwight. It Chwistmas time, there no need to be afwaid. At Chwistmas time we let in wight and we banish shade. And In our world of pwenty we can spwead a smile of joy, thwo your arms around the world it Chwistmas time.” Nick said.

“Go Nick.” Romeo said before he and indi joined in.

“Well done little man.” April said as she and Dex joined in too.

“But say a prayer, pray for the other ones.”

“At Chwistmas time it’s hard but when your hawing fun.” Nick sang.

“There’s a world outside your window and it’s a world of dread and fear where the only water flowing is the bitter sting of tears.” Dex sang.

“And the Christmas bells that ring there are the clanging chimes of doom.” They all sang.

“Well tonight thwank god its them inswead of you.” Nick sang.

“Feed the world. Let them know its Christmas time again.”

“Feed the world. Do they know its Christmas time at all?”

“And there won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas time. The greatest gift they’ll get this year is life. Where nothing ever grows,”

“No wain no wivers fwoe.”

“Do they know its Christmas time at all?”

“Feed the world. Let them know its Christmas time again.”

“Feed the world. Let them know its Christmas time again…

“Here’s to you raise your glass for everyone.” Dex sang.

“Hweres to them underneath that bwurning sun.” Nick carried on.

“Do they know its Christmas time at all?” Everyone but Liam had joined in.

“Feed the world…Let them know its Christmas time again.”

“Feed the world…Let them know its Christmas time again.”

“Fweed the world…Let them know its Chwistmas time again.”

“Feed the world…Let them know its Christmas time again.”

“You lot just ruined a perfectly good Christmas song you know.” Liam said chewing on a toothpick. “This is gonna be a long two hours.”

“Oh god that was such a long drive.” Brax said jumping out the car the moment he had parked it to stretch his legs.

“So are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Heath asked Brax walking over to him.

“I know I am.” Casey said grabbing his surfboard.

Brax and Heath followed and before anyone could say anything else were running off down a trail that led to the beech.

“Brax!” Charlie shouted.

“Heath!” Bianca shouted.

“Casey!” Ruby shouted.

“You can take the Braxtons out of the river boys but you can’t take the river boys out of the Braxtons.” Miles said already sitting down on a log and eating a sandwich.

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