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It's A Love Hate Kinda Thing

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Story Title: It's a love hate kinda thing

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Jai, Annie, Nicole, Aden, Belle, Ruby, Geoff, Romeo

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Drama

Spoilers: Nope

Is this story being proof read: Nope

Warnings: Will warn at beginning of chapter if there is. (Sex (Mild) and Violence, Abuse)

Summary: In Summer Bay, stealing boyfriends off other girls is the new in thing, so when Nicole Franklin the new girl starts hitting on the girls boyfriends. The girls band together to not only stop her, but humiliate her.

A/N: So I was going to post this last thursday, but things got very heavy and I've had a rough week. Thursday was exactly one year ago my nan died... so I've not had a good week :(

Chapter One


Nicole Franklin was never the easiest person to get along with, even she knew that but she really didn’t care. Strutting around like she owned the world, stealing boyfriends left, right and center; just because she wanted to and buying the most expensive clothes, shoes and accessories out in the name of Dolce and Cabana and more.

So when her mother told her she was shipping her off to Summer Bay to live with her father, Nicole spat it, locking herself in her room for the rest of her time left with her mum, which was only two days.

She was then put on a bus with her bags, in which there was five of them, turned on her ipod and turned it right up so she couldn’t hear anyone as she began the long two hour journey to her dads home town; Summer Bay.

Roman, who was her father was waiting for her at the bus stop, and had done the smart thing and parked close to the bus. He was tall, muscular and blonde and not too much taller than Nicole. Faking a grin, she strutted over to her father and hugged him, feeling the bulge of his arms.

“Hi daddy,’ She spoke pulling back and lifting her huge sunnies away from her eyes to sit on top of her hair. “I’ve missed you!’

“Liar but thank you,’ Roman replied with a soft smile. “So... how many bags did you bring with you?’

“Oh well only a couple daddy,’ Nicole chirped as her name was then called out to come and collect her bags. Roman looked over her shoulder, eyes wide as he saw the bus driver begin to unload not one, or two bags but five.

“Only a couple aye?’ He laughed as Nicole shrugged her shoulders with a grin before turning on her heel and racing over, yelling at Roman to hurry so they could go.


They pulled up in front of the house, Leah being the first one out and up at the front door before racing inside before Nicole had even undone her seat belt.

“What’s wrong with her?’ Roman turned and gave her a ‘watch your tone’ look before unbuckling himself and climbing out of the car and starting to get her bags out of the boot.

Nicole didn’t even bother helping her dad as she grabbed her prada bag from the back seat and headed inside, stopping at the bottom of the stairs and looking around. “It’s so... floral’

“Thanks,’ came Leah’s mumbled voice as Nicole looked up, seeing Leah at the top of the stairs.

“I like it, they last time I came here it was so dull, grey and boring, it’s a nice change,’ Nicole lied, but she had Leah fooled as a grin crossed the older woman’s features and nodded in thanks.

“Well your rooms this way, come on I’ll show you around the place,’ Leah replied as Nicole nodded and began to ascend the stair case, following her. Leah walked to the first door on her left and pointed in there. “That’s Vj’s room, down here is Aden’s room...’

“Aden?’ Nicole queried. As far as she knew Leah only had one son, not two,’

Leah nodded. “Roman took him in a couple of years ago after some problems with his family,’ She continued on further down the hall then came to a stop at the end and pointed to the bedroom on the right hand side.

“This is mine and your dads room, and this one...’ she said as she walked back down the hall, stopping just a few feet away from Aden’s room. “And this is your room and down the other end of the house is the bathroom and the door next to that just past the stairs is the toilet so... make yourself at home because I have to get a start on tea,’

Nice nodded and watched Leah head back down the hall before disappearing down the stairs. She heard some chatter which sounded like her and Roman talking and then she heard two more voice, both male and female.

She couldn’t make out what they were talking about but then she heard footsteps coming from the stairs and moments later a blonde male, tall toned and muscular appeared at the top, pulling a skinny, tall brunette’s hand. They were laughing but quickly stopped as both sets of eyes fell onto Nicole.

“Um hi, you must be Nicole,’ he was handsome, and had a broody voice that made her heart strings pull as she grinned seductively at him and nodded.

“And you must be Aden,’

“Yeah,’ he replied with a nod. “This is my girlfriend Belle,’

The brunette smiled sincerely at Nicole which made her envy the girl before speaking a quiet ‘Hi’. Nicole nodded and lifted her hand, slowly beginning to twirl a piece of hair around her finger.

“Hi... Belle...’ Nice saw Belle’s hand tighten around Aden’s as she leant into him, whispering something in his ear as he grinned and nodded before dragging her further down the hall and letting her enter the bedroom first, but not before giving Nicole a filthy look.

“Well bye...’ Aden replied as he quickly ran in after her, slamming the door shut as a muffled scream was heard as well as giggling. Nicole’s grin widened.

“Bye...’ her seductive whisper was silent as she turned and walked into her bedroom, gently closing the door and leaning up against it as she slid her back down it and sat on the floor.

“Looks like I’m going to have some fun,’ She grinned.

Comments please?

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Thanks so much everyone and yes things are better now :)

So I'd like to thank....

