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The S Men

Guest Miranda

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Story Title: The S Men

Type of story: Short/Medium

Main Characters: Xavier, Romeo, Dex, Nicole, Indi, Ruby, Brax, Heath, Casey, Charlie.

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy.

Does story include spoilers: No.

Any warnings: No.

Summary: This is a very silly story. A very, very silly story. Based on my idea about Romeo being Superman, and also when I realised the Austin connection, its about the teens with superpowers. There are lots of references to other superhero stories, especially if you remember the Six Million Dollar/ Bionic Man, so have fun spotting them!

Anyone else can join in writing an episode if they want, but please wait until after Chapter One when I introduce the other characters.


Xavier Austin was just an ordinary student, rather nerdy but popular enough in Summer Bay. All this changed one day when he went to visit his brother Hugo in Indonesia. He travelled alone, settling down in the window seat. Over the ocean, terrible weather buffeted the plane. People laughed, then the hilarity turned to terror as the plane nosedived into the water.

No one survived, including Xavier. His broken body lay across the seat, unmoving. However, unknown to him, a team of scientists had been closely monitoring him from birth. The same team which saved his father, Steve Austin, from death. But his father disappeared many years ago.

The scientists parachuted into the crash site, searching for Xavier.

“Here he is!” shouted one. “He’s very beaten up.”

“Don’t worry,” said the head scientist. “We have the technology to rebuild him.”

They carefully picked him up, put him in a recovery unit and transported him to their secret facilities in the Australian desert.

Xavier awoke a week later feeling better than ever before.

“Where am I?” he asked the nearest person, a pretty girl in a scientist’s coat.

“I can’t tell you, but would you like some food and drink?”

Starving and parched, Xavier nodded. She brought the most delicious sandwiches and orange juice he’d ever tasted and he wolfed them down.

The next week passed so happily. Relaxing, exercising, watching television, talking to his new scientist friend, Rosie. He tried hard to remember how he came to be here but couldn’t .

One day, he woke up determined to find out about his past.

“Will you help me?” he asked Rosie, who appeared just then at the door.

Before she could answer however, they heard a big crash. She shrieked and Xavier leapt off his bed to protect her.

The building shattered around them but Xavier didn’t feel a thing. There wasn’t a scratch on his body, but Rosie had fallen through the floor to her death.

Feeling terrible, he scanned round for the source of the disaster and saw black clad figures slinking through the rubble. He watched, wondering what to do.

“We must get back.” He overheard one saying, despite being a long way away. “We must tell Braxneto what happened here. These scientists won’t threaten us again.”

Braxneto. Xavier would remember that name. He must be the one who ordered the destruction of these facilities, the only home Xavier could remember. He swore revenge.

Not knowing what to do afterwards, he wandered Australia, using his special talents to help people. Every day he discovered he could do more: jumping over high walls, super sense hearing and sight, and of course strength. But he could never stay in one place of course, in case officials noticed him. Everywhere he lived, he never had any trouble getting a girlfriend, but the relationships always ended with him walking away to the sound of sad piano music.

Wandering by the coast one day and feeling like he’d been here before, he walked up a deserted road, a strange feeling drawing him along it. At the end of the road, there were huge iron gates with a discreet sign saying:

“Professor Dex’s School for Talented Teenagers, Summer Bay.”

Of course! Summer Bay! How could he have forgotten where he used to live? He’d found his way home.

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Well just for you, Carina, here is the next part. I haven't written any more yet, I'm hoping a Mr R Ranger may join in :wink:


Finding the gates locked, Xavier simply jumped over them. He glanced around, then saw a man in a wheelchair rolling towards him.

“Good evening. I think you have found the right place to be.”


“I saw you leap the gates. Don’t worry, no one else did. I am Professor Dex, by the way.”

Xavier realised that the man’s lips were not moving as he spoke. So telepathic communication did exist.

“Come and meet the other students.”

They went up the drive to a historic house, very unusual in Australia.

Professor Dex led Xavier into the hallway and other teenagers shuffled in, gazing curiously at him.

“This is Roverine. Half man, half dog with a titanium skeleton,” said the Professor, handing Xavier a drink.

The tall, blond Roverine appeared to be a surfer, but to Xavier’s surprise, metal claws shot out of his knuckles.

“Nicole Storm, our weathergirl.” She levitated, wearing a black cloak and bodice.

“Indi Jean Grey.” Smartly dressed like a secretary. “Nice to meet you,” she said telepathically to Xavier, now used to having his thoughts invaded.

“And our newest recruit, Rogue Ruby. We are not sure what to do with her as the slightest touch from her kills all men.” She wore a body suit covering all skin except her face.

