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Summer Will Heal The Pain

Guest lilprincess

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Type of story: short fic

Main Characters: Bianca,liam,charlie,,april,viterro,summer

BTTB Rating: G

Genre: Romance, Drama

Does story include spoilers: No Dont think so

Any warnings: il say before chapter if needed


Librarian Note: Please check your Inbox, thanks.

Chapter 1

Bianca looked at her fone,another three message's from Viterro.. She pressed the cancel button and didnt bother reading what he had to say!

She was angry and upset and wasnt ready to face him after the hurt he caused her. Even though she still loved every bone in his body,she still could not get the image of him and her in their bed.

Viterro was the love of her life,he was special, she never cared for anyone else in whole life like she did him.

He treated like a princess,and gave her everything she wanted..

But the thing viterro was not good at was comminment. He broke her heart in two,and she didnt think she would every got over,she needed something to mend her broken heart..

It was 7.30 in the moring and Biance decided to go for a run to clear her head. She was going at a reasonable pace along the beach when suddenly she got a short pain in her stomach and bent down in agnoy.

She quickly tried to make her way home,but the pain was to bad she got in her car and drove to the hoisptal.

Once in the hoisptal she was layed on a hoisptal bed and the docter examined her stomach.

The docter toke an ultasound as he thought it could be a ulcuer,before what a appeared on the screen,was a tiny little blob that was the formation of a little baby.

The docter looked at bianca and said congratlions your 8 weeks pregnant, Bianca looked at the screen and was in shock how was she? she was in shock.

The docter explained that from when she was jogging the baby got stressed and caused the pain.

She asked will the baby be ok? The docter explained that the baby is healthy and shall be fine,but she will have to take it easy from now on.

Back at home bianca was all over the place she couldnt believe what was happening,she was having a baby, she was going to be a mummy,but not only that the baby was apart of viterro, they had made the unborn child that was growing inside her. She knew from then on her heart was going to be full of love and joy for her baby. She loved her baby already,she looked down at her stomach and rubbed her hand over it and said were going to be ok arnt we baby,mummys going to look after you. A big grin appeared on Bianca's face.. She would always have apart of viterro with her forever now.

But she knew she would have to tell him..

Two hours later Bianca pressed the send button now there was no turning back he knew now.

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