Carina.vanessa.adellefan, rocknroll, RR1 tessalove, barbara, georgia and ~jarliefanever~ for your comments... it means a lot to me ^_^

enjoy... I hope

Chapter Two


“Did you see the way she was looking at you?’ Belle asked, a little jealous as Aden grinned. They were lying on his bed, next to each other and holding hands, Aden was stroking her cheek with his free hand.

“What?’ He laughed as Belle became aggravated and quickly pushed herself up on the bed as Aden stopped just as fast and sat up. He saw that she was trailing the scars over her left wrist and he quickly took her hand.

“Babe... what are you thinking?’ He asked as she slowly looked up at him and sighed. He then began tracing the scars on her wrist, they felt like two small bumps in the shape of a cross from where Belle had tried to take her life a few months before they met.

“I thinking that, that Nicole chick is hot and your totally going to fall for her,’ Belle replied as tears stung her eyes. “I’m thinking that she’s going to do something to make you fall for her and leave me alone and jealous,’

Aden sighed before entwining his fingers through hers and stroking her right cheek with his thumb. “That’ll never happen babe, I’m afraid your stuck with me, whether you like it or not,’

Belle looked up at him and half smiled before resting her forehead on his and sighing. “I’m sorry I’m such self conscious wimp I just...’

“I know...’ Aden replied, not needing her to say anymore. “Babe you went through hell and back, hell... Look how long it took you to trust me but... I fall more and more in love with you every day because you are such a strong, level headed, amazing girl... my girl,’

She let a small chuckle escape her lips and then leant in, closing the gap off as their lips touched, at first a delicate, gentle kiss but then intensifying into deep, wanting kisses as Aden let slip a moan, quickly pulling away and hungrily looking at Belle as she had began to unbutton the buckle on his belt. “Are you sure?’

Belle nodded, a small delicate smile playing her lips gently. “I want to... I’m ready Aden... I trust you,’

Cupping both her cheeks he once again rested his forehead on hers before leaning in and kissing her gently on the lips and pulling back. “I love you,’

He whispered softly to her and she wrapped her arms around his waist as they fell back onto the sheets. She removed his belt and started with his pants when there was a gentle knock on the door. Both Belle and Aden stopped, looking over at the door before Aden pushed himself off of Belle and fixed himself up, letting Belle do the same before calling out ‘Come in’

Leah opened the door and smiled. “Aden tea will be ready in five; Belle would you like to stay for tea?’

Belle nodded. “That would be lovely, thanks Leah.’

Leah nodded and turned, closing the door behind her, leaving both Belle and Aden looking a little more flustered that they’d almost been caught.


They walked downstairs and into the kitchen, taking a seat next to each other, Roman was sitting beside Belle which meant Leah would sit next to Roman, leaving Nicole to sit next to Aden.

“Something smells amazing Leah,’ Belle sniffed the air as Leah bought over the plates, placing them in front of each of them. “Oh yum spaghetti bolognaise,’

“Thank you Belle,’ Leah replied as she sat Nicole’s plate down and walked over to the kitchen door, yelling out her name again before grabbing both hers and Roman’s plates and taking her seat.

They had only just began eating when Nicole skipped into the kitchen, sliding into her seat next to Aden and looking straight over at Belle. Belle looked at her for a moment before concentrating on her food.

Belle looked up at Nicole once more and saw the blonde staring at her wrists. “What happened to you...’

‘...Nothing.’ Belle quickly pulled her sleeves down to cover the scars on her wrists, not even looking back at Nicole. Instead she turned and went to say something to Aden, stopping as he jumped, one knee bumping the table.

Her eyes shot up at Nicole.

Nicole was staring at Belle, grinning.

“Um guys thanks for tea,’ Aden replied shoving the last of his food in his mouth and standing up. “I’m going to walk Belle home,’

Belle looked at Aden before nodding and taking one more mouthful of food before rubbing her stomach. “Yeah, thanks for tea Leah it was beautiful but I’m just so full.’

“Mmm your welcome Belle, anytime you want to stay just ask,’ Leah replied with a mouthful of spaghetti. Roman then nodded in response.

“Any time Belle,’ Belle smiled and nodded as Aden took her hand and led her from the kitchen, yelling out that he’d be back later before the front door was shut.

“What was all that about?’ Belle asked as they walked down the path as they headed toward where Belle lived.

Aden took a deep breath. “She touched me, got pretty close to... Hue,’ he replied as Belle’s eyes widened and began to water.

“She did... what?’ She swallowed hard and stopped. “Please Aden... please don’t leave me.’

“Ohhh babe... that’ll never happen ok... never,’ he replied as his heart broke at how insecure Belle was. Reaching out Belle fell into his embrace and sniffled as Aden stroked her hair before kissing the top of her head.

“Never...’ he repeated softly, holding her tightly in his embrace.

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hehe thanks so much - ~jarliefanever~ tessalove, RR1, barbara, rocknroll and Carina ^_^

Hope you like this next chapter!!!

Chapter Three


She was sitting at the table doing homework when Belle and Aden walked through the door, soaking wet. Annie hadn’t even noticed that it had begun raining, she didn’t even realize the time until Geoff walked through after them a few seconds later, also wet and muddy.

“Hey,’ she greeted them all as Belle waved and Aden and Geoff replied back with a ‘hi’

Getting to her feet, Annie closed her books and packed everything away, sitting it in a neat pile on the edge of the table before that Belle looked a little upset. “What’s... going on?’