Xavier felt nervous but intrigued by her.

The staircase creaked, and a tall, handsome man carrying a guitar and wearing high-tech shades, strode down them.

All the girls gazed at him dreamily and he grinned at them, his teeth sparkling white and regular. But to the others’ disappointment, he stopped by Indi Jean and kissed her on the lips.

Xavier’s super senses noticed Roverine glaring at the couple, and Rogue Ruby staring adoringly at Roverine.

He nudged his canine friend. “Who’s this?”

“Lyclops. Thinks he’s better than the rest of us just cos he’s a musician as well as a mutant. He’s not good enough for Indi Jean though, he-”

“Dude. Chill.”

Roverine subsided into muttering darkly to himself.

Xavier made a face. A lot of intrigue going on here to wonder about.

“Do you all live here?” he asked Professor Dex. “What do you do?”

“I’m training them all to use their powers for good, not evil. We have some terrible adversaries.”

“Braxneto for one,” blurted Roverine.

“Braxneto?” Xavier angrily crushed the glass in his hand. “Oh, sorry. I know that name. He is responsible for-“ He broke off, unsure whether to trust these people.

“Yes,” said the Professor. “He and his gang, PyroHeath, Caseytooth and Charlique, are the bane of our lives, giving people with special talents a bad name.”

“So we fight against them!” interrupted Rogue Ruby. “We call ourselves The S Men!”

“Very sexist,” said Indi Jean. “It should be The S People.”

“What does the S stand for?” asked Xavier.

“It’s because we live in Summer Bay,” said Nicole Storm. “S equals Summer Bay.”

“O..kay.” Xavier exchanged glances with Roverine, who rolled his eyes. He decided to think of a better name.

“Anyway,” said the Professor. “We must form a plan. Braxneto could attack at any time.”

As he said that, there was a big crash.

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A disc shaped hover scout flew through the window at the top of the scares. Professor Dex and his students watched in awe. Apart from Xavier who leapt up in one bound and caught the intruder, to gasps of admiration and envy.

“Here, Professor.” He handed it proudly to Dex, who pressed a button and a hologram beamed out of the device. It was a blonde, heavily made up woman in leopard skin.

Professor Dex. Years ago you helped my friend Mitzi with her health problems. Now I beg you to help me in my struggle against Braxneto and his empire. I regret I am unable to convey my request in person but I am being held by Braxneto. If you don’t save me, I fear I will be subjected to mutant transformation, which is unstable and may kill me. This is my most desperate hour. Help me Professor Dex. You’re my only hope.

“Who’s that?” whispered Xavier to Roverine.

“His ex-girlfriend.”

“But she’s way older-“

“Sh! I know. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

“Marilyn’s in danger. We must help her,” said the Professor, rolling up his sleeves.

“But it could be a trap,” drawled Lyclops, strumming his guitar. “#She's a good hearted woman in love with a good timin' man#”

“Shut up, dude, we all know you can sing,” snarled Roverine, stepping up to him as the three girls gazed adoringly at Lyclops.

“Guys!” Xavier got between them forcing them apart with his bionic arms. “We need to help the Professor, not fight amongst ourselves.”

Professor Dex stroked his chin.

“We must save the innocent woman. She’d never hurt a fly, I can’t imagine why Braxneto would kidnap such a pure Australian rose.”

“What’s the plan then Prof?” asked Roverine.

“We find out where she is, and rescue her, of course.”

Roverine and Lyclops exchanged worried glances. You see, even though they hated each other, they were brothers when it came to danger.

“Mobilise the S Men fighters. Open fire! All weapons! Despatch War Rocket Ajax to bring back-“

“Professor! Focus!” said Nicole Storm. “We need to save Marilyn, not bring back any bodies.”

“Oh yes, sorry. I’ll make a plan.”


One hour later, the S Men convened in the drawing room of the mansion.

Professor Dex had a whitescreen with a Powerpoint presentation set up to go.

“We know Braxneto’s lair is here.” He indicated with a laser beam, its little red light focusing on a dark corner of the world.

“We can land the S Fighters in area 51, here.” He pointed again, loving the technology. “and stealthily head towards his underground cavern, here.”

Everyone exchanged worried glances.

“All we need is very cold weather, if you could oblige please Nicole Storm?” he smiled charmingly at her and she couldn’t help smiling back.


“So, when Professor Dex said you were half man, half dog, what did he mean?” asked Xavier while he and Roverine were getting ready. “Cos you look like you’re all man to me. Er- so to speak.”

Roverine laughed. “No, I’m not physically half and half. It just means the dog DNA and man DNA have got mixed up somehow. Sometimes the dog takes over, sometimes the man. What about you?”

