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One Day We'll Bring Him Home (by charmed60) - comments


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I actually loved it! The word count clearly wasn't enough for you for the contest then, hey?

In all fairness, I had to go back & cut my words down for the contest too!

That was an amazing one shot! I loved every word of it.

I loved the ending, you definitely did it justice.

The fact that Harry was found was a perfect ending.

You wrote Rachel & Tony's emotions perfectly.

Their desperation to find Harry ... any parents worst nightmare having a child go missing & not know where they are.

But like I said previously, you definitely did this fanfiction justice.

& I'm incredibly happy that you added to it & didn't leave it as it was.

Because even though the fic was perfect anyway, you added even more to it & made it even more perfect which I didn't think could be possible.

So really, really well done.

You wrote everything beautifully - the dialogue, the description, everyone's emotions & the characterisation.

Seriously well done & congratulations. Amazing stuff & you are clearly very talented. Well done.

Love Carina xxx :wub:

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Thank you so so much Carina, your reply really made me smile :) You're so so king thank you so much. Without your comments it would have been very lonely in here! The word count definetely wasn't enough :P but I think a part of me feels it worked better as a one shot without them finding him. However I love Tachel too much to do that to them :D

Thank you again! xxx

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Well you definitely deserved more than just me to comment, that's for sure.

Seriously, are people just not reading into threads these days?

Because whoever hasn't read this, has missed out on a lot, trust me.

Well I think both versions worked well. I suppose it depends on whether someone wants a happy ending or not.

But both versions were written beautifully, with perfectly portrayed emotions for each character.

So although the one you entered for the contest worked well as an entry, this also worked, in terms of having no cliffhanger.

& I am very grateful that you decided to alter it so as, as a reader, we got a happy ending too.

Love Carina xxx :wub:

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I read this when you entered it in the contest and thought to myself....damn! why can't I write like thisl??!!

The way you wrote Tony and Rachel was fanatstic. Full of emotion...I'm not an avid fan of Tachel, but I do enjoy reading fics about them, they were a great couple and you wrote that brilliantly in this fic. Again, in the contest, I wanted Harry to be found, and was a little gutted that he wasn't..but then it wouldn't have followed the rules.....so I'm glad you've added to it...and added more wow to it, like Carina said, what you've added has just shown how well you can write. I enjoyed reading this and the others that were entered in the contest.

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Aww Carina, you're so lovely thank you so much. And callyha that's really sweet. Trust me you're a brilliant writer though, it's easier to criticise your own work and you usually find faults where no-one else reading it does. Sabrina and Red Ranger to thank you so much for your comments, I wasn't sure whether to post it but I'm glad I did now just to know a few people enjoyed it. I did wonder if people might not read it because they thought it was the same as the contest RR1, perhaps I should have made a note in the title but I'm glad you all read and enjoyed so thank you so much :)

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