Belle shrugged before sighing, out of habbit beginning to trail her fingers over the scars on her wrist once again. “Nothing really,’

“Belle it’s not nothing, but I’m telling you, you have nothing to worry about. I’m not going to fall for her... at all!’

“Fall for who?’ Annie chirped in as Belle ignored them and kept tracing her fingers over the scar.

“No one...’

“Nicole,’ Roman’s daughter who’s just moved in with us,’ Aden cut Belle off as he reached out, taking her hand and pulling her into his embrace and cuddling her tightly, but not too tight as to crush her. “She’s a bit of an open flirt, started groping me under the dinner table, Belle’s worried...’

‘...Am not... well – not entirely,’ she tried to convince herself more than the others in the room, failing dismally.

“Belle...’ Annie started as Belle slowly looked up at her foster sister. “Aden loves you, and nothing is going to change that, not now... not ever,’

“You don’t know that Annie...’

‘...But I do, and she’s right... babe your everything to me,’ Aden cut her off again as Belle’s cheeks turned a crimson red, she was blushing.

“Hey guys,’ came a female voice from the kitchen door as everyone turned to see Ruby and jai enter the house, holding an umbrella which Ruby was smart enough to think of.

“Hey,’ the all replied at the same time, sounding like a constant echo around the room. Ruby folded the umbrella down and sat it by the door, Jai quickly rushing to Annie’s side and placing a kiss on her lips.

Annie blushed.

“Have you heard there’s a new chick in town...’ Ruby spoke as she walked into the lounge room and saw Belle’s head drop. “Did I say something wrong just now or...?’

“She’s already made a pass at Aden,’ Geoff told his brunette girlfriend as her mouth fell open into an ‘O’ shape before quickly snapping it shut.

“She’s game,’ Ruby replied as Geoff wrapped his arms around her, placing a gentle kiss of her cheek, letting her fell into his embrace with ease.

“So whose up for pizza?’ Aden asked.


The next day Aden, Geoff and Jai were sitting in the Diner, waiting for their girlfriends to arrive when Nicole walked in, and stopped in her tracks. She saw Aden look at her before turning and leaning in to his friends

Geoff then looked up and met her gaze and a smile crossed Nicole’s lips as she began twirling a piece of hair around her finger once more. “Well, well,’ she whispered to herself as giggling female voices were heard coming through the door. Nicole turned and came face to face with Belle and two more brunette girls.

Belle stared at Nicole for a moment with both Ruby and Annie’s eyes boring straight into the back of Belle’s head before she looked over at Aden and the boys. “There they are, lets go,’

Belle walked off, not even looking once back at Nicole, but she could feel Nicole’s eyes looking straight at her as Ruby and Annie followed suit.

“You didn’t tell me she was blonde...’ Ruby snapped as they took their seat next to their boyfriends. “And hot!’

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hehe thanks guys... sorry it took so long to post :D

Chapter Four


She had sat there during their whole time at the Diner, just staring at Nicole; well not staring, shooting daggers at her was more like it. She couldn’t believe how confident Nicole was... and looking back at Belle she saw that Belle was refusing to look at her, instead she had her head resting on Aden’s shoulder and she had her eyes closed.

She looked back over at Nicole and saw that Nicole was looking at Aden, no not looking, staring at him like he was a piece of chocolate cake or something. Ruby glared even more at Nicole and as Nicole re-focused her gaze onto Ruby, she grinned and waved like she was enjoying herself.

Ruby turned back to the group who were chatting amongst themselves, all except Aden and Belle who were now looking lovingly and intently into each other’s eyes, completely oblivious to the others around them.

“Ummm hello,’ Ruby waved her hands in front of them but getting no reaction from them, finally clapping her hands in front of their faces.

“Ummm,’ Aden broken he gaze, turning and looking at his friends before taking Belle’s hand. “Were going to head off we’ll see you... guys... later,’ he replied getting up from his chair with Belle.

Ruby stared open mouthed as she watched them leave before turning to Jai, Annie and Geoff. “Do you guys realizing why they’re leaving? They’re going to... do it...’

“Rubes...!’ Geoff cut her off as Annie’s eyes widened. “We don’t need to know what they do or don’t do with each other,’

Ruby sighed in frustration before looking over at Nicole once more, who had watched Aden and Belle leave and finally Ruby snapped, getting up and storming over to Nicole she stopped right in front of her, crossing her arms over her chest as Nicole grinned.

“I don’t believe we’ve met...’ Nicole started but Ruby cut her off.

“You don’t want to meet me bitch... look I don’t know what you’re up to but Belle doesn’t need this... she’s been through hell and back and I’ll be damned if you’re going to stuff that up for her, so back off!’

Nicole stood up as both girls were only inches apart, Ruby held her breath ready for whatever was to come but she wasn’t expecting Nicole to shove her out of the way and leave, not even saying a word to her, not even a look.

Looking over toward Geoff Ruby was stunned, she thought that Nicole was going to retaliate, she wanted her too, but obviously Ruby had met her match... and she didn’t like it.


It was almost an hour later when Geoff, Annie and Ruby arrived back at the Beach House, surprised that every light except for the kitchen light was off.

“Everyone must be in bed,’ Annie spoke as Geoff and Ruby looked at each other.

“I’d love a milo before I head home, seeing as we don’t have school for the next week and a half,’ Ruby replied as Annie turned, rolled her eyes and nodded, starting on three milo’s.