“Oh, I’ve got these bionic attachments, look.” Xavier crushed a convenient metal cup with his hand, and then jumped up the staircase in one bound, taking Rogue Ruby by surprise as she was just about to walk down.

She put her hand on his arm to steady herself, but to her surprise, he didn’t start dying.

“The bionic technology resists my death vibes!” She shrieked, flinging her arms round him.

“Ergh, argh, ugh, my back and neck aren’t bionic…” Xavier started to go pale.

“Oh, sorry!” She let go. “But it’s a start. How many other parts of you are bionic, hotstuff?”

“Just my eyes, ears, arms and legs, sadly. Nothing below my neck or above my legs.”

“Oh. Oh well.”


Two hours later, the S fighters set off under stealth power. In the first one was Professor Dex, Nicole Storm and Roverine.

In the second was Lyclops, Indi Jean, Xavier and Rogue Ruby.

The weather grew colder as Nicole Storm’s eyes whitened. The chill didn’t affect Roverine of course, as he was almost completely covered in blond hair, but the others were not so lucky.

“My bionic joints are seizing up,” lamented Xavier.

“My guitar strings are snapping,” complained Lyclops.

“This will affect my hair,” moaned Rogue Ruby.

“God, you are such wusses!” exclaimed Indi Jean. She sent telepathic thoughts of a tropical beach into their minds, Hawaiian music and all.

After a little while, the planes landed, all by the amazing power of telepathy, and everyone clambered, bounded or wheeled out.

They assembled in a handy clearing in the nearby wood.

“Now, friends. Braxneto’s lair is in a northerly direction.” He pointed. “The plan is…”

Everyone listened, their eyes widening in surprise. Would such a daring strategy work?

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Hm, well, so much for me taking a break from writing...


“I’m ready,” said Professor Dex. “Let the plan commence.”

“You sure about this?” asked Roverine.

“It’s fool proof, I promise.” He smiled up at his lycanthropic friend.

“We’ll rescue you as quickly as we can,” said Lyclops. “#Everyone considered him, the coward of the county. He didn’t stand one single time, to prove the county wrong#”

“I hope that song isn’t directed at me.”

“No, no, I just thought a bit of music would-er- I thought you needed-“

“Quit while you’re ahead, dude,” advised Roverine.

“Anyway. Wish me luck.” The Professor wheeled away.

He rolled up at the front door of Braxneto’s lair. It was set into the mountainside and hidden by ferns. This didn’t stop him though. He saw through it all with his telepathy, and rang the doorbell. Also with telepathy.

To his surprise, a beautiful dark haired girl answered the door. He almost forgot his disguise, but remembered just in time.

“Howdy, ma’am. I am Sheila, your local cleaning and household representative. Are you the lady of the house, honey child?”

The girl nodded blankly. “I’ll just fetch the master.”

Dex appreciatively watched her wiggle away, wishing he wasn’t dressed as a woman. But Marilyn needed him and this other girl was no doubt a Baddie, so he had no choice.

A man in a strange metal helmet came to the door. Braxneto. Dex hoped he would not recognise him.

“Oh, howdy, sir, can I interest you in my new brochure? There’s a special offer for single gentlemen right now. If you order wholesale floor cleaner, you will surely receive a free mop and bucket.”

He didn’t like the way Braxneto was looking at him, so shoved the brochure in his face. Suddenly, Pyro Heath appeared, bashing into Braxneto as if in a hurry.

“G’day, Miss,” said Pyro Heath. “Didn’t know we had a lady visitor.”

“She doesn’t want to meet lowlifes like you,” sneered Braxneto, trying to push him out of the doorway.

Dex smiled nervously.

Meanwhile, the other S Men were on their own mission.

“I didn’t know evil supervillains’ lairs had back doors,” observed Xavier as they reached it.

Everyone ignored him.

Indi Jean stepped forward and focussed her attention on the door. Roverine gazed at her admiringly as Rogue Ruby did the same to him. Xavier wondered why Rogue Ruby wasted her time lusting after him when he obviously didn’t want her. She looked kind of cool in that all-in-one suit and he wondered what she looked like out of it.

He didn’t realise that Nicole Storm was eyeing him approvingly and in turn Lyclops observing her while Indi Jean gazed at him. It was all a turmoil of adolescent passion.

The lock snapped open and the loved up S Men filed in silently.

Professor Dex/Sheila was struggling to keep Braxneto and Pyro Heath at bay.

“Look,” said Pyro Heath, “I can make fire.” He ignited a flame in his hand, proudly.

