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No Air

Guest Romeo&Indi Forever

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Story Title: No Air

Type of story: Short/Medium fic.

Main Characters: Aden Jefferies, Belle Taylor

Other Characters: Annie Campbell, Geoff Campbell and Ollie Philips

BTTB rating: A to be safe.

Genre: Angst & Romance.

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Not at the moment

Summary: Aden find out Belle likes him and they start hanging out.

Chapter 1

Belle was walking along with her camera in her left hand and then she stopped Aden so she decided to take some pictures hoping he would never find out.

Suddenly Aden sees a flash and tries to work out where it came from.

Aden then spots Belle and decides she took the pictures.

Belle denies it but Aden knows that she was the only one at the beach with a camera.

Aden then tells Belle he is watching her.

Later that night Aden sneaks out in the middle of the night and sneaks in through Belle's window.

Belle is annoyed that Aden has come over in the middle of the night drunk.

Later that night after Belle told Aden to sleep on the floor she knows he is in the same bed with her.

She tells him to leave before anyone finds them.

Just after she said that Annie, Geoff and Ollie burst in.

Geoff and Annie are horrified to see Aden in Belle's bed.

Belle tries to explain but they don’t want to hear it but they promise not to tell Irene.

Later that day Belle decides to tell Aden how she feels about him.

“Hey’ Said Belle

“Hey” Answered Aden

“I just came to tell you that you were right I was taking photos of you yesterday and I do like you” Belle told Aden

“Well I was getting worried because I like you too” Answered Aden

“Want to go for a swim? Belle asked Aden

“Sure” Answered Aden

“This is nice’ Said Belle

“Yeah it is” Replied Aden

“What’s wrong?” Belle asked

“Geoff and Annie are watching us” Answered Aden

Next time

Will Belle warn Geoff and Annie about telling Irene and spying on her and Aden?

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Thanks for the comments here's the next chapter :)

Chapter 2

“I will take care of this” Belle told Aden

“No don’t worry about it” Answered Aden

“If it’s bothering you I will confront them” Answered Belle

Belle gets out of the water and walks towards Geoff and Annie.

“Please don’t tell Irene about this” Belle told them

“We thought about it” Replied Geoff

“Well please don’t Answered Belle

“We decided we won’t tell Irene” Annie Said

“Thank you” Belle told Annie

“Anything else?” Asked Geoff

“Yes actually there is can you please stop watching me and Aden!” Answered Belle”

Alright let’s go Annie Geoff Said

“Bye” Belle said

“Bye” Geoff and Annie said

Belle goes back on the beach to Aden

“That was easy” Belle told Aden

“Nice job” Aden told Belle

“Thanks” Replied Belle

“I hope know one else watches us” Aden told Belle

“I doubt Geoff and Annie will be watching us but Colleen will probably tell Irene” Answered Belle

“What do you mean?” Aden asked

“Colleen is watching us and knowing her she will tell Irene” Replied Belle

“Well I guess that’s ok as long as Geoff and Annie don’t tell Irene first” Answered Aden

“They won’t” Replied Belle

“Do you want to go now?” Aden asked

“Sure” Replied Belle

“Where should we go?” Aden asked Belle

“We can go to my house” Answered Belle

“What about Irene, Geoff and Annie?” Aden Asked

“If anyone comes home your going to leave through my bedroom window” Answered Belle

“Cool” Replied Aden

Two hours later.

“Quick I think someone’s home climb out my window” Belle Told Aden

“What if they see me” Aden asked Belle

“They won’t now go! “ Answered Belle

“Will I see you tomorrow?” Aden asked Belle

“Yes now go before Irene comes up here” Answered Belle

“I love you” Aden said

“I love you too” Belle Replied

Next time Is it too soon for Aden and Belle to be telling everyone their a couple?

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Sorry everyone here is the next chapter :)

Chapter 3

Aden was on his way to meet Belle when he realized he left his phone back at school he was already late meeting Belle so I decided to get it back later.

“Hey babe sorry I’m late” Aden said

“Hey no problem I tried calling you” Answered Belle

“Yeah sorry I left my phone at school” Aden told Belle

“Why didn’t you go back and get it?” Belle asked Aden

Aden was sure that Irene was watching him and Belle

“Aden” Belle said

“Yeah?” Aden replied

“Why didn’t you go back and get your phone?” Belle asked

“I was already late meeting you” Aden replied

“Well we better go back and get it before the school close” Belle told Aden

“Ok” Aden replied

“Why we’re you so distracted before?” Belle asked Aden

“I thought Irene was watching you” Replied Aden

“Well I did kind of tell her about us” Belle told Aden

“You what!” Aden replied

“I thought it was time we told the world” Belle told Aden

“Well I guess now it’s out in the open” Aden Replied

“Exactly” Belle answered

“Well we should probably head back” Aden told Belle

“Don’t leave your phone behind tomorrow” Belle told Aden

“Are you still coming over tonight?” Aden asked Belle

“Yeah” Belle Answered

Next time will Belle and Aden sleep together or is it too soon?

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