Ruby leant into Geoff as he wrapped his arms around her protectively, kissing the top of her hair whilst swaying them both from side to side. Both watched Annie pick up two cups and turn around and stop, eyes wide and mouth agape in an ‘O’ shape.

“Aden...’ she choked as both Ruby and Geoff turned to see a half naked Aden standing at the kitchen counter, looking just as mortified as Annie.



The next morning Belle was walking along the beach, arms crossed over her stomach and she had a small smile plying her lips, and a glowing on her cheeks. She didn’t even hear Ruby running up behind her calling her name until the brunette slapped her gently on the upper arm.

“You dirty little minx,’ Ruby laughed as Belle giggled a ‘hey’ but began grinning broadly. “How long have you two...?’

‘... Not... long,’ Belle cut her off, blushing a crimson red before rubbing her face with her hands. “Well... last night was... was the first... night,’ she replied, blushing but beginning to scream in the back of her throat as Ruby screamed loudly and hugged Belle tightly.


“Rubes...’ Belle yelled, trying to settle her best friend down as Ruby let Belle go and giggled.

“Sorry, excited is all,’ Ruby replied as Belle laughed and shook her head. Looking her arm through Belle’s, Ruby dragged her friend toward the Diner. “Breakfast and you can tell me everything,’

Belle couldn’t help but laugh all the way to the Diner; this was going to be a long day.

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Thanks for all your amazing comments... sorry its taken so long to comment... I've been hell stuck on this chapter... wanted to write more but didn't know what else to write so just left it as is!

hope you like

Chapter Five


Geoff had just finished football practise when he got a text message from Ruby telling him she would see him a bit later because she was hanging with Belle. He didn’t mind as he grabbed his footy gear and headed toward the change rooms, seeing Aden just up ahead.

Running up to catch him, he slapped him on the back as Aden nodded at him. “Practise alright mate?’

“Yeah not too bad,’ Geoff replied throwing his gear over his shoulder as both guys walked into the change rooms. “Listen Aden, Ruby and Belle want us to meet them at the beach in an hour, something about girl talk and catching up,’ he said as Aden looked at him and nodded.

After showering and changing into a pair of jeans and a tee Geoff and Aden walked together toward the beach to meet the girls, every now and again Geoff would glance at Aden and see him deep in thought, and finally decided to ask.

“What’s up?’

Aden ran his fingers through his hair before shrugging. “Chicks man, especially blondes... they’re trouble,’

“You mean Roman’s daughter, Nicole?’ Aden nodded and as they finally entered the beach and saw the girls further along just beginning to lay down their towels.

“Yeah look please don’t say anything in front of Belle, she’s fragile enough as it is without having Nicole’s name bought into the mix.’ Geoff nodded as they made their way over to the girls.

“Hey,’ Belle said as she wrapped her arms around Aden and kissed him gently.

Ruby jumped on Geoff’s back as he began laughing and spinning around in circles.

It wasn’t long before Annie and Jai joined them with another person, tall, blonde and kind of muscular. “Hey guys, this is Romeo,’ Jai introduced them all, having to convince them that his name was genuine.

“So Romeo,’ Ruby asked as they all sat around in a circle talking. “How long have you been in Summer Bay?’

“Not long, although if I’d known so many gorgeous girls lived here, I would have come sooner, but I’m thinking of making this place permanent,’ Romeo was confident, and cocky as well as a flirt and it didn’t take long for everyone to realize that fact.

After more talking and getting to know Romeo, Belle finally dragged Aden off for a swim, Ruby and Geoff went for a walk further along the beach and Jai went to order some fish and chips for everyone for lunch which left just Annie and Romeo.

“Jai’s not your real brother is he?’ Annie questioned as Romeo laughed and shook his head. ‘No. When we were both in foster care we looked out for each other, more so then anyone else so we just considered ourselves brothers,’

“Oh, thats nice,’ Annie replied as she saw Jai walking back down the beach with the food, and an extra person... Nicole.


Belle and Aden were trying to dunk each other under water and were laughing as Belle finally succeeded in dunking Aden when she looked toward her friends and saw Nicole, her jaw tightening straight away.

She didn’t even have a second to call out Aden’s name when she felt a pair of arms around her legs pull her under where she met Aden. She smiled at him as she breathed out her nose, causing tiny little bubbles to come out of her nose before pushing herself up and breaking the surface of water.

Aden was soon to follow. “Look,’ Belle pointed to shore as Aden turned and followed her gaze, his features hardening in a millisecond.

“Why wont she just leave us alone,’ Aden moaned as Belle let out a giggle. She’d never heard him complain about a girl before, so it was kind of funny.

“Maybe she likes Romeo, they suit each other, confident, flirty, self absorbed, perfect couple, even more perfect babies,’ Belle scoffed as Aden looked at her, shocked to hear something like that coming from Belle.

He laughed.

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Thanks all so much for your amazing comments.... things are slowly progressing and in upcoming chapters you will find out the insecurities behind Belle :D


Chapter Six


He felt bad for befriending Nicole and bringing her along... but she seemed to get along with everyone, especially the other guys more. But one thing he had noticed was Belle refused to talk to her, instead, had waved goodbye to the others and asked Aden to walk her home, and Jai saw the smile come across Nicole’s features.

But Jai also noticed something else, Romeo and Nicole were getting along very well, and most of the time they were seen talking, but when Annie and Ruby went for a swim thats when Nicole pounced, completely brushing off Romeo and started to openly flirt with Geoff.