“But I can bend metal,” said Braxneto, making a hand signal at the Professor’s wheelchair and twisting the wheel.

“Oh, mercy!” cried Dex, clutching at his neck in a ladylike way, wishing Lyclops and co would hurry up.

“Nice one, dude. You nearly knocked the lady out of her chair.” Pyro Heath sneered, bounding forward to set Dex straight.

“Hm, I think someone could do with some of our special range of men’s deodorant,” he said quickly to stop Pyro Heath leering at him.


“Yes, you, honey child.”

Perhaps the ‘honey child’ had been a mistake, he thought nervously, as Pyro Heath conceitedly lit another flame in his hand.

“This is a massive lair,” said Rogue Ruby, looking round nervously. “How will we find our way around?”

“What’s this?” Xavier was examining a large noticeboard.

“It’s a floor plan. Look, its got ‘you are here’.” She pointed to a large arrow exactly where the S men had entered.

“That’s incredible. We just go up this corridor, through that one, past the shark pool, past the hundreds of uniformed workers running round aimlessly, then first left, second right into Marilyn’s room.”

“That’s handy.” It had gone suspiciously silent behind Xavier and Rogue Ruby, so they turned. Lyclops and Indi Jean were snogging, being watched with envy by Roverine and Nicole Storm.

Xavier rolled his eyes at Rogue Ruby and she giggled.

“Hey, everyone? Over here!” she called abruptly. Roverine and Nicole Storm leapt to their sides.

“Leave the lovers to it,” said Nicole Storm, looking admiringly at Xavier’s bionic arm.

“Anyway, this is what we’ll do,” he said, putting his aforementioned arms round his friends.

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The S Men crept quietly along the empty metal corridors. They passed the shark pool, the hundreds of anonymous workers, took a left, then right. Their destination was the door at the end of the corridor. It had a little notice on it, pink with flowers, saying ‘Marilyn’s Room.’

Everyone exchanged glances.

“This is too easy,” muttered Lyclops to Roverine.

Xavier tried the door, and it swung open to reveal a lady in leopard skin, putting on her make up.

“Marilyn.” Lyclops greeted her.

“Aren’t you a bit short for an S Man?”

She stood up and kissed him on the cheek, and he stepped back.

“So, shall we?” He offered his arm to her gallantly, while the other S Men hung around pointlessly.

“Oh, I’ve just got to collect all my things,” she beamed, fussing around.

As they all stepped out of the door, the lights suddenly went out.

“Oh!” shrieked Marilyn. She clutched at Lyclops, knocking off his glasses. He gasped, slamming his eyelids shut.

There was a lot of scuffling. Xavier and Roverine were flung against a wall by an invisible assailant.

“I can’t move,” muttered Roverine. “I think it’s a magnet holding us. Damn my titanium skeleton.”

Indi Jean was cowering on the floor, deafened by a noise only she could hear.

Nicole Storm and Rogue Ruby had to be conventionally restrained as there was no way to use their powers against them.

Suddenly everything went black. Well, blacker, as the lights were already out.

The S men awoke in a large cage, suspended from the ceiling of a huge underground cavern. Braxneto was pacing up and down on the floor below.

“Oh, not this again,” sighed Indi Jean. “It’s such a cliché.”

“You thought we’d make it that easy for you to kidnap our Marilyn? The jewel of our operation?” called Braxneto up to them.

“Huh?” said Xavier. Roverine looked equally puzzled.

Marilyn simpered and fluttered her eyelashes at Braxneto, who smiled back.

“Now I’ve really got a bad feeling about this,” said Roverine.

“Even though we were entertaining a young lady, we still managed to foil your plan,” sneered Pyro Heath.

Professor Dex rolled forward, still dressed as Sheila.

A naked blue woman with red hair was frowning in the corner.

“Who’s that?” whispered Xavier to Roverine.

“Charlique. A shape shifter. I thought she was Braxneto’s girlfriend but it seems she’s been replaced by Marilyn,” he mused.

Marilyn was gazing lovingly at Braxneto.

“Perhaps we could use their rivalry to help us,” suggested Xavier.

“Tell me, do I know you?” asked Marilyn of Professor Dex/ Sheila.

“No, no honey child, I’m certain sure we never met before.”

“Why did you kidnap Marilyn?” called Nicole Storm down to Braxneto.

“Oh, they didn’t kidnap me,” Marilyn trilled. “I went of my own accord. Once Braxneto showed me his secret weapon, I couldn’t resist. He has the right idea for the future of mankind, it’s the only way.”

“You’re right,” said Roverine to Xavier. He indicated Charlique fuming, her skin going slightly green.

