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Cheryl Cole/Tweedy

Guest -Kevin-

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OK I know that Cheryl Cole has been through a lot with her recent break up due to Ashley's infedelity etc etc and I really don't think she deserved that because I do believe she is a nice girl. But I read that she was voted the most inspirational woman of the decade which I think is a bit rubbish! Think about all the other people in the world who fight for all sorts of causes throughout the world or a nobel prize winner because to me they are the ones with inspiration not just a singer who was cheated on by her husband. I can think of a lot more people who deserve it to be honest, I wouldn't disagree if she was the most inspirational woman of the year but decade? Thats a joke. Instead, true female achievements have been overlooked for a pretty little woman who was cheated on by her husband which I think she totally is milking for all its worth!

I know that she is quite popular and I'm not saying shes a horrible person or anything just that well, she isnt the most inspirational woman of the decade :P

What do you guys think about the whole Cheryl/Ashley thing ?

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Cheryl is hardly inspirational! :P

I dont know what to make of her tbh. Sometimes I like her, and really do believe she's real and genuine. But other times she comes across as quiet false, like the time she ''broke down'' on the X Factor after Simon Cowell insulted her. I dont know really. All I do know is that im always drawn to stories about her which is the main thing! I still prefer Dannii to her on the X Factor though..

Regarding Ashley, well I'm a devoted Man United Fan, and seeing as he's a Chelsea player, I'l say no more...:P

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I think she's brilliant... and her husband is a complete twit. She shouldn't have given him another chance the first time, he's just proved himself to be a complete idiot. Who would ever cheat on Cheryl Cole?!

I've met her and I must say she is the nicest celebrity I've met, she's really down to earth and seems to genuinely appreciate her fans.

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I totally agree with you on your first post Kevin.

Cheryl Cole & many other celebrity's aren't really inspirational in my own opinion.

Yes, they have worked hard to get where they are now.

& obviously, what Ashley has done to her is unforgiveable. I just hope she never goes back to him.

& I know that many people look upto celebrity's (let's face it, if I could look like Cheryl, I would). She's beautiful. Drop dead gorgeous.

But compared to other people who, like you said, actually fight for causes, she's not inspirational.

What about people like Sarah Payne's mum?

Her daughter was abducted and murdered & she's fought in her name for years to help other children & raise awareness of what people out there can be like.

She's had a stroke & I read somewhere that she's now paralysed on one side of her body, yet she's still fighting to help others.

That's more inspirational than standing up on stage singing and dancing.

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I sincerely hope not. Ashley is a pathetic excuse for a man.

I disagree with calling her 'the most inspirational women of the decade' but i can see why people admire her. I think she dealt with her divorce with dignity and class. It would have been easy for her to give exclusive interviews about her 'heart-break' and 'pain' but for the most part she was silent and i think that says a lot about her character. I'm sure a lot of women in the same position could relate to what she was going through and i do admire how she handled things. I love that she has kept her geordie accent and during her interviews she comes across as being a genuine nice girl. I actually really like Cheryl but i wouldn't say she inspires or influences me in any way.

It's unfortunate in society today that so much emphasis is put on celebrities being the ones we should be inspired/influenced by. We live in a celebrity obsessed culture, sadly. For me, the most inspirational women of the last decade have been people like Malalai Joya, Waris Dirie etc.

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I think she dealt with her divorce with dignity and class. It would have been easy for her to give exclusive interviews about her 'heart-break' and 'pain' but for the most part she was silent and i think that says a lot about her character.

I don't think it's that she's dealt with her divorce with "dignity and class", I think it's simply because the media were all over it so much, and she just simply didn't say anything. I wouldn't call it dignity or class, I'd just call it trying to keep private business private. Many, many celebrities deal with divorce and the majority of them try to keep it as personal as possible. (With the exception of Katie Price/Peter Andre) If it weren't for the media's over-interest in the break-up/divorce, I'd imagine it would have been pretty much all kept private anyway, but that has nothing to do with being dignified or classy, it's about drawing the line on what the public get to see of your private life. Christina Aguilera, for example, went through divorce not long ago, and she's kept quiet about that too, but the media have no interest in that because, in the UK, Christina's marriage (to a non! celebrity) isn't interesting.

There's been a horrible amount of focus on the break up/divorce in the media, and it's not been nice, but Cheryl and Ashley set the media ball rolling when they allowed all the exclusives back when their relationship first began. It's amazing how some people can be more than willing to let the media/public know the stuff about their private life when something good happens (like an engagement/wedding/pregnancy) and then go all quiet and coy when something bad happens and act as if the media are all over them with no reason to be. If you ask me, getting married should be just as private and personal as the marriage breaking down. If celebrities are going to allow the media to know stuff about their private lives when something good happens, they should be fully prepared for the possibility the media would be just as interested, if not moreso, if and when things go wrong.

I'm not saying the media's interest is the fault of either Cheryl or Ashley, but they're the ones that allowed the private lives to be exposed back when they were together. Any celebrity should know that that interest doesn't fade away when they split. Especially such a high-profile split. If anything else, it intensifies because they've already allowed the media/public to get a glimpse of it. To say "It's my private business and I want to keep it private" and you've allowed exposure to it beforehand is contradictive and ridiculous.

Cheryl's never been inspirational. Certainly no more so than millions of other people in the world that follow their dreams.

Just my opinion, anyway.

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