Jai watched the girls in the water, splashing each other and dunking the other under water before turning his gaze back over to Nicole who was sitting beside Geoff, running her hand up his thigh...

Geoff look uncomfortable.

It didn’t take long before Ruby had noticed and was dragging Annie back out of the water and up the beach to where they were all sitting, once close enough Ruby spoke, and she was pissed.

“I suggest you get your filthy, skanky paws off my boyfriend before I rearrange your face... now,’

Jai’s mouth dropped open in shock as did Annie’s and Geoff’s... but Nicole just sat there, smirking back at Ruby as if she was about to start something.

“If you say so princess, gotta go anyway, things to do,’ Nicole replied as she got to her feet and brushed the sand particles off her bikini and legs before waving at everyone before turning to Geoff and blowing him a kiss and grinning again as she left, making her way up the beach.

Ruby frowned and crossed her arms over her chest in anger. “God I’m gunna kill that little tramp,’

“Well at least she has kept away from me,’ Jai replied as Annie looked at him and smiled, she was confident that even if Nicole did come onto Jai, he’d wouldn’t be interested as he’d already told Annie how much she meant to him.

“How bout we grab some DVD’s and chips and head over to Belle’s and all watch a movie,’ Annie replied as everyone nodded in agreement before she turned to Romeo. “Would you like to join us?’

“Umm, yeah... I would thanks,’


Four of them sat on the couch, the rest had grabbed pillows and blankets and had made themselves comfortable on the floor. Belle and Aden were curled up on the couch together, Belle with her head resting on his shoulders as he stroked her arm and every now and again placed soft kisses to her forehead.

Jai and Annie were sitting beside Belle and Aden, but weren’t as cosy as the two... instead they sat closely beside each other holding hands with Annie resting her head on Jai’s shoulder.

Ruby and Geoff sat below Annie and Jai on the floor with a blanket over them and sitting on pillows. Ruby was laying down with her head resting in Geoff’s lap as he ran his fingers slowly through her long curls.

Which only left Romeo sitting below Aden and Belle, a blanket all to himself and feeling slightly like the odd one out, but it was nice to be making some friends.

Irene soon arrived home with groceries and automatically, Geoff, Annie and Belle left the couch to help unpack. Irene had said a quick ‘hello’ to everyone before sitting all the green enviro bags on the bench and flicking the kettle on.

It didn’t take long to unpack everything and Belle, Geoff and Annie were back sitting with the others, just as the movie was finishing.

“God...’ Geoff spoke rolling his eyes. “If I have to sit through another watching of Twilight and New Moon I’m gunna go out and become my own vampire and have all you drool over me like that,’ he grinned as Ruby playfully slapped him on the arm.

“Wanna watch something else or do something, I mean who wants to be stuck inside for the whole school holidays...’ Belle exclaimed as everyone agreed that watching another movie would put them all to sleep.

“How bout we go to the Surf Club, have a game of pool, girls verse boys, Romeo you in?’ Aden asked as Romeo thought then shook his head.

“I think I’ll head home, unpack my room and stuff but thanks for the offer,’ he replied before climbing to his feet and folding up the blanket he had been using, sitting it in the arm chair when he had finished.

“Listen Romeo, you know your welcome here anytime, any friend of Jai’s is a friend of ours,’ Belle told him matter-of-factly as Romeo smiled and nodded.

“Thanks, see ya guys,’ Romeo started to head out the kitchen before Jai called out to him to ‘wait up’

“Sorry guys, I think I should go too, I haven’t seen Romeo in ages and wanna catch up, Annie you wanna come?’

“Sure...’ Annie replied as she took got up from the couch and folded up their blankets. “I’ll see you all later, Irene I’m going over to Jai’s for a while is that ok?’

“Sure darl...’ Irene called out from the kitchen as Annie smiled. “Just make sure your home for Dinner and if your not going to be home just call ok!’

Annie smiled and nodded. “Ok,’


Annie, Jai and Romeo all walked into the main caravan park house and stopped in their tracks, Annie’s mouth making an ‘O’ shape and Jai’s eyes widening...

Romeo just grinned.

Nicole was sitting at the table talking to Miles with Roman sitting across from Miles with a beer in hand.

Nicole looked up. “Hey guys, Miles invited dad and I over for Dinner, isn’t that great!’

Jai and Annie looked at one another before turning back to Nicole and replied in a not very enthusiastic tone. “Great!’

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Thank you everyone for you awesome comments... and a special thanks to Carina who helped me with this chapter :D

Chapter Seven


Two Years Ago...

He was walking along the beach, thinking about everything he had been through with his father, and how Roman had taken him in after Larry had tried to strangle Aden after confronting his father about his grandfather.

He was walking up the beach when he saw a brunette, skinny girl running down the beach, tears streaming down her cheeks and bruises all over her arms and legs. She was wearing a pair of shorts and a white tank top with her hair flowing down her shoulders.

Aden watched as she reached the waters edge and collapsed onto her knees, he felt compelled to go and find out if she was ok, but he didn’t. Instead he stood there, watching her when a man, in his late 30’s and with dark hair stormed down the beach, reaching the brunette and grabbed her arm, pulling her to her feet and trying to drag her up the beach, yelling at her to ‘Get up’ as she tried to pull away from him.