“I’m sure I know you,” Marilyn added, looking at Dex/Sheila.

“You do, honey child.” He threw off his disguise. Braxneto and Pyro Heath’s jaws dropped.

“It is I, Professor Dex of the School for Talented Teenagers,” he said in his normal voice.

“But why were you dressed in that way? Do you want a sex change?”

“No. I came to rescue you from these villains. But I see you have been beguiled.”

“Right,” said Roverine to Lyclops. “When I say ‘now’, open your eyes.” He and Xavier positioned Lyclops so he was looking at the cage door.


Lyclops opened his eyes, the laser shot into the metal of the cage and burned through it.

“Damn!” shouted Pyro Heath. “You told me that metal would resist Lyclops.”

“No, I didn’t!” retorted Braxneto. “What I said was, that you’re mental if you thought it would resist Lyclops!”

Xavier leapt down from the cage with Rogue Ruby on his back, Nicole Storm flew down with Roverine, then they returned for Indi Jean and Lyclops.

“Am I pleased to see you,” muttered Professor Dex to Lyclops. “I was seriously fearing for my manly virtue.”

“It’s a shame that I can’t see you though,” he replied, holding onto the wheelchair.

Suddenly, the thousands of uniformed workers poured into the cavern, surrounding the S Men.

“Don’t worry,” said Professor Dex. “My plan isn’t complete yet.”

A fight scene. Please dear Red Ranger or someone write a fight scene for me? Please do not include Caseytooth, I have other plans for him, mwah ha ha ha.

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Well, as Miranda promised, here y'go.


“What shall we do, Professor?” asked Lyclops.

“Well, ah, I think you need to fight them,” Professor Dex decided.


“Well, because it’s hard to have an action story without any action.”

“Sounds good enough to me,” Roverine agreed, extending his long metal claws.

“So the S Men have decided to stand and fight,” Braxneto realised, gesturing to his minions. “Attack them!” The anonymous minions hung back. “Oh, come on. A handful of super-powered mutants against an army of non-powered cannon fodder henchmen? What are you worried about? Fine. I shall lead the way.”

“You show them, Braxy!” Marilyn shouted from the sidelines. “Teach those nasty S Men a thing or two!”

“All right, give me a try,” Xavier offered, stepping forward.

“You S Men never learn,” Braxneto replied. “You always send a guy with metal limbs to fight the master of magnetism.” He waved a hand and lifted Xavier up in the air, pulling his bionic limbs in painful directions.

“Then let me rain on your parade,” Nicole Storm offered. She gestured at the air above Braxneto and a storm cloud came into view. It started to rain, soaking him to the skin.

Marilyn’s face fell. “Oh, well, that’s just cheating.”

Around them, the battle erupted into a free for all. Roverine found himself facing Charlique. “Do I have to fight you?” she asked, nodding towards Lyclops. “I’d rather get to grips with him.”

“Well, unfortunately without his glasses to contain the energy, his one look would unleash a laser beam that would atomise you. So you’ll have to settle for a bit of rough and tumble with me.”

“Would you really hit a woman?”

“You should know I’m no gentleman.”

“But would you really hit this woman?” Charlique morphed into an exact double of Rogue Ruby.

Roverine hesitated. “Well…”

“Or this one?” She morphed into Indi Jean Gray.

Roverine thought for a moment. “Can you morph into male forms as well?”

“Oh yes.” Charlique morphed into Lyclops. “What do you think of this fine form?”

“Perfect,” he replied. And hit her.

Rogue Ruby found one of the anonymous minions running right at her. She grabbed him and kissed him full on the lips. He looked quite pleased for a moment, then he collapsed at her feet. “That’s always happening,” she explained, then leapt aside with a yelp as another minion swung an axe at her.

Indi Jean Gray had been backed into a corner by Pyro Heath. “Hold still, little girl,” he sneered, balls of flame appearing on his hands.

She tilted her head on one side and gave him an adoring look. “You’re so hot.”

He smiled and straightened up, striking an impressively macho pose. “You really think so?”

“Oh, definitely.” She ran a finger along his chest. And then kneed him in the balls. Not the ones made of fire. “You haven’t got much in your head so there should be plenty of room for my thoughts,” she told him telepathically as she walked away.

“The S Men have the upper hand!” Professor Dex told Lyclops. “It is time for you to wheel me out of here.”

“Fine. Which way, Professor?”

“Right.” Lyclops swung the wheelchair round. “No, not that far,” Professor Dex told him urgently. “Left a bit. No, right a bit. Smidge more to the left. Forward and… oh dear.”

Another group of minions had appeared, blocking their exit. The S Men looked round and saw Braxneto, Charlique and Pyro Heath were all on their feet and looking very angry.

