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Jodi Gordon quits Home and Away and is the new face of Tony Bianco

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Jodi Gordon quits Home and Away and is the new face of Tony Bianco


JODI Gordon is putting her best foot forward in life after Home and Away.

The former soap star quit the show in February after a headline-making five year run during which she endured the death of her first love, Chris Burkhardt, won a Logie, dated media heir Ryan Stokes, and was involved in a bizarre booze-fuelled bender.

Six weeks after shutting the door on that chapter of her life, Gordon has stepped out as the face of Tony Bianco shoes at the launch of the company's new boutique in South Yarra.

Gordon, pictured at the launch with Rebecca Twigley, said she was still working out what she would do next.

"I have to admit it has been a really huge transition for me," said Gordon, 25.

"I have gone from working on this machine, where it is non-stop, and now it is the complete opposite of that."

"I think anyone who leaves a show like Home and Away needs to go through a transition period."

"You just need time out, you need to figure out what you want, (and) what direction you are heading."

Gordon said she was keen to develop her acting skills.

"I want to do classes so I am ready for when the next opportunity comes up," she said. "The whole audition process, oh my God, it is terrifying."

"I did it (auditioned) on Home and Away and I got the job and I know it is not that easy. Now it is like, 'Welcome to the real world Jodi'."

"But each one is a great experience and the more I do, the better I will get."

She said despite rumours she had no plans to chase a career overseas at this stage.

"I am staying put for a while," she said.

And she said her romance with Sydney Roosters league player Braith Anasta was bringing her much happiness.

"He is beautiful," she said.

Gordon, who won a Logie for Most Popular New Female Talent in 2006, said she would not attend the awards dinner this year.



Oh that's a shame that Jodi's not going to be attending the Logies this year. She one of those that I look forward to seeing on the night & especially what she's wearing. She's always dressed so stunningly. Ah well. And hasn't she been the face of Tony Bianco for a while now? :unsure:

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^ Yes, she's been the face of Tony Bianco for over a year now.

Aw she's not going to attend the Logies. I was looking forward to that. :(

Thanks for the article

EDIT: There's another article about her relationship with Braith but the text is almost identical to this article. Here's a link: click here.

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I couldn't believe that story was on the front of my newspaper this morning. They've taken two old headlines, merged them together and taken a few things she said at the Tony Bianco shop launch in Melbourne to create something that's 'newsworthy'?

Come. on.

I am happy for her but I hate telecrap and co and their 'news'

Aw she's not going to attend the Logies. I was looking forward to that.

Me too but it's ok she'll be at Derby day tomorrow. :) It was in some other article I read this morning.

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