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Casper walked into Angelos

"Hey" Liam said

"Hey, some hot blonde chick, i think she said her name was Breanna came around looking for you" Casper said

"Bianca and she called, she was worried about the fact there was a brother she'd never heard of" Liam told him

"What did you say?" Casper asked

"I told her it was really none of her business"

"Who is she?" Casper asked

"She was my girlfriend but we're on a break" Liam told him

Casper reached over and grabbed Liam on the cheek

"Don't worry, i'm sure there's a girl out there who wont be able to resist that rock star charm" Casper said

"Hello again" Sasha interupted

"Well if it isn't Avril Lavigne" Casper replied

"Nice to see your actually wearing clothes this time" Sasha said

"Well, seeing that i was going out i thought i should dress up" Casper told her

"I'm Sasha by the way" she said

"Casper" he replied

"As in Casper the friendly ghost?"

"Yeah, except no one ever compares me to that"

"Why, because you're not a ghost"

"No, because i'm not friendly"

"Sasha who your friend?" Sid asked standing next to her

"Dad this Casper, Casper this is dad" Sasha replied

"As in Casper the friendly ghost?" Sid asked

"Nobody calls him that" Sasha said

"Why don't you join us?" Sid asked Casper

"I don't want to be a pain" Casper replied

"You wouldn't be, come on" Sasha said



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Casper and Sasha walked slowly through the caravan park

"Loved the look on my dads face when you said you'd spent time in jail" Sasha said

"Is that the onkly reason you're friends with me so you **** your dad off" Casper replied

"Just friends" she said

"Something wrong?" he asked

"I just thought maybe we could be more" Sasha told him

"Look, Sasha you're a nice girl but i'm still kinda hung up on someone else and i'm way too old for you" Casper replied

"Age is just a number"

"Your 15 Sasha, i'm 22. It wouldn't work"

"Well i should probably get going" she said backing away

"Sasha i didn't say we couldn't be friends" Casper said

"I'll see you tomorrow" she called out running away

Casper sighed and walked inside

"I thought she wasn't going to leave" a female said

Casper quickly reached for ther light switch

"Millie" he said surprised to see his ex-girlfriend sitting on his bed

"Surprise" she said getting up and walking towards him

"What are you doing here?" Casper asked

"You didn't answer any of my calls"

"You better go because Liam wont be happy to see you" he told her

"Ssssshhhhh" she said putting her finger to his lips and slowly undoing his belt

"Emilia..." she stopped him from talking by planting her lips hard onto his then lifting his t shirtb over his head

"What's going on here" Liam saod walking inside


P.S. sorry for not updating in sa while

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