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titles - Brothers

type of story - med / long fic

genre - drama

rating - A

cast - Liam, Casper plus locals

spoilers - no

warnings - adult themes, language

plot - Liam's little brother shows up in town, much to Liam's surprise.


"Tequila" Casper said to Brax and Angelos

"Shot?, glass?" Brax asked

"Bottle" he replied

"Casper?" Liam called from across the room

"You know this guy?" Brax asked

"Well i used to, not so much anymore" Liam replied

"It's only been four years and you were the one who dogged" Casper said

Liam sighed

"I did you a favor" Liam said softly

"By sending me to prison, thanks bro" Casper replied

"What are you doing out?" Liam asked

"I escaped with some others, now i'm on the run. Can i hide out with you?" Casper asked

"Don't you think i'll be one of the first people they'll question"

"I'm jokin you tool, i got an early release" Casper told him

"You were sent away for a long time, it's why mum and i don't talk" Liam replied"

"Well the legal system sucks these days, you kill someone and get four years"

"So what are you doing here?" Liam asked

"Well no one back home wanted me around so i thought i would come me my big brother, you remember him, the one i looked up to the one who dogged when i killed Caleb" Casper said trying to make Liam feel guilty.

"Well i'm living in a caravan at the moment" Liam said

"Yeah, i heard rock star lifestyle didn't turn out so good for you" Casper said

"Are you gonna keep being a smart alec?" Liam asked

"Sorry, it's a defence mechanism"

"Wait here, i'll ask Brax if i can take a break and show you where i'm staying" Liam told him


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Casper looked at how small the caravan was

"You got a girlfriend Liam?" Casper asked

"Why?" Lian replied

"I just don't think i need to hear you fooling around at night" Casper told him

Liam smiled

"Hey, where's the shower block around this place?" Casper asked

"To your left" Liam told him

Casper took off his shirt and shorts.

"Wont be long" he said as he headed for the door

Liam looked at the tattoo on Casper's chest and shook his head.

"Cas, you see Emilia since you been out?" Liam asked

"Please don't do this"

"Well if you'd just except she's bad news, i wouldn't have to" Liam said

"Whatever" Casper grunted grabbing a change of clothes and walking out the door

Casper walked angrily to the shower block shoving Sasha on the way

"Hey" she said

"Sorry" Casper said with his head down

"Could say it like you mean it" she said

"Do you want me to get on my knees and beg for forgivness"

She smiled

"It'd be a start" she said flirtishly noticing he was in his boxers

"Tough begging aint my style"

She smiled again

"Who's Emilia?" she asked as he went to walk away

"What?" he replied

"Her name's tattooed on your chest" Sasha said

"She's no one important"

"She's gotta be important for you to have her name tattooed on you" she said

"Look, talking to a teenage girl in my underwear is probably not a good thing after getting released from prison, so i'm gonna go have a shower and hope you go the other way" Casper said

Sasha smiled to herself after he walked away.


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Casper was laying on the thinking to himself when he heard a knock on the door.

"Yeah?" he said opening the door and looking at Bianca.

"Who are you?" Bianca asked

"Casper, who are you?"


"Right, well Liam's not here, he had to go to work" Casper

"How do you know Liam?" she asked

"I'm his brother, and he never mentioned anything about a girlfriend especially a hot blonde" Casper told him

"Well he's never mentioned a brother before" Bianca said

"Well he sent me to jail and i refused to see him" Casper told her

"So why are you here?" Bianca asked

"To bury the hatchet and because i had no where else to go, now unless you're his girlfriend. **** off" Casper said


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