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Great start! :D

Poor Dex! He had planned the perfect night and it didn't end the way he wanted it. :( April had a valid reason though. Irene needs her support and I'm glad Dexter understands it. He's a great boyfriend. They'll hopefully have another opportunity.

“You’re being melodramatic,” April tells him.

Dex huffs. “No, I’m not. You’re just not taking my needs seriously.”

“Your needs?” April asks, slightly incredulous. They’ve had this conversation before.

“Yes,” Dex nods seriously. “You don’t seem to find it concerning that you’re going to be leaving in two months for university and I’m going to be stuck here. Fading away to nothing ...”

“-Will you stop-“

“While you’re off socialising with psychologists, and partying with podiatrists...”

“-Really, Dex-“

“And hooking up with-“


“Fine,” Dex sighs. “You’re just lucky I couldn’t think of an area of the medical profession that started with ‘h’.”

:lol: He is indeed being a bit melodramatic! :P

Please update soon. :)

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GREAT opener, especially ......

 What Dex never factored into his plans was having a girlfriend -- a gorgeous, smart, talented girlfriend -- at the age of eighteen, and suddenly the things that Dex previously had planned down to a tee, have had a spanner thrown into them, twisting them askew. The giant, metal spanner being the fact that April wants to become a doctor,

 But maybe Dex is being a bit melodramatic.

“You’re being melodramatic,” April tells him.

 “You watch too much Grey’s Anatomy. I love you, Dex,” April tells him. And yep, there is that feeling again. Dex can’t help but smile.

 There’s a shrill noise and Dex startles himself backwards, making an embarrassingly high squawk as he jumps back. April is digging around in her small purse, pulling out her phone.

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Oh boy !!!! ADORED that chapter, especially .....

 “Yeah, um. It’s not a big deal or anything -- well, it’s sort of a big deal -- unless you don’t want it to be, in which case this doesn’t have to be a full production like Spring Awakening. In fact, I’d much prefer it if it didn’t turn out like Spring Awakening, with me crying over your grave and --"

 and Dex is definitely not going to talk about his growing desires to have sex with April in front of them all. Xavier will look uncomfortable, and Casey will probably laugh, and Ruby will want to know what she can do to help.

 Xavier is leaning in quite close, whispering something into April’s ear, and Dex feels the heat rush to his cheeks. But Dex is not the jealous type, he doesn’t act on impulse. He thinks and plans and evaluates; but April is looking up at Xavier with those long, dark eyelashes and smiling at him, before Xavier moves his finger delicately over April’s cheek.

 April is on top of him in a dress that Dex is only now realising is very short.

 It is the single greatest syllable to ever be uttered, ever. And April’s voice is low and hushed and Dex just wants this even more. He feels himself harden under her touch, the feeling of her hand on his chest as she places it there, keeping herself flush on top of Dex’s body.

 fingers messily tracing patterns into her shoulder, her chest, and the curves of her perfect skin.

 “Not this again,” April replies, exasperated. “Dex, the only one who is making me think about leaving you right now is you.” And okay, that stings a bit. “And if you think that by having sex with me is the only way to keep me around, then you were sorely mistaken.”

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JosieTash - Thank you so much. I definitely enjoyed writing the Spring Awakening quote too.

Carina - Pssh! Stop, you're just saying that. You are seriously too kind. I appreciate all your comments.

Aden_Belle - Thanks! :)

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Greta chapter!

Maybe Dexter shouldn't spend so much time planning their first time. It'll happen when it happens. Being intimate with your girlfriend for the first time shouldn't be in the backseat of your car near a party full of kids who could see you or when at least one of the partners is drunk. That's my opinion anyway! :P

Besides, he shouldn't feel so insecure. If April chose to be with him, it's most likely because she likes nerdy Dexter.

More please.

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^ Thanks so much for reading, Barbara.

Even though Dex is sort of nerdy and quirky in his own way, he's not immune to peer pressure. He's also a teenage boy, so. :P But believe me, even though Dex thought he want it right there and then, I don't think he would have let it get that far. Maybe some heavy groping, but nothing more.

Story to be updated in the next few days.

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