Aden ran, tearing down the beach as he reached the pair, grabbing the older mans arm and yanking him away from the girl. “Get your hands off her!’

He opened his eyes, breathing heavy and rigid as he turned and looked at the digital clock before him. 2:45 am it read and as he pulled himself up in the bed and switched on the bedside lamp, his gaze stopped in the picture before the lamp, it was a picture of Aden and Belle when they first got together, Belle was in hospital and had bandages around her wrist. It had been taken a year ago, almost a year after Aden had first helped the distressed girl down on the beach... but if he had know then what he found out a year later when she tried to take her own life he would have done something a lot earlier.

He pulled the duvet away from him and exited his bedroom, making his way down the hall and into the bathroom where he switched the light on and splashed his face with water. Petting it dry with a hand towel he began making his way back to his room before he saw a light switch on down the hall which was Nicole’s room.

A few seconds later she walked out of her room wearing a pair of boyleg underwear and a tank, nothing else. Aden’s mouth widened and he spun around as Nicole caught sight of him.

“Oh come on,’ she whispered as she walked toward him and ran one hand over his taught chest, walking around him in circles. “I know you want me, just give into it,’

Grabbing her hand he removed it from his chest and took a step away from her. “I’m with Belle... in love with Belle and I’m not going to do anything to jeopardize that so... just leave me alone,’ he replied coldly before turning and walking back to his room and shutting the door behind him...

And flicking the lock.

“Well see,’ Nicole grinned before turning and heading into the bathroom to use the facilities.


The next morning Aden had just finished breakfast when there was a knock at the door. He heard Nicole yell out that she’d get it so finished putting his bowel and glass in the sink.

“Oh its you!’ He heard Nicole spit before he turned and saw the blonde letting Belle in the house.

“Hey baby,’ Aden grinned as Belle reached him and fell into his embrace as he kissed the top of her hair gently and feeling as she wrapped her arms around him and sighed. “What’s wrong?’

“Nothing... just one of those days, could barely get out of bed this morning,’ she softly spoke as Aden nodded and gently swayed the both back and forth.

“Well I think just me and you should go into yabbie creek today, go see a movie, have lunch and let me buy you something nice,’

He felt Belle smile into his chest before she lifted her head to look up at him. “Really? Just me and you?’

“Just me and you babe,’

A Year and a half ago...

He saw her again... but this time she was sobbing in the Diner. She was sitting with a blonde woman who had a black eye and busted lip and Aden couldn’t stop himself from walking over to them. The brunette looked up at him and stiffened.

“Hi,’ she whispered, quickly looking at the blonde woman who nodded, getting to her feet and walking over to order for them. “I forgot to thank you for that day down on the beach, you don’t even know me yet came to help,’

Aden nodded and smiled, holding out his hand. “I’m Aden, Aden Jefferies,’

“Belle, Belle Taylor,’ she shook his hand but quickly pulled away as Aden noticed fresh purple and black bruises trailing up her arms and old yellow bruises which were almost healed.

“Did I make things better or worse?’ he asked, sitting down where the blonde was sitting previously.

“I’ll let you know,’ she replied smiling, for the first time since he’d met her.

She had a beautiful smile.


They walked out of the movie theatre laughing after just seeing ‘The Backup Plan’ with Jennifer Lopez as the main star. Throughout the whole movie Belle couldn’t stop laughing which had been good because Aden loved seeing his girlfriend happy.

“That was the most awesome movie ever,’ Bell grinned as Aden pulled her into him, cuddling her and placing tender kisses on her lips.

“Yeah it was great, so what do you feel like for lunch?’ Aden asked as Belle raised one eye brow, clearly thinking.

“Chinese,’ she finally chirped as Aden rolled his eyes.

“How did I know you were going to say that?’ he laughed as Belle shrugged before turning and pulling out of his arms, grabbing his left arm and dragging him toward her favourite Chinese restaurant.

Later that night...

They lay on Belle’s bed looking at some new photo’s that had been taken in one of the photo huts that day... a long strip Belle held in her hand had one picture of Belle getting piggy backed and poking her tongue out. Another one was of Belle licking the side of Aden’s face, another was of the two of them making fish lips at the camera and the last was of them kissing.

“Thank you,’ Belle looked over at Aden who smiled. “Thanks for cheering me up today, it’s just what I needed. I love you,’

Aden reached one hand over and stroked her cheek, pushing a piece of hair behind her ear before nodding. “Your welcome babe, I love you too,’

Closing the gap between them, he pressed his lips against her in a long, passionate and yet delicate kiss as they closed what was the most perfect day, for the both of them.

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hehe... glad you all liked the last chapter, I really hope you like this chapter :)

Chapter Eight


He didn’t know her very well, but he liked her; but she didn’t even know that he existed because she was way too busy either flirting with Geoff and Aden, or doing something to aggravate Belle, Ruby or Annie.

But he really liked the new friends he had made, and new that if he even mentioned Nicole’s name he’d probably be shot on the spot.

He sat at the table with a pen and paper before him, staring at the blank piece in front of him, knowing what he wanted to say to her but he couldn’t seem to find the words to write on the paper sitting in front of him.

He had been sitting there for over an hour trying to write a love letter to Nicole, but nothing seemed to be working out for him. He sat there for a further five minutes before giving up, deciding to go to the fridge and grab a glass of orange juice.