“So, I guess it’s not going to be that easy after all?” Xavier asked.

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No insults intended when I use the word queer, I just thought it was a funny double entendre :P


All of sudden Xavier started feeling a bit queer and woozy. He didn’t realise that Professor Dex was telepathically sending a secret code word into all his students’ heads. They all began to blur in the grip of their assailants, and melt away, which was enough to make anyone feel queer.

They reassembled outside Braxneto’s lair, dazed and confused.

“What just happened?” asked Roverine, shaking himself like a dog.

“It was my failsafe. If all went pear shaped, I’d teleport us out of there.”

“That’s incredible,” said Xavier. “All my metal attachments too, how did you do that?”

Professor Dex ignored him, unwilling to explain the dark arts of the telepath.

They painfully climbed back into the S Men fighters. It wasn’t until they were in the air that Xavier noticed someone was missing.

“Where’s Rogue Ruby?”

“How should I know?” snapped Lyclops. “I’ve got to get home for my spare glasses.”

Indi Jean felt guilty. She had been so busy admiring Lyclops that she hadn’t noticed her missing colleague.

Meanwhile, back at the lair, Rogue Ruby had been stranded. She had been fighting near Braxneto’s enormous weapon, which somehow had interfered with the teleporting.

Braxneto, Pyro Heath and a handsome wolf man she hadn’t seen before stood round her.

“Ha ha!” crowed Braxneto. “My plan worked! It was you we wanted all along!”

“What?” said Rogue Ruby and Marilyn together.

“The machine you are standing next to. It is the Transformer. You have to work it.”

“Why me?”

“We need a telepath. Get in.”

“But my powers are weak, old man.”

“Who are you calling old man?”

“I need food, drink, and rest, otherwise I’m no good,” she said quickly.

Braxneto and Pyro Heath conferred.

“You can go to Caseytooth’s lair. You’ll be quite safe there,” Pyro Heath sneered.

“Quite safe? In a villain’s lair?”

“I meant in the sexual sense, I don’t think he likes the ladies.” Pyro Heath laughed nastily while Caseytooth glared at him. “However he is a very good torturer.”

Rogue Ruby shuddered.

Caseytooth pushed her through the door to his lair while Pyro Heath jeered outside. She tripped, feeling a sense of foreboding.

But luckily, as Pyro Heath turned away, Caseytooth caught her just before she hit the ground.

“Sorry. Got a mean reputation to uphold.”

His lair was completely different to the rest of the villains’ hideaway. There were oil paintings on the wall, classical music playing, a coffee maker on the side, a four poster bed.

“Do sit down. Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?” He fussed around making her a hot drink while she sat in a chair listening to the music and his toe claws clicking on the rock floor.

“They think I’m going to torture you. But don’t worry. I pretend to be brutal while they’re around but I’m actually not.”

She smiled nervously.

“You can sleep on the bed. You’ll need a rest before the machine gets going.”

“What’s the machine all about? Why do I have to control it?”

“It’s to change everyone in the world into mutants. Then Braxneto can rule the world, there will be no unrest or discrimination because there will be no humans.”

“That’s weird! Is it safe?”

He shot her a wary look.

“Dunno. But if I were you I’d be worried.”

“Why do you hang around with these tough guys? If you’re- er-“

“If I’m what?”

“Er- nice.”

“It’s all I’ve ever known. They leave me to get on with my research while they get on with their… drunken brawls.”

“What research?”

“Into mutancy.”

“Perhaps you could find out more about me and why I kill anyone who touches me.”

“Perhaps I could.” He smiled, showing fangs.

After drinking her hot chocolate, she dozed off on the bed.

“What are we going to do?” said Roverine. He was more worried by the disappearance of Rogue Ruby than he wanted to admit.

“We’ll have to go over there again,” said Xavier. “That mission failed terribly and the Professor doesn’t seem to know what to do.”

“We could just go by ourselves. Think we could rescue her?”


“We could steal- er- borrow the S Fighter and go there secretly.”

They lowered their voices as they plotted and planned, unaware they were being overheard by a powerful mutant.

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I dedicate this chapter to Jen and Zetti. The truth about Caseytooth is revealed…


When Rogue Ruby awoke, she saw Caseytooth curled up asleep at the bottom of the bed, snoring. He looked quite sweet but unfortunately she woke him up by moving.

“What? Who?” He flexed his claws, then realised where he was.

“Sorry. I slept really well.”

“I should hope so, it’s a goose feather bed, the best I could buy.”

She laughed, and stepped out of bed. She suddenly realised she’d taken off her mutant suit last night and was completely naked. Caseytooth’s jaw dropped.

