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LOOOOVE this, most especially .........

 Which, well, depends on your definition of ‘okay’. Dex was certainly alive, having not been attacked during the night, but Dex felt ashamed and embarrassed and promised to himself that he would never leave the house again.

 Dex sighs, hugging his bedspread tighter around his shoulders. “I’m sorry,” is the first thing that comes out of his mouth, and it feels woefully inadequate.

“Maybe I should have said this before, but I trust you April, and that’s why I want to have sex with you. Because from all accounts the first time is going to be scary and awkward and I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else. Because then, regardless of what happens in the future we will always have that.” Dex looks into her eyes and says with all the sincerity in the world, “I want it to mean something.”

 but then it is slowly dawning on Dex that she’s saying yes. Like, actually saying yes to him, so he kisses her, long and slow and sweet, savouring this moment, because he knows it won’t always be like this.

 She’s all tanned skin and perfect curves and Dex can’t suppress the smile spreading over his lips. He’s brought out of his blatant staring by Xavier throwing the tennis ball straight at the side of his head.

 “For someone who’s as smart as you, sometimes you can be really dumb, Dex,” April says, voice coming out low.

 “Good,” Dex finally manages, his voice cracking slightly, and all fantasies about Dex being Mr. Smooth-and-Romantic are thrown out the window for good. April lets out a small giggle and begins to lead him towards her bedroom, hands still held tightly together.

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That was ACE !!!!, most especially ......

 “No, I mean, yes. I mean -- I do want to do this,” Dex replies shakily. “Just a bit nervous, I guess.” As soon as it’s out, Dex regrets it, because he’s a guy, and he’s the one that’s supposed to be in charge, because he’s definitely ready, and supposes that if they are going to have sex then they should probably be doing things rather than just talking about things.

 Dex is aware of every movement, of mapping out every inch of April’s skin. He moves from just kissing her mouth, to under her jaw, a point down her throat, until he’s eyes-closed and inhaling everything that is body heat, and sea salt, and something that is just so April.

 In Dex’s mind it’s nerve-wracking, and thrilling, and wonderful; even with the moment where someone’s elbow got completely in the way, but neither of them are going to admit it was their fault

 “Once I settled on medicine it was because I wanted to help people. And I guess in the back of my mind I knew it wouldn’t always be possible, but I just didn’t -- I can’t handle not being able to do anything. Just having to sit back and watch someone die. I just -- I don’t --" Dex engulfs her in a hug, his arms around her, as April sniffles and tries to suppress her tears.

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LOOOVED it, most especially …….

 He changes his number, and immerses himself in his classes. Goes to parties he normally would have turned down, hooks up with girls (and that one guy) he would have previously ignored, just so he doesn’t have to think about it.

 He then disappears towards the bar, to no doubt begin his mission to hit on every available and single girl.

 but all that falls away when Dex looks out across the dance floor and sees her. She’s being tackled into a hug by Ruby -- big, white wedding dress and all -- but when she looks up, their eyes meet, and Dex suddenly feels very nervous, and very very eighteen again.

 “And when you’re in love with someone you don’t hold them back, you are the one pushing them forward.”

 “You,” she whispers, before she closes the final space between them.

The whole fic was totally ACE !!!!! Your characterisation of both Dex and April was BRILLIANT !!!!!!

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