He was just about to pour himself a glass when Nicole strutted through the back door wearing nothing but a small, maybe too small hot pink bikini. “Is Jai here?’ she asked as Romeo went to pour his glass, unable to take his gaze off her he started pouring the orange juice all over the table before it spilled over into the floor.

“Oh ****... um no,’ he stuttered as Nicole laughed, watching him rush around to grab a cloth so he could clean up the mess he had just made all over the table bench and floor.

“Oh well, see ya,’ Nicole waved before turning around and beginning to walk off.

“Wait...’ Romeo called out after her, holding his breath as she stopped and spun around, raising an eye brow to his response. He felt her eyes boring into him, and he shuffled on the spot as the nerves set in. “Would... you like... to... hang out... maybe... if you want?’

Nicole just stood there for a moment before nodding. “Sure, why not,’ she replied re-entering the house and heading straight toward the couch.


They’d hung out for almost an before Romeo heard Jai, Annie, Ruby and Geoff enter the house and all stop in there tracks. Romeo turned and looked at them all, but they weren’t looking at Romeo, instead all their eyes bore into Nicole like she was a virus they desperately wanted to get rid of; quickly.

“Hi Nic,’ Geoff walked over to them as Ruby’s mouth dropped open in complete shock before she frowned and crossed her arms over her chest defensively.

“Hi,’ Nicole replied in a chipper tone, a smile gracing her lips at Ruby’s angry face as Geoff walked over to the couch and joined them.

“What are we up to?’

“Umm Romeo is teaching me how to play the wii. Quite a awesome game,’ Nicole replied as Romeo finished his game and handed the wii controller over to Nicole who stood up from the couch.

“Yeah beat that,’ Romeo grinned as he took Nicole’s seat next to Geoff and watched her press play and begin swinging the wii remote in motion to playing tennis,’

She bet his score... twice.

By the days end, everyone was having fun, everyone except Ruby who just sat at the table sulking. Even Annie had joined in playing the wii and even though she still didn’t like Nicole, she made an effort to have some fun, even if it was short lived.

Jai and Nicole were versing each other in a game of bowling and Romeo and Annie were getting everyone drinks and no one had noticed that it had gotten quite late until there was a knock on the door and Belle and Aden walked in, Belle taking notice of Jai and Nicole and instantly wishing she and Aden hadn’t come over.

Belle joined Ruby, taking a seat next to her and Aden went straight upstairs to use the bathroom and noise erupted around the room and Nicole jumped up and down because she had just won against Jai, Ruby and Belle scowled before returning back to the conversation they were having with themselves, not even worrying about the fact either one of them didn’t want to be anywhere near Nicole.

It was going to be a long night. And it was.

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I'm feeling generous today :D so here's another chapter :D


Chapter Nine

Ruby and Belle

The previous nights events bore into both the girls brains, reminding them just how much fun everyone was having with Nicole, well except for them... and Aden. After Belle, Ruby, Annie, Geoff and Aden had arrived back at the beach house, Belle immediately asked Irene if the girls could have a sleep over, in which Irene swiftly agreed but told the girls strictly ‘No boys’

Aden had then invited Geoff to stay at Roman’s for the night, but quickly warned him of Nicole’s flirty antics when Roman and Leah would leave the room. Geoff hesitated before agreeing so Aden waited for him to pack an overnight bag before they kissed their girlfriends goodbye for the night and left.

As soon as the boys had left Belle, Annie and Ruby pulled out duvets, pillows, teddy’s packets of chips, biscuits, chocolate and cake, some movies and pulled the cushions off the couch and chairs and set everything up.

They moved all the furniture to the outside of the room and set everything up in front of the television, the first movie of the night; Twilight.

Annie excused herself to go and have a shower before they officially started their girls night and once Belle and Ruby heard the shower switch on and the water running, they both jumped under Belle’s purple flower duvet and turned to face each other.

“So how are you and Aden?’ Ruby lowered her voice because Irene was just upstairs. She saw Belle smile.

“Were... good... actually better than that, amazing. God Rubes I’d never in a million years think I’d fall so much in love with someone but... Aden is just... amazing,’ she replied dreamily as Ruby grinned.

“Have you two... hmm, you know since we spoke?’ Ruby asked as Belle blushed a crimson red as Ruby’s mouth dropped open and she laughed and tilted her head back. ‘YOU HAVE!’

“Ssshhh Rubes... quiet. He’s just so... so gentle, kind, caring, loving and he just makes me feel so safe. Especially after what happened before I met him,’

Two Years Ago...

She walked through the front door and shut the door behind her, taking off her jacket and dropping her back pack on the floor next to the front door. “Mum I’m home,’

“In the lounge honey,’ Belle’s mum yelled out as Belle headed down the hall a little and walked into the lounge room, stopping in her tracks.

“Belle, don’t be rude honey, say hello to your uncle,’ The blonde woman told her daughter as Belle just stood there.

Before Amanda could say another word Belle turned on her heels and took off back out the front door, hearing her mum’s yelling getting smaller and smaller as she continued running back down the small hill that her house was situated on and toward the beach.

She didn’t stop, tears streaming down her face and cheeks as she tore past a blonde guy walking up the beach, she didn’t even know that he had stopped to watch her as she reached the waters edge; collapsing onto her knees and breaking down, lowering her head into her hands and sobbing.