“Oh, sorry!” She grabbed the nearest blanket. “So, you do like the ladies.”

“Yes, of course I do. Pyro Heath is just a Neanderthal who thinks men shouldn’t like classical music and painting.”

“Could you kiss me?”

“I’d love to.”

He kissed her for half a minute before weakening as she began draining his life force.

“Wow! That’s the longest kiss I’ve ever had.”

“Really?” His strength was returning. “I think you should put your clothes on through, that might help me.”

“Help you how?” She giggled.

“I meant, help me not to be killed. It might subdue your powers if you weren’t completely naked.”

Roverine and Xavier had been forced to tell Professor Dex of their plan because it was he who had overheard telepathically.

“I need you to stay here, Xavier, I’m sorry. The house needs guarding and I can’t rely on Lyclops. He bursts into song at any opportunity and then the girls just swoon. You’re the only one who is objective.”

Xavier sighed. “If I have to.”

Professor Dex had another reason for going along with Roverine. He wanted to rescue another woman apart from Rogue Ruby. Marilyn was beyond help, but the beautiful dark haired maid at the door had fired his manly desires. As long as she didn’t prefer Roverine like all other girls seemed to.

Indi Jean combined her telepathic powers with the Professor’s to pinpoint the exact location of Rogue Ruby.

“I hope they won’t have realised we are scanning,” she said nervously. “Braxneto is very shrewd.”

“He didn’t realise I was a man though did he?” said the Professor. “So he can’t be that shrewd.”


The Professor set off with Roverine.

By the time they reached the underground caverns however, Caseytooth had been warned and was already guarding the entrance. He was pacing up and down outside, his toe claws clattering on the stone floor.

“You’ll have to fight your way through him to get to Rogue Ruby,” instructed the Professor.

“Fine.” Roverine flexed his own claws and stepped towards Caseytooth. They glared, sizing each other up.

“Think you’re tough do you, dog boy?” jeered Caseytooth.

“Sure do. Freaky wolf boy.”

They circled each other warily.

“Cool claws. Wish I had metal ones.”

“You don’t, believe me. They’re a pain. Your claws are much cooler.”

“And you even look hot in that stupid black armour.”

“You don’t look so bad in those stupid army fatigues.”

They eyed each other admiringly.

“Guys!” snapped Professor Dex. “When you’ve quite finished! Just because everyone’s wearing kinky superhero costumes does not- and I repeat not- mean there will be anything slash related in this story. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, professor,” they mumbled, looking down at their feet/ claws.

“So I want a normal fight please. Roverine and I are here to rescue Rogue Ruby.”

“You’ll be lucky! She likes staying with me.”

“Oh yeah? We’ll see about that!”

Then, they had a fight. Anyone want to take on writing a Caseytooth/Roverine fight scene? :wink:

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Miranda's proof read this little addition and told me to go ahead and post it so hope you like.


“Come and get it, you little wuss!” Caseytooth snarled.

Roverine glared at him, offended. “Who you calling little, you runt?”

Professor Dex probed Caseytooth’s mind, sensing his intent. “Roverine, dodge to your left!” he commanded telepathically. Roverine did as he was instructed, avoiding Caseytooth’s blow. “To your right!” Roverine avoided the next one, swiftly responding to the mental commands. “To your left! To your right! To your left! To your right!”

Roverine dodged… straight into Caseytooth’s outstretched fist.

“Oh, no, sorry, left,” Professor Dex corrected. “That one should have been left.”

Roverine frowned at him. “Stop helping!” At which point Caseytooth struck him on the back of the head, sending him sprawling.

“You really should have dodged that one,” Professor Dex offered.

Roverine got to his feet, glaring at Caseytooth. “Okay, my fellow canine. Now you’ve really made me angry.”

“Oh, this I’d like to see,” Caseytooth returned.

Roverine charged and he and Caseytooth grappled with each other, wrestling in a way that might have seemed like a rather violent hug to an outsider.

“Ah, a Broadcasting Standards style fight,” Professor Dex mused.

“You don’t want to see me when I’m angry,” Roverine was telling his opponent.

“Yeah? Well this might make you angry. I’ve seen Rogue Ruby naked!”

“Well, I guess I’d better even that up then!” Roverine made a few careful slashes with his metal claws, shredding Caseytooth’s clothes to ribbon and leaving him in only his underwear.

“Not what I was expecting,” Caseytooth responded. “But what the hell.” He sank his fangs into the shoulder of Roverine’s skin tight leathers and pulled, ripping his uniform top off and leaving him naked from the waist up.

“Oh, very Shatner,” Professor Dex commented. “Maybe we should have gone for the yellow spandex after all.”

Roverine twisted Caseytooth around and hurled him with force, causing his head to collide with the wall and knocking him senseless. He took the remains of his uniform top and used them to tie his opponent’s hands behind his back, then used Caseytooth’s own shredded clothes to bound his ankles.

“Come on, Professor!” he shouted. “We have to find Rogue Ruby!” He dashed off down the corridor.

Professor Dex wheeled himself after him as fast as he could. “Yep, you scout ahead!” he called. “I’ll catch you up!”

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The door to Caseytooth’s lair was open. The Professor and Roverine entered to find Rogue Ruby draped sexily on the huge bed, minus her S Men suit.

“Ruby!” exclaimed the Professor. “What is the meaning of this?”

Roverine’s eyes nearly popped out of his head, and she hastily covered herself.

“We’ve come to rescue you,” said the Professor, realising that Roverine couldn’t speak.

She pouted.

“But I don’t want to be rescued. I like staying here with Caseytooth.” She blushed. “He looks after me and protects me.”

“But he’s a Baddie,” said Roverine.

“He’s not like Braxneto, PyroHeath and Charlique.”

“Whatever. You’re coming back with us. Put your suit on.”

“No, no, I-“

But Professor Dex used his incredible mind powers to persuade her.

Roverine slung her over his shoulder, avoiding her bare face because of the death vibes. The Professor wheeled on ahead.

“I like Caseytooth better than you now, Roverine. So there!”

She wriggled in his arms but he wouldn’t let her go. He just arranged her into a more comfortable position.

“No, you don’t.”

“Yes, I do.”

“No, you don’t.”

“Yes, I do. He’s a wolf man. Much more exciting than a dog man.”

“Oh yeah? How?”

She whispered something in his ear and he frowned.

“Ah, but I can-“ He whispered something in her ear.

Her eyes widened and she looked adoringly at him.

That’s better, he thought. Back to normal. She should admire him, not that lowlife Caseytooth. She felt very light and comfortable in his arms, he could carry her for miles.

What was he thinking? He’d always been sure Indi Jean was the woman for him, but she preferred that smug git Lyclops. Maybe he’d been wrong lusting after her for all this time.

They walked on for some way and she fell asleep, looking sweet and innocent, so he walked slowly and gently, trying not to disturb her.

Before they reached the S fighter, however, they took a detour.

“Where are we going?” asked Roverine as they headed up a rock tunnel towards the surface.

“To rescue a young lady.”

“Marilyn doesn’t need rescuing, she-“

“No, not her. I mean the other young lady.” Dex sighed wistfully.

“O-kay. Hope she’s nearby. Ruby won’t stay asleep forever.”

The Professor had already used his mind powers to locate her, in the kitchen. The trio found their way there and opened the door. The beautiful dark haired girl was scrubbing the floor.

“The kitchen won’t be open for another hour,” she said wearily.

“No-no- I- er- would you like to- er-“ stammered Dex. “I- that is- we-“

“What he means is, do you want to be rescued?” interrupted Roverine. “Yes or no?”

“Y-yes,” she quavered.

“Good. Jump on his lap.” He indicated the Professor, so the girl did so and they hurried away.

Roverine coughed pointedly.

“Yes?” asked the Professor.

“Ask her her name,” said Roverine under cover of another cough.

“Oh! Yes.”

“My name’s April Jubilee.” She giggled at their subterfuge.

The Professor introduced himself and his companions.

Suddenly, an alarm sounded and lock down began.

Back at the mansion, Lyclops was serenading Indi Jean and Nicole Storm.

‘#When I fall in love it will be forever

Or I'll never fall in love#’

Indi Jean was gazing at him, enraptured, but Nicole Storm’s glance was wandering. She caught Xavier’s eye and shrugged, so he beckoned her over.

“Where’s the sick bucket?” she muttered. “Being with those two twenty four seven is making me ill.”

He laughed.

“So, I haven’t seen the full extent of your superpowers yet.”

She fluttered her eyelashes at him, so he jumped as high as he could, right up the staircase to the top floor. She became a dot far beneath him.

But suddenly she was next to him, her cloak flapping.

“Hm, I can do that too. Not so impressive.”

So in a second he twisted the entire metal staircase bannister into an amazing shape.

“Hm.” She waved her arm and a thunderstorm began outside. “My powers are better.”

Before he could answer, there was a shriek from below.

“Oh my god!”

Xavier ran and Nicole hurried down the stairs, pushing each other on the last step to see who won.

They saw Lyclops holding the naked blue shapeshifter, Charlique, across his lap.

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