All of a sudden someone grabbed her arm and pulled her up, trying to pull her up the beach and yelling at her to ‘Get up’ but she didn’t want to go, she refused to go so she pulled, trying to escape his grasp.

The next thing she knew the blonde boy had grabbed his arm and pulled him from Belle’s grasp.

“Get your hands off her!’

Ruby and Belle were still talking when Annie finally came out of the shower, hair back in a loose pony tail and pink pyjama’s on and crawled underneath her duvet and looked at both girls.

“What are we talking about?’

Both Belle and Ruby laughed.

“About Aden and Belle and their... ow... upcoming anniversary,’ Ruby finished off as she reached underneath the duvet and rubbed her shin.

3 AM

Annie and Ruby were sound asleep, Belle had just finished watching New Moon and found that she couldn’t get to sleep so once she was back under the duvet she just lay there, thinking.

Two Years Ago...

She sat on her bed in her room thinking about him, he had been her hero earlier that day, pulling her uncle off her and she felt so happy about it, she owed him.

She looked up as her door creaked open and froze in horror as he entered the room, closing the door gently behind him and turning the lock on the door.

“Get... get out,’ she spoke, it was barely a whisper and the grin on his face as he walked toward her made her recoil away from him, grabbing her duvet which was by her feet and pulling it up to her chest. “Get... get out... n-now,’

“Why, it’s not like your boyfriend is here to protect you now Belle,’ he replied, his hoarse voice scaring her and springing tears from her eyes.

“Please don’t,’ she whispered as he reached her, grabbing the duvet and ripping it away from her.

“Please... please Uncle Ron... don’t!’

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hehe...... this is the calm before the storm :lol: so enjoy it :D

Chapter Ten

Aden and Belle

He held her in his arms and whispered soothing words into her ear whilst kissing the top of her hair. The kitchen light was on and so was the porch light as they sat at the door leading to the kitchen.

It was nearly 5:00 AM and Aden had received a frantic phone call from Belle, in tears and hysterical because she’d had a nightmare about her uncle. Aden chucked on some clothes and took off from his house, leaving Geoff still sleeping on the mattress on the floor in his room.

Once Aden had arrived at Belle’s he found her outside against the back door, sobbing and shaking uncontrollably into her knees. He had quickly rushed over to her and bought her into his embrace.

Finally after what seemed like forever Aden had finally calmed Belle down as they sat up against the back door cuddling each other. Aden couldn’t believe that Belle was having nightmares again seeing as she hadn’t had any for almost a year.

“I’m sorry...’ Belle whispered as she saw the tear stain on his t-shirt and sniffled as Aden shook his head.

“It doesn’t matter, you ok now?’

Belle nodded before leaning in and placing a soft kiss on her boyfriend’s lips as he gently wiped the tear stains away from her face. “I love you, so much,’ she whispered.

“I love you too and I’m here, always,’ he replied cupping her cheeks with his hands and resting his forehead against hers.

They didn’t hear anyone else until the back door opened and they almost fell back before turning to see Ruby standing there. “God I thought we were being robbed, is every...thing ok?’

Belle nodded before wiping her eyes, trying to hide the fact that she had been crying, but Ruby knew better as soon as she saw the stain on Aden’s shirt. “What’s wrong?’

“Nothing I... I just had a bad dream,’ Belle was quick in her reply as Aden took hold of her hand and squeezed it gently.

“Oh, are you ok now?’

Belle nodded and smiled thankfully at her best friend. “Yeah, I’m ok listen... how about we have breakfast at the Diner once everyone wakes up,’

“Sounds good to me,’ Ruby and Aden replied at the same time.


After everyone had showered and met back up at the Beach House, they all walked to the Diner together. Annie, Romeo and Jai were walking and talking about going back to school in just over a week, Belle and Ruby were walking up in front whispering to each other and Aden and Geoff were booting the footy to one another

“Are you sure your ok babes?’ Ruby asked as she and Belle walked arm in arm toward the Diner for breakfast that morning. “I mean, after our talk and you and... Aden, are you really ok?’

A few Days ago...

They walked into the Diner, Belle blushing as red as a tomato with Ruby teasing her, Belle found them a seat whilst Ruby ordered two Strawberry milkshakes from Colleen before taking her seat across from Belle.

“So spill, everything,’ Ruby grinned as Belle giggled and slowly nodded her head.

“It was... it was amazing Rubes... seriously I never thought I’d... I’d be happy about sex that I’d... enjoy sex and feel so close to someone,’

“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww,’ Ruby grinned broadly as she looked at the happy, joyful expression on Belle’s face.

“He was just so... so gentle and... reassuring and it was just so special and I thought that after everything with... everything that happened I’d never feel that way about sex but... I’m just so happy!’

“Awwwwww... well you deserve it Belle, after everything you’ve been through and dating your knight you really do,’ Ruby told her as Belle grinned.

Irene finally bought over their milkshakes and told Belle they would have to sort something out for tea themselves as she had to work back late before leaving them to it and Ruby quickly turned back to Belle.

“So what did he do?’


“What... no not that... like did he kiss your neck, stuff like that,’

Belle rolled her eyes before another smile lit up her face. “When he was lying on top of me on the bed, he trailed these tender soft kisses down my chest and stomach before resting at my jeans line and he was... I’m getting tingles just talking about it,’

Belle smiled before turning and looking at her best friend and nodding. “Yeah... I’m ok,’

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